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    miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by princessjune on Sun 22 Jan 2012, 9:43 pm

    One Two Three ..call it love..


    Suk came to her room and it’s a mess. He start to pick one by one the clothes that spread around.

    “Ahh.. what is this?” *pick her pyjamas from the floor* “Aigoo..” *pick her jeans from the chair* “how come girls room could be this messy?” *pick her dress on the bed*

    “Oppa.. stop complaining.. I’m really busy lately..” she just step in to her room and open her desk to find her iphone charger and charging her phone.

    “to busy to put your underwear on the laundry bag?” *he get that thing under her bed*

    “Oppa.. stop it.. you don’t have to do it..” She get her underwear from his hand and throw it to the laundry bag.

    “I’m a tidy person.. I can’t endure this messy room.. it gave me headache..” he put the rest of her clothes on the laundry bag and sit on her bed.

    “you gave me headache when you come to my room too, because of your lecture about tidiness..”

    “I’m just remain you to tidy up your room..”

    “I always tidy up my room even if you didn’t told me to..”

    “When?” *He up his eyebrow*

    “hmm.. when…*she’s thinking* when I have time..”

    “When did you have time?” he ask her.

    “some..times..” *she give him I’m-not-sure-smile*

    “Aigoo..aigoo..” he put his head on the pillow “I need some rest.. wake me up in the next 30 minutes” and close his eyes.

    “so.. he’s coming just to take a rest.. *she raise her voice* Have a nice sleep oppa..” and left him alone in her bed.

    35 minutes later.

    Suk open his eyes because something tickle his nose. “Yaa.. is this your way to wake me up?”

    She put twisted tissue to his nose hole. “yes.. and it works..”

    “can you do it in a sweeter way?”

    “I shake and call you..oppa..oppa.. but you won’t move.. so, I try this and it works..”

    “ really you call me oppa before? If I’m not deaf, I heard that you call me sleepy pig before..”

    “Oh, you heard it? So, why don’t you just wake up?”

    “I’m waiting for your kiss but you give me this stupid tissue..” he take the tissue and throw it to the rubbish. “Next time you want to wake me up you just have to kiss me, and I’ll be totally wake up..”

    “Yeah but it’s not fun..”

    “It’s not fun, but it’s romantic..”

    “I’m not a romantic person..”

    “Yeah.. I know.. that’s my misfortune..”

    “What? So you feel that you’re misfortune because having me as a girlfriend?” *oow, she’s on fire*

    “Nobody’s perfect right..” he try to hug her back but she refuse.

    “aish.. go.. find your romantic princess..” she stand up and try to leave but he grab her hand.

    “ I don’t want a romantic princess..”

    “You said that I’m your misfortune girlfriend.. so.. go.. find one that have an ability to be romantic..”

    “I’m too busy to find it..” he hold her hand and pull her closer “and I already have you here..”

    She’s on her silent mode. So he use that opportunity to hug her.

    “You know that nobody is perfect.. maybe there’s a lot more woman outside that romantic but all I need is you..”

    “But you said that having me as a unromantic girlfriend is your misfortune..”

    “Did I said that?” *she gave him a sharp glance* “Oh, yeah.. I said that.. having you as not-romantic girlfriend is my misfortune, having you as not really sexy girlfriend is my misfortune, having you as a not tidy room owner girlfriend is my misfortune..but it’s okay for me.. as long as it’s you..”

    “I don’t know what should I react with this.. should I happy or angry now? You combine you’re not romantic, sexy and tidy with it’s okay as long as it’s you in one sentence..”

    “I’m not perfect too right? I’m not an on time boyfriend so I always scolded by you, I’m drunken master and smoker, I’m not always by your side when you need me..”

    She smiled at him and look into his eyes “for me you’re perfect oppa..” She brush his bangs that now getting longer. “I’m still dealing with drunken and smoker issue.. but even you’re not on time, you still come ,right.. and even you’re not always by my side, you always have a good reason for it.. I don’t called it misfortune but I prefer to call it.. love..” She gave him that smile.. That smile that always melt his heart.


    “Oppa.. I think that people is looking at us..” she move her sunglasses down a bit.

    “It’s because you put a sunglasses in a movie theater.. put it off.. you look weird..” Suk start to grab some popcorn and munch it happily.

    “But.. how if they recognize us?”

    “I’m 100 percent sure that they know who we are.. so put it off..” he put her sunglasses off. “But oppa..”

    “Yaa.. it’s not our first time here.. why you still act like that.. look.. the movie is starting now..” he turn her head to the screen.

    As soon as the movie start, she her worries and enjoy the movie. They have a different habit when watching a movie. If suk would take popcorn and soda, she wouldn’t. She said that She’s come to watch a movie, not having a dinner but suk would say that Popcorn and soda is perfect partner for watching a movie. Thanks God that they had the same taste of movie, so they never fight for a movie to watch.

    They always take a vip studio and mid-night movie to watch for their safety. It’s 2 am when the movie’s end. They usually take a walk or going to 24 hour café or resto before going home. Now, they on their way to hye’s favorite restaurant near the movie theater.

    They already knows the main rules to date in public. It’s “Be normal”. If you walk strangely, try to cover yourself,look awkward.. they would think that you were dating and start to make a scandal but if you act normal like two people walking together without make up.. they would think that you were just friends. But as a girl hye still always worried. She didn’t want her happy dating go on public yet. It’s not because she didn’t want it, it’s just that she hope that she could enjoy this relationship by them only.

    “BB is on her way here..” he told her.

    “You ask him to come?” she ask him back with awkward face.

    “Can’t i? he’s just finish recording and haven’t a dinner yet.. so.. should I call him not to come..”

    “No.. it’s okay.. it’s just weird that I’m just want to tell you to call him..”


    “Yeah..weird right?” they laugh together.

    Not long after that, they spot BB coming.

    “Wow.. so fast if it’s the matter of free foods huh..” Suk tease him.

    “Ahh.. I’m hungry to death.. Immo.. give me extra cheese bibimbbap please..” he ordered to the owner and get the soju bottle to drink.

    “How come you forgot your dinner?” Hye ask him in concern. Suk pull the bottle from BB’s hand “eat first.. than you can drink this..”

    “Aish.. this couple really..” than he just take mineral water to drink “I’m busy you know..” and finish one bottle.

    And when the bibimbbap coming he eat it fast. “Yaa.. eat slowly..no one gonna steal your meal..”

    Hye and suk already have a dinner before so they only take soju and a light meal like ddokbokki and ramen.

    “So who’s gonna drive if you two drunk?” BB ask.

    “I’m not drinking.. it’s hers..” Suk said and BB looks so surprised. Surprise for suk not drink but hye.

    “Why you look like that?” Hye ask him “I didn’t even finish half bottle..”

    “What happen to you two? Aish.. I even never understand you both can have a relationship..” He continue her meal.

    “Why?” She ask BB for the reason.

    “You both were too different and strange..” he said.

    “that’s why it works.. because we were both strange..” suk laugh and become serious when he said “It’s not fun to have a relationship with same kind of person.. it’s not challenging.. you could always guess whats in her mind.. because you were the same kind of person.. but if you were different you’ll never know what would happen.. just like what happened before.. when this bottle of soju come without my order..” he glance at her and he just give him her innocent smile.

    “I’m just feel like I want some.. not to get drunk oppa..”

    “I miss my girlfriend now..” BB complained.

    “Why don’t you just call her?” Ask Hye.

    “She’s already fallen asleep now..” Finaly he finish his bibimbbap.

    They finish their meal and suk tell hye to pay. And she go to the cashier to pay.

    “What? You tell hye to pay?” BB ask him “I thought that it’s your threat?”

    “It’s mine.. but my wallet is with her..”

    BB look at him with his surprised weird look.

    “Why?” Suk ask him.

    “You let her bring your wallet.. the wallet that you never let even you managers to touch it?”

    “Yes.. I even would let her bring my heart if I could you know..” suk go to accompany hye in the cashier and let BB do the omo-omo-ing.

    “He must be crazy in love with her.. yeah.. it called love..” he talk to himself.


    “She’s already here..” His manager said to Suk when he’s on his way to her Van. They having a break for next 2 hour and Suk tell his manager to pick hye up from her school. They haven’t met for a week because of his crazy schedule. And if he isn’t see her now, he’ll run from the shooting venue so the managers pick her up and brought her to suk’s shooting venue than let them hat a date on the van.

    She sat down on backseat and playing with suk’s ipad. She’s already there for 1,5 hour waiting for suk. Her wait coming to end when Suk get in to the car and kiss her until she forgot how to breathe. He let her go when she hit his chest for help. “Woah.. oppa.. what is that?” she ask and try to adjust her breath.

    “I miss you a lot..” he said “let me see.. how’s your face now.. you look thinner? You must be missing me a lot right? Agh.. I miss you too..” he hug her tight and squeeze her.

    “I’m thinner because I have to stabilize my weight.. I’m have a cosmetic endorser now..” she said that and he’s frown.

    “Why? You didn’t happy because I got it?” She ask.

    “no.. it’s just kindda sad to know that you’re not missing me like I’m missing you..” he throw away his face.

    “yaa.. who said that I didn’t miss you.. I miss you too oppa..” she gave him a backhug.

    “really?” he turn his face back to her.


    “But not as much as I do..”

    “Yeah.. short off..” she said honestly.

    “ahh.. I’m a little bit sleepy..” he put his head on her shoulder.

    “Why you always sleepy when you were with me?” she ask him and adjust her seat so suk could put his head on her shoulder comfortably.

    “It’s because you feels like home..ani.. it’s more than home now..” he close his eyes but suddenly someone knock on the window. It’s his manager.

    “Suk-a we have 2 more hours.. this is your meal.. and the director give me this script to let you read..” he put two lunch box on the front seat and a bundle of script on the dashboard.

    When his manager gone. He start to back to his position to sleep until another staff knock om the window.

    “Boss.. I need my charger on the back seat please..” she said. Suk give her not only the charger but her whole bag.

    “Here.. don’t knock it again.. you or else..” he said.

    “Okay boss..” then she gone.

    “Don’t be too fierce oppa..”

    “Yeah.. but I need my time here..and they keep disturbing us.. ahh.. I really need my peaceful time now..” suddenly he move to the front seat and take the driver’s seat.

    “Oppa what are you doing?” the car start to move. “Where are we going?” She ask him but he still driving. Hye could see all his manager and staff were running to catch the van.

    “Runaway..” he said.

    His phone suddenly ringing. It’s his manager.

    “Tell them that.. we’ll be back in 2 hours..”

    Hye take the phone and tell his manager what she ordered to.

    “Your manager said that they’ll be death if you didn’t come back in 2 hours..”

    “I know.. just remain me when it’s time..”

    Suk drove to somewhere. It looks like a country side road. It’s so quite there. He park the car and move back to the backseat, next to hye. He put his head on her lap and close his eyes.

    “I haven’t sleep for a whole day..let me sleep for a while okay?”

    She nod and stroke suk’s head. Let him sleep on her lap. He looks so tired, he never complain but she knows it from his face. This face that always smile to public, now sleeping peacefully.

    Suk’s phone ringing again, but it’s not his manager. It’s his mom.

    She didn’t want to wake him so she take the call.


    “YAA.. You..oh.. it’s you hye-a?” his mom voice become smoother when she realize that it’s not suk.

    “Yes, eommoni.. it’s me.. anyonghasseyo..”

    “De’.. where are you now? His manager told me that you both runaway..”

    “Owh.. we’re not far from the shooting venue.. oppa is sleeping now.. he looks so tired..so..”

    “Ahh.. he’s sleeping.. that’s good..please take care of him..”

    “Yes, eommoni.. I’ll let him sleep and tell him to eat later..”

    “Owh.. I’m so thankful that he have you.. thank you hye-a..and you too.. don’t forget your lunch too..”

    “Yes eommoni..” she said.

    Without she realize she fallen asleep too. And wake up by suk’s kiss. He kiss her face light, slow, but all around from her forehead to eyes to nose to cheek to lip. “Ahh.. you wake up already?” she ask him.

    “Yepp.. I’m hungry now.. let’s eat..” he get the lunch box from the front seat and share it with her.

    “Let’s see what we have here.. hana tul set..” he open the box and find bento inside rice-chicken breast-salad. “Ah.. it’s no fun..” he said. “Let’s find a restaurant..”

    “No.. oppa.. let’s just eat this..”

    “But this food is boring..”

    “Even eating it with me is boring?” she ask.

    “ah.. no.. the food is boring.. not you..”

    “I didn’t feel like I want to share you with other people now.. so let’s just eat this here..” she said with her puppy eyes.

    “Aish.. okay..okay.. let’s finish this and go back to work..but you have to feed me..aa..” he open his mouth.

    “Oppa your mom is calling when your sleep and I take it for you..” she take a spoon to his mouth.

    “Really? Aish, my manager must be called her.. what did she say? Did she scolded you?”

    “She want to scolded before she know it’s me..” she laugh.

    “I know that.. she won’t scolded you even you burn her favourite leopard coat..”

    “She just worried about us.. but when I said that you’re sleeping she’s become calm and thankful.. she thankful that you got to sleep.. she told me to take care of you..”

    “of course she thankful because she knows that I can only have a top quality sleep when I’m on your side..”

    “What do you mean?”

    “Don’t you know why i always run to you and have a sleep.. it’s because you make me so comfortable and sleep well..”


    “That’s why when I came back from Taiwan, you sleep in my house for all day long..”

    “Don’t you ever take a drama overseas again.. it kills me..”

    They finish their meals and came back to the shooting venue. She let him go back to work and she’ll go home with his manager.

    Suk kiss her goodbye.

    “Ahh.. I miss you already..”

    “Cih.. you’re too over act sometimes oppa..”

    “This is what we called.. love..” he smile at her and wave.



    Hey all.. thanks for your support for my FanFic..

    if you have any idea or suggestions that you want me to make it become ff..

    please let me know.. an event like this and that.. i’m open to it.. (^__^)

    This story above is about their dating time.. it has three different style of dating.. in house, movie, or car dating.. which one do you like? ^^
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by notnecessarytoknowme on Sun 22 Jan 2012, 10:59 pm

    Cute ^^

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by nora on Sun 22 Jan 2012, 11:01 pm

    wah.. i like it all!! what a wonderful fanfic.... yo9 can i make a suggestion?hehehe.. can u make a fanfic of the day of revelation about their relationship... yo10
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by princessjune on Sun 22 Jan 2012, 11:58 pm

    thanks nora and notnecessarytoknowme (what should i call you?)..kkk.. yo3

    nora, i'll try to make one about their "d-day" thinking yoyo

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by khulet29 on Mon 23 Jan 2012, 12:03 am

    @piijune waaahh! sis.. you said that your ff is short.. but it was LOOOOOOOOONGGG!
    ahahaha LOL! i love it.. ahaha so sweet.. you're really good.. ayeah.. more ff's please.. :D
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by lycille on Mon 23 Jan 2012, 12:29 am

    @june.....very NICE FF....i love it........

    if ONLY our KEUNSHIN CAN read this......hahahahhahahah

    more FF pls june......

    i love all your works together with notness and maize
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by khulet29 on Fri 27 Jan 2012, 1:57 pm

    just finished reading sis piijune latest ff.. waaaah! i really love it..
    love is in the air.. ahihii daebak sis! cheers! yo10 yo10 yo10 yo24 weeeeee

    forgot? Posted on January 27, 2012 by missrickless

    Hye open her eyes and found her husband is still sleeping. She put her head back on the pillow, it still 6 am. She didn’t have a schedule today, so she could rest and sleep all day. Ahh.. and play with her baby girl. Unfortunately, suk has a schedule today so they can’t spent time together. Cherry will woke at 7 so, she had 1 more hour to sleep. Than she back to sleep.


    “Hye-a.. wake up..”He whisper to her and blow her ear.

    “What? Is cherry wake up already?” she ask him with eyes closed.

    “No.. she still asleep..” he kiss her cheek. Brush away her messy hair.

    “so, why you wake me up.. I don’t have a schedule today.. so I decide to have more sleep..” She pull the blanket up to cover her body.

    “No.. I want you to wake up.. now..” he pull away the blanket.

    “Yobo.. what happen to you? It’s cold..” they struggle for the blanket but suk had more power than her so, she lose. Suk hug her tight and tell her “let’s have a date..”


    “Let’s have a date today.. just the two of us.. spent time together..you know when we had cherry we barely had time together.. so.. come on..”

    “Oppa.. our last date is last week.. don’t you remember?”

    “Really.. wah.. for me it feels like long time ago..”

    “you have a schedule today..”

    “No.. they cancel it.. so, I’m free today and we could have a date..”

    “How about take cherry out today.. she need a fresh air too..”

    Suk only look at her. “sigh-okay..” he turn around and go to the bathroom, looks so disappointed.

    “we are on ten years dating relationship.. we had million dates already but why he still want to have a date after we got married?” she talk to herself after suk close the bathroom door.

    She can hear cherry crying. She woke up already. Hye found cherry already stand on her box, her eyes were teary after crying but when she see her mother she stop crying.

    “Hello baby..” hye get her out from her box and put her on changing table. “let’s see.. what you have for me this morning..” she open her diaper and change her clothes. Cherry looks so happy and she’s talking “mamama..” “bababaa..”hye can hear suk already in the kitchen, making breakfast.

    “done.. now, let’s have a breakfast and meet your appa..” hye say to her baby.

    “good morning appa..” hye get out from the baby’s room and say hi to busy appa. But suk give her no respond, still busy with the fried rice. Hye put cherry on her high chair than suk put her breakfast on the table.

    “aish.. he had a bad mood..” hye talk inside. Than she hug him from his back while suk busy with the plate. “yoboo.. are you mad at me?”

    “yes” what a frank suk. “let me go..”he release himself from hye’s hug and keep busy with the milk now.

    If the smooth way won’t work so she had to use the tricky way.

    Hye sat on the chair, pouting. Suk look at her. “Hey, feed her so we could go early..” but she didn’t move.

    Suk done preparing the breakfast and sat between hye and cherry. He feed cherry but she refuse the spoon and talking “babbaaa..” than take the spoon and try to eat by herself “mamamm..”

    Suk ask hye “why don’t you eat?”

    “I didn’t feel like it” she push away her plate.

    “ya! I’m feeding cherry here.. so feed yourself.. eat your breakfast..” he ordered her.

    But hye won’t move so suk put cherry’s bowl and take hye’s spoon than feed her. “here.. eat..”

    She turn away her face. “aish.. all rite..all rite.. I’m sorry.. I won’t mad at you.. here eat..i’m rising two baby here..”

    She smiled at him and eat. “after this let’s call your mom..”


    “we need her to take care of cherry today..”

    “What? Do you mean..”

    “yeah.. let’s have a date oppa..”


    “where are we going today?”

    “you’ll see..”

    “What? Here?” He brought her to the private villa near the beach.

    “Yepp.. let’s get in..”

    “but why?”

    “just go.. come on..” he pull her hand to get inside.

    “I wish cherry was here with us.. she looks so sad when we left her at your mom’s house..”

    “We’ll bring her here another day.. come on.. let’s have a date..”

    It’s a private beach so, no one there. Hye’s eyes lock on a dining table on the beach. It has two seats, flowers on the table and BBQ burner next to the table.

    “You didn’t remember today did you?” he ask her and pull her closer.

    “What happen today?” She ask him back. Suk give her a back hug, bring her closer to the table step by step.

    “See.. you forgot..three years ago..new Caledonia..” He wishper it to her. That words makes hye stop walking so suk bump her from the back. He caress her arm, hold her hand and play with her ring (her engagement ring).

    Suddenly her memory back at that time, in new Caledonia, three years ago..

    “Oppa, I think I can’t make it this saturday..”


    “I have to go to new Caledonia for CF shooting.. I’m sorry.. I promise I’ll pay it when I come back…”

    “No.. you can’t go..”

    “I already sign the contract for a year so.. I should go..”

    “NO.. I said NO shin hye-a..”

    “What? Why do you act like this?”

    “No.. I said you can’t go.. please..”

    “Oppa.. what happen to you? I’ll take tomorrow morning flights okay.. call you when I come back..”

    She end her call. Hye flight is doing fine and the shoot is doing well too. They have on day free before going back to Seoul. Hye plans to have a spa day over there to relaxed her main and body. But she cannot relax when she remember about suk. . What happen to him lately? She ask herself. Suk looks so weird lately. He looks so worry.

    “Hye-a..” Her staff coming and give her a notes with a red rose.

    “To the beach, now..” She knows who owns that hand written.

    “But… how??” She can’t believe it. It’s not make a sense that he’s actually here, in New Caledonia.

    “PPalli.. you’ll only know the answer when you go..” her staff blink at her.

    Hye found him on the beach, yeah.. it’s him with a short pants, white shirt and light blue coat. And that smile.. she know it’s truly him..

    Her first words is “What are you doing here?”

    “Hei..” he wave his hand and take her two hand “I’m here because you runaway..”

    “runaway from what?” she ask

    “my plan..”

    “What paln?”

    “Come here..” he take her hand and walk to the seaside. There’s a boat that waiting for them.

    He help her get into the boat and sit on it’s deck.

    “Where are we going?”

    “You’ll see..” he hug her tight in a sudden “Ahh.. I miss you..”

    They reach the other beach and suk help her get down. They walk to the other side of the beach and they found dining table and two seat. Suk bring her to one seat and let her sit.

    “You prepare for this? I think I already know this somewhere.. one of the script that we’ve rejected maybe..” she tease him.

    “Hush.. trust me it’ll be different..”

    “So, well have a lunch here.. but where’s the food..”

    “Wait.. while I prepare for the meal.. you have to use this..” he pull out a handkerchief and close her eyes.

    “Wow.. what kind of food that you’ll serve oppa..i’m getting excited here..”

    “Sttt.. count to 20..”

    “What? Oppa.. what are you doing?”

    “make it 35 than..”

    “Oppa… 35…34…33…32…31…30..” She starts counting.

    “oppa.. you didn’t play trick on me right..?”

    But suk help her counting “27..26..25..”

    “Okay..24…23..22…21..20..” she still counting until she reach 5..4..3..2…1 and suk pull the handkerchief off her.

    She got dazzled a little bit than she found a plate with it’s cover.

    “what is this?” she ask

    “Open it..”

    She open the cover and found an iphone inside.

    “Oppa.. you give me a new iphone? I alredy have one. Wait.. is this yoursss….” She lost her words when she look at that phone clearly. There’s a running text, like ebanner application for the phone and.. the words running.. “will… you….marry… me?”

    She feels so surprised. “oppa..” she look at him and he’s already kneel next to her with a ring box. There’s a diamond ring inside it. Not really a big one but it looks simple, nice, beautiful, but the right word to describe was it’s so hers.

    “I supposed to do this in seoul but you runaway.. you know that I love you right? because I always tell you..”

    She nod.

    “you know how much I need you for life.. I already gave you so much promises before.. sometimes I fulfil it, sometimes I don’t.. but I want you to know that I have a promise to myself too..that I won’t lose you..will you parkshinhye help me jangkeunsuk fulfil that promise?”

    She smile at him. She cupped his face and kiss his forehead. Light and long. They close their eyes and enjoy the moment. Until hye pull her face and when suk eyes open she help him stand up than she hug him tight. She whisper on his ear “I will..”

    Suk was so happy with it.. he lift her and spin her on his embrace. “wohooo..”

    They laugh and yelled happily.

    When they on their way back to the hotel suk said. “when we come back, let’s tell our parents.. we’ll prepare for our wedding soon..”

    “But..” hye stop walking.

    “What? Why? You don’t like it?”

    “No.. it’s just.. I suddenly remember that I have one year not married CF contract..”

    “What? It’s…wahh.. how come this is happen to me?” suk looks frustrated.

