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    Dooley Couple

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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by tassha90 on Wed 08 Aug 2012, 3:31 pm

    so now i will post the picture of our cute couple from the Magazine ^^

    1.aigoo..so cute our princess point at her prince hehe weeeeee

    2.this is my favorite one..but of course all pix are cute but this one when they stare to each other eyes i call it priceless hehe .. "see my eyes..non nege banhesso"

    3.so cute fainted monkey

    4.they just love to point at each other haha

    5.lovely like they always do flowers

    aren't they the sweetest couple ever?? hehe, they both looks cheerful .okay that's all for now ^^ love all dooliers here..and for new people who join this thread "Hello ra1 " nice to have new friends here

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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by iloveteejay88 on Thu 09 Aug 2012, 8:48 am

    This couple is simply amazing.. maybe one day we will be shocked by the announcement ^_^... kekeke.. so let's keep on believing on what we believe it is. LOVE is in the air... we know, DOOLEY couple knows about it ^_^ kamsahamnida yo3 YONGHYE COUPLE FIGHTING! ra44
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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by mssweet821 on Sat 11 Aug 2012, 2:13 am

    [YONGSHIN] Korea TV drama Vol.50(AUGUST 2012)

    Q: Which relationship would yo u like to act if you get the third time cooperate?

    Yonghwa: Wow!! its fate that brings us working together third times!! however.. could the audiences put in our piece?

    Shinhye: um um...seems that we would be abandoned..How about we act colleagues not lovers??

    Yonghwa: Ah! Shinhye acts the lady from rich familly and I can be her driver?? (with deep voice) ok...Miss we arrive now~

    Shinhye: Being polices sounds great and fun! we perform partner of each other seems excellent!!

    Yonghwa: i always said shinhye is suitable to become a flying pilot certainly..(face Shinhye's agent)right?

    Shinhye: He always say it to me: try to act flying pilot^^~~

    Credit : [Yonghyebar]
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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by mssweet821 on Sat 11 Aug 2012, 2:13 am

    [YONGSHIN|Trans] Korea TV Drama Vol. 50! (AUGUST 2012)
    Q: Shinhye chose Jang, Geunsuk as the winner of the Ideal Type Cup in Japanese Fan Meeting.

    Yonghwa: ( very openminded ) No problem!

    Shinhye: Yonghwa did get to the final…..

    Yonghwa: Really? It went well~ ( knew himself not being the semifinalist) Actually, I was eliminated from the beginning, right?

    Shinhye: No. No! ( laughing )

    Yonghwa ( asked who’s the competitor ) Wow, I was beat by Honggi. I didn’t get through the preliminary at all.

    Shinhye: No! No, you were one of the top eight.

    ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

    Shinhye: Told you...you were one of the top eight~

    Yonghwa: So disappointed. We did spend a summer together, and experienced the same emotions... May I have my own Ideal Type Cup? ( laughed hardly together )

    Shinhye: Ha ha ha. Telling the truth, I did not know who to choose, and the audience shouted ”Jeremy, Jeremy.” In the final, there were Geunsuk and Mr. Won, Bin. Everyone shouted “Geunsuk, Geunsuk ...” It was audience’s choice rather than my own. ( looking at odd Yonghwa ) What? We are really not that kind of relationship.

    Yonghwa: Well, I’m (Blood) Type.A, so it’s all right. I’m satisfied for being the top eight very much. Really!

    Credit : [yonghyebar]
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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by demi_zhu on Sun 12 Aug 2012, 11:30 am

    This Nice Guy Actually Drives a BENZ.....

    A Boice twitted a picture of Yong and Jungshin showing that they just got out of Yong's white car.......

    He actually drives a White Mercedes Benz Sedan......take a look

    credit to : YongHye Codes & Pypyn for the pics yo3

    more spazzing news later ....... lurk

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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by tassha90 on Tue 14 Aug 2012, 2:46 pm

    A Great News Anjell and YAB fans !! yo24

    ANJell Jung Yonghwa, Park Shinhye, Lee Hongki to bring 'warm encouragement' to Japanese earthquake children victims

    Jung YongHwa, Lee Hongki & Park Shinhye will participate in meaningful charity work to encourage the children of victims from Japanese Earthquake last year August 21. weeeeee

    On August 21, the You're Beautiful actors will participate in the 'Hopes, Dreams, Happy Trip to Korea' fundraising event hosted by non-profit organization GFSC at 5pm in Insadong, Jongno-gu Seoul to encourage young victims affected by the Japanese Tohoku earthquake in March last year.

