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    ilovedrama91 FanFic Collection

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    Re: ilovedrama91 FanFic Collection

    Post by ilovedrama91 on Sat 10 Dec 2011, 6:39 am


    i wrote this fanfiction a couple of weeks back and if your interested in reading the rest go to asianfanfics.com the story is called love? and my user name there is also ilovedrama91. for the other chapters it gets steamy between the two and i dont think i could post it here. so please go to that website if your interested!!! yo3 yo3 GOMOWO!!!!......

    shin pov....

    it was the night of the wrap-up party and i felt anxious and uneasy for some odd reason. rethinking of all the fun we had on set laughing and making fun of one another, the arguments we had as we spent crazy hours and tiresome nights working.right now we finished the drama and everyone was able to go home early and come back at 6 when the party was to begin.

    shin hye, shin hye i heard a voice behind me call me as i walked to my car to go home and sleep for a couple of hours. hearing the voice i turned around and found uuee calling me.

    shin hye she said again right behind me.

    yes, i replied.

    shin hye, i was wondering what your going to wear tonight. she became my best friend during these restless nights of filming the girl i turned to for womanly advice. she also knew my feelings for geun suk and always pushed me and cheered me on from behind.

    uh, i don't know anything i find in my closet... i guess looking at her confused for asking such a question.

    well, i just thought this was an excellent opportunity to show your feelings for geun suk and also to look hot well your at it she said hitting me playfully with her arm as she wiggled her eyebrows up and down.

    i rolled my eyes knowing she would do something like this.

    okay i would just choose something nice then i said wanting to just go home and sleep and not worry about him or my wardrobe.

    ani, your going to go shopping with me okay... kana she said grabbing my arm and walking to her car.

    i could just drive there is i said pulling back.

    ani, just come you know i wont take no for an answer. sighing in defeat i followed her. we went to so much shops my feet felt like it was going to fall off.

    unnie, can we sit this is ridiculous.

    one more shop and we could go okay.

    fine i said again defeated. we went to a shop called love story and entered the shop it was big and looked expensive with millions of dresses lined up. hi how may we help you? a worker from the store asked.

    well we are going to an party and she needs to look hot said uuee.

    okay this way. following the worker to a line of dresses in the back of the store. she passed me dresses in orange, and purples both looking horrible as it had ruffles and showed too much skin. then passing a red dress that was okay but to fancy for a small party. then she passed me a blue silk dress that was short and stopped on my knees. it also had a v neckline that didn't reveal too much but pushed my boobs making them look bigger. i tried the dress on and walking out the room to the front.

    you look so hot uuee shouted clapping and jumping in glee, he's going to drop dead. i loved the dress how the material made my body look beautiful and my boobs look huge. we then went to a salom to do my make up and hair. we should have the make up light but makes your out fit stand out and hair in loose but big curls uuee said to the worker.after 15 minutes my hair and make up was done and i went in the back to put the outfit on and looked in the mirror. i looked outstanding not able to recognize myself. uuee then went and got her hair make up and out fit on. finished we went to the party feeling excited and hopeful.

    the party was in full swing as i looked around and seen everyone talking amongst themselves. i looked around and saw geun suk laughing with hongki and uuee grabbed my arm and walked towards him.

    this is your night shin hye make the best of it okay and with that she pulled me towards him.

    shin hye.... you look good he said eyes wide and looking fully at my outfit as i held my breath feeling his eyes on me.

    thank you i said blushing and looking down

    yea shin hye you look hot without your short wig hongki said and blushing again.

    thank you i repeated. clearing his throat.

    are you hungry geun suk said pointing at the food on the huge table behind him

    oh sure lets go. following him i grabbed a plate and looked at the delicious food in front of me. there was finger sandwiched and chips, hot dogs and assorted sushi. grabbing the food i wanted i went away from the table and saw him smiling and nodding his head to follow to the table behind him.

    so did you sleep well he asked trying to clear the tension between us.

    not really, i never made it home. untie took me to many stores to find an outfit for today said eating small bits of my food.

    oh jeongmallo? he said looking at me with knitted brows

    ne, i went to so much shops my feet are killing me.he laughed sending my heart into a frenzy. how can this man do these things to my heart and body i thought as i looked away distracting myself again with my food in my lap.

    well you really do look beautiful he said looking deeply i not my eyes.