    “Oppa.. I’m sorry.. I don’t know that you’ll propose me.. will you wait for me?”

    -end flashback-

    Yeah, of course he’ll wait for her. One year and five months. But they never feels sorry for that. They got married one day after she finish her contract and hye got pregnant immediately. His wait is nothing. He cry when cherry born. Hye laugh at him and ask “Why do you crying?” but he didn’t care, because he feels so blessed. Having hye and now cherry.

    Suk run to the bbq burner and tell her “sit there.. I’ll get the food ready..”

    “Yaa.. oppa.. why you didn’t pull the chair for me like that time..” she fold her arm.”

    “I’m hungry.. and want to eat.. aish.. I know.. I know.. here.. come here..” he grab her hand and bring her to her seat.

    They eat and have a chit chat about what already happened after three years. Their marriage, cherry’s birth day, their parents and all their fights-makeup things. That’s not only sweet and lovely moment between them. There’s a sad and fight moment too. But in the end, they always find a way to make up or sometimes cherry will. Like once they had a big fight about suk hang out with his friend but he didn’t tell hye and going home late. She said “it’s not because you can’t go but I’m worried.. you can just call me, text me or something right?” she didn’t want to talk to him a whole day. Suk try to say sorry but she still quiet. Until cherry crying a lot in the middle of the night and she start to talk to him about what should they do. And finally they brought Cherry ride around the han river.

    “She really act like you..” Suk said.


    “Look.. she stop crying when we brought her here..” Cherry stop crying while her parents start talking to eachother and fall asleep on her car seat.

    “really.. but a lot of people told me that she looks like you..”

    Suk grab hye’s hand and kiss it. “I’m sorry..”

    “for looking like her?”

    “No.. for making you worried.. I’m sorry..” he said it like he mean it.

    “you just need to tell me where you going and that’s it yobo..”

    “I know.. that’s why I’m sorry..”

    He pull her closer and try to kiss her when they hear cherry cough.

    “Let’s just go home.. maybe she feel cold..” hye said.

    “you forgive me?”

    “yes if you give me back massage when we got home..”

    “Asa.. okay.. and one thing.. i never feels sorry if cherry looks like me more.. she’s the cutes baby alife..”

    “aish.. still.. i am marry this jang keun suk..” and they drove home.
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    Thanks khulynne for help me potsing it here yo3

    You support me alot and all the readers.. thank you... weeeeee
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    @piijune Don't mention it sis.. you're always Welcome :D
    You are a good writer keep it up...
    Godbless :D Fighting! always looking forward for your new ff.. ahihi mwuah
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    im posting this new ff in behalf of sis piijune/ Enjoy :D

    You and i..
    Posted on March 8, 2012 by missrickless
    “Omma…” Yuri run to her mom.

    She’s sat on the balcony with her guitar.

    “Omma, you’re making a song again?” Ask Yuri

    “Yes.. How was your school?”

    “everything good.. I got an A after singing..”

    “Waah.. That’s good..”

    “My teacher told me that I’ll be an superstar someday..”

    “Superstar? Do you know what it is?”

    “Of course..they were a famous person, they sing and dance on television and wear a beautiful dress..”

    Eun Hye smiled. Yes.. that’s how 5 years old child think.. sing.. dance..famous.. that’s it.. but, still she knows the best, the reality of being famous.

    Yuri found a picture on the garbage trash. It’s her mom with someone. He’s so good looking. At night, Yuri dream about that man and she feel that it’s her father. That man hug her and they play on the beach.

    Yuri saw her friend Mi ju brought a picture with a sign. She proudly show it to her friend.
    “look.. yesterday my sister go to the city and brought this for me.. it’s Kang Jin Wook.. He’s so famous and cool right..”

    All her friends go “Waah..” Amazed by the picture. But Yuri stand up and say.. “That’s my father..”

    “You liar.. it’s not your father.. he didn’t have a child like you..your father didn’t want to have a child like you..”

    “I’m not lying.. it’s my father..”

    “You can’t lie.. you don’t have a father.. your father throw you away.. that’s why you didn’t have a father..Kang Jin wook won’t have a child like you..” that kid push Yuri to the ground but Yuri stand up and push her back so Mi ju hit the table and got hurt. Their teacher come and separate them.

    Eun Hye got a call from Yuri’s teacher. When she come, Mi ju’s mom bulging to her and Mi ju crying on her side. Yuri was sitting next to her teacher and look pissed off. She didn’t even cry. Oh God, please help me with this little girl. Eun hye said to herself.

    “Is this how you educate your child? She’s so rude.. look she push my Mi ju like this..” Mi ju’s mom start to talk.

    “I’m sorry..”

    “That’s why I’m worried that our Mi ju interact with your children.. she’s wild because she didn’t have a father..”

    “my daughter is not wild.. there’s must be something happened..” Hye try to ask yuri about the problem. “Yuri-a.. why you do this?”

    “Because she told me that I don’t have a father.. my father thrown me away because he didn’t want me..” Yuri answer her mom with head down.

    “It’s because you told that Kang Jin Wook is your father.. you’re a liar..”Mi ju confronts her.

    Eun Hye was shock after she heard Jin wook name. How yuri knows about him? She never ever speak about Jin Wook infront of Yuri. Hye already destroy all her memory with him. Finally, Eun hye got her right mind and bowing to Mu ju’s mom. “I’m so sorry about this.. I promise this won’t happen again in the future..”

    On their way back home, Eun Hye didn’t tell anything.

    “Omma.. are you mad at me?” ask Yuri.


    “But why you didn’t speak to me?”

    “Yuri-a.. omma want to ask something..why you think that Kang Jin Wook is your father?”

    “I found his picture and you on the trash can and I dream about him a lot as my dad.. He’s my dad right omma?”

    “No, he’s not..don’t tell anyone that he’s your dad.. because he’s not Yuri-a..”

    “so where is my dad?”

    “he’s somewhere.. building a beautiful house for you..”


    Yuri pull out a picture from her pillow. It’s Jin wook and her mom’s picture. They smile and look so good together. Eun hye wear a red pyjamas and jin wook a black t-shirt. At that time Hye’s hair was short but still she’s beautiful.

    “I would still believe you as my father until I found the real one okay..” Yuri close her eyes and sleep.


    Jin wook and his staff arrive on the shooting location. They would take a shoot around this beach.

    “Why the director choose this location? It’s very far from the city..i feel like I’m in the different century..” Jin wook still on his van, waiting for the shooting venue being prepared.

    “I don’t know why.. maybe because it could picture the script well..” Manager Ma is busy with his phone.

    “ahh.. it’s boring.. I want to go around for fresh air..” He move and open the door.

    “Yaa.. it could be dangerous.. stay on the van..” said his manager.

    But he didn’t hear it. He never hear someone else. He only hear his mind. He’s free man.

    Jin wook walking around the beach. That place was so quiet and beautiful. No one around so, he sat on his sandals and enjoy the moment. After all this years, he’s been busy with the schedule and camera around. 5 years.. he never take a break and enjoy his life. All the girls around, come and go, but never stop for a long time. No one after her..

    He remember the moment when he first saw her, for his first commercial. He’s so nervous but hye help him a lot. Eun hye was younger than him but she’s senior in their profession. Eun hye teach her how to act without making a lot of NG’s, how to do a fake smile beautifully, and all. They become close after that CF and Jin wook finally ask her for date. They were dating secretly because of their management. They enjoy their time together until Hye left him.

    “Appa…” someone call him. A cute little girl with a round eyes and shiny smile.

    “I’m not your dad..”

    “I know.. my mom told me so.. but I choose to call you as my dad until I find the real one..”

    Wow.. this little girl is something. Jin wook thought. “you’re my fans?”

    “no.. I’m not but maybe my mom..she have your picture but throw it away to trash can.. but don’t worry.. I save your picture..”

    Jin wook smile at that little girl pureness. “thank you for saving my picture..”

    “your welcome..ah.. your so cool appa.. it’s good to see you.. babay..” that little girl left him.

    “Wait.. where are you going?”

    “I’m busy.. I was looking for a blue shell.. my friend told me that if I found a blue shell and make a wish.. it will come true..”

    “you were alone? where is your parents?”

    “My mom is working right now and my aunty is busy with her hair all the time..”

    “you didn’t know your father?”

    “I will find him one day.. that’s why I need to found the blue shell..”

    “Really? so.. let me help you..” Jin wook help her go around the beach to find the blue shell. Even he believe that no blue shell around. He thought that the little girl was lost.

    “Where do you life?”

    “Around the school..”

    “Where is your school?”

    “Around my house..”

    “Well.. it seems that you were lost.. your mom must be looking for you..”

    “no.. she’s been busy now.. maybe my aunty did.. but I have to found the blue shell now..”

    “There’s no blue shell here..we’ve been searching all this area..”

    “hmm.. right.. I think I have to go home now..but where should I go..”

    Jin wook smile, finally… “what is your name?”


    “yuri-a.. I will help you find your home.. come on..”

    Suddenly his manager come. “Yaa kang Jin Wook.. what are you doing? I’ve been looking for you and you left your phone..who is this?”

    “my child..”


    “she told me that I’m her appa..”

    “ahh.. I almost got a heart attact..”

    “she’s lost so let’s help her found her home..”

    “no no no.. you should do the shoot now.. I’ll help her.. okay…”

    “okay..” Jin wook kneel and talkto yuri “ Yuri-a.. this adjusshi would help you found your home.. I need to work now.. is it okay?”

    Yuri kiss his cheek. “i won’t do that to anybody.. but you help me alot today.. thanks appa..”

    Manager Ma brought her away and Jin wook saw her. The way she talk is like someone he know.


    You and I (2nd)
    Posted on March 10, 2012 by missrickless
    Manager Ma brought Yuri to the police station and it seems that the police already know her.

    “Yuri-a.. you again.. aigooo.. I wish your mom didn’t know about this..” Said the police adjusshi.

    Yuri just gave him her best smile.

    Suddenly, someone run into the office and hug Yuri.

    “Omo.. Yuri-a.. why you do this to me.. your mom would kill me if she knows that I lost you again..” Wang sun hi hug her tight. Her curly long hair messed and it looks like she’s running.

    Manager ma that sat next to the door got supprised. “Wang.. is that you?”

    Wang turn her head and saw Ma. “Omo..”

    Eun hye is still on her restaurant. Today, so many people come to her restaurant because they said that people from the city come to take a shoot there. She doesn’t care as long as her restaurant gets a lot of customer.

    “Boss.. I’m going home first.. is that okay?” her staff ask her permission to go home.

    “okay.. thanks for today.. ah.. it’s going to rain.. your child were scared of thunder right.. hurry up.. and here.. buy something good for them” hye gave him some money.

    “Ahh.. thank you boss.. you’re the best..”Her staff jump in happiness.

    “Aish.. if it’s about money you told me that I am the best..”

    “hehe.. thank you boss..” he left the restaurant and now hye alone. She still counts her restaurant income. This supposed to be Wang’s job but she always forgot to do this. Wang has suffered a lot after all these time. When Eun Hye chooses to leave her stardom, Wang choose to go with her and move to this village. Hye ask if she want to be manager of another artist, but wang follow her. She’s the best manager but she want to leave her job and help hye taking care of Yuri.

    Hye enjoy her life after her busy schedule when she’s still an actress now she could do whatever she wants. Before, she never tries to cook at all. All she can do is eat and eat. Kitchen is not her place. But after she try to cook for the first time in her life, she enjoy it so much. Now, she loves cooking and builds this restaurant.


    Rain starts to fall. She better go home now. Hye prepare her stuff but someone come in.

    “Sorry.. we already closed..”

    “It’s raining outside.. can I stay for a while..”

    Eun hye know that voice. She lifts her head and saw him.

    They looked at each other. For a while. Know eachother. Miss eachother. Used to love eachother. Now.. only they know what they feel inside..

    Jin wook is the first who awake. “so you hide here..”

    “I’m not hiding..”


    “sorry.. we already closed and I am going now.. so, you better find another place to stay..”

    “it’s a hard rain outside.. how you could be this cruel.. ah, I forgot that you were one..” Jin wook tease her sharply.

    The rain is really hard outside. And she knows that he didn’t have antoher place to go. The thunder also seized. It looks like a storm.

    Suddenly her phone ringing. It’s Wang.

    “What? So, how could I go home? Okay.. let me talk to her.. ah.. are you scared? Okay.. your great.. omma can’t go home now because it’s raining so you sleep with aunty okay.. I love you..” she call off the phone and talk to jin Wook without looking.

    “It’s very dangerous outside.. so you can stay here until the rain stop..” eun hye put her bag down on the table.

    “Can I borrow your phone.. I need to call my manager..”

    Hye gave him her phone and Jin wook call Ma.

    “Yeah.. I’m fine.. I found a place to stay..don’t worry.. I’ll stay here until the rain stop.. I’ll be fine..(he glance at Eun hye) I hope so..”

    Jin wook gave her phone back. He saw a baby picture from her phone.

    “that’s your baby?”

    “yes..and.. you could stay here.. I’ll stay upstairs..”

    Without waiting for his answer eun hye go upstair. She can’t stay a little longer with him. She miss him a lot but she knows that Jin hate her. Seeing him like that is so painful. But nothing she can do. If he think that she’s an evil, just let it be.

    There’s a room at the second floor. It’s a room for Yuri when she stayed there. Hye see her staff clean uniform. She remember that Jin wook’s clothes already wet because of rain. Should she give it to him? Ahh.. I don’t care..

    Suddenly Hye heard something from the first floor. She gets down knowing what’s happening.

    She found Jin wook already on the floor. She run to him. Jin’s body is so hot. He’s got a fever.

    He still the same Jin Wook. He’s look strong but easily got a fever by rain.

    “leave me alone.. don’t touch me..” jin throw her hand away.

    “but.. you got a fever.. and your clothes were all wet..”

    “it’s not your bussines.. even if I die.. do you care?” he throw her hand away.

    “Oppa..”Eun hye feels so worried.

    “this fever is nothing compared to what you’ve done Lee eun hye..” he said it sarcasticly.

    Eun hye force him to stand up by his back.

    “what are you doing.. I said let me go..”

    But she push him harder to the stair. “you could die as you wish.. but not in my place.. go..”

    Hye brought him to the room and let him sit on the bed. She gave him new clothes so he could change.

    “here.. go change..” she go outside and close the door.

    Her tears down one by one without her permission. She can’t hold it anymore. She sat down on the stair and crying. She closed her mouth so Jin Wook cannot hear her cry. After all this time, she holds her feeling because of Yuri. She lost her love and everything. She thought that she’ll be okay as long as she has Yuri beside her but seeing him again like that is so painful. Why? Why they have to see eachother again?

    Eun hye go back to the room, find Jin wook already change and lay on the bed. He looks pale.

    “open your mouth..” she gave him a spoon of syrup.

    “what is this?”

    “I only have this medicine..”

    “but.. it’s a children medicine right.. it taste like an orange..” Jin wook confronts her.

    “yes, it is.. but at least it help you with your fever.. here.. drink this..” hye gave him a lot of water. Jin Wook know that Eun Hye still the same. She always orders him to do this and that as her wish. There’s no free man Jin wook around this woman. His manager always tease him when they still together that “Wook-a you look like a pitbull to me but looks like a puppy when she’s around..”

    Hye put some ice in a towel. She put that to wipe away his heat.

    “are you crying?” Jin wook suddenly ask her.

    “no.. I’m not..”

    “yes you are.. I know it.. your eyes..”his eyes get heavy and he falls asleep.


    “Omo..” Wang and Manager Ma got shocked with what they saw. They met outside the restaurant, go inside and saw this. Suk sleep in the bed and hye sleep next to him on the floor.

    Suddenly Yuri come inside and say “Ohh.. appa.. sleep with omma..”

    Wang suddenly close her mouth with her hand. “sssshhhh.. quiet..” and manager Ma pull them outside the room.

    “What happened?” Ask Wang.

    “I don’t know..” said manager Ma.

    “did they reconcile?”

    “I wish so.. Jin wook looks so unhappy without her..” they speak in very light voice.

    “Kommo.. why omma and appa sleep together?” Yuri ask Wang.

    “he’s not your Appa yuri-a..” wang told her.

    “ I know but.. I just want to call him that..”

    “Who is her father?” ask manager Ma.

    “I don’t know too..” Wang need to warp her mouth, because of her promise to Hye.

    “Let leave them alone.. maybe that would make them together again.. I’ve been suffering a lot with his scandal.. come on..” Said Ma.

    You and I (3rd)
    Posted on March 14, 2012 by missrickless
    Jin wook wake up alone. His fever has gone. He stands up and didn’t found hye around. He found his new clothes on the table. It seems like Manager Ma already brought it for him. He can hear the noise downstairs. Suddenly someone open the door, it’s Yuri says “good morning appa…” with a bright smile.

    “you.. why you were here?” Ask Jin wook.

    “This is my mom’s restaurant..” she sit on the bed.

    “so.. you.. you were Eun hye’s daughter?” he got confused.

    “Yes I am.. you know my mom right..that’s why she’s got your picture..”

    Jin wook amazed, that’s why the way Yuri talks is the same as Eun hye’s.

    Should I hate this cuties? She make me lost the love of my life.. but.. Can I hate her? Jin wook speak inside.

    “Appa.. let’s have a breakfast.. my mom made a porridge.. it’s really delicious..” Yuri take his hand and pull him to stand up.

    “She cook?” Jin wook can’t believe that. The nail art lover Eun Hye can cook. Well, she’s do change.

    “yes.. come on..” Yuri guides him to the first floor. And from the stair Jin wook can feel the scent of porridge. It smells good.

    “we’re coming..” Yuri yells and everybody look at them. Yuri holds Jin wook hand all the way.

    “Appa.. sit here next to me.. here is your spoon..”

    Hye put the porridge to a bowl and gave it to them. They didn’t say anything. When Eun hye wake up , she found Wang, Yuri, and Ma in the kitchen. They already told her what’s happening tomorrow that Yuri accidentally met Jin Wook on the beach. Yuri told her that Jin wook is really cool and kind. That she want an appa like him.

    “Hye’s porride is the best..” Wang tell Manager Ma and start to eat hers.

    Finally, Hye put the bowl for Jin wook. “waah.. it’s delicious..” Manager Ma amazed after his first spoon.

    Jin wook start to taste it a spoon but stop for a while when hye say “don’t eat if you didn’t want it..” but he put the spoon inside his mouth and feel it. They were right. It’s delicious.

    “it’s delicious.. right appa?” Yuri ask him.

    “yuri-a don’t call him appa..” Hye said to her.

    “but I just want to do that.. appa..”

    “I said stop..” Eun hye yell at her. Everybody on the table got shock. Wang never heard Hye yelled at Yuri before.

    “he’s not your dad..” eun hye left the kitchen and go outside.She looks so pissed off yet sad.

    Yuri, whose got scold for the first time in her life..crying. Jin Wook got shocked too. Eun hye used to scold him, but never a child.

    “what happened to her? She never scold Yuri before.. not even once..” wang try to stop her cry. “sshh.. yuri-a it’s okay don’t cry..” wang hug her tight. Yuri is still crying.

    Jin wook put down his spoon and run after Eun hye. He found her sat on the beach.

    She looks so tired. Her hair that used to be styled by the best hair stylist now tied carelessly, her face that used to be full make up now bare but still naturally beautiful, her nails that used to be painted with different colors now plain and short, her dress that used to be the best quality design now were jeans and t-shirt. She’s changed.

    “you never scold a child..”

    “I am but..I’m just trying to teach her about the reality.. if you finish here, please go..” she didn’t even see his face when she talk.

    “eun hye-a.. are you happy?” He suddenly asks her.

    “just go.. please..” She turns back to the restaurant. But she stop in the middle and say “I’m happy.. Happier than ever.. I wish you could be happy too..”

    Jin wook look at her back, just like five years ago when she left him. She’s just comeback from Europe and throw away their couple ring.

    “oppa.. I’m sorry.. I can’t wait for you anymore..” she said without any regret and leave, just like that.

    He tried to found her but a day after that, she publish her retirement from entertainment industry. And there’s a rumour that she has a child before marriage. Some people said that she got pregnant when she was in Europe but some people said that she’s not really in Europe but hiding in a small village and give birth.

    Jin wook really down and lost her trust in woman. In five years he got a lot of girlfriend, maybe a hundred but he never trust them. So, he had known as a playboy. But he didn’t care.

    “You wish that I’m happy? Your wish is too much Lee eun hye.. I lost my happiness on the day you left..” jin wook look at the horizon in the sea.


    Eun hye get back to the restaurant and find Yuri in Wang embrance. She already stop crying but her eyes getting red. Eun hye feels so guilty for that. So, she kneeled next to Yuri, take her hand and hug her.

    “Omma..mianhae.. chalmotesso.. mianhae..” Yuri start to cry again “I’m making you mad.. I’m wrong.. I’m sorry.. don’t mad at me anymore omma..please.. I won’t call him appa anymore.. I won’t call anybody else appa anymore.. I’m sorry..”

    Eun hye start to cry too. She cannot help not to cry with what she just heard. Yuri apologise is really heartbreaking. She’s the one who scold her but that little girl asked for her apology. “Omma who need to say sorry Yuri-a..I’m sorry..”

    Jin Wook saw all this scence from behind. “It must be hard for her too.. Rising a child by herself..”


    “What???” Manager Ma feels so surprised.

    “This is all that I can do for her.. find her father..” Jin wook stays cool but no one can really guess what’s on his mind.

    “So, it’s not you?”

    “What? Her father??”

    Manager Ma nod.

    “Of course I’m not.. If she’s mine I won’t let Eun hye through all this by herself..i’ll take care of them even if i lost my career.. but I never touch her.. ” Jin wook seems pissed off.

    “But how can we find him?”

    “we’ll find a way..”

    “but, what if we find her real father and eun hye will be back together with him.. you could lost her forever wook-a..”

    “I don’t care about it..”


    “yes, of course..i lost her 5 years ago..”

    “I think she still love you and you still love her too..”

    “I’m not..” he play his breclet. It means he’s nervous.

    “So, why do you keep that ring.. the ring that she throw to the pond.. the ring that you search to death..”

    “I’m just.. It’s just a reminder.. a reminder that she ever hurt me..”

    Manager Ma really know show he cherish that ring, to death.

    “but I think she didn’t left you for no reason wook-a.. I’m sure that she still love you until now.. I can see it from the way she look at you.. it still the same as 5 years ago..”

    “Whatever..” Jin wook close his eyes and trying to sleep. “Wake me up when we got home..”


    Flash back..

    She wake up in the morning but she can’t find Wook on her side. Last night they fell asleep on her room. He helped her pack her things that she need to brought to Europe. She feels something on her forehead, it’s a heart shape post it. She pulls it off and read the message. “To the balcony..”

    When she reached the balcony and find he already decorates that area with balloons and there’s a cake on the table. “Waaaahh..”

    “Happy anniversary..” he gave her an pink envelope.

    “What is this?”

    “Just open it.”

    She sat on the chair and open it. There’s a letter inside. Love letter, NO. It’s a clue of something.

    “I’m in the place that full of you.. find me..”

    “What is this?”

    “A clue of your gift.. go find it.. I give you 5 minutes..”

    “How can I get it by this clue.. give me more..”

    “Hmm.. I thought that you’ll find it as you read the clue.. but I think that you’re not that smart..”


    “4 minutes.. go..go..go..”

    Eun hye go to her room. She searches it everywhere possible on her room. But she can’t found it.

    “wait.. the place that full of me.. ahh.. how tacky is that..” She suddenly remembered.

    “It’s 30 second left..” Said Jin wook from the Living room. so she run back to the living room. she open his shirt’s button and jin wook smiling when she did that.