    The event will aim at encouraging children who lived in Ishinomaki City of Miyagi Prefecture Japan, the area which was most affected by the earthquake. 80 representatives from that region, including schoolchildren and staff, will attend the event in Insadong on August 21. Park Shin Hye, Lee hongki and Jung Yonghwa will appear as surprise guests at the event to encourage the children and to hang out gifts.

    GFSC said the event will be an encouragement from Korea people to the Japanese earthquake victims, and will also aim at promoting tourism as cultural performances and a tour around Changdeokgung Palace, Hongdae and major Seoul areas is included from August 19 to 23.

    A Proper Credit to: PSHIFC

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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by mssweet821 on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 10:16 am

    [TRANS] Aug.18 Gall Note 10.1 Launch event at COEX.

    MC: Campus popular guys CNBLUE, how did you help Boom, the returning(from military service) student?
    Yonghwa: We went to the college and each of us took a major.
    Jungshin: I major clothing design.
    Jonghyun: I am English literature.
    Yonghwa: I am applied music.
    Minhyuk: Robotics.

    MC: Please explain more about your role.
    Yonghwa: I am a popular guy who is majoring applied music
    MC: Romantic guy, general trend.
    Jungshin: I use Galaxy Note 10.1 when I desing clothes.
    When you bring Galaxy Note 10.1 at college, you can be the general trend.
    MC: You guys will show the story of popular guys who bring Galaxy Note 10.1.
    How did you feel when you used it while you were filming?
    Jungshin: First, it was so convenient. With this, I don't need notebook.
    What is most convenient to me is Photoshop. When I design, when I edit photo, I felt convenient.
    Yonghwa: Jungshin, you are good at Photoshop.
    Jungshin: Yes, I am.
    Yonghwa: You even do it to your selca.
    Jungshin: Ehhh, I don't do it to selca.
    Yonghwa: You widen your eyes.
    Minhyuk: (Angry) What does he need to widen? With those eyes. If you want to, you must widen my eyes.
    MC: How were you, Kang Minhyuk?
    Minhyuk: If I wrote math formula, I could get the solution immediately from the next multi screen.
    If I draw a figure, it is adjusted to straight lines.

    MC: We will pick fans, take photo with Galaxy Note 10.1 and sign autograph on the photo.
    (The first fan said her favorite member was Minhyuk, so she hugged Minhyuk.
    The second fans said she loves all four equally. Yonghwa started hugging her, so all four hugged her. :D
    This fan whispered into Yonghwa's ear when they would have concert, Yonghwa answered December, within this year.
    cr: DC CNBLUE gall)

    MC: Please tell us what song you will sing.
    Jungshin: The last songs are Intuition and Love.
    Yonghwa: CNBLUE's activity schedule, Jungshin, you become the leader and tell us.
    Jungshin: What should I lead?
    First, CNBLUE album will be released soon. We are preparing concert too.
    Various activities, for me, I will do drama. But we will do our best for everything. We will work hard always.
    Jonghyun: As soon as possible, we are working to let you listen to good music.
    If you wait us a little bit more, I think we can meet you before year end, can't we?
    Yonghwa: Minhyuk, what will you and Malsuk be? Spoiler please.
    Minhyuk: I want to know too. One thing, there will be an abstacle. One obstacle. What will it be?
    Yonghwa: Thank you for attending today's event. Two songs are left, please sing along.
    We will work hard from now on, please expect us. I really thank you for coming here.

    Source : saturnkr
    photo credit to:mudpie
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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by mssweet821 on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 10:18 am

    (8/18) 여러분!ㅋㅋㅋ언능주무세요...크크크크 굿밤!
    All! kkk better to go to sleep..keu keu keu keu(laugh sound) good night!

    translated by @CNBurningBow
    credit: Yongshin
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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by demi_zhu on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 10:23 pm

    [PHOTOS|VIDEO] CNBLUE at “KBS Olympic London 2012 Festival”


    thanks to TIDC....

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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by demi_zhu on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 10:31 pm

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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by demi_zhu on Sun 19 Aug 2012, 11:10 pm

    CNBLUE...You Have Come A Loooong Way Babies.....