    gamsahmida i replied.

    would you like some rice wine he asked looking at me.

    uh sure i said holding my cup out. after a couple of drinks i felt more at ease and throughout the night we talked normally, laughing and teasing each other as the night progressed. it was finally midnight and the party was coxing to an end as little by little people left.

    you no what sucks he said when you know what you want but too afraid to get it you know, like your more scared of ruining the friendship you built then the rejection you might receive i said slurring on my words as the alcohol took affect.

    yea i know exactly what you mean he said pouring me and himself more wine.

    i sorry i said realizing what i said as i drank my cup of alcohol in an shot.

    no its fine, i can relate to your feelings he said looking at me deeply leaving me breathless and blushing more with my already red cheeks.

    anyways, today was fun changing the subject.

    yes me too he said smiling at me and again making me feel nervous and scared.

    well i think i got to go home i said standing up and trying to walk but tripped on my own feet. he caught me as i fell towards him sending him to the floor with me. i opened my eyes and saw him staring at me below realizing our position i quickly stood up, dusting myself off and looking away from him.

    sorry about that i shyly said

    no problem he said let me take you home

    okay i nervously said

    i tried to walk again but couldn't because i was drunk so he held me waist and pulled me to his car.

    my car i would ask my manager to take it to your home he quickly responded his hands not leaving my waist. he drove me home in ease the car instantly sounding with laughter as we joked and played with one another teasing me how clumsy i was on set and reliving the life on set. finally making it home he opened the car door and helped me out leaving me out the door.

    would you be okay he asked unsure of leaving me there

    i think i could manage to take an elevator and short distant walk to my condo thanks i said laughing.

    well just trying to be a good citizen thats all he said laughing with me

    okay sure, bye i said turning around and falling again he caught me again but our face was in mere centimeters looking deeply into each others eyes. his face came closer and closer to my face my eyes widening as i realized what he is about to do. his lips met mine feeling electric run through my veins as i deepened the kiss and pulling him closer to my body.he nipped my lips asking for entry as i opened my mouth feeling his tongue enter twirling and moving against mines as we deepened the kiss moaning in his mouth and feeling his arms tighten against my back moving his hands and squeezing my ass. he returned the kiss moaning in return sending waves of pleasure through my body and wanting him more until we finally pulled away out of breath as we looked at one another.

    do you want to come up i asked his eyes widened in reply

    uh- i don't think thats a good idea knowing you might not remember the next day and you not being in the right state of mind he said fiddling with his keys.

    oh believe me i would remember i said pulling him into anther deep kiss and walking to my condo.
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    Re: ilovedrama91 FanFic Collection

    Post by jfp2268 on Sat 10 Dec 2011, 12:02 pm

    @ilovedrama91....thanks for your superb and super spazz worthy fanfic!!..so hot but it's good!!..love it!...keep it up!..can't wait for the next chapters!
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    ilovedrama91 FanFic Collection

    Post by mssweet821 on Sat 10 Dec 2011, 12:15 pm


    hello...thank you and you post that in this site..I already read that your Fanfic LOVE??? and to tell you i really read that not only once but so many time when I feel bored...I also mentioned your fanfic with my friend jen...told her that I followed fanfic which i think its interesting and its cool.

    I love this fanfic because it look like they are REAL...real in the sense they do that exactly what you right...hahaha I love them both the sweet moments they share when they are both alone...of course all you write make sense and looks really happening to them anyway they are on right age and they both inlove...I love they way you right the character of Sukkie and Shin Hye here...when they are alone they are more bold...hahaha

    Suk of course really love Shin Hye in real life vice versa...that why when I reading you LOVE?? fanfic thinking it really happening on them...when they need to be apart because of their respective job and how do they miss each other how Sukkie wants Shin Hye to be on his side always...

    my fellows friends here I recommended this fanfic to all of you and follow this on asianfanfic where she post the whole story of these...I promise you will enjoy reading this fanfic...the bed scene, the elevator scene and how they became girlfriend and boyfriend... how Suk propose to shin hye to be his official girlfriend and how to show their love to each other...please read the whole story of these I really recommend this fanfic...

    THANK YOU AGAIN hope you always update your fanfic because its really worth to read...I'm your follower and fans too...I love to ready your fanfic...Thanks and God Blessed

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    Re: ilovedrama91 FanFic Collection

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