    She found it. Her gift. It’s a ring that hang on his neck, near to his heart (that full of her).

    “Ahh.. I can’t believe you did this oppa.. it’s so…”



    He opened the chain and pulled the rings out. There were two same rings with different size. It’s indeed a couple rings.

    “here..give me your hand..” he take her hand and put the ring on her ring finger. “wait for me hye-a.. please wait until I reach my dream to became a great actor.. I’ll make you proud of me..”

    It’s six years ago. When he’s still an supporting actor and not as famous as now. He now became a superstar, not just an actor. It’s beyond his dream. She proud of him. She always believes that he could be in this position and he deserves it. He takes a long way to be there. She just fells sad that she’s not there to support him.

    She played her guitar the melody that they always sing together. Whenever she missed him she sat on the balcony and sang that song. Yuri knows that too. Whenever her mom sings that song, she wants to be alone.

    “omma sing that song again..” yuri peek her from the window.

    “Yuri-a.. here.. don’t disturb your mom..”
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    You and I (4th)
    Posted on March 18, 2012 by credits:missrickless

    After 5 years, she’s finally here.

    Her ex-boss passed away. Jim sajang is like a father, a tutor, and a supporter to her. It’s her last time to give him her regards. There’s must be a lot of reporter and celebrity because Jim sajang is really friendly and kind so he has a lot of friend including Jin wook.

    “Yuri-a you stay here with adjusshi okay.. Kommo and Omma will get in.. don’t go anywhere and stays with adjusshi.. We won’t be long..”

    “Okay kommonim..” Yuri stays in the car with Jong ki, Eun hye’s restaurant staff that they brought to drive the car all the way to the city. It takes 3 and a half hour to get there.

    Eun hye and Wang get into the building.

    “Are you okay eun hye-a?”

    “Of course I’m not okay.. how can I be okay.. I owe Jim Sajang too much eonnie..” She still cannot believe it. That Jim sajang passed away just like that.

    “Yeah, I know.. even if his wife hate you so much.. you still feel guilty on her..”

    “do you remember the time when I don’t have nothing left except You and Yuri. He help us built the restaurant..”

    “of course.. he should do that.. it’s his responsibility.. Because of whom we be like this..”

    “eonnie..” Eun hye gave her wishful glance.

    “Okay.. I know..i know..”

    They meet Jim Sajang’s wife. She looks so pale and weak. Eun hye knows that she love him a lot. Eun hye gave Jim Sajang her respect than move to Jim sajang’s wife and bow to her. She knew why Jim sajang wife hate her so much. Since the day she came back from Europe she didn’t want to talk to Eun hye. Now, she looks so weak. She didn’t give eun hye sharp glance like before. She even smiles at eun hye. Wait, smile.

    “how are you?” she ask her.

    “I’m fine.. thank you mam.. i’m sorry I can do nothing to help you now..”

    “it’s okay eun hye-ssi..where is she?”


    “That little girl.. you bring her here right..”

    “yes, but.. she’s on my car..”


    Yuri can’t hold it anymore. She hold her stomache and jumping on her seat. She has to go to the bathroom but that adjusshi fallen asleep. She shakes his body but he won’t wake up. “Adjusshi..Adjusshi..”

    So, she choose to leave the car and looking for a bathroom. She ask to the security guard “adjusshi where is the bathroom?”

    “owh.. go straight ahead it’s on the right..”

    “thank you..” than yuri run to the direction. Unfortunately the restroom is full so she has to wait. There’s a two adjumma behind her, gossiping.

    “you know.. sajang-nim is quite famous between girls..”

    “yes.. I heard that he have so many girls..”

    “of course.. he’s rich.. you know eun hye..i think she’s one..”

    Hearing her mom’s name 5 old Yuri getting curious but she can’t hold anymore. She need to go to the bathroom,NOW.

    She run as soon as the door open and do her business inside. She trained to do the bathroom thing byherself since she’s 4 years old.

    The adjumma keep talking.

    “yeah.. someone says that she’s pregnant and living in a village..is that Jim’s sajang’s daughter..”

    Yuri finish and get out from the bathroom. “Jim sajang? Appa?”

    “Yu..ri?” someone ask her.

    “App..Adjusshi…” it’s Jin Wook. She run to him. She always happy to see him. She doesn’t know why.

    “why you’re here? Where’s your mom?”

    “she’s inside and let me stay in the car but I need to go to the bathroom.. Ahh.. I need to go back to the car… omma will get mad at jong ki adjussi if I’m not there..bye adjusshi..” she’s run to the car but than she run back to Jin wook.

    “adjussi, do you know who is Jim sajang?”

    Jin wook nod. “why?”

    “someone inside the bathroom said that he’s my appa.. I need to find him.. do you know where is he?”

    Jin wook can’t believe what he heard from this tiny little girl. Almost 3 month after he met Eun hye and he try to find yuri’s father. But he’s got no clue. Nothing. The detective he paid is almost given up. But now, from Yuri’s lips he heard that Jin Sajang is her father. No way.

    Jim sajang is a nice person. He loves his wife and family. That’s non sense that he could have an affair with Eun hye. He treats her like his own daughter. But if that’s true that Yuri is Jim sajang’s daughter.. it could be the last time that she could see her father. So Wook take her hand “Yuri-a let’s go inside..”

    “But omma tell me to stay in the car..”

    “It’s okay.. adjusshi will help you talk to her.. come..”


    “so please bring her in Eun hye-a..it’s the last time she could see her father..”Jim sajang’s wife ask her.

    So, Eun hye made a decision. She think that’s the time is over. Yuri has to know about her real father. She’s on the half way to the car when she meets Jin wook and Yuri, holding hand.

    “Omma..” Yuri call her.

    “Omma.. I just go to the bathroom and met adjusshi.. I’m sorry..are you mad at me?i’m already five year eleven month old omma… i can go to the bathroom by myself.” she hide behind Jinwook’s body.

    “Yuri-a.. here.. Omma will tell you something..”

    Yuri came out and standing infront of Eun hye.

    “Yuri-a.. Omma will tell you about the secret.. you know.. everybody come and go.. they born and passed away..”

    “Born like baby Jin hwa and passed away like kwang-I’s haraboji right omma?”

    “Yes.. you were right..today.. mom’s teacher passed away.. and he’s..he’s..”Eun hye try to hold her tears. Jin wook gave her a supporting tap on her shoulder.

    Yuri suddenly crying. “Ap…pa…My Appa…Appaaaa…”

    Seeing that Eun hye cannot hold her tears either and she’s crying with her. They hug eachother.

    “Omma if appa passed away.. I can’t met him anymore right.. like Won Haraboji.. Kwang-I cannot see his haraboji because he’s go to heaven and never come back.. appa cannot hold my hand on the beach..appa cannot buy me ice cream.. appa.. appa cannot read me a bed time story.. right omma? Because appa already go to heaven..”

    Eun hye cannot say anything. She only can hug Yuri tight. Jin wook cannot say anything too. He can only stand there without a word. So, it’s true that Yuri is sajang-nim and eun hye’s daughter. So after all these years he always guess why she left him, it’s because of Jim sajang. That’s why Jim sajang always looks guilty over him. That’s why when he’s down after Eun hye left, Jim sajang is always support him because he knows why. Jim sajang alwas be his best buddies because he’s the jerk that makes her left.

    Eun hye now see him in the eyes. Now, Jin wook know all about it. The reason why she left him five years ago. Now, he see her as a traitor. A girlfriend that cheat to their boss. Eun hye stand up.

    “Yuri-a now.. let’s go inside and give your father respect.. it’s all that you can do now.. come in..” They hold eachother hand and go inside. They left jin wook behind.

    He pass Wang on on the door. She said “ Jin wook-a.. are you good in math?” than she left him.


    Yuri gave her father her last respect. She didn’t cry anymore. She remember that her mom once say that it’s not good crying on the funeral. So she hold her feelings. She sat infront of her father and say.

    “Appa.. annyong.. I cannot find you before, I’m sorry.. now you go to heaven.. omma says that it’s a good place for good people.. I’ll be a good people appa so that I can meet you there.. see you in heaven..”

    Than she meet with Jim sajang’s wife.

    “She looks like him..that’s why I can’t keep her..” Jim sajang tell Eun hye.

    “you have to see her when she’s mad.. she looks exactly like him..” eun hye smile.

    “I’m sorry eun hye-ssi.. I know it’s not your fault at all.. but I just.. I just cannot hold my feelings.. I love him too much.. and I love my children.. I can’t hurt their feelings by letting them know that their father have a child with another woman.. I’m sorry..”

    “it’s okay mam.. having Yuri is the best thing that ever happen on my life.. I won’t tell anybody about this.. don’t worry..”

    “and here eun hye-a.. my husband left this for Yuri.. it’s his last wish.. so I hope you accept this..” Jim-sajang’s wife gave her an envelope. It’s a cheque with a lot of money.

    “I’ll accept this on behalf of Yuri mam..”

    “ I know that you’re so kind Eun hye-a.. that’s why sometimes I feel guilty for you too..”

    “That’s okay mam.. Take care of yourself and be healthy .. I’ll go first..”

    “Thank you Eun hye-a.. Thank you..”


    They meet Jin wook in the parking lot.

    “we need to talk..” He said.

    “Eonnie.. please bring Yuri to the car..” Wang take yuri to the car and left Eun hye with Jin wook. They talk beside Jin wook’s car.

    Eun hye can only look down. She cannot see jin wook on his face. It’s too painful.

    “so it’s..” suddenly they can feel a camera blitz behind the tree. it’s a paparazzi. They cannot captured by them. She should run away.

    “Get in to the car and cover your face.. ppalli..” than he get in to the car too and start the engine.

    “Where are we going?” Ask Eun hye.

    “if you don’t want to get caught and lost your peaceful life we should go now..”

    Her phone ringing.

    “Yaa.. where are you two going?” it’s Wang. She saw her go with Jin Wook.

    “ I don’t know eonnie.. someone take our picture and we should run.. please take yuri home and be carefull.. don’t let anyone take your picture too.. please..”

    “I know.. but how about you?”

    “I’ll back to the village by myself.. please take care of yuri..”

    “Okay.. you should be carefull too.. take care..”


    Jin wook take her to.. her ex-house. It’s a place where she used to live when she’s still an actress. It’s a nice place to life and she loves the balcony that have namsan tower as it’s view. But she sold the house already. Jin wook park his car on the garage and there’s other two luxury car inside. She knows that Jin wook loves cars. It means that he live on this house. But Why?

    Jin wook open his seatbelt and get out. But eun hye stays on the car.

    “What? Get inside..”

    She get out from the car. “I’ll just have to go back to the village..”

    “no.. not until you tell me everything..”

    You and i (finale)
    Posted on March 20, 2012 by missrickless
    “Eun hye-a.. I’ll pay my sins to you on my next life.. but please.. please.. take care of my baby.. I can’t trust anybody except you.. please..”


    “Eun hye-a I’m sorry..” Yoon Hye closed her eyes forever. The baby suddenly cried so loud.



    “Eun hye-a wake up..”Jin wook kneel beside her. He looks so worried.

    “What happen?” She looks pale and shock.

    “You just passed out..The doctor said that you got stress and hypotension..now, you just have to take a rest.. here.. drink..” He gave her a glass of water.

    “I want to go home..”

    “not now.. not until you get better.. please stay here tonight..i’ll take you home tomorrow..”

    “I have to see Yuri.. I have to go home now..” She try to get up from the bed but her body is weak and shaking.

    “LEE EUN HYE!!” Jin wook throw her body back to the bed. He looks so angry. Eun hye know that serious eyes, she can’t do anything except do what he ordered. “If you try to move your body from this bed, you’ll death..”

    Eun hye nod.

    “Listen, I won’t ask you anything so stay here until tomorrow.. and I’ll take you home TOMORROW!!” Jin wook said this while pushing her shoulder to the bed.

    Once again, Eun hye nod. Than Jin wook release his hand. Eun hye remember that the last time he gave her that scary eyes when she get an accident. She drove Jin wook car after shooting and hit the rail road. She’s fine but that car is messed up. She stayed at the hospital for recovery but Jin wook doesn’t come even once. She thought maybe he’s angry because she messed up his favourite car. But when she come back from the hospital, jin wook already sat on her sofa and giving her that scary eyes and just say “Don’t you ever touch the steering wheel anymore..”


    Now, they on their way to the village.

    Jin wook keep his words that he didn’t even talk to her except “eat this.. drink this.. stay here..” he take care of her all night and now he’s drive her home. While he drove the car, eun hye fly her own mind. Her ex-house is still the same as he left it 5 years ago. Even the lavender scent. Jin wook keep the house well but seems like he didn’t stay on the master bedroom that used to be Eun hye’s room. she stays there last night but it feels like her own room. the bed sheet, the curtains, the sofa.. it still the same..

    Jin wook stop the car, but it’s not her home. They still at the beach near her restaurant.

    Jin wook get off the car and he walk to the beach. Eun hye follows him.

    Than he start his monologue.

    “After all this time I always guess what happen to us.. I always think the reason why you left me.. they said all the bad rumours about you but still I can’t believe it even if it makes sense.. I don’t believe them..”

    “I always try to forget you.. all about you.. but still I can’t.. but now.. until I found you here with Yuri.. I realize that i have to forget you..”

    “seeing how you passed out yesterday is enough for me Eun hye.. it’s not your life that giving you hard time but it’s me right? It’s me who gave you a hard life that’s why you left me..”

    “so from now on.. I’ll let you go.. go.. get your happiness.. like the time when you here without me..” he take out something from his pocket. It’s their rings.

    Eun hye got shock seeing that ring. She remember that she throw that ring to the water. How can it still there? Is he found it or make a new one? No, it’s the same ring she knows that..

    “so.. I think there’s no need to keep this anymore.. you throw it once.. now is my turn..” Jin wook throw that rings to the sea.

    “now.. even if I’m looking for it nights and days and got a high fever it won’t work right.. be happy Lee eun hye..” he left her, just like her 5 years ago.

    Eun hye can do nothing. She cannot talk, walk even cry. She can only stay there until he drove the car and go.

    “yeah.. be happy..” she drop down to the ground because her feet shaking. One tears down, two tears down, she’s crying.

    “YAA Kang Jin Wook!! Good job.. now you were a superstar and dump me!! Yes.. go found your happiness with beautiful and sexy girl out there.. go found your popularity and buying a super expensive cars.. go eat a delicious food and don’t forget to do a lot of charity job too.. don’t wait for this adjumma anymore..” she hit her own chest and yell that words to the ocean because Jin wook is already gone, forever.

    “Eun hye-a..Why you’re here? Why do you cry?”Wang run to her.

    “Eonnie.. nan eotteohge? Nan eotteohge? Why it could be this hurt?” she hit her chest harder and Wang hold her hand.

    “Stop it.. Aish.. that stupid person.. can he do math? What’he’s done to you?”

    “no eonnie.. it’s my mistake.. mine..” they hug eachother and Eun hye put her head on Wang shoulder, crying. For the first time after five years, she cries like this.


    “Omma, are you crying?” Ask Yuri whe she saw her mom’s swell eyes.



    “Because omma is broken heart..” she try to gave her smile.

    “Mwo? Does it hurts?” Yuri looks worried.

    Eun hye nod.

    “So, go to the doctor and fix it..”

    “it can only be healed if you hug me a lot..”

    “Really.. here.. let me hug you until you get better..” Yuri hug her really tight. “Get well soon omma..” they hug eachother.

    “omma.. do you like Jin wook adjusshi?”

    “Yuri-a if you grew up.. go find a good man that you love and loves you back okay..”

    “I want to have Jin wook adjusshi as my boyfriend..”

    “he’s too old when you grow up..” eun hye touch her nose.

    “it’s okay for me…” Yuri smile.

    “So, how about kwang-i? Eun hye tease her.

    “Kwang-I is my husband omma..”


    “Where is he?”

    “Wang what are you doing here?” ma looks so shock because Wang suddenly come to their office and yelling.

    “Tell me where is that jerk?” she lift up her jacket , ready to fight.

    “What do you mean?”

    “YA!! Move.. let me in.. I need to gave him a lesson.. move..”

    “No.. he’s not here..”

    “Don’t lie.. open this stupid door.. move..” Wang push Ma aside.

    “No.. his mood is not really good.. he doesn’t want to meet anybody..”

    “I’m not anybody.. I’m gonna kill him today.. move..” she push the door and open it. Jin wook sat on his chair, drinking a cup of tea.

    “YA!! You!! You make my eun hye cry and drinking tea..”

    “What do you want?”

    “Yaa.. where is your brain? I ask you once about doing math right? Don’t you get what I said..”

    Jin wook put his tea on the table.

    “I’m already fix our problem.. I don’t want to know about her anymore.. so please go..”

    “Yuri is 5 years and 11 month years old and she left you on your birthday five years ago right? Eun hye was in Italy and you even visit her there stupid..does it make sense for you?”

    “So, Yuri is not Jim sajang and her daughter?” he looks so shock.

    “Of course not.. she didn’t even let you who she love the most on earth to touch her how come she let anyone to do that..” Jin wook looks so down.

    “What happen to her? Why she do all this thing?”

    “It’s Yoon hye’s last wish.. Yuri is Yoon hye’s daughter.. that night she’s drunk with Jim sajang and they.. you know.. than she have Yuri when Eun hye still in Italy.. Yoon hye ask her to come back because she’s sick and don’t have anyone except Eun hye to take care of Yuri.. she said to the people in the village that her name is Lee Eun hye.. So, since Yuri born all the people in the village know that Yuri is Eun hye’s daughter.. they were twins so..”

    “How can she do that to her?” Jin wook looks so pissed off. Yoon hye is her twin sister how come she do all this to Eun hye.

    “I don’t know why she do that.. but you know eun hye right.. she’s too kind to refuse her sister’s wish..”

    “but why? Why she didn’t tell me about this?”

    “if you asking ‘why’.. it means that you didn’t know her for real..”

    All his bones feels so weak. “Eun hye-a..” But when he got all his mind back he stand up and run.

    Wang chase him “ Yaa!! Where are you going? Are you going to the village? YA!! jin wook wait for me.. let me drive along with you..” but jin wook already left. “Aish.. that jerk.. he left me here.. it would be cheeper if I drive along with him..”

    “Wang-a..” Ma stand next to her.


    “let me drive you..” Ma blinking his eyes.


    Eun hye and Yuri walking together on the beach. They on the way back home from the restaurant.

    “ouh.. that’s adjusshi car..” yuri saw white car stop. Jin wook get out from the car and run to them.

    “Adjusshiiiiiiii….. “Yuri wave her hand to him but suddenly she stop when she saw her mom’s face.

    Jin wook smile to them and stop in front of Yuri.

    “What are you doing here?” Ask Eun hye.

    “proposing?” suddenly he kneel infront of Yuri. She take Yuri’s hand. “Yuri-a.. my beautifull Yuri.. will you be my daughter?”

    Yuri smile so wide. “Ou.. of course, Appa..” but she take a glance to her frezzing mom. “omma.. it’s okay right?” she whisper to her.

    “Of course she’s okay with that.. you know what Yuri.. I’m the first person she love in this world..” jin wook take yuri and hug her.

    “no..no..no.. I’m the first. Adjusshi the second..”

    “how about you’re the first girl that she love in the world and I’m the first man in the world..”

    “okay..” they do the high five. EUn hye still frezzing. She doesn’t really know what’s happening here.. yesterday she lost Jin wook and now, he’s here to propose to be Yuri’s dad. What?? So.. he’s..

    “Ajumma.. I’m hungry.. give me some food..” Jin wook call her.


    “from today on.. you have to feed me too..”


    He take Eun hye’s hand and hold it tight. “don’t you dare to let go of my hand anymore..”

    “Wang tells you everything?”

    He nod. “and destroying my office..”

    “I think I should fire her..”

    “than I’ll hire her and give her a lot of bonus..”

    They smile to eachother for the first time after all this years.

    “ooo.. what is that?” Yuri run to the water and take something.

    “blue shell.. Appa… I found the blue shell..”

    “it’s really exsist? The blue shell?” Ask Jin wook.

    “no, my staff spray that shell into blue so that she’ll stop looking for that thing, that’s why I brought her here.. sssh.. it’s a secret..” Eun hye whispers to Jin wook.

    “you.. really.. Ah, and I need to confirm about everything with you later..” jin wook look at her and pinch her cheek.

    “owu.. what is this?” she found something shinny from the water. “look I found a ring..”

    It’s the ring that Jin wook throwed yesterday.

    “look..” yuri show it to Jin wook. He looked at Eun hye before he closed Yuri’s hand.

    “yuri-a.. it’s a bad ring..you should throw it away to the ocean, faaaaarrrrr away.. so people can’t find it.. go throw it away..” Jin wook put Yuri on his shoulder and she throws it to the ocean.

    “Go!!” said yuri while she throw the ring.

    “Yaayy!!..” they dance and he swing Yuri. Eun hye smile, she’s happy. Really really happy.


    She sat on the balcony, stargazing. It’s her favourite balcony.

    “piip..piip..piiip…piip..ppiipp..piip…” the alarm that she set sounding.

    She moving her head and kiss her lovely half asleep husband. “happy birthday chagi..”

    “oh.. but where’s my present?” he ask her.

    “here..” she get his hand and put it on her tummy.

    “What?? Really?? Are you serious??” the half asleep jin wook suddenly jump out from his seat. He stand up singing and dancing like crazy. Eun hye just stay there and laugh at him.

    “Appa why are you so loud? What time is it?” Yuri that already grown up and become a beautiful girl came out from her room.

    “yuri-a You will have a brother..” said Jin wook.

    “What? Again?” She already have the twins, one brother and one sister than now she’ll have one more.

    Now, they can hear the twins crying. “Aahh.. I’m coming…” said Yuri and go back to the room.


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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    Cherry -side story-
    Posted on March 19, 2012 by credits: missrickless
    For you, whose missing cherry.. our little fairly..

    For you and i continuation, please be patient..

    Thanks ^__^


    Hi all, my name is cherry.. Korean name : Jang Chae Ri

    I was born on Febuary 23 in Kang-nam XXX hospital. Sorry, I can’t name the place. They should pay me because I’m a celebrity kid.. no.. kidding… hehehe.. I’m just have some CF since I was 8 days old. That producer adjusshi beg my parents to got me as their models. See, I’m a spokesperson of some brands even I haven’t learn how to speak except crying and gaga-ing.

    I live with my parents, Monni and Surri our dogs. Sometimes when my parents busy with their jobs, they put me at my grandparents house. Sometimes at Jang’s house, sometimes at Park’s house. I love to stay at my grandperents house because they always pampering me so much. They always give me all I want. I don’t really have to cry a lot there when I want something I just need to whine a little bit and they gonna give me everything I want. Hehehe.. please don’t tell my parents. I know my parents complaining them about “giving all I want right away” thing. They don’t want me to become a spoiled child. But still my grandparents is the best.

    My favourite place is.. my lovely home.. with my Ppa and Mma..

    We have a lot of activities when we’re together. Like my Mma will play the piano and Ppa will play the guitar and I play the little drums that my uncle gave me. I just need to hit the drums and Ppa would tell everybody that I’m a genius in music. Oh please Ppa.. I like cameras a lot more than this noisy drums. I like it when they got my picture but I hate it when paparazzi adjussi does. The paparazzi adjusshi will spread my photo in tabloid or internet than make a story about my fashion and what I’m doing. Aish.. I know it because I’m not anybodys child. I was born with famous parents. When I was born they need to do the press conference about me than they take a picture of me. A lot of people gave me a lot of present and welcoming me. My name hit the number one search on the national site engine. Some people think that my life would be so perfect. But it’s not really like that. I live like the other child.