    SAMSUNG GALAXY Note Launching....

    CNBLUE SamSung Galaxy Launching HYE YOU Performance:


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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by demi_zhu on Mon 20 Aug 2012, 12:23 am

    This is sooooooo CUTE....!!!!

    credit to YongHyeCodes and Anamikaela for the pictures
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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by demi_zhu on Mon 20 Aug 2012, 11:23 am

    [Star Encyclopedia 2.0] CN Blue, the ‘Multi-Dol’ of 2012

    CJ E&M enewsWorld Kim, JiYeon

    2012-08-19 20:20

    Sharing To Twitter Sharing To Facebook
    It’s only been three years since this band made its debut.

    It took its first step with its debut album Bluetory on January 14, 2010, and in the three years that followed, it managed to become a group that can sing, compose and act. Starting with Jung Yong Hwa, who became known through his role in the drama You’re Beautiful before his debut with CN Blue, Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jong Hyun and Lee Jung Shin have all been able to attach the title of ‘actor’ to their names.

    This group made it big faster than any other in a greater variety of areas. What helped it become the group it is now?

    The memories of the past

    Before CN Blue’s debut, its saga started when leader Jung Yong Hwa first left a big impression with his role in the drama You’re Beautiful.

    Although he was only a rookie, he even managed to be chosen to host the SBS Music Festival in 2009 along with his drama partner Park Shin Hye. This was what pushed CN Blue forward to a different starting line compared to other rookies that year.

    As its single I’m a Loner, from its debut album Bluetory, started topping music charts on various broadcasts, CN Blue really became the biggest rookie of the age. It did start off from a different starting point, but that didn’t mean that the members didn’t work hard for their success.

    Before debuting in Korea, CN Blue spent some time in independent music industry in Japan. The members talk about it now as they would do any good memory of the old days, but it wasn’t easy to be a musician back then while at the same time being short on money. One time, a burglar broke into their home, but perhaps thinking there was nothing to steal, he simply left after taking a shower.

    When I met them for our first interview soon after their debut, CN Blue had said about their days in Japan that they had to really work as a band to live. They may look like fancy celebrities on the outside, but hidden inside were such experiences of pain and suffering.

    “We carried our instruments around and sang under the hot sun. In the process, the four of us became closer.”

    Don’t acknowledge obstacles are obstacles

    It seemed there was nothing that could stop CN Blue, which had swept through the K-Pop scene with its debut. Happiness, however, can sometimes come with more suffering. The band was soon caught up in plagiarism controversies regarding its single I’m a Loner.

    It seemed they had become successful overnight, but they had to endure their sufferings and more in the short time they made it to the top. The band prevailed, however; CN Blue stood strong again and released its second mini album Bluelove in May that year.

    At the time, they had confessed that they had thought ‘why us?’, but they were able to wash away the pain from their plagiarism debates with their success with Bluelove again.

    The CN Blue members’ positive attitudes also helped them weather the storm. At the time, CN Blue had boasted how much tighter their teamwork had become, saying, “Now, no matter what comes our way, the four of us can get through it together.”

    The most common reason groups start to fall apart is because although they may have started off successfully, the members start to disagree with each other and enter sharp conflicts. The CN Blue I saw for the last three years, however, was a group that knew how to care for each other, and had a brand of teamwork the members could brag about.

    Lee Jong Hyun, who recently held an interview with enews, even said, “I can be happy with my acting and singing thanks to my members.”

    Happiness wasn’t too far away for this group. Just the fact that they had someone to support them by their sides when they hit hardships made them happy.

    CN Blue’s special connections with acting

    CN Blue is a group that has unusually close ties with acting. Acting helped CN Blue stand where it is today.

    As stated before, CN Blue’s roots are actually in acting. Before the band’s official debut, the leader Jung Yong Hwa made it onto the small screen with a role in the drama You’re Beautiful.

    CN Blue then went on to hit many big or small obstacles, but it also climbed to the top faster than any other armed with the inertia it had used to break through the hardships.

    The reason CN Blue could step outside of its limits in genre with band music and gain more popularity across a wider group was its many acting attempts.

    Unlike other groups which only have a few members act, all of CN Blue’s members, starting with Jung Yong Hwa’s and leading into Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jong Hyun and Lee Jung Shin’s acting debuts, took up acting to cause a synergy effect with their singing and acting.

    Many idols have been hit by controversies about their acting, but the CN Blue members have never met such criticism. Kang Min Hyuk, who is appearing in the Nation’s drama KBS2’s Unexpected You, and Lee Jong Hyun, who appeared as Collin in the much-loved SBS drama A Gentleman’s Dignity, are playing their parts with no worries. Some viewers even mistook them to be rookie actors.

    Viewers still have Lee Jung Shin’s acting to look forward to, because he was the last member to take up acting and still has yet to make his debut.

    Lee Jung Shin was cast for the drama My Daughter So Young (tentative title), which is to air following the conclusion of Unexpected You. Though his skills haven’t been proved yet, many officials say that since the CN Blue members all received classes in acting, Lee Jung Shin also will show off a brand of seasoned acting.

    It’s an age where most singers can act, and CN Blue, which can sing, act and do everything in between at the same time, can definitely be called the ‘multi-dol’ that represents the K-Pop trend of 2012.

    Photo credit: Hea Jung Min, FNC Music
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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by tassha90 on Mon 27 Aug 2012, 2:09 pm

    ra1 Hello Demi and Pypyn...Hello all YongHye supporters ^^...Annyeong.. haven't post here for quite some time so,here goes... let's fly to DooleyLand ~!! ra11

    CNBLUE Jung YongHwa and Lee JongHyun 50Q-50A


    CODE NAME BLUE Album Part

    Q1: After completing major first album, the first word you said?

    YH: Oh~ Awesome!

    JH: Finished~

    Q2: After celebrating the completion of the album, if you’d praise JungShin, what kind of words you’d present him with?

    YH: You followed well. Even though bass was as much difficult as MinHyuk’s drums, you have done well.

    JH: Thank you and good job. Please do the same next time, too!

    Q3: After celebrating the completion of the album, if you’d praise MinHyuk, what kind of words you’d present him with?

    YH: You did well. I think drum parts were very hard because all the songs had different drum styles but, you made it yours.

    JH: “I think it was hard because you had been working at drama filming at the same time. So, thank you and good job. Please do the same next time, too!” like this? (Laughs)

    Q4: After celebrating the completion of the album, if you’d praise YongHwa, what kind of words you’d present him with?

    YH: Wonderful. Always making a great effort to make a new type of songs, I think it was a splendid challenge.

    JH: Thank you and good job. Please do the same next time, too!..Same words for eveybody(Laughs)

    Q5: After celebrating the completion of the album, if you’d praise yourself, what kind of words you’d present yourself with?

    YH: Wrote so many songs…Good job.(Laughs)

    JH: Did very well! It was hard because it overlapped with the drama filming, right.

    Q6: “CODE NAME BLUE” = …. If you fill in the blanks?

    YH: Chameleon. I think you’ll understand if you listen this album but, we’ve challenged various genres with the band, each song shows various expressions like a chameleon.

    JH: It’s us.

    Q7: The song you personally recommended?

    YH: The 4th song “Time is over” is a very powerful song.

    JH: It’s the 8th song “These Days”. Because I made the song when I was a trainee, I’m glad that it has been recorded in this album.

    Q8: In this work, what kind of CNBLUE charm is coming out strongly?

    YH: The songs that has a strong image are strongly, soft ones are softly… There is a wide range of variations.

    JH: It’s an album like listening iPod while shuffling where you can enjoy various tastes. This is connected to the “Let’s make various kinds of music”, our initial impulse, that we think when we started the band.

    Q9: Speaking of the most memorable episode during production?

    YH: Recorded at the producer’s modified house studio. It was impressive that the atmosphere was familial like entering someone’s home rather than a recording room.

    JH: The song I made “No More” is actually a song that I once was frustrated in the middle of production. But, after discussing it with YongHwa Hyung, it became satisfying. That process is impressive for me.

    Q10: If you think about the album production now, …It was tiring? It was fun?

    YH: It was fun!

    JH: Album production is always hard! But, the boiling up feeling when it’s over is also hard to change with something else. I’m continuing music to taste that feeling.

    CNBLUE Entertainment Part

    Q11: Do you always check the programs that you went out?

    YH: I also watch to study. I check whether I did perfectly or not.

    Q12: The movie that impressed you lately?

    JH: I reviewed a lot of work of Jang Dong Gun whom I acted with in “A Gentleman’s Dignity” but, “Friend” , as I thought, was great. As it’s location is Busan, my hometown, I felt nostalgic.