    Even sometimes my parents bickering about a little thing like how my Ppa put his socks everywhere, kiss me after smoking, hug me without washing his hands, or when my Mma comes home late, and all and all.. it disturbing me when they bickering because after a confrontating time they start the silent mode. They didn’t talk to each other that’s why I need some intervention by crying a lot. Whenever I cry they would start talking to eachother again, trying to comfort me. But the bickering things was rarely happened. They loving eachother too much. Even my dogs can feel it.

    I wake up in the morning and hoping to see my mom’s face but nobodys there so I cry than my mom would come and see me. I hate it when my dad whose got me because it means that my mom already going to work.

    Me : *cry*

    Mma: Owuh.. good morning my girl..

    Me: *stop crying* Mmaa..

    Than she will change my diapers and clothes. Take me to the living room, put the children CD’s on and she’ll preparing breakfast for us. Mush potato with carrots for me and pancake for my Ppa and herself. She looks cute with her apron preparing breakfast and singing a children song. I hope when I grew up I would be looks like my mom.. she’s too cute on her age.. that sometimes people told her that I’m not her daughter but her little sister.. Mwoya..

    I love My Mma.. My Ppa too.. he loves her a lot, sometimes my Ppa would hug her from the back than.. I don’t want to see the rest and choose to play with my dolls..hehehe..

    Now, my Ppa still haven’t wake up yet so my Mma bring me to their room and put me on their bed. My lazy Ppa still sleeping peacefully. So I crawling him and got his face. I’ll hit his face until he’s wake up. “ppa..ppa..ppa..” and my mma would tidy up the room.

    He’s wake up and kiss me.. hehehe.. it feels so tickle when he kiss me in the morning.. so I would laughing a lot. My Ppa didn’t put his shirts on when he’s sleep isn’t it cold appa? My Appa hate cold so much. If cold weather come he’ll be spoiled to my mom. He’ll ask her to do this and that or hug him tight. Appa.. it should be me doing the baby’s spoiled things right?

    Than we’ll be seated at the dinning table. Me on my high chair. If they have time they would let me eat by myself if not they just feed me instead. Because If I’m ate by myself the food would spread everywhere so they need to do the clean up thing. I’m sorry Mma I’ll learn how to eat beautifully when I grew up.

    Now, they let me eat by myself so they have time to spend with me today. Yyeyyy… upps.. I drop the potato on the floor.

    After breakfast they would take me to bath. Mma take me to the bathroom, open my clothes, and put me in the tub. I love the water and bubbles so much. I play with the yellow duckie that remain me of uncle Jeremy. I haven’t see him lately and uncle shin woo too. It’s really noisy when they’re together. They will fooling around with my parents.

    When I’m done and wearing my beautiful dress. We get out of the room and find my Ppa and jang helmoni. What? Wait.. don’t tell me that she’ll gonna take me out today. I want to hang out with my parents today, please..

    Jang helmoni hug me and kiss me. My mom give me to her. No mom.. I wanna be with you..

    Mma: “so we could prepare it here.. does he knows that you were here mom?”

    Helmoni: No, I said I’m just going to my friends house.. suk-a have you get the cake?”

    Ppa: Of course.. they would delivered it at 11 o’clock..

    Helmoni : now, let’s start to cook.. come on hye –a.. *helmoni put me on my playing pen* So we’re not going anywhere.. YaaY.. “You stay here okay my granddaughter..”

    Three of them start to be busy in the kitchen but now I’m sleepy. I want my milk Mma..not long after that, My Mma ask my Ppa to get me my milk than he come and give me my milk. Owuh.. I’m sleepy.. after I finish my milk he put me on my bed and I’m going to sleep.

    I wake up because it’s so noisy out there. What happen? So I cry.. my Park helmoni got me out my bed. Wait.. before there’s Jang Helmoni and now Park helmoni. What’s happening here? I still crying because I want my Mma. Where is my Mma?

    We get out of my room and find a lot of people there. There’s a cake and foods around the table. Something on the wall, it’s colorfull and with balloons. I cannot read yet, can someone tell me what happen here.

    Because I still crying my Mma come and get me.

    “Cherry-a it’s Jang haraboji’s birthday.. so.. let’s celebrate it okay..”

    Ohh.. it’s haraboji’s birthday. But where is he? I can’t see him here..

    “He’s here” suddenly someone yelling.

    They prepare themself. So. It’s a surprise party.

    Mom put a birthday hat on me.

    Haraboji open the door and we yell “surpriseeee…”

    He looks so surprised and happy.

    Mom bring me to congratulate him. Haraboji kiss me and hug me. He looks happy.

    My Ppa bring the cake and than haraboji take me to blow the candles with him.

    Everybody congratulating him and take a picture. Ah.. everybody looks so happy. Than we sat on dinning table. All the food was set. There’s colorful and looks delicious. I cannot eat them yet because my mma said that it’s spicy. I can only eat the non spicy food. My ppa give me with his finger a creamy thing from the cake and it taste sweet, I like it. But my Mma gave him a scary glares and said “have you wash your hand?” He smiled and put the rest on my nose and take my picture with his phone and upload it to the net. Owuh appa.. you cannot ruin my image.. I must look weird with that cream on my nose. My mma save me by getting a tissue and clean up my face.

    And when the party’s over an adjumma clean up our house. She used to clean up our house everyday. My mma and ppa bring me to the han river in the afternoon. I love to take around with my parents. We will ride along, they would sing an song with the weird voice, and I’m on my car seat enjoying the view. I love my family.. ugh.. I’m sleepy.. until i heard..

    Ppa: Who’s that?

    Mma: Seung gi oppa..

    Ppa: Why you keep texting him?

    Mma: because we’ll start our show next week..

    Ppa: i told you not to do that show right..

    Mma: but this show have a daily time so i can still take care of cherry in the morning and afternoon..

    Ppa: why always him?

    Mma: i don’t know yobo.. i cannot choose my partner by myself..

    Ppa : that’s why i told you to join on my management..

    Mma: i already meet you everyday in our home and need to meet you too on work.. no thank you..

    Ppa: YA!!

    Cherry: *okay.. if this confersation considered as a bickering than i have to say that they bickering a lot and almost everyday.. but i don’t mind this thing because the good thing alwas happen after this session..*

    Mma: What?

    Ppa: *takes mma’s hand and hold it while he’s riding* don’t get too close with him okay?

    Mma: okay..

    Ppa: don’t talk a lot with him, don’t eat together with him, don’t look at his eyes when you talk, don’t.. Awww..

    Cherry: *Mma bite Ppa’s hand* hihihi they’re so funny..

    Ppa: Why you did that?

    Mma: I’m hungry.. let’s go home..

    Ppa: You already eat a lot on the party and now you’re hungry again?

    Mma: Yes..

    Ppa: Ya.. chagi-a are you pregnant?

    Mma: no.. i’m not..

    Ppa: you eat a lot when you have cherry.. i remember that you eat every hour.. even in the middle of the night i’m running to the store to buy you an ice cream..

    Mma: no.. trust me i’m not pregnant yet..

    Ppa: Aah.. i have to do my best tonight than..

    Mma: What are you talking about?

    Ppa: we should give cherry a brother right?

    Mma: Yaa.. she’s too young to have a brother.. we haven’t celebrate her 1st anniversary yet..

    Cherry : *Yes Ppa.. i want a brother too but not now.. i can’t even change my clothes by myself.. oh, my lovely mom and dad.. i’m sleepy please bring me back to my bed..*

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by khulet29 on Mon 29 Oct 2012, 5:00 pm

    New ff by sis piiijune
    waaahhh! she writes ks ff again.. kyaaaaa! so happy

    Original Link: http://missrickless.wordpress.com/2012/10/03/stay-away/
    Posted on October 3, 2012 by missrickless
    ”Hye-a.. I’m so sorry.. I try to rush from the airport but I still can’t make it..” Suk call her when she answer his 101st calls.

    “Next time I’ll buy the fastest car in the world.. So I can make it on time okay..” Add suk but still.. after waiting like a stupid she’s still in mad.

    “Chagi-a please say something..”

    “Are you done talking?” Ask her coldly.

    “Where are you now? I’ll go there.. As soon as possible..okay.. Let’s meet and then talk..” Suk still try.

    “In the shooting location.. Would you be here? Would you dare to be here with all the sunbaenims around and a lot of cameras? You don’t.. Don’t you?” She said it in sarcastic tone.

    “I’ll be there.. I don’t care if everybody watching.. Just wait and see..” He end up the phone and take his jacket.

    “Where are you going?” Ask his manager.

    “I’ll meet her..” Suk take his car keys.

    “She’s working..” His manager get the car keys from his hand.

    “I know.. I’ll go to her location..”

    “Are you crazy.. Stop it.. Or you’ll gonna lose her forever..”

    “Look.. I have to see her now.. I’m getting crazy to look at her face.. You know when was the last time I met her.. It’s last month.. She taking a day off yesterday for me but i.. I’m the one who once again can’t make it..and that’s why she didn’t take my calls after 100s.. So please.. Give me that keys..” He try to get the keys back.

    “No.. You can’t..”His manager still insist.

    “Just let him go..” Suddenly one familiar voice join them.

    They saw mama jang enter the room with a cup of tea in her hand.

    “If i’m her.. I won’t get your call even it’s 1000 except you come in front of me asking for a sorry.. So just go..”

    “But madam..” His manager try to speak.

    “You drive him there,kim..”

    Now, they’re in the parking lot.

    “See.. There’s too many people here.. You can’t get out..” Say kim.

    “I have to go..” He take off his seatbelt.


    “Hye-a.. It’s kim manager’s car right?” Her manager oppa point on the parking lot.

    “Is he out of his mind.. He’s really come?? Oppa, please go to that car and tell them I’m not gonna met him now..just make them go.. Please oppa..” She beg him to shoo them.

    “Are you sure? You haven’t met him for a month right?”

    “Yeah.. But this is just not a right time ..and a right place..” She didn’t really thinking when she ask suk to come. It’s her mad hye who asking. And she have to know that it’s suk. The one she’s daring. Suk who’d never like to lose.

    They see jun coming. He knock on the door and when kim unlock the car doors he get in..

    “Hey guys..”

    “How was she?” Ask suk to the point.

    “Sorry suk-a.. She’s busy.. She have a lot of things to do..”

    “I have to see her..”

    “Not now.. She’s still take a shot..”

    “She’s really mad at me right?”

    “I don’t really think she mad.. It’s more like disappointed..”

    It’s 2 am in the morning but she still taking a shot. It’s the last scene for today.

    It’s 2.30 when she’s done. And ready to go home. She get in to her van and surprised that someone sleeping on her favourite seat. With a blanket al over the body, she still recognise who it is. Her favourite man sitting on her favourite seat.

    “He insist to wait..” Said jun when he close the door.

    “Hey.. Let’s have a snack..” He ask the driver go to give them time alone.

    Hye open the blanket and see his face. He looks tired too.

    Suddenly he’s moving.

    “Aahh.. Cold..” He grab her and hug her tight. “Aah.. It’s warm..”

    “Aish.. Let me go..” She struggling from his hug. But suk really hold her tight.

    “I wait for you..” He said.

    ” You’re not waiting.. You’re sleeping..” Said her.

    “I’m not sleeping.. I fallen asleep..”

    “It’s the same..”

    “No.. It’s different..”

    “In the end.. You’re still sleep.. You bad boy.. I hate you..” She broke the hug and hit his chest.

    “I miss you..”He gave her more hug.

    Yeah, with that words.. She’s melting and let him hug her.

    “Am I that easy?” Ask her when they snuggling on suk’s office sofa.

    “What do you mean?” Ask suk when he rub her back and give her gentle massage.

    “I can forgive you just because you’re sleeping on my van when you waiting for me..”

    “I said I’m not sleeping.. I fallen asleep..”

    “Do we have to start it again?”

    “Okay.. I’m sleeping..” He hug her from the back and kiss her neck. She close her eyes and enjoy the moment. It’s been a month since they met. She miss him too.

    “Oppa.. Your hand please..” Said hye when she feel his hand sneak on her shirt. Suk stop his hand moving and smile.

    “Can’t i?” He said it on her ear.

    “Of course not..now..” Suk let her go when she say that..

    “Than stay away from me..and don’t touch me..”He said to her and move away.


    “If you want to be save.. Just go home..”

    “What? You want me to go now??” She didn’t understand.

    “Ohh.. God..hye-a.. You know that I love you so much right.. That’s why I let you go now.. But one day.. When we’re married..you.. Ahh.. This is frustrating.. Can you just go? Please..”

    “cih.. I don’t really understand what do you talking about.. Okay than..I’ll just go home now.. We need to take a rest too.. Save flight oppa..” She take her jacket and leave.

    But when she reach the door.. She turn back and go back to suk.

    “Why? You forgot something.. “Ask suk.

    She suddenly kiss him. With her hand tied on her back.

    “I love you too..”


    “You said I can’t touch you but you say nothing about kiss right.. Bye oppa..” She’s gone. And he’s death.

    “Arghh.. This girl really..” Suk said desperately.
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by jfp2268 on Tue 30 Oct 2012, 8:56 am

    love it!!!!!
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by khulet29 on Mon 05 Nov 2012, 4:06 pm

    new keunshin ff by sis piijune
    enjoy friends :)

    Link: http://missrickless.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/drunken-call/

    Drunken call
    Posted on November 4, 2012 by missrickless
    She received a picture.

    “What now?” She ask herself while grabbing her phone.
    It’s suni’s picture, she’s so adorable looking at the camera with a message “I miss you eonnie..bring me chocolate please..”
    “Suni-a.. I miss you too..”

    “I’m here..” She get in thru the door and suni running to her. She gave hye a high five as when she learn from her school.
    Well, mama jang won’t pay for nothing right. The school gave her a lot of thing to learn.
    She’s go inside the office and welcomed by some of the staff.
    “Oh shin hye-a you’re here..”
    “Yepp..” Suni keep tailing her behind.
    “Sorry for making a trouble for you to come.. But suni keep barking and standing in front of your picture. So.. I send you the picture..”
    “It’s okay eonnie.. I miss her too.. It’s been a long time right princess?” She’s on her knees and take suni. She scratch suni’s cheek tenderly. Suni really loves it.
    “By the way.. Hye-a.. You’ve been reconcile with our boss right?” Ask the staff eonnie.
    “Mmhmm..”Now she sat on the sofa while suni snuggling on her lap.
    “You know how bad is that..when both of you fighting.. Our boss feeling is..waah.. So so bad..”
    “It’s his own false..why keep asking me to grow up but not letting himself grow up first.. I’m not a thing.. I’m a human.. And I have my own feeling.. And my own will..”
    “I know.. Our boss sometimes too protective when it’s all about you..”She’s agree with her based on what she’s saw. Her boss really care for this girl in front of her. Everything about her. From head to toe.
    Suni feels so sleepy because hye keep scrach her back. She moan and sleep on hye’s lap.
    Suni sometimes could be bad too.. She like scratching the door and eat a flower plant. But when she’s with hye. She’ll become nice and be a good dog.
    Hye really know how to pamper her too.
    “How you two solve the problem than?” Ask the staff eonnie.
    “He called me in the middle of the night..drunk..and said stupid things..”
    “Really? Like what..”
    “Don’t you dare to tell her..”Suddenly the boss coming and catch them gossiping him.
    They get surprised, even suni stand up in at the moment she hear suk’s voice.
    “You.. Don’t you have work to do?”
    “I’ve finish my job already..” Said the staff eonnie.
    “Than go home..and you park shin hye.. In to my office.. Now..” He galloping thru his office first.
    “Aigoo.. What kind of boss do I have? It’s still my working hour but he ask me to go home..okay.. Hye-a.. Please.. Don’t fight anymore..”
    Hye can only smile at her while opening the suk office room. “Wish me luck eonnie..”
    Suni keep tailing her to the room.
    As soon as she get in, suk grab her and hug her tight.
    “What happen to the boss ordering me before?”
    “He’s death.. Because his real boss was here..” Suk still hug her. “I miss you..”
    Suni circling on their feet. Asking for attention.
    “Why can I tell eonnie about the things you’ve said that night?”
    “No.. It’s our privacy..”
    Hye release her body from suk and sat on the sofa. And suni, once again, of course, jumping to her lap.
    “Sunii.. Get off.. Get out.. That’s my place..” Said suk. But suni won’t move even an inch. She put her body relaxed on hye’s lap.
    “What happen to her.. She’ll become so annoying when you’re around..”
    “Annoying for you..” Shin hye add.
    “Yeah.. Because she taking my place..always..”
    “Well she’s here on my lap.. But you’re always here..” She put her hand on her heart. But add “aish.. That’s too..cheeky..right oppa?”
    Suk laugh out loud and say “hye-a that’s my part of being cheeky in this relationship. You don’t have to do that.. Or you’ve already got Jang virus?”
    “No.. I’m not.. Oh.. I almost forgot.. I have something for suni” She take something from her bag. Chocolate. She take one and suni jump in happiness. Hye put the chocolate on the floor.
    “Hey.. That’s what you waiting for..”Said suk. Suni eat the chocolate happily. Suk suddenly got an idea and put another chocolate all along thru the door than suni follow the path.
    When suni get the last chocolate outside the room suk closed and locked the door so she cannot get in. She’s barking outside the door but suk ignored her.
    “Oppa.. You’re so bad.. Let she get in..”
    Hye try to open the door.
    “Noo.. Don’t you dare to open the door..” suk take his phone and call his staff. “Take her away from us..”
    “Poor suni..”Hye sat down on the sofa and take another chocolate to eat. “You want some oppa” she offering him a chocolate.
    “No thank you.. I’m not suni..let’s talk about something else.. So you’ve decide to take the role on that drama?” Ask suk.
    “First I wanna ask you something.. We talk as you were my boyfriend or as my boss?”
    “I’m both by the way..”
    “Your not my boss..”
    “Okay..okay.. I’ll be your boyfriend asking.. And your answer is?”
    “Yepp.. I take it.. I already read the synopsis and watch the cartoon.. It’s fine.. So even I really want to try saeguk drama this time..I’ll take the role..”There’s a sarcastic tone on the way she said saeguk. That makes suk feel uncomfortable.
    “Shin hye-a.. Not anymore.. We’ve done with it..”He stand in front of her.
    “But I really want it.. Why you always forbid me to do that..I only got one saeguk during my career..”
    “How many times I told you.. I don’t want you to do that because it’s too hard..”
    “So now you dare my acting skill?”
    “It’s not about your acting.. It’s about the shooting.. It’s hard.. You know.. It could be dangerous too.. I don’t want you to be there.. I can’t imagine that you have to take a rest with a saeguk dress and hairstyle.. And trap in a cold weather.. Day and nights.. No way.. You know.. I can’t sleep just because you thinking an offering of saeguk.. I don’t know what will happen to me if you decide to take it..”
    She look at him.
    “You broke your promise?” Said hye suddenly.
    “Which one?”
    “You’re Drunk..”
    “Because of whom I do that.. Are you try to change the topic?”Suk ask with a wrinkle forehead.
    Hye pull him closer. Hug him and rest her cheek on his stomach.
    “What are you doing now? I’m getting serious and look..”He still mad at her but can’t help to enjoy her warm cheek on his tummy.
    “Sshh..I try to hear your tummy speaking..”And suddenly she speak to suk’s tummy.
    “Tummy-a.. I’m sorry.. For making you feel not good.. That stupid alcohol hurting you right.. I’m sorry..”
    Suk can’t help it but laughing.
    “This girl really..”
    He kiss the top of her head.
    “Hye-a I’m asking you too much didn’t I? But what am I asking is not only for my satisfaction or secured feeling.. I’m considering you at the first place.. Always.. So please understand..”
    “Okay oppa.. I know..”She hug him tighter.
    “I have a feeling that this drama is good for you and beside you’ll pay with someone that won’t be dangerous.. Hong ki said he’s good..”
    “So.. You ask hongstar about him too?”
    “Well I need to do some research right?” He put his hand on her cheek.
    “Oppa!! You don’t trust me..” Ask hye.
    “No..” Said suk jokingly and he pinch her nose. He trust her with all his heart.

    After party.
    Suk keep pouring the liquor on his glass. His manager try to stop him but he still take a shot.
    He’s drunk and start taking non sense..
    Hye found her cell phone ringing. It’s suk. She try to say hallo but all she coul heard was a noisy sound.
    “I think oppa made a mistake call..” She try to cut the phone until she heard suk’s voice.
    “Hyung..could you find me a girl?”
    “Yeah.. A girl with my ideal type.. First, she have to be matured..” He put his finger to count. “Than she have to be skinny..than she have to be a good drinker.. Not a celebrity would be fine..so she won’t ask to play in saeguk.. and won’t kiss another guy just because of her job.. And not really good in dancing, singing, playing music instrument.. Not to sexy and not looks glowing on the red carpet.. Not easy to catch a cold..or get an accident in the middle of the night..or making me worrying her when she’s taking a public transportation or biking alone..not too good with a dogs or older people so she’ll always take me as her attention..not have a good relationship with my mom..not have a bright smile that could always melt my heart..”
    “Suk-a are you sure that’s your ideal type?”Ask his manager. “I know that your ideal type is the flip of what you’re talking about and I know only one girl and as far as I know.. She’s your girlfriend now..”
    “Really? I have a girlfriend now?yeah.. You’re right.. I have one and only.. I really really love her so I want to put her on my pocket and bring her everywhere..but I can’t right.. She have her own will.. I should support her will right.. But why? Why she didn’t understand that I always worried about her..hyung..” He cries. She can hear he’s crying. “He’s sure drunk..” Said hye and cut the calls.
    She make a call to his manager phone.
    “O.. Hye-a..please help me..”
    “Give him the phone please..”
    Suk take the calls and he suddenly shed his tears and try to look or heard sober.
    “Yeah.. What happen?”If hye know he’s drunk he’ll be death.
    “Yaa!! You jang keun suk.. How dare you.. Stop drinking and go back to the hotel.. Now!!..” She scold him and cut the calls leaving suk and his manager in an awe.
    “How could she know?” Ask suk.
    “I don’t know..” Said his manager.
    Suk suddenly stand up and say ” let’s go back to the hotel..”
    Hye got his call back in the morning. He’s totally sober when they talk.
    “How stupid I am..” He said when hye tell him about the mistake call.
    “I’m sorry for not being your ideal type oppa..” She said.
    “What? Oh.. No.. No..don’t take it seriously.. I was drunk..and..I’m sorry..”
    “Sorry accepted.. If you give me a smiling face today.. Okay..” She said.
    “Okay.. I love you..”
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by jfp2268 on Mon 05 Nov 2012, 11:09 pm

    hmmmm...loovee it!!!!
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by khulet29 on Sat 08 Dec 2012, 1:39 pm

    Posted on November 29, 2012 by missrickless
    Link: http://missrickless.wordpress.com/2012/11/29/huff/
    ” Hong ki-a.. Pass me the spoon..” Hye try to grab it but it’s too far. With all the delicious food in front of them she is really excited.

    When hong-ki give the spoon to her he said ” hyung would kill me for this..”

    They were at the bbq restaurant and this is the second restaurant that they dine in tonight after the pasta thingy before.

    “Don’t talk about him when I’m eat.. It’s disturbing my appetite..” She continue eating.

    “Hye-a your stomach will be hurt if you eat that much..” Said hong ki in disbelief.

    But hye give him a scary glare said “don’t disturb” so he just shut his mouth.

    “The samgyupsal was here..” Said the adjumma.

    “Owuh.. Thank you..” Hye grab another spoon ready.

    Suddenly someone coming from her back and sat next to her.

    “Hey guys..”

    Hye look at him in shock and turn her head around. Make sure that this new comer didn’t bring his best buddies.