    ( T/N: 13th question wasn’t in Riho-san’s tweets but luckily I found it in her magazine photos. It was on the corner so if I didn’t see correctly and mistranslated it, I’m sorry. T-T )

    Q13: Is there a Facebook or Twitter profile that you check often?

    YH: I don’t look at other people’s sites much. We also have Facebook or Twitter account but, for now we don’t understand it very well. (Laughs) We’re in the middle of investigating it (or “getting used to it.”)

    Q14: Who heats up the karaoke? Who sings?

    JH: I’m the always singing type. I don’t let go of the microphone! From a little bit old ones to the recent ones, I sing everything. Especially, like Nakashima Mika’s “Snowflower”(Yuki no Hana), I like ballads.

    Q15: The music that you’ve been addicted recently?

    YH: Maroon 5’s new song “Overexposed”. I felt like I was being refined.

    ( T/N: About YH’s answer, Maroon 5 recently released a full album named “Overexposed” and there are 15 songs in the deluxe edition of it. But none of them named “Overexposed” so we don’t know exactly which song YongHwa is addicted to. T-T )

    Q16: The word that comes from when said EXILE ?

    JH: “Many” It has a strong image of large number of people.

    Q17: The most helpful entertainment work to study Japanese?

    YH: Drama “Buzzer Beat~ Gakeppuchi no Hero”. It was interesting because I like basketball.

    Q18: The celebrity you want to meet now?

    JH: Eric Clapton. Some time ago, I went to see his live concert in Korea. It was really good.

    Q19: Your favorite TV show?

    YH: Lately, I haven’t watched much TV. I don’t know much about what kind of shows are on. It’s retirement life (Laughs)

    Q20: The entertainer that gets your attention?

    JH: There is a variety show named “Gag Concert” in Korea. Those who go out there are interesting.

    cont. to next post..

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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by tassha90 on Mon 27 Aug 2012, 2:14 pm

    cont. Band Part

    Q21: In 2009, for half a year, decisive action of doing street live concerts in Japan. What was the most fun thing at that time?

    YH: How to attract people who don’t know us, how to gather them. That is the charm of street live concerts and it was the most fun thing. I still want to do if it’s possible.

    Q22: When doing street live concerts, which member do you think worked the hardest?

    JH: I think everybody worked hard the same, rather than someone, alone.

    Q23: The thing you think you’re glad to experience street live concerts?

    YH: There are some guests that we’ve met at street live concerts, supporting us all along even now and that is the thing(we’re glad)

    Q24: If you have been told to go back to the street live concert times, now?

    JH: I go back! It was hard but it was also fun!

    Q25: Do you think that the band’s style changed after major debut?

    YH: Its style didn’t change but, our hearts became stronger. Rather than saying “a new departure”, I think the feelings became tense.

    Q26: Do you go out to play with everyone?

    JH: I don’t go out to play with anyone other than the members. (Laughs) But, recently everyone was busy with their individual activities so I’ll be happy if 4 of us becomes all present!

    Q27: Speaking of the current advantages of CNBLUE?

    YH: Youth and passion.

    Q28: Speaking of the current disadvantages of CNBLUE?

    JH: I think having a rich variety of music is our colour but, it’s an advantage and also an disadvantage. But, we are still young and we want to enjoy, not only look at one direction.

    Q29: The things you want to do at your arena tour that starts in October?

    YH: I’m about to think now. Some time ago we came out to a-nation but, VAMPS’s performance we saw there was impressive. Because there was a sense of unity with the audience and it was wonderful, I want to consult with them certainly.

    Q30: Speaking of 3 things you want to accomplish as CNBLUE?

    JH: “I want to continue the band forever.” I think this alone is enough. (Laughs)

    CNBLUE Fashion and Beauty Part

    Q31: What kind of fashion do you like usually?

    YH: In the past, I liked the outfits that are sewn on lots of jingly things but, lately I like simple clothes like T-shirt and denims.

    Q32: The most stylish member?

    JH: I think previously it was YongHwa Hyung but, now everyone is stylish except me. (Laughs)

    Q33: For bath, shower? Being totally soaked? ( T/N: The interviewer asks him which one does he prefer? )

    YH: If I have time, I’m the type that likes to be totally soaked. But, generally shower is more, I think.

    Q34: There are things that I collect like hats, shoes, eyeglasses, accessories?

    JH: There isn’t. I don’t have much interest in fashion.

    Q35: The thing you do to promote fatigue recovery?

    YH: I sleep! If I’m told to choose between meal or sleep, I (choose) sleep. (Laughs) Because I am not the type that sleeps quickly anywhere, I want to sleep in advance even a little bit, if I have time.

    Q36: For perfume, do you use it as TPO properly? ( T/N: TPO means Time-Place-Occasion )

    JH: It’s not like “using properly” but, I choose in the mood of that day. The one I’m wearing lately is Chanel that I received. Sexy or refreshing, I don’t know how to say it, it’s a mysterious smell.

    Q37: The thing you obsessed with is hair style or fashion or body type?

    YH: They’re all important but, if I say by force(or “if I have to choose”), it’s fashion.

    Q38: Do you care about skin care once?

    JH: I don’t care. I don’t use packs and I only use lotion.

    Q39: Is training in the gym essential?

    YH: Yes. I go by about 5 days a week.

    Q40: Do you have a valued health method?

    JH: It’s best to move the body. Recently, I can’t go but,when I workout at the gym for about 2 hours, I become lighter not only physically but also mentally.


    Q41: Friendship and love, if you have to choose, which one?

    YH: Friendship.Because I think it’s much more important than love. I’m the type that gives priority to a friend’s promise. It’s not good to be prejudiced but, I think it’s hard to get along with someone who can not understand that point.
    flowers i think u mean both r important lolz
    JH: Long time ago, it was friendship, even there was no need to think of, but now, it might be love. To say it in another way, it depends on the situation and because it’s the extent of imagination, it’s hard to state definitely.(Laughs)

    Q42: Do you think ”tender passion” and “affection” is different?

    ( T/N: “Koi”(tender passion) and “Ai”(affection) can be roughly translated as love but there is a nuance between them. For more information please check this site— http://japanese.about.com/od/japanesecultur1/a/The-Japanese-Words-For-Love.htm )

    YH: I think it’s different but, it’s hard to say how they are different because I still don’t know. It might be the difference between “like” and “love”… I think there is noone who can properly answer this question. (Laughs)
    fainted monkey -are u kidding me YH oppa? after all those thousands of Love Songs u wrote.??Let's play "Still In Love" hehehe
    JH: I think it’s different.I feel like “Tender passion” contains a feeling like yearning in addition to the feeling of love.

    Q43: Can you appeal to the person you love?

    YH: I can. I’d rather to appeal myself.
    agreeing do it like a true man !!! face her and confess face to face..hehe
    JH: Yes. I totally do.

    Q44: A dish that you want to be made by a girl?

    YH: Spaghetti. Because it’s my favorite food. I can eat no matter how it tastes.

    JH: Anything, as long as she makes. I can eat deliciously even if that isn’t my favorite taste. Actually there are lots of food I dislike but….It’s okay, I can eat. (Laughs)

    Q45: Do you think you can be friends with the opposite sex?

    YH: I think so and actually I have woman friends who advise me about many things. I think the tip of being friends with an opposite sex is to listen the other one’s story very well. yo9 - kinda familiar don't u all think YongHye Shipper??

    JH: I think I can not. In the case of the opposite sex, she becomes friends because she has love-like feelings even it’s a little bit. Be honest, do you think she can become friends even if she isn’t interested?

    yo3 thank you JongHyun hehehe
    Q46: Do you want to plan the date yourself?

    YH: I want to. But not only me, I also want my partner to plan things out. The relationship that you can say anything, isn’t it the ideal relationship?

    JH: I don’t think much. Since I like strong woman, it’s rather good to be pulled.

    Q47: Would you rather to confess your love? Or to be confessed?

    YH: I’m the type that wants to make the confession myself. Not with mail, I want to say it directly with my mouth.

    JH: I make the confession. Because I want to convey my feelings to my partner.

    Q48: Cute or beautiful, which one is your type?

    YH: Cute type. But, I’m not concerned about face, I like girls who have a bright and charming personality.

    JH: Recently, I don’t know. I feel like there is no meaning in deciding which (of them is my type). If I say by force (or “if I have to choose”), I think it’s (my type is) cute, now. The feeling is important than that!

    Q49: The member who is likely to be an ideal husband?