    Nope. He didn’t. Of course.. What did you expect shin hye-a..

    “Oh hyung.. You’re here.. Come.. Come.. Palli.. Eat..” Hong ki gave him the spoon and a bowl of rice.

    “Oh.. Okay.. I’ll just come back from the recording studio and haven’t eat for so long.. I can even eat a horse now

    .. Thanks hong ki for treat me today..”

    He take the samgyupsal bowl and all the food infront of them. He finish all in a minute.

    Hye give another scary glares to hong ki saying “why do you call him here and disturbing my dinner” but hong ki just give her a smile.

    Inside his heart he said.. BB hyung can do this job very well.. He can eat all this stupid meal so I won’t get scolded by the other hyung.

    Yes.. BB is eating happily in front of them, finishing all her meal. Well, she’s full anyway..

    Looking at bb here making her think about the reason why she do this stupid eating race.

    She miss him.. A lot..

    It’s her rebelation way to show her frustration.

    He haven’t call her after they fight that night.

    While he’s doing trip somewhere and she’s dying here waiting for his call.

    She said “I’ll make myself really fat so when he met me he won’t know that is me..” So she call hong ki to join her pig-body-making time. After eating pasta and pizza before she really want to throw up but she make up her mind and ask hong ki to bring her to the bbq restaurant.

    A phone suddenly ringing she wish it’s hers but it’s BB’s phone.

    He answer the phone “ellow.. Owh, the recording is fine.. But we can make it better when you were here.. I want to ask you something about the change I made..yeah..bla..bla..bla..”

    Well, even if she can’t hear the voice she know who’s calling. It’s him.. Calling his buddies but not her.

    Hong ki just quite and feeling something gonna happen.

    Hye’s gonna get really really mad.

    But he saw her stand up like nothing’s going on. “Hong ki-a I need to go to the bathroom..”

    She threw up.. All the food she ate before were going out of her stomach. Her stomach got hurt because too much foods coming than a tears come down on her face. She’s crying.

    “That stupid jerk.. He call his buddies but not me.. I hate you..”


    She take a day off. She ask her manager to let her free today. Riding a bike to the han river will be good.

    She get her bike ready while bongji and nori waiting patiently in front of her.

    “Sorry guys.. I want to be alone today..” She pat their head and go.

    She ride the bike slow. She’s not in a rush. She just want to enjoy the moment. Alone.

    She sat on the grass. Drink her mineral water. There’s no one there so she took off her mask and glasses.

    Why does her phone really quite now. No one cares for her now? She’s grab her pocket. But there’s, nothing. She didn’t bring her phone. She’s in panic for a moment “I’m gonna be death if he knows I didn’t bring my phone..”

    but calm down when she think that.. “It’s okay.. He won’t call me anyway.. Too busy with himself..”

    “It’s good without a phone.. I can rest for a while..” She said.

    She put the bike on the garage and go inside. It’s strange.. There’s no one there, even bongji and nori. She sat down on the floor.

    “Ahh.. It’s really frustating..” She yelled and crying like a baby.

    “Yaa!! How dare you crying here while we looking for you all around the han river..”

    She hear that angry voice behind after a sound of the open door. Bongji and nori come to her as soon as they enter the house.

    She continue crying and even louder as suk come to her.

    ” You didn’t bring your phone even one.. You have three for a God shake.. Three phone shinhye..three..” He show his three finger on her and step by step coming to her.

    He’s go down as her level and pat her head. “Don’t do this to me..please..”

    She look at her. “What? What did I do to you?? What..” She still crying. “Who is the one who didn’t call? Who is the one who call his friend more than me? Who is letting me waiting for a stupid call… Who..”

    ” I know.. It’s me.. I’m sorry..” He try to hug her but she refuse it. She push I’m away.

    “Go away..” She stand up and go to her room. She lock it so suk cannot enter.

    He knock on the door. “Hye-a.. Please..I know I’m wrong.. Please open the door.. Why you act like this? Open the door..”

    She still crying inside. “I hate you..”

    “Okay.. Hate me as much as you want but open the door.. Said it to my face that you hate me.. And hit me hard as you wish.. I’m here..”

    He can hear the unlock key. And hye open the door. She stand in front of him face to face.

    “Do it.. Hate me.. Hit me..” He dare her.

    But she can only see his face and crying. He grab her hand and punch his own body. “Like this.. This is what you want right.. You hate me right..”

    “Right.. I hate you.. I hate you too much.. But I hate myself more for hating you like this.. I hate you..” She finally throw her anger.

    She suddenly hug him. Tight. Really really tight.

    After a minute. “Hye-a I can’t breath..”

    She let him go for a while and give him another hug. She cry on his shoulder.

    “You’re ugly..” He said it while wipe away her tears with a tissue.

    She hit him. “Yaa.. Because of who I’m like this?”

    “Let’s get your favourite medication..” He stand up and help her stand from the bed.

    “No.. I don’t want to go out like this..” She refuse it.

    ” Palli.. Get up..”

    She finally gave up and go.

    He park his car in front of the cafe.

    “Go buy it.. One frapuccino for me..”

    “Why me.. No.. I don’t want to go out like this.. With this eye.. No way..” She grab her seatbelt.

    “Aish.. It’s really cold outside..I hate it.. Go mi nam get the coffee..” He order her like he’s hwang tae kyung.

    “No..”Still insist.

    “Okay.. Okay.. I’ll do it..” He took off his seatbelt and open the door.

    “Ahh.. I hate cold..” Hye can only smile at him.

    “How can I not love this silly man..” She sat quietly and see that he forgot his phone.

    “Aishh.. Look who forgot his phone now..”

    “Ehem.. Should I looking around..hehe..or.. No.. I can’t.. we decide to keep our blackberry by our self.. Even I know his password..ehm.. But looking around won’t hurt him..” She unlock the blackberry and find the home screen is the same as he buy it.

    “Aissh.. So boring.. Should I change it..” She browse the photo gallery “where is his silly picture? he have a lot on his iphone.. ” She keep browsing until she found something interesting.. There’s a photo of him and a girl..in mini skirt.. They’re hugging.. So close.. Too close..

    Not just one.. It’s a lot..”Well..let’s just end it here..” She lock the phone and threw it away.

    He come with two cup of coffee in his hand. “Here you go..” He gave it to her.

    “Thank you..”

    “Let’s go to the park..” He step on the gas.

    He park the car in the parking lot. Han river is in front of them.

    “You found something interesting?” Suddenly he ask.


    “In my blackberry? You’ve become so quite after sneaking around my phone..” He said it when he put his coffee on the cup holder.

    She still quite, without words.

    “I look it from the window..”He tease her.

    “Yeah.. I did.. I just saw your picture..with all the girls.. Japanese.. Chinese.. Thailand.. Spain.. England.. Are you a globe or something?” She said.

    “Ahh.. You saw my collection..”He take her coffee and put it in the cup holder too. He adjust her seat so she can be comfortable. He take the blanket from the back seat and put it on her lap. When she looks comfortable he gave her back the coffee and adjust his seat too.

    “Didn’t we promise not to sneak our blackberry chagi?”

    “I know I’m wrong.. I’m just curious..”

    “I always keep my promise right.. To keep our relationship a secret.. To tell you everything.. Even when you said that you want me to give you time alone.. That’s why I didn’t call you.. Because you want me to..you know how much I call your manager to know your condition.. Until hongki tell me that you do eating race that makes you threw up..I take the first flight here..just to see you cry and mad at me because I didn’t call.. What’s wrong with you? I can’t understand why you feels so moody lately..” He faced her “are you get bored on me?”

    “No..” She stir the straw on her coffee.

    Than suddenly he ask “Hye-a.. Are you on your period?”

    She can’t answer his question.

    “Oppa..” She hit his shoulder and get embarrassed.

    “That’s why..aigooo..”

    “That’s not only because of it.. I don’t know oppa.. Sometimes I’m thinking that what will happen to us? What if public found about us.. And we.. We’ll..”She haven’t finish her word but he cut her.

    “We’ll not gonna separated.. Never..”He take her free hand and say “please, don’t think to much.. Just enjoy the time we live in..”

    “But.. There’s still a change for a changes oppa.. Our feelings..”

    “I know.. We’re changing all the time chagi.. You did.. I did.. That’s why sometimes we broke up right.. I stop counting when it’s more than five.. But you see.. We’re still together.. I always back to you.. So please.. Believe in us..”

    Than,She hug him.



    “I’m hungry..”

    “Still, the park shin hye I know..”Suk turn on the engine and they have a meal on their favourite restaurant.

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    Posted on December 4, 2012 by missrickless
    Link: http://missrickless.wordpress.com/2012/12/04/bozz/
    There’s a silent when someone entered the door. The big boss is coming.
    She take off her shades and fancy hat. Put her super expensive bag at the table and sat down beautifully.
    Everybody’s watching her open the company master plan sheet in front of her nervously.
    There’s a big plan for the company for next year that they’ve been set day and night for a month. And today, in this meeting, it would show their result. Without this woman sign, everything would be useless.
    “Okay, everyone.. Good morning.. Let’s start the meeting..What’s the plan for next year?” She start the meeting.
    One of the manager stand up and turn on the projector.
    “First of all, let’s start with Miss park shin hye’s plan.. She’ll have big plan for asia tour and drama at the first half of next year.. And bla..bla..bla..” The meeting held until 3 hours. This boss rarely come to the office except for a important meeting. She’s unknowingly own this management because she had another bigger company.
    The meeting ends at the afternoon. she’s agreed the proposal so all the team could be happy.
    She than go to seeing around the office and found someone on the practice room. She smile when she saw her practice seriously. Her wishful candidate as her future daughter in law saw her back and smile.
    She get out from the practice room and say hi to her. She’s bowing and say “sajangnim..”
    “Ah.. Why you call me that.. It always sounds awkward..”She look shy and touch hye’s shoulder.
    “Because it’s in the office.. Sajangnim..” Hye playfully call her sajangnim.
    “Hye-a stop it.. Just call me eommoni as usual..” They laugh to each other. “You’ve done practicing?” Ask mama jang.
    “No yet eommoni.. I still have to learn some dancing number..” Hye look at her dancing teacher inside the room.
    “Don’t get too hard hye-a..you look thinner lately.. I don’t want you to be sick..”
    “Ah.. Don’t worry eommoni.. I’m fine..” Hye smile so brightly.
    “Ah.. Don’t fight with that kid okay.. We always have to spend a lot of money when you two fight.. A new car.. Holiday.. Ahh.. Headache..now I need to see his schedule.. Bye shin hye.. And don’t forget to come to our house tomorrow..”
    Hye smile and say “yes.. Eommoni.. I’ll come..” Hye accompany mama jang to the door.
    Tomorrow is suk’s family special day. They want hye to be there. Well, as long as the boss is mama jang, everything would be solved. They can set hye’s schedule so she can be there.

    That house is full of decorations. It’s suk’s parents anniversary. The food was already sets on the table. Hye coming by herself. She knock on the door and jang helmoni open it for her. She greet her warmly and embrace her like she’s her own granddaughter.
    “Oh.. Shin hye-a.. I miss you a lot.. You’ve been so busy lately..”She hold hye’s hand.
    “Yes helmoni.. I’m sorry I can’t greet you properly these day.. I miss your chicken soup too..”Hye pat helmoni’s hand.
    “That’s why you have to come here more..” Said helmoni.
    Mama jang come in and greet hye. “Oh.. Shin hye-a you’re here? Ahh.. While my own son is still nowhere.. Thanks for coming..”
    Hye take off her jacket and want to help them preparing. She say hi to everyone in the kitchen that still busy preparing. “What can I do kommonim?” She ask suk’s auntie.
    “No need hye-a.. Everything is almost done..”Said the auntie.
    “It’s okay.. Oh.. Should I cut this potatoes..”She take the knifes and start cutting the potatoes.
    When she cutting the third potato she accidentally cut her finger. The blood coming down from her index finger. It hurts. But she stay still, not want to make a fuss. She go to the sink and wash her blood.
    “What happen ask mama jang?”Mama jang ask her because her sudden move.
    “Nothing..mm.. I need to go to the bathroom..excuse me..” She rush out.
    She hide on the suk’s bathroom.
    “Ahh.. It’s hurt..” She looking for a band aid on her bag but she run out of it. “Aissh.. Where’s that thing when I need it..”
    Knock-knock. Someone knocking the door. “Shin hye-a are you okay?” It’s mama jang.
    “Yess.. I’m fine..” She wash her finger one more time because the blood keep running out. Than she open the door.
    Mama jang still there. “Show me your hand..”
    “What?” Hye still try to hide it from her.
    “Hands..” Mama jang take her hand that she hide.
    “Look.. Aigoo.. It’s quite big shinhye-a.. Why you hiding it.. Here..” Mama jang take her seated on suk’s bed and she take a first aid box. She patiently put a medicine on hye’s finger. She fufu it softly and when she try to put a band aid on it someone get into the room.
    “Yaa.. What happen to you?” He rushing to them and take hye’s hand.
    “How can this happen? What’s going on? You cut yourself..”He looks mad.
    “She’s fine.. Here.. You do it..” Mama jang answer him and hand him the band aid. “Hye-a join us when you’re ready okay..” She smile and pat hye’s shoulder. “Yes eommoni..” She nod.
    Suk calm a bit and sat infront of her.
    “Chagi-are you okay? Let me see your hand..”He try to take her hand but she use it to palm her face.
    “No.. I’m not okay..aish..”
    “What?why? Is it hurts so bad?” He think she’s crying.
    “Aishh.. It’s not about this stupid finger.. I’m embarrassed..” She hit his shoulder.
    “Embarrassed of what?” He cannot understand.
    “Why? Why I cut myself when I’m helping in your house and your mom knowing.. It’s embarrassing me to death.. Now your mom will think that I’m a spoiled baby that cannot cut a potatoes properly.. Aish..” She hide her face again.
    Suk smiling. “Aish this girl.. really.. Yaa.. It’s only because of that?” Suk take her hurting hand and put the band on it. He kiss her finger and whispered “get well soon” to that finger and it make hye tickling. He take hye closer and hug her. He squeeze her a bit and kiss her neck. “Don’t worry about that.. My mom already fall in love with you.. She didn’t want another girl to be with me.. So, even if you can cook.. She’s fine with it.. Trust me.. It’s not a thing that you should bother baby..”
    “But.. Still.. it’s embarrassing oppa..”She hide her face on his shoulder deeper. Her hand circling his body.
    Suk face suddenly turn red. They were in his bed now and he’s a healthy man. With only two of them in this pose here it’s a little bit..huff.. Inhale..exhale..
    “Shinhye-a everybody waiting outside.. Let’s go..”
    “But..aish..” She still embarrassed.
    “It’s okay.. Here..this family loves you and I.. I love you more..now.. Smile..” Suk move her to smile and stand up. He hold her hand and go outside.
    “Waah.. Are you okay shinhye..” Everybody outside show a reaction when she came out. They look worried. “I’m fine.. I’m sorry I can’t help you kommonim”
    “No.. It’s okay.. Ah.. Look your beautiful finger.. Aish.. I shouldn’t let you touch the knife before..”
    “Eonnie.. Are you really okay?” Suk’s little nephew ask her.
    “Yes.. I’m okay min ji-ah..” She’s smiling.
    “Oh.. Thanks God..”
    Now it’s time for the party. Suk’s nephew and niece keep tailing her around including sunni. Suk shake his head. “Look.. Everybody love her..”
    “Suk-a..thank you..”Her mom suddenly speak from his back.
    “For what? I haven’t gave you the present yet..”
    “Thank you for bring that girl to our house..” Mama jang point her chin on hye. “Well, you’ll never get boring if she’s around.. She’s so bright and kind.. If I didn’t see her blood on the knife I won’t know that she get cut.. How cute.. The way she act is weird before.. She’s an actress but she’s bad in hiding the truth.. Don’t you ever hurt her okay..”
    “If you dare to hurt her.. I’ll take all your car keys..” Someone add from behind. It’s his father.
    “Woah.. It’s so..woah.. Aboji.. Eommoni.. I’m your real son..why you two on her side..” But they hold hand and leave him alone.
    “Aish.. Is this my family?” Now everybody circling the table with a anniversary cake in the middle. Hye pull him to the table and ask him to speech and than hye start the prayer for his parents. Than they sing birthday song together. They all happy and suk appa give hye the third cake after mama jang, helmoni and than her. Suk that felt left out take the third cake from his mom.
    “Here you go my prince.. Stop frowning..”They laugh at him.
    It’s time to open the present. They gather on the living room and suk’s parents start to open the present they received. First, its from suk and hye.
    Hye hand her their present. “Here you go mom.. I hope you like it..”
    Mama jang open the box and find a couple sneakers inside.
    “Waah.. This is so cute.. Couple shoes.. Look.. It’s our size.. It fit.. Thank you darling..”
    “It’s her ideas mom..” Suk point out hye.
    “Of course.. I know it.. Thank you shinhye-a.. Thank you son..”
    While they speaking papa jang already put the shoes on and then he put on the mom’s too.
    Suk can’t handle to see it while hye think it’s romantic. “Aah.. They are so good together..”

    The party is over and suk bring her back home.
    “Your parents is so romantic..” Said hye.
    “Yeah.. That’s why I still have a goosebumps seeing it..” Suk put the right sign.
    “Oh.. Oppa.. That way.. Where are we going? It’s not a way home..”
    “I’ll kidnap you tonight..”
    “Sshh.. You know when we get there..”
    He park the car on the train station. He gave her his hoodie and use a cap for himself.
    “Get down..” He unlock the car and get out from the car. Shin hye follow him. He wait for her and when she reach him he take his hand and put it on his pocket. It’s a cold night.
    the train already closed. There’s only the guard there. It’s a small train station. Suk bring her to sat down on one of the branch there.
    “Why did you bring me here oppa?”She ask him.
    “This is the place where my dad propose my mom..in this branch..zillion years ago..”He smile when he saw her face.
    “Oh.. Really?? Waahh..”Hye look stunned and touch the branch wood. Imagine that time when his mama and appa were in this place.
    “Wait.. Oppa.. So you bring me here for..” She cannot completed her word when she saw suk take out something from his pocket.
    “I’m not gonna propose you here..” He tease her while he take out the box.
    “Here.. Take this..” He hand her that box and when she open it. She’s look surprised.
    “What is this?? A key..” She take out the small key. “What key is this oppa?”
    “Someday you’ll know..it’s just a beginning baby..” His smile made her more curious.
    “Ahh oppa please.. Don’t play with me..why you bring me here and give me this?? Why??”She’s kind a beg him.
    “No.. I won’t tell you now.. But you have to keep the key.. If you lose it than you’re death..” He stare at her.”Look.. I just want to show you the place where my dad propose my mom.. It doesn’t mean that i’m gonna do it here too..if the day is coming for us.. Than.. I Will make it he best day of your life.. My life.. Our life..”
    “Oppa..” Hye cupped his face and kiss him than say “Surprised me oppa..”

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    Drunken call – take 2
    Posted on December 8, 2012 by missrickless
    Link: http://missrickless.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/drunken-call-take-2/
    “Suk-a.. Your phone..” Kurt give him his iphone.
    “Hmm..” Overseas number asking for video call. It must be her. He smile before take it.
    “Haii..” He wave to the phone when he saw her face there.
    “Oppppaaaaa..” She yell out loud waving her hand enthusiastically.
    Suk smile a bit and say “your drunk..”
    “Anii.. I’m nottt.. Ooppaa..” She shake her head hard.
    Suk smirk “you’re definitely drunk..”
    Hye smiling. “Hehehee..”
    “Are you happy there? That’s why I tell you to have fun..soRry.. I’m just get out from the recording room..”
    “Deee..hehehe..” Hye’s cheek getting red.
    “You’re always smiling a lot when you’re drunk.. How much shot did you take?”
    “Hmm.. Let me think.. Onee.. Twoo.. No.. Three.. Hmm.. I don’t remember.. Hehehe..”
    “You look cute.. I wish I was there with you..you change your dress before the party right?” Ask suk. He already prepare what to do’s and do not’s for her. One of them was changing her dress with casual clothes.
    “Yepp.. I did.. Look..” She move her phone to show him what she wear.
    “Good.. Now, you have to go to sleep.. Take a rest and tomorrow I’ll see you at the airport.. Okay..” Said suk.
    “Okay.. Bye oppa..ay laph yuuu..” They end up the phone.
    “Ohh.. Love you too..” Said suk. He hung up the phone but his smile getting bitter.

    “The driver’s not here yet..” Said jun oppa when he take her bags.
    “Driver?? Keun suk oppa said he’ll pick me up today..”
    “No.. He can’t.. They said he’s busy..”
    “How come.. He promise to take me today.. Aish..let me call him..” She take her phone and call suk. He didn’t answer her call. She try and try but nothing.
    “Did I do something wrong?” Hye think for a second. But she got nothing to answer her suspect.
    Okay last night she a little bit drunk.. No.. Okay.. Drunk.. Party.. Dancing.. And.. Sleep.. That’s all. So, what’s wrong with him?
    They walk thru the arrival gate and found some fans that cheers for her and follow her.
    Finally the driver’s coming. She wave to the fans from the window. She take her phone to call him but she got a message from.. GD.. Wait.. Since when I save his number? She gain her memory one by one.
    Last night.
    She go outside to call him. She promise to call or text him every hour.
    So, it’s time to find a silent place.
    He didn’t answer her call. Maybe he still on the recording room, said hye.
    She decide to send him a message.
    Suddenly someone sat beside her.
    “Oh.. Hello there..” She greet him nicely.
    “Hai.. What are you doing?” Ask that red hair man.
    “Just taking a rest..”
    “Ohh.. Not calling that certain someone?”
    “Hmm.. Who?”Hye try to playing pure.
    “I know.. That hallyu.. prince?? Don’t worry I can keep it well..our dongseng told me about you both.. He sees him picking you up at the university..”
    Hye smiling for a second “it’s asia.. Asia prince..”She correct him.
    “Oh.. Right.. Asia prince..”
    They saw tablo coming. He’s on his way to the toilet. Before he get in he say “GD-a she’s taken..” And get in.
    They can only smile on that.
    “Well.. I know.. hye-ssi.. Hmm.. And.. How you doing lately?”
    “I’m taking a drama next year..”
    Not far from them, psy coming.
    “Jiyong-a.. What are you doing.. She’s taken already..” Said psy taking his cigarette.
    “I know hyung.. We’re just talking..”
    Said GD. “Aish.. It’s not like I’m checking you out right?”
    Hye smiling while glancing at her phone. Still unread.
    “Hmm.. Can I have your phone number?”Said GD.
    “Sure..” She gave her number immediately. While they changing number seungri came out from the toilet and saw them.
    “Hyung.. Stop trying.. She’s taken..” Said seungri.
    Strike. Why all the people think that he’s checking her out.. It’s not like he’s gonna date her. He just try to be friend with her because she looks fun to be friend with.
    “Yahh.. I know.. I know.. She’s taken.. I know.. I’m going..hye-ssi.. See you next time.” He stand up and go back to the floor.
    Hye staring at seungri. “Aish.. So.. You’re there all this time? Toilet?”
    And he smiling sheepishly.
    “Ah.. Btw, you gossiping about me with your friends?”
    “Hmm.. Noona.. I’m just talking.. I said I saw jang keun suk pick you up at school.. Hehe.. I don’t know that they pay attention on what I’m saying..”
    “When did you saw us?” Ask hye.
    “Couple times.. No..Hmm..I think more.. He did loves you a lot right..”
    “Well..you think so..” She stare at her phone. Read. But no answer.
    “Okay.. Let’s get in and have fun..”Hye get back to the floor with seungri.

    When she got home. She immediately meet her parents and greet her doggies. Than rushing to get her car keys.
    “Yah.. Where are you going this late?” Ask her father.
    “I need to go somewhere appa..” She use her shoes and go out.
    “Should I take you there?” Ask her appa.
    “No.. I’m gonna be late.. Don’t wait for me..” She’s dashing to her car and go.
    “You’re so death jang keun suk.. I’m gonna get you tonight..” She looks so irritated. He didn’t take her call even one. So, she’ll get him. To his office now..
    She park her car on the garage and get upstair. She cannot find anyone there. But the aircon and the light is on. So, they must be still in the office.
    She can hear a voice from the meeting room. There he is. She want to get in but change her mind and go to his office room.
    “Aish.. He’s busy for real..”She step in the room and sit on his chair. She didn’t know until when he’ll be on the meeting so she go thru his bed and take a rest there.
    Well after a long flight. She’s really exhausted.
    She take her phone and read some message.

    He found her on his bed. Sleeping in an awkward position.
    “Aish.. This girl really..” He move her to a better position and put a blanket on her.
    “Oppa..” She open her eyes a bit.
    “Hmm.. Get more rest..” He tap her shoulder gently.
    “No..I’m fine..”
    “Okay..”He stand up and go to his own desk. He sat down there and start to working on something. He act like she’s not there.
    She get up and go to his side. She hug him from behind “oppaa..”
    “Hmm.. I’m so busy right now.. Sorry.. I cannot play with you..” She suddenly release him. “Play?you think I came here in the middle of the night to play.. Oppa.. Aren’t you too much?” She had a big denial on her mind now.
    “Hye-a.. I hope you’re understand..” He hold her hand and tap it desperately.
    “Hmm.. So funny.. Understand? For what? Understand for your working habits? I do oppa.. I always do.. But what now? I don’t understand.. You tell me.. Maybe I’m stupid.. So tell me..” She stay there asking for a reason. She try hard not to cries at the moment. No.. She’s not the same old baby girl he’s dating.
    “Hye-a listen.. I.. I’m tired.. Really.. Really tired.. Please.. Understand.. That I don’t always have time for you..”
    Dingdong. He push the wrong button.
    There she is. Staring at him. Smiling.
    “Hmm.. Okay.. I know..” She take her bag and start to leave him. He didn’t stop her from leaving. He didn’t ask her to stay. He letting her step away.

    He still there. Have the same position as she leaves. When he try to take something from the desk. He unknownly turn on the tv on cctv mode. It connected to the parking area. He can see her car. Parking on the wrong side and not on the line. Then he sees her coming to the driver side door. She trying to get in the car but she just look blank. She’s not crying but look more dangerous than that. He suddenly run to out, dashing to the parking area. Find her trembling on the side of her car. She staring at him when he come, still holding the car keys.”Oppa what did I do wrong? I try to think but I found nothing.. This head is empty..” She knock on her own head.
    Suddenly he hug her. “I’m sorry..”
    They stay on that position for quite sometime. She’s finally crying on his embrace.

    “Let’s go inside first.. It’s cold outside.. You’re freezing..” He take her hand and go back to his office. Their staff just staring at them when they pass by.
    He seated them on the couch. Wipe away her tears. She’s still sobbing.
    “Stop crying..” He said.
    “You making me cries..”She said.
    “I’m sorry..”He said.
    “What happen to you?” She said.
    “Fall in love making me angry..”He said.
    “Why?” She said.
    “You..” He said.
    “Why me?” She said.
    “Because I fall for you.. Maybe it’s easier for me if I fall for another girl.. The ordinary one..”He said.
    “I’m sorry it has to be me..because I won’t let you go either..I don’t care if you fall for another girl because.. I’ll steal you away from her..” She said.
    “But.. Isn’t it easier for you too if you find another man but me right? I make you cry a lot..” He said.
    “It’s okay for me to crying as long as its for you..” She said.
    They staring at each other. Telling unspoken word with their eyes.
    They’re moving closer. Face to face. When it about some inch. Each of them are waiting. Waiting who’s gonna cross the distance. Than it’s him. He cross and blew away his pride. He kiss her.
    She’s stiff for a moment. But when he pull her closer she become softer. They flown the kiss like a ballad song. Slow. Light. Meaningful.

    In the morning..
    He sees her still snuggling the pillow, backing him. The pillow that last night it supposed to be the territory line now become her huggie snuggie on the other side.
    He hug her from the back and start his morning monologue.
    “Hye-a.. Is it really hard to let you away from me.. I can’t endure seeing you with some random guys out there.. Even if its my own friend or the people I respect.. It’s like I’m gonna pull them away from you.. I can’t be like that didn’t I? We’re working on the same field.. I have to be with some random girls or else too.. And I know it must be hard for you too.. I can see it from your eyes..but you don’t have to worry.. Because this heart.. Is yours.. And I still believe that your heart is mine too..I love you..my hye..” He kiss her shoulder and cover her with the blanket. He move slowly from the bed and left the room.
    Hye open her eyes when she heard the door closed.
    “So.. That’s the problem..ah.. I’m gonna be death when he know what my drama will be..aish..”He hide her whole body in the blanket.

    “Suk-a.. This is hye’s phone right? I found it next to her car..” Said his manager.
    “Aish that girl.. What if someone find it?”
    When he want to give it back to her it’s beeping. A message.
    From PandaSeungri.
    “Sunbaeeee.. That night was great..I want moreee..”
    He unlock the phone and open her inbox. He found another investigation. All the idol group member and some actor text her. “You’re so death park shin hye..”
    He galloping to his room and found her under the blanket.
    “Yahh.. I know your not sleeping.. Wake up..” He pull the blanket but she keep holding it tight.
    “What are you doing behind my back?”
    “Oppa.. I can explain.. We’re just changing number.. That’s it.. It’s you who told me to get a social life right?”
    “Yeah.. I did.. But not with guys..not this much..”
    She still hiding so he grab and climbing the blanket. He’s on top of her now.
    “Show me your face.. Face me..”
    “Ahh.. Oppa.. Please..” She still insist. “You know oppa it’s just easier for me to be friend with guys than a girl so..”
    “It’s not a reason..face me..” He finally pull the blanket out of her face.
    She looks scared and panic.
    The face to face now. With him on top of her,she cannot move her body free. So its time to gave him puppy eyes and say “oppaaa..” With a pout.
    “I’m not gonna move on that.. It’s not working..” He take her hand and hold it tight over her head.
    “Listen to me carefully..if I found the news about you and one of those guys.. I’m gonna announce our relationship.. Understand?” Eyes on eyes.
    “Hmmph.. You wish..” She release her hand from his grip and put it on his cheek. She peck him twice than give him the real deal. “How about your one free drunken ticket oppa?” She gave him free drunken ticket. The ticket for him to enjoy alcohol without her interruption. He’s free to drink and drunk as much as he wish. That’s a special grand price for him.
    “Can I change it to one free kissing ticket? so I can kiss you anywhere I wish..” He gave her weird glance.
    “Aish.. Prevert..” But they laugh to eachother.

    Flash back.

    Suk phone ringing again after her call.
    It’s from hye’s manager phone.
    No answer.
    She can hear hye’s voice from behind.
    “Oppa.. I hate her.. She’s ugly right.. I’m more beautiful than that old adjumma right? I’m still young and blooming.. I’m park shin hye..”
    “Of course you are.. Now sleep..” Her manager said.
    “Oppa.. Is my keun suk oppa will leave me? My keun suk oppa won’t move to anybody right.. He’s mine right?”
    “He’s not gonna going anywhere.. He’s yours.. Okay..”
    “Okay.. But what if he left me..”
    “Yah.. Is he the only man in this world.. If he left you.. You can find another man too..”
    “Yeah.. You’re right.. I can find another man.. Go go…”
    The keun suk that their talking is there. He cut the phone off.
    But he don’t know he lose his opportunity to hear what she say after that.
    Hye said to her manager “but oppa.. Ottokke? For me.. I think he’s the only man I could fall for in this world..” Than she fallen asleep.
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    Our Dinner Show
    Posted on December 24, 2012 by missrickless

    He still look at the mirror to check up his appearance for tonight. Hair-check, suits-check,face-adorablygoodlooking. She look at him from the bed.
    “What? Am I that handsome so you can’t take your eyes of me..”
    “Cih.. Still the same old jang keun suk..”
    “Why? That’s right isn’t it?”
    “No.. Because I think you gain weight oppa.. Look your cheek is getting chubby..” She pinch her own cheek.
    “Aish.. You looks so proud of your own diets..”
    “We’re talking about you here..”
    “Okay.. But I still done practice.. It’s okay..and my fans still love me..and they now still waiting for my update..”He glance at her in a hope.
    “Don’t look at me like that.. It won’t work..” She fold her arm on chest.
    “Chagi-a.. I promise I’ll behave this time to the future.. So..”
    “It won’t happen oppa.. I won’t give you the password until..I don’t know..”
    “Plese I’m sorry.. I promise I won’t get drunk anymore..”
    “It’s not only about getting drunk oppa..”She’s sighing.
    She take over all his social networks password. HA!

    He’s on her side while she’s studying her new script. They’re laying side by side on bed. Nori sleep on his feet and bongji on hye’s. They had their own idol.
    He’s peeking at hye who now being busy with her script. He take her phone but.. The password he know is incorrect.
    Without looking hye said “I temporary change my password too..in case you’re cheating..”
    “Ahh.. Chagi-a.. Please.. It’s really hard to endure this feeling.. I need to tweetstorm..”
    “It is more than the needed of me?”
    “No.. Of course not.. What are you talking about? Huff..”
    He get tired doubting her. If it’s about tweeting he can use his company account or make a new one. But the point is what he do wrong so hye doing this much to him. What did he do?
    Hye say that she change all his password. She said that’s the red card.
    Because he done something wrong,drunk and driving. Yeah, driving.. Thanks God he save that night. That night, he’s hang out with his friend. Hye didn’t know about that when she said no one gonna pick her from the office and she’s taking a taxi. But suk tell he’s gonna pick her. When he arrive hye know he’s drunk and get mad at him. Driving a car could be so dangerous. So, she said it’s the red card and take over his password.
    “Oppa.. Do you think my character is too pervert? She’s peeking at someone everyday..”
    He didn’t answer her. When she turn around she found him sleep peacefully. “Aishh.. He’s no use..”
    Hye pull the blanket to cover him. He’s frowning. Hye touch that frown “hmph.. You’re thinking when you’re sleep..” She kiss his forehead gently.

    Hye feel something on her feet. It’s tickle. “Ahh..oppa..noo..”
    “Hey.. Wake up.. It’s already 6.. You said you have morning call today..” He shake her body.
    “Ahh.. No..” She still wrapping herself on the blanket.
    “That’s why I said to sleep on time.. You know that last night I found you sleep drooling on a script..”
    “I’m not..”
    “Yes you are.. Need an evidence?” He waving her script.
    She suddenly wake up and take the script. It really have something on the script, her face got red. “Am I drooling?”
    Suk cannot hide his laughter. He suddenly broken into it. That’s makes her know that she’s being trapped.
    “Aish..oppaaa..” She hit him with the script.

    “Suk-a.. Are you sure you’ll gonna do it yourself?”
    “Of course.. Why not?”
    “What if someone spread it to media?”
    “You really love her right?”
    “A lot..”

    She get her hair done and dressed beautifully. Tonight manager jun said there’s a dinner party in an expensive hotel. She have to attend because someone important will be there.
    She check her phone, she’s texting with suk all the time. He said he’s in a recording studio right now and just finishing his meal.
    She scolded him because he eating only ramyun for today.
    “Shin hye-a it’s all wrap..” Said her stylist. She’s wearing a red knee length dress. She’s a little bit comlaining about the low cutting in the front but everybody said it’s okay.
    “Oppa would be mad if he knows about this..”
    “No.. He’s not.. You said he’s busy right?”
    “Yepp.. But what if..”
    “No if.. We’re running out of time here.. Let’s go..” Her manager usher her to the car.
    They arrive at the hotel late because of the traffic.
    “Oh.. Come on hurry up.. I’ll be death if we late..”Said manager jun.
    When they get in front of the restaurant door. Manager jun stop.
    “Here.. Give me your coat and get in first..”He take her coat and leave her.
    Brave shin hye open the door and found the room was dark.
    “Oh.. Maybe it’s the wrong room..” She almost closed the door back when she saw something on the projector.
    Suddenly the music start playing. It’s nul sarang hagesso song. It’s suk who’s singing at first.. Than his and her manager all along with their family as the backing vocal. the video keep playing and hye get in to the room. One by one light is on to show her a way.
    She still surprised when on the end of the light she found a single white chair that’s surrounded by flowers.
    She sat and the point lamp on the stage is on. There’s suk with his guitar.
    He’s smile at her. Winking his eyes.
    Hye smile at him back. Waiting for what he’ll doing next.
    “Hallo everybody.. I’m jang keun suk.. Today is a special day for me because I have someone precious in my live here tonight.. I hope she’ll happy today and forever.. This is for you.. Park shin hye..”He start to play his guitar.
    It’s her song. The song that she make.
    Until now.. There’s no title for it..
    She sing along with him. Smile never leave from her face.
    When he finish the song. He came to her take her hand and kiss it.
    “What day is today oppa? You didn’t do this to make me give your password back right..
    “No.. You don’t remember don’t you?”
    She shake her head.” It’s not our anniversary or something..”
    “Today, is the first day I ever met you..pabo..”
    Her forehead wrinkling.
    “Ahh.. Really?”
    He’s nod.
    “Tonight.. I’m make a dinner show.. Just for you..
    He rent the hall for the night and prepare it by himself.
    They finish their dinner and take the rest of the night together driving along the city.
    Have a coffee with a view of han river.
    “Hye-a.. I don’t care about the password.. But I want you to know that.. I promise.. I won’t drive when I drunk anymore.. All I want is your trust..”

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    Walk on another path

    Posted on January 1, 2013 by missrickless

    They want to be friend.. Fine..
    Oppa dongsaeng?
    Hye is really busy today. She didn’t have time to checking her phone for a couple hours. So when she take out the phone out from her bag it has 12 miss calls and 25 message.
    “Aishh..” She checking out who is it.
    It’s her mom, managers, colleague friends, and hong ki. But the only one who’s calling is one name “Renai Jang”.

    “Who? Keun sukkie?” Ask her manager.
    “Yepp..” Hye cheking her twitter now.
    “Why don’t you call him back?”
    “No need.. If it’s really urgent he’d call me again..” She’s answering each message now. Than after checking some news about Tigers, she lock her phone, ready to have her meal.
    When she grab the chopsticks, her phone ringing. “Renai Jang” blinking on the screen.
    “Yoboseo..”She take the call.
    “Ya.. Where are you?”
    “I’m on the studio.. Taking pictures.. Why?”
    “Oh.. You’re busy..”
    “Yepp.. I’m just taking my lunch.. What happen oppa?”
    “Nothing.. So.. You just have a meal?”
    “Mmhmm..” She munching some tofu.
    “I’ll call you again later than.. What time did you finish?”
    “I don’t know.. I still have some shoot..”
    “Bye..” She put the phone on her lap.
    “He call you for what?” Ask her manager oppa.
    “As usual.. Nothing..” She continue her meal.
    “You two.. Really didn’t have special relationship behind my back right?” Her manager look suspicious and take his meal too.
    “How many time I have to say no oppa? Nothing..” She getting tired of people asking about their relationship.
    Only her father who really believe her.
    How come no one could believe that they’re just friends. Like hongki.. Yong.. Just the same relationship..

    They call eachother often, text eachother more often, meet sometimes, fight and make up. Even keun suk oppa could be lost for sometimes when he have something to do and than suddenly call her to play.
    It’s all the same. Just like her and hongki and her other friends.

    Just like now.
    He called in the morning.
    “Let’s play.. Get down..”
    “What?? What time do you think is it? I’m still on my pyjamas..”
    “Get dressed and be here for 15 minutes.. Oh and don’t forget to bring your changing clothes for a night.. Palli..”
    “What the.. Aishh..” Still she wake up, wash up,and get dressed. She put random clothes on her bag and go.
    “Where are you going?” Ask her mom.
    “Oh.. I’m going with keun suk oppa mom.. I don’t even know where to.. I call you later.. Bye mom..”
    “Hey hey take this bread with you too..and say my hello to him..” Her mom gave her a bread.
    “Okay.. Bye mom..”

    30 minutes waiting. He’s about to take his phone to call her but than he see her running in black leather jacket, sunglasses, jeans, no make up and backpack on her shoulder..
    “Where do you think we’re going with that kind of fashion?” Ask suk when she manage to get into his khan, put the bag on the backseat and use her seatbelt.
    “I don’t know.. You call me when I’m still sleeping.. Ordered me to get dress and I just take it randomly..”
    “Let me see your bag first..” He take her backpack and open it.
    Found some t shirt and another jeans.
    “I know this is gonna happen..” He close the bag “we didn’t have time.. Let’s go..”
    “Where are we going?”

    It need 5 hours to be in busan but suk take faster than that. Well, with his driving style. But hye didn’t scared at all. That’s why suk like driving with hye because she never complaint about his style. Not like his mom that always hit him when he go fast.
    “So, that’s the reason for us to take all the way here?” Ask hye.
    “Oppa.. Please.. This is crazy.. How can you take me there if you want to catch her attention..”
    “I want to make her jealous.. I want to know her reaction..the last time we met, I talk about you and she’s look a little bit jealous.. So, this camping trip is the right moment to know her reaction.. please.. You should help me..”
    “Ish, you drag me all the way to Busan just to make your crush get jealous.. It’s funny..”
    “If this is work.. I owe you my life..”
    “Well, what’s so special about this Busan girl?”
    “I don’t know.. She’s just.. Beautiful and smart..she’s cool too.. She can endure the alcohol well..hehe..”
    “Ckckck..” Hye adjust her seat down.
    “Ya.. You want to sleep?” Ask suk.
    “Of course.. I’m sleepy.. I need to take enough rest to make that beautiful girl jealous on me..” She take it as an excuse now, so suk cannot complain about it. She’s grinning and close her eyes.

    They arrived at the camping place. Everybody already there. Even suk’s manager.
    “Shin hye-a wake up..palli..yaa..”Suk shakes her body really hard.
    “Oppa do you forget that I’m a girl.. Stop shaking me like that..” Of course with that kind of shake suk made she wake up immediately.
    “Sorry.. Hey, here we go.. You’re an actress so.. I know you can do this..”
    “Yeah.. I know I know..”
    They get off from the car. Suk open the door for hye and bring the backpack for her.
    Keun sama and Huang nim enjoying their cola under the umbrella.
    “So, he really brought her here..” Said huang nim.
    “Of course..”
    “You think this plan gonna work?”
    “Well see.. If they didn’t make it even worse..”
    “What do you mean?”
    “Suk said that they gonna act like they’re in love to make this Busan girl jealous.. But, what kind of acting? Without even acting, we all think that they are in love..”
    “Yeah.. You see that.. The way he open the door for her and take her backpack than walk on her side.. For some people that know about the plan will think that ‘ahh.. It’s acting’ but for us.. It’s the things that he always do for her.. I want to know what kind of acting they do than?”
    “Well see.. Bringing hye here is the good plan or disaster for suk’s plan..”
    “Wanna bet?” Ask huang nim.
    “No, thanks.. I already know we both think about the same answer..”

    “This is park shin hye..” Said suk when he bring her to the busan girl.
    “Oh.. Hi..”
    “Where is her tent?” Ask suk.
    “Oh.. We’re sorry.. But because the girls number is not the same so.. I think miss park have to be alone in that tent..is that okay for you?”
    “Yes.. I’m fine..”Hye take her backpack from suk’s shoulder but he refuse to release it and say..
    “Are you really okay to be alone?”
    “Of course.. What to scared about here..”
    “Are you sure? Maybe I can ask someone to join you..”
    “No need oppa.. I’m okay..”
    Suk,hye and busan girl go to her tent.
    They have a lunch together, chitchat.
    Suk never far from hye. He keep stick with her here there and everywhere. They can feel the jealous stare of busan girl too.
    Suk sat next to the busan girl. Shin hye go to the bathroom with suk’s staff. Finally he have a reason to let her go.
    The Busan girl say “she’s lovely..”
    “Shin hye..”
    “Yes indeed.. That’s why my mom loves her so much..”
    “So.. You both in a relationship?”
    Suk smiling, “that’s what people think we are..but inside only we both know..”
    “But you said your mom love her..”
    “My mom is looking for someone to marry.. But I don’t think about getting married these days.. I just want to date.. Someone that I like..”
    “You don’t like her?”
    “My relationship with hye is not only about like or dislike.. At first we both even don’t know what to call it.. There are times when I like her and think of her like my ideal but there are times when I hate her the most too..so, the safes way to call our relationship is like brother and sister..”

    “Ish.. Finally I can be away from him..”
    Said hye to suk’s staff. And she can only laugh. “He keep stick with you like a gum..”
    “And its really annoying..”Hye add.
    “Yeah.. But its not like he’s really acting hye.. I don’t even think it is..”
    “What do you mean?”
    “The way he treat you today is not even different as his usual act to you right..maybe what makes you annoyed is just the way he did was overdoing it..”
    “He’s really overdoing it that makes me giddying all day long.. Isn’t he strange.. If I’m that girl.. I think he’s maniac..”
    The staff eonnie brust into laugh. “Maniac?? Puhwahahaha..”
    Suddenly a familiar voice join them.
    “Whose the maniac? Where?”
    Suk stand behind them.
    “Nothing.. It’s just a girls talk..” Said the staff eonnie.

    They spend the night by the bbq party, with the fireworks and music.
    They sing, get some soju, the night getting excited when they play the extraordinary famous game “truth or dare..”
    “Okay.. Let’s play and make it like this.. You cannot choose between truth or dare but here you’ll be chosen by someone on your side.. My turn will be choosen by her..” He point on someone next to him. “If you failed on the mission, you have to take a shot of soju and if you cannot answer the truth.. You have to take ten shots..”
    Everybody asking why so many gap between it. And the emcee says it’s the fun.
    They spin the bottle. It’s a long game. They keep laughing at someone silliness on doing a mission and when they talking about the truth. Sukhye haven’t got theirs. The bottle spin and got busan girl as the target.
    Everybody cheering, she’s quite famous between the people there.
    Suk sat next to her and he have to choose for her.
    “Truth..” Said suk and everybody got really excited.
    The busan girl look so embarrassed, now everybody could ask her 10 questions. she’s asked if she had a boyfriend, her first kiss and another silly question. When it comes to the last, hye take it and ask her.
    “Do you have someone that you like here?”
    The boys awe-ing in a hope. And the busan girl answer is “yes..” Her face got red and she hide her face with her palm. Everybody cheering louder. “Wahh.. Whose that lucky guy?..wohoo..” But they don’t have any turn to ask it.
    When it becomes on suk’s turn. Hye could choose for him. Without hesitation she say “dare..”
    Some people feels regret on her choose because they expect to ask him something.
    Suk than says “she definitely won’t waste an opportunity to embarrass me..”
    “Okay..than your mission is.. You have to persuade a girl here so she want to dance sexy dance with you..”
    Suk looking at hye. ” I won’t choose you because I know even if I scroll down on the ground you wouldn’t do it..” Than suk turn her head to the busan girl. He shows his 10.000 megawatt smile that always work to normal girls. “Would you dance with me?” He ask.
    “You have to persuade her..” Someone yells.
    “Okay.. Give me the guitar..” He get the guitar and plays the intro of mandy.
    “Mhmmmm..hmm.. I remember all my life.. Raining down as cold as ice.. Shadows of a man..a face through window crying in the night.. The night goes into..morning just another day.. Happy people pass my way.. Looking in their eyes.. I see a memory.. I never realized how happy you made me oh..mandy..”
    Hye said inside ‘I know he would sing this song.. How cheeky..’
    It startled the busan girl, she’s blushing like crazy. When suk end the song she take his hand and everybody cheering them to dance. They turn the music and the two start to do the sexy dance. All the man’s are drooling in happines but the girls so envy with the busan girl, the suk manager seeing around watch if there’s camera (worrying too much). Hye cheer them too, she’s clapping her hand. The girl beside her ask ” don’t you get jealous with her?”
    “keun suk-ssi is your boyfriend right..”
    “He’s not..” Hye smile.
    Suk encourage another people to dance too. And suddenly it’s become a dance party. Everybody were dancing happily and forgot about the game.
    They dance till drop and tried. One by one back to their tent. Hye is the one who back to her tent first. She have to call her manager to inform them that she’s fine.
    She still can heard people dancing out there but she feels so tired so she choose to get some rest. She lay down and cover herself with the blanket. There’s only one blanket there. Not like another tent. She’s asking so they’ve prepared her to sleep alone at the first place. It’s okay.. Sleeping alone in the middle of nowhere.. She’s a brave shin hye.. Asa..asa..Fighting..
    She’s fallen asleep right away when she touch the pillow. The dance music out there feels like a lullaby for her.