    YH: I’m the best! Kidding(Laughs) Maybe MinHyuk. Because he is a good caring person.
    -yes u r an ideal husband yo10

    JH: Unexpectedly(?!) it’s JungShin. Because he is too gentle, even to the degree that I sometimes think he is too gentle. So, I think his wife’ll be at ease.(Laughs)

    Q50: Can you balance love and work?

    YH: I think I can but, I don’t want to do that much. Because for now, I want to focus on my work.
    -do it slow and steady YongHwa-ssi lolz

    JH: I can! I can switch over precisely.

    Credits: Text— @liiiiho_ft Photo— @mi_malice on twitter yo3
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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by demi_zhu on Fri 31 Aug 2012, 3:38 pm

    My "Nae Naega Banesso Banesso Theory....."

    Shinhye twitted this yesterday..... 8/29/2012

    Please note, yesterday was also CNBLUE's CODE NAME BLUE ALbum Launching in Japan.... after not twitting for some time, Shinhye started twitting again yesterday (coinciding w/ CNBLUE's album launchin)....

    Again she twitted a picture of HER EYES ONLY.....

    Is this a YongHye CODE???? Check out these pictures.....

    read more about my nae naega banesso banesso theory in my previous post..... http://parkshinhyefanbox.forumtl.com/t6p570-dooley-couple

    just to add.... Yong also twitted yesterday with this picture.....

    Hmmmm.... YONG HYE both busy at twitter at the same day......

    I believe that Yong and Hye are making good their promise to each other...... TO BE THERE AND SUPPORT EACH OTHER ALWAYS........


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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by mssweet821 on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 6:29 am

    Shin Hye and Yong Hwa....really see their shyness whenever they interact...

    full credit almontel
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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by demi_zhu on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 10:50 am

    Thanks MsSweet for those gifs

    Also, have you noticed how SYNCHRONIZED Yong and Shinhye's actions are AGAIN....???? If you watch their other videos, you will see how these 2 THINK and ACT alike.....they are like TALKING WITH THEIR MINDS... Yong knows what Shinhye is gonna say even BEFORE she says it and Shinhye feels and knows what Yong is going to do or say..... Yeah, these 2 "GOOD FRIENDS" sure look like they are "GREAT FRIENDS"...... ehem...

    Posting this video link of that particular Interview up there..... Please note.... on the quesiton: If you are going to have babies what would you prefer, Boy or Girl....... Yong looks meaningfully at Shinhye THEN SH glances back at Yong .....meaningfully as well......... see for yourself Folks....

    I wanna dance the TANGO....!!!! d.t d.t

    YongHye - Celebrating Friendship & Beyond :butterfly hear :butterfly hear

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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by demi_zhu on Thu 06 Sep 2012, 11:02 am

    not a genius
    Posted on September 6, 2012

    Geniuses are made, not born.

    In the Pati Act interview, Yonghwa was asked if he considered himself a genius. He said he’s not a genius, just a hard working person.

    A fan (Paris) who follows CNBLUE’s activities in Korea closely posted on weibo yesterday that she’s amazed at Yonghwa’s good memory. He doesn’t only remember his own fans well, he remembers the other members’ fans too, to the state of clearer than the other members… “Why can he put so much in his brain?” That post has got 131 re-posts and 26 comments up till now. Some say he’s a good brain, some say he cares much about fans and CNBLUE as a whole, some even say he’s jealous of the other members (?!)

    Do I see Yonghwa a genius? It depends on the definition of “genius”. Anyway, I like Yonghwa not because he’s a genius, but because he’s worked so hard all this time. He surely is brainy but it’s his beautiful mind that I admire.

    PS The quote is actually the title of this article, Geniuses Are Made, Not Born. Need to quote from the article too, “Genius involves figuring out who you are, and owning yourself. It’s about amplifying your best traits and compensating for the rest.”

    credit to Just A Fan Wordpress Blogsite...

    DZ4DC: Yong Hwa is a MUSICAL GENIUS....... nobody can deny that..... and it seems that he does not only have a great mind for music but for a very good memory as well......hmmm... TRAITS of a GENIUS indeed. thinking yoyo

    "I told you he's smart..... " ~ dz daebak

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    Re: Dooley Couple

    Post by lycille on Tue 17 Sep 2013, 1:04 am

    feel free to post about yongshin ^_^

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