    Hye feels so cold. She feels something wrong with her blanket. Wait, she didn’t use a blanket. She open her eyes, looking for a blanket and feels something snuggle on her back.
    “Oppa..” It’s suk crouch at her back with her blanket.”Aishh.. That’s why I’m freezing to death here.. You take my blanket..” She pull the blanket back. Suk keep sleeping, didn’t even move. Hye feels sorry for him when she take the blanket out of him because she know how cold it is. Fortunately, the blanket is enough for two. So, she share the blanket between them. She get closer to sleeping suk so the blanket can cover them well. When sleeping suk feels the warm of hye’s back, he even got closer to her. “If it’s not you.. I will kick that people out of here..” Said hye but she smile and say “thanks for being here on this scary night oppa..”

    Suk manager is crazy when he cannot found suk on his tent. He’s there on his side last night but he’s gone in the morning. He try to find him on the toilet but he’s not there too. One of the staff eonnie ask him ” have you looking on hye’s tent?” While she try hard to open her sleepy eyes. And his manager running to hye’s tent immediately.
    Yes, of course.. He’s sleeping peacefully on shinhye’s back.
    “And they want us to believe that’s nothing going on between them..” Said his manager.
    “Yeah.. That’s what they said.. Friends.. Oppa donsaeng..” Said staff eonnie.
    “I never sleep together like that with my oppa.. Nor my boy friend..” Add her.
    “Me too.. Even if I’m drunk.. I never sleep in a blanket with a girl.. Except she’s mine..” Said the manager.
    “What happen?” Ask the busan girl suddenly.
    “Oh.. Nothing.. We’re just have a little chit chat here..she’s sleep with hye last night..” Suk manager point on the staff eonnie awkwardly.
    The busan girl smiling. “I saw that..”
    “What?” Staff eonnie and manager said together.
    “I saw suk-ssi come here last night.. I don’t want to pretend that I don’t know.. But you can trust me.. I can keep a secret..”She said.
    “Well.. I don’t have anything to say.. You know that they’re close.. there’s nothing going on even if they sleep together because all they do is sleep..like a pig.. “
    The busan girl smile.
    The noise out there make hye wake up.
    She stretch her body because she didn’t even move from last night position. She turn around and still found sleeping suk. She shake his body “oppa.. Wake up.. Oppa..”
    “Mphhh..cold..” Suk takes hye’s body and hug her. Strong hye flip him and kick him. “Ouch..” Suk finally wake up.
    The manager and staff eonnie heard them open the tent than found them hit and kick each other. His manager shake his head, close the tent back and smile to the busan girl “they are close..very close..”

    On their way back to seoul. Suk ordered hye to drive. He’s keep whining about his feet hurt because hye’s kick.
    “Why don’t you just ask your manager to drive? Why me?”
    “It’s your punishment for kicking an asia prince..”
    “Hish.. It’s just your way to bully me for your last night cheeky performance..”
    “You know me so well miss park..”
    “well.. Sorry..”
    “For kicking me or for embarrassing me last night?”
    “I kick you because you deserve it.. And you didn’t look embarrassed with your dance so it’s not what I’m sorry for..”
    “So.. Why sorry?”
    “It seems like your plan didn’t work.. She didn’t look jealous..”
    “Oh.. That.. I don’t think I want it to work anyway..”
    “You know.. When you go to the bathroom yesterday I have a chat with her.. And I got something that turn me down..”
    “She said she cannot endure her boyfriend spent more time with his friend than her..”
    Hye wrinkled her forehead.
    “Yeah.. You know me right.. I spent a lot of my time except work with my buddies.. So.. I don’t want it to change.. I want my social life too..”
    “But, she’s right oppa.. Which girlfriend wants her boyfriend spent more time with his friend than her..”
    “It’s okay for me if she’s my wife.. But have a girlfriend like that won’t work for me..”
    “Aish.. Whose gonna marry someone who’s keep whining about his feet that being kick by a girl..”
    “Your not a girl.. Your a monster in a girls body..”
    “Wae??” And we start again.
    After the long fight they both get tired.
    “I still have you anyway..” He suddenly said.
    “Have me for what?”
    “Mwo? What are you talking about?”
    “Who’s gonna marry a monster like you?”
    “Well, that must be someone..out there.. There must be.. There should be..”
    “See.. Your not sure too..we still have eachother right.. Don’t worry..”
    “That not gonna happen..”
    “We’ll see shinhye.. We’ll see..”
    “Arghhhh..” Shin hye suddenly yelled.
    “Why?”Ask suk in panic.
    “What if we’re really got married.. Aish.. I cannot imagine that I have a husband like you..”
    “What’s wrong with me?”Ask suk teasing her.
    “You’re not.. Oppa.. Noo..nooo..”
    Suk laugh at her. All he can imagine when he marrying shinhye is her mother happiness. Him? Only God knows..

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    Walk on another path 2

    Posted on January 6, 2013 by missrickless

    Manager kim brought some candies in the gift store. Suk in japan now and he’ll be back home today.
    “Is that too much?” Ask suk when he saw a lot of candies pack.
    “I bought it for hye, hongki, and your friend too..”
    Suk take out some pack. “Hye wouldn’t like it.. Just take that chicken cake..I forgot the name.. Ah here..” He take some cake that hye like.
    “She likes something like this?”
    “It’s her favourite..”

    Suk arrive at incheon. Some fans caught him, he can only wave. When he got on his car, he takes his phone and call hongki.
    “Let’s meet up..” Say suk.
    “Oh hyung.. We’re planning to gather for bowling tonight..”Said hongki.
    “Okay than.. What time?”
    “Around 9..”
    “Okay.. I’m in..”
    “Okay hyung.. Bye..”
    He end the call and make another call.
    “Oh.. Oppa.. What happen?”
    “You join tonight?”
    “Ah, bowling? I don’t think so.. Because I have to do a group project after school.. I’m not sure..”
    “Is that so? Ahh.. I’m just want to ask you pick me up.. But it’s okay.. Let me know if you can make it okay..”

    Shin hye starring at someone infront of her. He’s not really good looking, not even tall as her wish but there’s something that make her keep starring at him.
    “Shinhye-ssi were done.. Let me take you home.. It’s dark already..”
    “Oh, sunbae it’s okay.. I can take a bus or taxi..”
    “No.. No.. I cannot let a girl alone.. I’m free tonight.. It’s okay..”
    “Ah, really.. But I don’t think I’ll go home.. I need to meet my friends somewhere..”
    “Really? It’s late night already..”
    “Well.. I have a friend that can only hang out at night.. You know..”
    “Where? I can take you there than..”
    The sunbae drive his car and drop her at the bowling hall.
    “Thank you sunbae..”
    “No.. It’s fine.. You’re okay to go alone inside?”
    “Okey.. Bye..”
    “Bye..take care..”

    “Hiii everybody..” She wave to the boys happily.
    “Oh.. Shinhye-a you’re here..”
    “Where’s keun suk oppa?”
    “He’ll be here soon..”
    “Ahh.. He ask me to pick him but I’m just got back from school..”
    “He’s just too tired to drive.. But he said he’s close already..oh.. It’s him.. Hyung..”Hongki wave to suk. He comes with a hand full of shopping bags.
    “Wah.. It’s our present?” Ask hye.
    “Yepp.. This one is for you..”Said suk give her the biggest bag and gave to the others too.
    “Why her bag is bigger than ours?”Hongki complaining.
    “It’s because she eat more than everybody here..” Tease suk.
    “What?? Aish..Oppaa.. But, I don’t wanna destroy my good mood today.. You’re forgiven..”
    “Shin hye-a you are always smile since you get here.. Is that something good happen?” Ask hongki curiously.
    “Mmm.. Nothing..”
    “Eii.. What nothing.. I saw someone take her here..”Said suk
    “You saw?” Ask hye surprised. Her cheek getting red in embarrassment.
    “Yep.. When I try to park my car.. I saw you with a guy in a black car.. Aigoo.. Our shinhye finally taken..”
    “We’re just friend oppa..he’s my sunbae..”
    “Ah is that so? I saw you popo too..” Suk tease her more.
    “No.. We’re not..” Her face got really really red now.
    “Waah shinhye-a congratulation cinggu-ya..” Hongki tease her too.
    “Aish.. You guys really..”
    They start to play the game. Hye got strike a couple times. She’s on fire and in a happy mood. Besides, suk failed for some hit.. He excuses because he’s too tired after the flight but nobody believes him. Hye won the game.

    They go to the bbq restaurant after the game and suk whose been lose have to pay. He looks gloomy because he hate to lose in anything.
    “Oppa.. It’s okay.. It’s just a game..”Hye tap on his shoulder. He throw away hye’s hand. “Let me go..”
    “What an Angry Suk?” Finally hye had a change to tease him back and laugh together with hongki.
    “Ahh such an unlucky day..” Said suk.
    “Why? It’s just a game hyung..”Hongki try to comfort him.
    “I’m lose on a game, will be bankrupt soon because I have to feed pigs like you guys, and shinhye beat me because she’s in love now..agh.. Frustrating..” Suk take a shot of soju.
    “Oppa.. It’s just the matter of time.. Like you always say.. You’re in love..” Hye try to comfort him too.
    “With who?” Ask hongki.
    “With his eels..” Said hye and it makes everybody laughing.
    “Shinhye-a.. You’re not helping..or.. he’s in love with.. Sushi.. Puhwahaha..”Said hongki playing with one of suk scandal.
    “Yaa! Stop make fun of me..” Suk got angry but he knows the more he’s angry the more they will tease him. So, he take a deep breath and just eat his food.
    “Shinhye-a why don’t you just brought some of your girl friend.. And introduce to us.. Especially our hyung here..”Hongki put his hand on suk shoulder.
    “I don’t really have a girl friend.. Well..”
    “Ahh.. You’re friend with hara right? Why don’t you ask her to join us here..well maybe we can get close too..”Ask hongki in a hope.
    “Well.. I can try but it’s up to her..”
    “Call her.. Call her now.. Palli..”
    Hongki got excited.
    Hye take her phone and make a call.
    “Hara-ya? Where are you?”
    “Oh.. I’m on my way home.. Why?”
    “I’m on the bbq restaurant now.. Can you just join us?” Ask hye.
    “Oh really? Ahh.. It sounds good.. Where?”
    Hye gave her the address.
    “She’ll be here..Ya! Oppa stop eating my beef..” She complains because suk keep eating the beef that she’s burn.
    “Stop complaining and eat this..” Suk take the beef and feed her to shut her mouth.
    “She’ll be here.. Ouwh..” Hongki looks nervous. It’s not her first time meeting hara but still he’s nervous.
    Not long after that hara come.
    “Shinhye-a..” She wave to hye and say hi to everbody “hii..”
    “Hiii.. Said the guys.
    Hongki stand up and give her seat next to hye for her. He tap to clean the chair. “Here.. Sat here..”
    “Hara-ya what would you like to eat? You like the beef? Or you want it without a fat? What would you like to drink?” Said the guys.
    “Aish.. Such a cheap namja..aigoo..”
    Even suk become nice. He burn the beef himself and give it to hara.
    “Oppa.. You keep stealing my beef before..”
    “Well.. I can’t let her burn by herself.. What if she hurt..” Said suk.
    “Yeah.. Here your drinks..” Hongki give hara her glass and pour the water for her.
    “Why suddenly you guys become so polite?”Ask hye.
    “A girl should be treated as a girl..”Said suk annoyingly wise.
    “Than what about me?”
    “You’re a pig rabbit that trapped in a girls body..” Suk flick her forehead.
    “Oppa!!” She hit him in return.
    “See.. You’re yelling too much and hit like a hulk..” Tease suk.
    Hye got really piss off, fold her arm and continue eating.
    “Shinhye-aa..” Hara try to comfort her.
    “Don’t you ever like these guys.. They are all annoying..” Said hye to hara. Hye burn more beef while the guys have a chat with hara.
    Shinhye not notice when she laugh and hurt her finger on the hot plate. “Auhh…” She jump because of the heat.
    “Wae? Wae? Why?” Ask everybody.
    Suk take her hand and put it to his cold water. “She’s burn her own finger.. Stay still..” He get up and go to the cashier.
    “Adjumma.. Do you have something for the burn?”Ask suk.
    “Here.. It happens almost everyday..” Said the adjumma gave him the burn healer.
    Suk rub the medicine on her burning finger. It’s getting red now. “Watch yourself for everything you do.. Useless..” Said suk.
    Hye can only pout.
    “Ahh.. Keun suk oppa looks so cool..” Said hara in awe of suk heroic action.
    Suk that finally being proud of himself drink the water.
    “Oppa..” Hye try to stop him and pull away the glass. The water splash on his face.
    “Ahh.. Wae?”
    “That’s the water where I put my finger in before..”
    “Aish.. It’s not I’m gonna die drinking that..look.. I get wet..” He complain about his shirt.
    “Ahh.. I need to go the bathroom..do you want to go to?” She ask hara.
    “No.. I’m fine..”
    “Yess.. Just go alone.. She’s save with us..” Said the guys.
    “I go with you..” Said suk.
    “Keun suk oppa looks so cool when he’s handling hye’s burn..” Said hara.
    “Yeah.. He always take a good care of his dongsaeng.. He’s a good hyung for us..”
    “Oh really.. But he took care of hye more..are they really not in a relationship?”Even hara questioned about that.
    “It’s your first time hanging out with us and you notice it too.. We’ve been takes a lot of time with them and all we got is denial..” Said hongki. “Maybe we treat hye like a guys but deep inside we’re all have a concern for her.. She’s like the harmony for this meeting time.. We can tell her everything because she’s a good listener..”
    “Yeah.. She’s so nice..”
    “For keun suk hyung.. She’s a little sister that he never had.. So, that’s why he treat her like that.. His whole family like her too.. Especially his mom.. She adore her so much.. Well, all our mom’s are in love with hye too.. We don’t know why..”
    “You guys love her so much..”
    “Yeah.. But don’t tell hye about this.. She’ll got big headed after if she hear that..but without hye the meeting won’t be interesting..” They are laughing when sukhye come back from the bathroom.
    “What happen?” Ask hye.
    “Nothing..”Said hongki.
    “They probably talking about us..” Said suk.
    “Really? What?” Hye getting curious.
    Hongki shut his mouth and hara can only smile. She adore hye to have a friends like this guys.

    Sukhye take hara home. Hye said she can drive but suk refused and say “You cannot even take care of yourself.. How can I let you drive my precious car..”
    So suk driving, pouting hye on his side and hara at the back.
    “Oppa.. You look exhausted.. Let me drive..” Said hye when she saw suk’s tired face.
    “Okay..” Suk get down and change seat with hye. He’s so tired, it’s dangerous for them too.
    Hye’s so good handling the car. It’s like she driving her own car, Hara think.
    “We’re here..” Said hye when they arrive on hara’s home.
    “Thank you shin hye-a.. It’s so nice to hang out with you and the guys..” Said hara. “Thank you keun suk oppa..”
    “He’s sleeping..” Said hye.
    “Ah.. Really? That’s why he become so silent.. Say my thanks to him too..” Said hara.
    “Okay.. Bye..”
    “Bye.. See you..”
    Hara wait until suk’s car gone.
    “Ahh.. Shin hye is so lucky..”

    The lucky shinhye driving to suk’s office.
    “Sajangnim..wake up..” She try to wake suk up.
    “What?” Suk finally open his eyes.
    “We’re on your office now.. Wake up.. I’ll get a taxi home..”
    “No.. Why don’t you just stay here?”
    “Aish.. And have another scandal.. No thank you..”
    “What scandal? Ahh.. Than I’ll get someone to take you home..”
    “Oppa.. They must be tired too.. It’s okay.. I’m fine..”
    “You’ll be fine but I’m not.. I’ll drive you home than..”
    “No.. No.. Get someone and take a rest..” She didn’t have a choice.
    Suk call one of his manager to take hye home.
    “I just can let you there alone in the middle of the night..” Suk manager accompay hye to her house by taxi because hye insist.
    They all were tired.
    Suk call her when she got home.
    “Shin hye-a.. You really like that guy?”
    “Mwo? Who?”
    “The guy in black car..”
    “I don’t know.. He’s so kind to me.. Well.. I don’t know oppa.. You know that I never think of having a crush on someone but he’s so warm and I feel happy with him..”
    “If you really like him than you have to show your feeling..”
    “I’m still not sure oppa..”
    “You always like this when it’s about a guy..”
    “Like what?”
    “You’re always not sure.. It’s your own feeling.. Only you can feel it..”
    “Well.. I’ll think about it..”
    “Don’t think it.. Feel it..”
    “I got a love lecture from a lonely guy..” Said hye.
    “Haha.. You got me..but I have more experience than you..”
    “Experience of what? Broken heart?”
    And the night ended with another fight.

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    Posted on January 7, 2013 by missrickless

    Cherry was here..

    Press and the fans were already line up on the side of the red carpet. In a few minutes they’ll meet their idols walking.
    When one by one actor and actress walking on the line the fans were cheering and the camera flashing.
    They dressed well to show their beauty. The cheer goes loud when a white expensive sedan coming and stop at the starting line. A gentleman go down from the car and than he take his hand to help someone ‘jump’ out from the car. The camera flashing on the same time to shot the fashionista. What they’ll wearing today. The man with a neat and fancy black tuxedo and the girl with a knee length red cute dress walk and holding eachother’s hand. They wave and smile. The little fashionista is giving her best wink to the camera.

    “Mammiii..” Cherry run to her mother’s backroom left her father behind.
    “Oh.. You’re here..” Hye is checking her final look because she’ll be the mc for tonight.
    “Waw.. My mommy look so beautiful.. I like your dress..” She circling her mom around. Suk get in the room and stunning. Still, he get stunned when ever she get dressed.
    “Ah.. I wish I can walk with you tonight..but the rehearsal takes longer..”She walking closer to her husband and tidy up his collar and tie.
    The staff of the event get in and tell hye to prepare to the stage for the opening.
    She hug cherry and than her lovely pouting husband.
    “Wish me luck..”
    He kiss her cheek and say “good luck..”

    Jang keun suk and kim ha neul will present an award for the best actress of the year where cherry was nominated.
    It’s her first time to be nominated as the best actresses not on the child category.
    “And the winner is..” Ha neul hanging her words to make it more dramatic. She glance at suk for a moment and say “Jang.. Chae ri.. Congratulation..”
    Everybody at the building were cheering. Suk get surprised because the other nominator were great actress but it’s their cherry wins. He take the envelope from ha neul hand and read cherry’s name there.
    It was the happiest moment in his life. He’s more happy than the time when he won before. Hye cannot say anything and stunt from the other side of the stage. She’s the happiest mom that night. Seung gi that her mc partner gave her a congratulatory hand shake. Cherry went on the stage and hug hye before going to the centre where her father stand up with a thropy on his hand. She hold her mom’s hand and bring her to the centre too.
    Cherry want her mom and dad on her side when she doing speech.
    Suk gave her the thropy and cherry jump to her dad. When cherry move to give her speech. He hug her trembling wife in proud.
    “That’s our little girl..”
    Cherry knock on the mike to test if it’s working and everybody laugh at that little cute gesture. She start her speech.
    “Annyonghasseyo..hmm..tonight i don’t think that I’m gonna win this award.. But I win so.. Hmm..I wanna thanks to God for making this happen.. And my fans too.. Thank you for supporting me all this time..hmm.. Than our staff and crew that’s been work so hard during the filming.. My managers.. Adjussi and eonnie.. Thank you for guarding and chasing me all the time.. Our families.. Helmoni.. Haraboji.. my doggies at home..monni..surri.. and hmm..( She take a deep breath)..my lovely mommy and appa.. thank you for bring me to this world and making me the happiest daughter..I love you both..” She make a heart sign with her hand over her head.
    A tears came down from hye’s eyes when she hear that words. Suk tap her shoulder to make her strong, that’s the little girl that they grown. Day by day, years by years.

    Hye coming home later than the other. Because she have to attend the after party and suk have to bring cherry home early.
    “She’s sleeping while hugging her thropy..” Said suk. When hye sat on her dressing table.
    “As we promise.. We have to fulfil her wish..” She removing her make up and suk move to her. He help to tied her hair than hug her from the back. “You look beautiful tonight..” And kiss her bare shoulders.
    “of course I do.. Thanks for the dress.. I really like it..”
    “When I see that dress.. I think it will fits you well..”
    “But it’s too expensive oppa.. I’m shock when they told me that it’s not a rent..”
    “Nothing expensive for me to make you happy..my lovely wife..”
    “Aish.. Let’s talk about the holiday.. As we promise.. We take her for a vacation.. Just the three of us..”
    “Yepp.. She ask about it on our way home.. What do you think..”
    “Hmm.. Okinawa would be great but it’s too cold.. She hates cold just like you..”
    “Hmm.. But it’s a place for a honeymoon..”
    “Than.. She like playing with the sand?”
    They see eachother in delight.

    They arrive at the airport in the afternoon, Just the three of them. Suk rent a private jet to be there.
    The sun already set when they reach their hotel. They would stay at a beautiful bungalow with a view of the sea. That’s the same place where suk and hye have their honeymoon and ‘making’ cherry.
    “I wanna play in the beach..”
    “Not now baby.. It’s already dark outside.. We better have a rest after the flight and you can play tomorrow..”
    “But mom..”
    “No but.. Now go take a shower.. We still have a long time here..tomorrow morning.. I promise..”
    “Okay mom..” She take her backpack and go to her room.
    “Wuahhhh.. Mommiiiii..” Hye can hear her baby girl screaming but she can only smile. She walk into the room and saw cherry jumping around her bed. There’s a lot of present on her bed.
    Suk joint them when he brought cherry bags.
    “Are you happy?” Ask suk
    “Mhmmm.. Happy.. Thank you appa.. Thank you mommii..” She hug her parents.
    “Let’s open it..”Suk take cherry to the bed.
    She got mini bikinis, a toys to play in the sand, new camera, cookies and cake that she love, a barbie dolls, and a puzzle. She like the camera the most because it’s waterproof. She like to take a picture since a kid.

    Suk came into the room while hye get out from the bathroom.
    “She’s sleep when she touch the pillow..”
    “Of course.. She’s tired.. But she insist to go to the beach.. She forget her limit as long as she have a will..”
    “Just like me..” Proudly said by Jang Keun Suk.
    “Yeah.. You..”Hye mocking at it.
    “You’re jealous because she’s more like me.. Right? so many people said that even my mom said that..”He teasing her.
    “Alright.. Alright.. I have to take it because it’s what I feel too.. Your monopolying our girl..”
    Suk hug her. “If you want a kid on your version.. Let’s make another one..” He kiss her neck and move around. He brought hye to the bed and the rest.. only both of them know what happen..

    Cherry wake up earlier than her parents. She jump in their bed to wake them up. It’s been three days they spend time there but cherry always excited every morning.
    “Mom.. Let’s go to the beach..”
    “Appa.. Wake up..”
    Suk still snuggling under the blanket.
    They have a breakfast and go to the beach. It’s not so many people there because it’s a private beach. Cherry could running around as her wish. She’s really active. She play with the sand, building a castle with hye. Suk stay under the umbrella, laying down and sleep. No fun at all.
    “Baby-a.. Do you like to be here?” Ask hye suddenly.
    “Of course mom.. I like it here.. I love the beach and playing with the sand..”
    “Yeah.. You don’t have to do anything here.. No schedule.. No work.. Just play all day long.. It’s the normal life of your age..”
    “Yeah.. But I miss the adjussi and eonnie too.. I miss monni and surri.. I miss my grandparents.. I miss my room.. I miss my schedule..I miss my fans mom..”
    “The only reason I like to be here is that I can spent all my time with you and appa.. Because in home, you’re busy with your work too.. But it’s okay mom.. I can understand..”
    “Cherry-a.. Mommi so sorry about that.. You know that we want to spent more time with you but sometimes we can’t even meet eachother.. Appa feels sorry too.. Thank you for understand my daughter..”

    She’s not feeling well. The director ask her to take a rest.
    “It’s okay.. Maybe it’s because I didn’t eat properly last night..”
    “You have to eat well shinhye-ssi”
    “Yes.. Thank you director..”
    She’s finish her shoot for talk show but she didn’t have a will to go home. She had a fight with her husband last night. Well, it happens to all married couple right. She finish earlier than it should so she have to go somewhere.
    Keun suk didn’t have a schedule today so he must be home now, she didn’t want to meet him and start another fight. Not with cherry watching.
    She call hongki, they will meet up in the restaurant.

    “So, what’s bring me here?” Ask hongki when he arrived.
    “Sit down first and eat.. We have a lot of time..”
    “The last time I saw your face like this is when you have a big fight with hyung..”
    “Mhmm.. It happens more than it should right?”
    “No, you both rarely had a big fight that make you want to runaway from him..What happen?”
    “I don’t know.. Yesterday I borrowed keun sama’s phone.. And you know what I found.. He have a picture of my husband and his ex girlfriend.. And it taken before we had a trip with cherry..”
    “Don’t act like you don’t know about this..”
    “I really don’t know.. Really shinhye.. How hyung answer about this?”
    “He said they just meet up accidentally and end up eating together.. I suddenly remember he come home late that night and say he’s working.. He’s lie to me..”
    “Maybe he didn’t want you to worry..”
    “But still it’s better for me to know it from him than to found it myself.. He can tell me the truth that night..”
    “You know hyung right.. Maybe he’s just try to be friendly so he ask her to have a dinner with him.. Shinhye-a I feel that you really sensitive and more jealous these days..why? Hyung said it to me too.. Now, you got easier to be angry at something..”
    “He said it?”
    “Yeah. But don’t take it as the wrong way.. He’s just concern about you..”
    “I don’t know hongki-a.. Maybe I need a time to think..”
    After she meet up with hongki she go to her mom’s house.
    “Mom, can I stay here tonight?”
    “Why? You have a fight with your husband?”
    “I just need a time to think..”
    “Have you call him and ask to stay here..”
    “I’ll just call cherry..”
    “You have to call him..”

    Suk lay down on the sofa. Hye text him before and say that she will stay at her mom’s house tonight. He cannot understand why she have to make it big. It’s just a picture of him and his.. okay ex girlfriend and than what.. They just have a dinner together.. He’s with his managers.. They just had a little chat and eat.. There’s nothing to be angry about instead of he’s lying to her.. But it’s because he didn’t want to make her worry. He feels that hye worrying too much these days. That’s why..
    But it makes him angry when she said that he try to cheat on her. How come that’s happen? He cannot live without her. Even now, he cannot sleep on their bed without her.
    Cherry get down from her room and found her appa sleep on the sofa. Her mom call her before and say she’ll stay on her grandma’s house tonight.
    She’s brings a blanket to cover her appa. The sofa is enough for two so she sneak in and lay beside suk. She hug her appa. She can feel that something happen between the two. She tap on her dad’s chest gently.
    “Cherry-a?” Suk wake up when he feel something warm covered him.
    Suk hug his daughter closer. He kiss the top of her head. “Go back to your room.. It’s cold here..”
    “No.. I want to sleep with you..”
    “Okay, we move to your room than.. Come on..”
    Half asleep cherry talk to suk.
    “Appa.. Don’t fight with mommy okay..”
    “Okay..sleep now princess..”
    Suk hug her to make her warm.

    Hye cannot sleep. She didn’t feeling well. Her face got pale because the food that she ate before is coming out. Her mom take care of her and stay with her. “Shinhye-a we have to see the doctor.. I’m scared that you got poisoned..”
    “I’m okay mom.. Don’t worry.. It’s just because..” She suddenly remember and stare at the calendar. She’s late.
    She haven’t got her period. Maybe she’s..pregnant..
    But she didn’t want to make a fuss and she have to make sure about it. So, she have to check it first.
    “Mom.. I’m okay.. Don’t worry..” If her mom know about this she’ll make it big so, hye decide it to keep it herself first.
    In the morning, she had another morning sick. She ask her driver to take her home. She brought some test pack at the pharmacy.
    When she got home, cherry and suk had already gone. Suk have a schedule and cherry going to school.
    She take a try on the test pack. She wait in a hope. And suddenly the stripe came out. One and two. Two stripes means she’s positive. Her tears came down on her cheek in happiness.
    “But I have to make it sure and try another one..”
    It’s all positive. She’s so happy and cannot stop crying. Finally, after the long wait.
    “Cherry-a.. Your birthday’s present is here..” She hold her tummy. Cherry’s gonna have a birthday soon. She have to tell her.
    “I have to see the doctor first but.. I cannot go alone.. He will be mad at me if I go without him..” She want to make a call to him but she’s still mad at him too. So, she just take a rest and lay on her bed. “I have to forgive him right?” She talk to the baby on her tummy.

    “That woman really..” Suk grab the steering wheel angrily. Suk call hye’s mom because she didn’t answer his call. Her mom says she had go home this morning and says that hye looks sick but refused to see the doctor or eat a medicine.
    “You’ll get scolded for sure park shinhye..” He cancel the today’s meeting and go home.
    He found her wife sleeping quietly on their bed. Yes, she looks pale. He get close to her and check her temperature. She’s not in a fever. She’s fine but look pale.
    His anger fly away when he saw her like that. He miss her so much. Even just one night without her. He kiss her forehead than her cheek to her lips. It wake her up.
    “Yobo..” She push him away in a weak push.
    “What?” He keep kissing her.
    “We need to talk..”
    “No.. If you want to start a fight..”
    “I’m serious..”
    “Okay what?”
    “I think I’m pregnant..”
    Suk stay still. He’s processing what she says. “Pregnant? Have you check it?”
    “I test it on 5 different test pack.. And it’s all positive..”
    “Shinhye-a it’s not a dream right?”
    “It’s real yobo..”
    “Yaa.. Come on let’s go to see the doctor.. Come on..” They forget about the conflict and just concern about the baby.
    Suk still in an awe when the doctor confirms that his wife is 5 weeks pregnant. So, the baby happen on the same place as her sister. It’s when they had a vacation.
    “Ahh.. So we have to go there to have a baby..” Said suk. “We have to tell cherry about this..”
    “She’ll gonna have a birhday soon.. Can we just make it a surpised to her on that day..”
    “Ahh.. You’re right.. She’ll be so happy about this..shinhye-a..” Suk take her hand. “I’m sorry about before okay.. I hide it from you because I just don’t want to make you worry..I love you too much you know.. That’s why I’m angry when you said that I have a cheat on you..” He kiss her hand.
    “But still.. I hate it when you lie on me..”
    “I know.. I’m sorry.. Now, let’s go home..”Suk gave her a weird smirk. “I miss you a lot and we have to finish what we start before you wake up..”
    Hye can only smile at it. “I’m sleepy.. You’re sleepy too right.. Since you stay on the car last night..”
    “You saw me?”
    Hye smile and nod. She saw his car park infront of her mom’s home all night and gone in the morning. So, he’s sleep on his car last night.
    “Why don’t you just go down.. You know how cold is that..”
    “Who asks you to sleep there..”
    “But still.. If you saw me you should.. Ahh..” He scratch his head. “That’s why you’re easy on me today.. Because I already had a punishment..”
    She gave him her best smile.

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    time to go home

    Posted on March 17, 2013 by missrickless

    His phone beeping.
    “Hey there.. Busy?”
    He smiled and answer in a speed of thunder.
    “I miss you..”
    “That’s not what I’m asking for..”
    “Still.. I miss you..”
    “Me too..”
    “What are you doing now?”
    “Mmm.. Relaxing.. When someone doing my nails..”
    “Ah, you got a nail art?”
    “Mhmm.. Just like what jeremy said to me.. How’s your throat oppa?”
    “It’s okay.. I still can sing but it feels hurt when I’m yelling..”
    “Then stop yelling..”
    “I can’t..”
    “Yeah.. I know..”
    “What are you doing today?”
    “I’m practising for the fan meet..”
    “Ahh.. Is it okay?”
    “Yeep.. It happens smoothly but still I’m worrying about the language..”
    “It’s okay.. Your my smart girl.. Don’t worry.. I wish I was there to hug you..”
    “Hug me? Don’t you get enough hugs there..”
    “Haha.. Jealousyyyy..”
    “Okay.. Okay.. I know you hugs a lot too in guerilla..”
    “That’s why you do that??”
    “Not really.. It’s just a part for the promotion.. You know that as much as the hugs I got I still miss yours..”
    “*gigling* ahh.. Oppa..really?”
    “For sure.. Should I got back now and come back tomorrow?”
    “Just for a hug?”
    “I’ll do anything for you..”
    “Ish.. Really not like you.. Are you the same guy I dated?”
    “Wait.. How you manage to text me when someone doing you nails?”
    “They doing my feet finger now.. And hands later.. You should try this oppa.. It’s good..”
    “And what kind of shop that still open at this hour? Are you lied to me?”
    “No.. I’m not.. It’s because I know the owner so they don’t mind to do this to me at this hour..”
    “I don’t know you have a friend that running a nail shop?”
    “You don’t have to know everything about me oppa..”
    “YAA! Tell me about that person.. Is this friend a girl or boy?”
    “A definitely good looking man..”
    “Just came here and you’ll know..”
    He scratch his messy hair. This girl wants to play. His manager call him.
    “Opps.. Why suddenly yelling?”
    “Got a ticket to home now and back here for tomorrow morning.. Now!”
    “Yaa, how can this happen.. It’s nearly midnight already..”
    “I don’t care.. I need to see her..”
    “Her.. Who? Hye?”
    “Who else?”
    “Your mom just got here.. And she’s in the shop now.. You should meet her first..”
    “She’s here?”
    “Arghh.. So frustating..”
    He drove to the shop to meet his mom.
    It already closed but the lights still on.
    He meet his dad on his way in.
    “Hey dad..” They hug eachother.
    “Where’s mom?”
    He stomp inside and the staff still there.
    He ask them where his mom is and they show him the way to one of their private room for the nail arts. The best one of course, mom.
    Without knocking he gets in.
    He cannot believe what he saw, his mom is sleeping with a mask on her face.
    “Mom..” He call.
    “Ssussh.. Be quiet, can you?” Suddenly he heard the voice he know and miss.
    “Why.. you’re.. here?”
    “I’m doing my nails.. Look..it’s cute right?”
    “It’s too simple.. You can get another kind of spectacular arts here..”
    “But it’s expensive.. I don’t have the money.. I’m broke.. The ticket here is cost too much..”
    “You have a rich boyfriend.. Why don’t you just ask him to pay?”
    “No.. Because I heard he’s running out of money too.. When he buy a ferrari..”
    “You said you have a good looking man friend that owns a nail art shop.. Why don’t you just ask him to give you free..”
    “Because business is business..”
    He walk and hug her. Tight.
    He smell her hair. The real one not the wig that she used before he leave.
    He kiss her neck. He miss her much.
    Her warm hug that feels like home.
    He gently whisper on her ear “I love you..”
    She can only smile. Smile. And smile.
    It’s a right choice when his mom ask her to come here. Even only for a day. She have to got back tomorrow. It could be tired and wasting. But being like this now with him, her loved one. It’s just priceless.
    They still hugging when his lips moving from the neck to her cheek.
    “Aigooo.. Yaa.. Can you both go to more private place?” His mom walk pass them with the mask still on her face.
    Their face got red. They were an adult now, but still when the parents saw that, they still got embarrassed.
    She hit him light and hide her face on his chest.

    He ask her to re doing the nail arts with another style. He said the one she got is just too simple, she need something more shining.
    She ask him to got one too. And they end up doing it together.
    “Is it okay for the worker to stay this late oppa?”Ask hye considering it’s midnight already.
    “Well this is part of their job.. We pay for the time they spend.. And they sign the contract too.. They have to keep the secret of the guest identity and what they say here.. I want this place to be a good place for everybody..Where do you want to go after this?”
    “Sleep.. I’m exhausted..”
    “Oh come on.. It’s Tokyo.. You can sleep when you got back home..”
    “We go somewhere fun..”
    “No.. I don’t want someone would recognise us.. No..”
    “Don’t you know the power of a mask and wig.. Come on..”

    They spend the late night by walking around the street, biking around in the morning and buy a coffee than sit on the bench waiting for the sun rise. No sleep.
    “Can you stay here more?”
    “No oppa.. I have a schedule tonight..”
    “You okay to home alone?”
    “Yeah.. Sure..it’s not my first single flight oppa.. It’s okay..”
    “My brave hye..”
    He took of his mask.
    “Oppa.. What are you doing?” Than he took hers too.
    He get closer and kiss her.
    She’s got shock for a moment but the kiss wipe away her worries. The taste of his americano blended with her frapuchinno.
    The sun start to rise at the background.
    Time to go home.

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    Happy Birthday

    Posted on March 19, 2013 by missrickless

    Suk put his head down to hye’s tummy.
    “Halloo there.. It’s appa.. Thank you for coming to our life.. We’re so happy to have you.. So.. Be good okay.. Appa and omma will take care of you.. Don’t worry.. We’ve prepare anything good for you.. And you’ll have a good sister here.. She’s cute and nice.. Her name is Jang Chae Ri.. We’ll tell her about you on her birthday.. be healthy okay.. Our baby..”
    He kiss hye’s tummy gently. Hye can only smile with that.
    Next week is cherry’s birthday. The management and fans were busy to prepare something for her. They want to held a birthday fan meeting on her upcoming birthday. The ticket were sold out on the first day. Some of the fund will be donated for the needy. It’s hye’s and cherry’s idea. Hye really teach her about care to others.
    Cherry will sing some song and have a chat with her fans.
    Cherry is so excited with the event. She’s so happy because her parents have been reconcile and now they look like a lovely dovey couple that stick together here there and everywhere.
    When she got home that day, her parents looks so happy. Her appa take a good care to her mom more. He feed her and do everything for her.

    In the morning, suk and hye prepare everything to surprise cherry. A cake with a candle. The grandpas and grandmas already there too. They come when she’s asleep.

    It’s show time..

    They sing happy birthday song to wake her up. With a cake and present in hand they come to cherry’s room.
    Cherry woke up and surprised with everything.. Even she know this will happen, she still get surprised everytime they did it.
    “Happy birthday cherry-a..”
    “Thank you..”She said happily.
    She make a wish and blow the candle.
    “What is your wish darling?” Ask suk.
    “It’s a secret appa..” She said.”Where is my present?”
    “Here..” He take cherry’s hand and put it on hye’s tummy. Everybody get confused. “Is that means.. Hye..” Suk’s mom is the first who talk.
    “Yes mom.. Hye is pregnant..” Suk looks so proud when he said that for the second time.
    “Wwaaahh.. Really.. Finally..” Everybody celebrate the good news.
    Cherry jump in happiness. She hug her mom. “I will have a baby..yaaayyy..thank you momii.. This is the best present..ever.. I love you..”She kiss her mom’s cheek. Now, it’s not a birthday party only but with a hye’s pregnancy celebration.
    “So, that’s why you keep throwing up that night?” Ask hye’s mom.
    “Yess.. I suddenly remember about my periods..”
    “Why don’t you just tell me? I think you’re poisoned by something..”
    “If I tell you first than the person right there would be complaining a lot..” Hye point at her husband that now busy helping cherry open her presents.
    She got a new violin that she really want from hye’s parents, some tradition money from suk’s parents (they’re buying new apartment on cherry’s name the day before) and the neckless with a cherry name on it from sukhye (and a new fan car).

    Everything’s ready for the fanmeeting. Fans already gather in the hall. Cherry have a lot of fans from all ages, gender, and even from other country.
    She said to her fans that’s she’s really happy today because her parents give her the best gift that she ever wish.
    She also have a fanboy cheering her name and holding a banner “we’ll wait for you and marry you..” That makes suk’s forehead wrinkled. “That adjusshi really..”
    Hye smile on it. “Some of them are on your age..”
    “I won’t let my precious cherry marrying these guys..”
    “Than who?”
    “Hmm.. I don’t know.. All the man are jerk..except me.. Of course..”
    “Don’t you know that cherry already have a boyfriend..”
    “What?? Who?”
    “Shin woo..”
    “What the??”
    “She adore him so much..”
    Hye laugh.
    The event going on successfully.
    Cherry thanks them for coming, wish them to continue support her and she’ll do better in the future.
    She get a lot of present that day. That’s one of the best day on her life.

    She saw her mom’s tummy getting big and bigger.
    “Is it hard for you to bring that big tummy everywhere mom?”Ask cherry.
    “Of course..”Said hye
    “So it’s hard for you too when you brought me?”
    “Yes, it’s really hard to walk with a big tummy but when the day come to deliver and I finally meet you.. The pain is nothing.. all I can feel is happiness..”
    “Yes.. You’re like an angel that God gave to us.. You’re so tiny and lovely.. Even you crying so loud..”
    “I love you mom..” Cherry suddenly hug hye.
    “How about me?” Ask suk when he came back from the office.
    “I love you too dad..” Cherry hug him too.
    “Cherry-a it’s time to bed..” Said hye.
    “Okay..” She’s all ready to sleep with her pyjamas and set her place in the middle.
    “Not here..in your room..” Said suk
    “But appa.. I always sleep here before.. Why now you tell me to back to my room?”
    “Well.. Don’t you miss your room?” Said suk.
    “I want to sleep with the baby..moommm??” She gave hye a super adorable eyes.
    “Okay..” Said hye and cherry wins.
    Suk stomp in and say “No.. Can you see that.. Your mom’s tummy is getting bigger.. It’s hard for her to sleep when three of us there.. So.. Can you sleep on your room please..” Here comes another super adorable eyes from suk. And of course it can makes cherry melted.
    Hye can only smile on that, she suddenly remember why suk ask cherry to back to her room. Such a pervert.

    Cherry finally agree to come back to her own room. Suk promise her to read a bedtime story for her. When he come back he smile at hye who’s already waiting for him.
    “I can’t believe that you threat cherry like that..”
    “You send her back to her room because what the doctor said this afternoon right?”
    He smile and lay next to hye.
    “Well.. You know how much I miss you right.. And when the doctor said I got a permission to do ‘that’ I won’t let it go..” He hug her, kiss her and once again only both know what happen next.

    The day is finally come. After 9 months, it’s time for hye to deliver the babies. Yes, babies. They gonna get twin baby just like what the doctors predicted. So, hye have to go thru operation not like when she deliver cherry. This one happens prepared and scheduled.
    Hye and suk always smile whenever they remember the day of cherry was born. It’s in the midnight when hye suddenly grab suk’s hand. “Yoboo.. I think I’m gonna die..” Suk that already sleep,suddenly jump and woke up. “Why?why.. What happen?” He saw hye is already pale and she looks so..so.. “Oh God what happen to her?” Said suk in panic. Hye keep grabbing all near her, including suk’s hair.
    “I think we should go to the doctor..I’m going to die..” Said hye.
    “Stop telling that your going to die..look.. We’re ready for this okay.. Take a breath and we go to the hospital now..inhale.. Exhale..” They do what they’ve been practising.
    Hye’s mom already prepare the bag for emergency and suk grab it before they go.
    “Yoboo.. Pallliii.. I’m going to die..”
    “How can I drive when you hold my arm like that..okay.. We’ll go now..”
    Suk press the horn in every car infront of him. He drive in a speed of light. The police get him to remain him to stop.
    “What?? Not now please..” He grab the steering wheel but stop since the police block him.
    “Sorry.. Your get of the speed limit..” Said the police.
    “Look.. I don’t have time for this okay.. Here.. My wife is going to deliver our baby now.. So I have to go fast to the hospital.. And I can’t endure that she’s keep saying that she’s going to die.. I know I’m wrong.. But please..”
    The police looks so shock seeing a pregnant woman, wait she’s a celebrity too. And this messy man with pyjamas is her celebrity husband.
    “Okey sir.. We’re sorry.. So.. We should help you go fast.. Just follow us sir.. We’ll guide you to the hospital..”
    So, the police help them to get to the hospital fast. Suk thanks them.
    Hye go to the delivery room with suk.
    His arm got hurt because hye keep holding it while she push. And when cherry come, they were so happy and blessed. They both crying.

    “The soldiers was here..” Said suk when he came out from the operation room. He’s holding one of the babies and hye’s mom come with another one.
    Two baby boys. He looks so proud.
    Cherry is so happy. She smile when she saw the babies. Her brothers. Finally, she have a brothers. She’s not the only child anymore. Now she can tell everyone that she’s the sister of Jang Hyo Shin and Jang Hyuk Bin.
    That’s the name that they gave to the babies. They hope they can grow up healthy and happy.
    Welcome to the world boys..

    Hye still taking a rest after the operation. Cherry stay on her side and hold her hand.
    “Momii.. Thank you for giving me the cutest baby I ever know.. I love you..”
    “I love you too.. Cherry..”
    “Hye-a.. Thank you.. For giving us the boys.. It’s so proud to have them and cherry.. Thank you.. Rest well okay..” Said mama and papa jang.
    “De.. Eomonim..abonim.. Thank you..”
    “It must be hard for you to take care of two babies in the same time..it will be two times harder But remember you’ll be two times happier too.. Congratulation my baby…” Said hye’s mom and dad.
    “Mom.. Dad.. I love you..”
    “Well.. Look at your husband arms.. It’s clean now.. You’re not grab it like when you have cherry.. Or you getting weak now.. Be strong sister..” Said her brother. Hye gave him a weak punch.
    “See.. You’re getting old..” Tease him.
    They laugh at it.

    At the mid night. Hye wake up and found suk still awake and stare at her.
    “What? Why don’t you sleep?”
    He smiles at her.
    “Wait, I suddenly remember.. You haven’t says anything to me.. Why?”
    “I’m speechless..” He said. “I don’t know what to say..really..seeing you like before in the operation room.. I suddenly realize that I cannot seeing you like that anymore.. I’m scared.. Scared that you will..hye-a.. I don’t think that I can live without you..please.. If you sick of me one day.. Tell me what should I do.. I’ll do anything for you.. Okay?”
    Hye touch his hand, grab it and kiss it.
    She nod and say “Thank you for your participation on giving me the greatest kids..Mr. Jang Keun Suk..”


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