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    miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)


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    miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by cathybee on Fri 02 Dec 2011, 11:07 am

    Pain killler
    Posted on November 30, 2011 by credits: missrickless

    Hye sat on her car. All her body ache. She’s exhausted because of her tight schedule this week. She likes to dance but a lot of dancing is not easy. Melon and Tokyo Dome. Two big event that happened to her. Sometimes she can’t imagine why a big event always comes together. Some script offering spread on her car. She haven’t finish read them all and decide which one is her next project. She want to focus on her recent job and school.

    “Hye, should we buy some medicine for your feet?” Ask her manager.

    “No.. it’s okay.. just go home.. I’m sleepy oppa..” Hye refuse it.

    When she arrive at her home, she directly put her body on her bed. Her phone ringing. But she’s too tried to move. She falls asleep.

    She feels something touching her feet. She open her eyes and see someone. “Oppa.. What are you doing?”

    “Sssh.. keep on sleep..” suk put a warm balm on her feet.

    But hye choose to get up and put her head on suk’s shoulder. “How’s your practice oppa?”

    “Good.. everythings fine.. still prepared for this and that but it’s fine.. don’t worry..”

    “let me see your face..ahh.. what is this.. oppa haven’t you eat?”

    “Yes..”Suk still concentrating on his move.

    “You take another IV drip today?” Ask hye.

    Suk just show her his hand and its answer her question. She get his hand off from her feet and put it on her shoulder than hug him. She smell his neck. If another says he smells like vanilla for her he’s not. He smells like a home, warm and save. She smells hard work, trust and responsibility on his shoulder. His smell is her pain killer. For every pain, every sorrow, every misery that she’s got from the world.

    Suk hug her back. “I’ll leave tomorrow.. so I can’t accompany you to the award..i’m so sorry.. but I adjust my flight so I can still watch you from internet..”

    “It’s okay.. I’m gonna get more nervous if you were there..Ahh.. ottokee.. nan ottokee..” She drown her head on his chest.

    “everythings gonna be okay.. you’ll be perfect.. everybody gonna love your move.. show them the quality of you..”


    -beep- “haii sexy..”

    -buzz- “wae?”

    -beep- “you look so georgeus chagi..”

    -buzz- “really? You see me?”

    -beep- “yepp.. a little before my rehearsal”

    -buzz- “ how’s it?”

    -beep- “hey, whatzzup with your short answer?”

    -buzz- “nope..”

    -beep- “hey you.. are you cheating on me?”

    -buzz- “ what???”

    -beep- “so, what are you doing?”

    -buzz-“ I’m doing something..”

    -beep- “ what something?”

    -buzz- “take a bath”

    -beep- “what? Why don’t you just tell me..”

    -buzz- “ it’s okay.. I’m good on multi tasking..”

    -beep- “ you look so stunning tonight.. it’s your show..”

    -buzz- “Yeah.. I know..”

    -beep- “Yaa.. who teach you to be that snooty?”

    -buzz- “You”

    -beep- “I’m not snooty, I’m confidence..”

    -buzz- “so do i..”

    -beep- “ have you done packing?”

    Ten minutes later

    -buzz- “sorry oppa.. I’m done packing .. ready for tomorrow..”

    -beep-“ why you took so long? Done with your bath?”

    -buzz-“yepp.. I’m on my bed now.. ready to sleep..”

    -beep- “you want me to call you now?”

    -buzz- “what are you doing?”

    -beep- “I’m still on the studio..”

    -buzz-“ ouwh.. it’s okay.. just keep on do what you do now..”

    -beep- “that’s why I love you chagi.. you’r so understanding..”

    -buzz- “Thank you for the compliment..”

    -beep- “I like your dance costume by the way.”

    -buzz- “yeah.. it must be.. you always love mini skirt..”

    -beep- “ mostly when my girl wearing it..”

    -buzz-”oppa remember.. don’t do something dangerous on the show okay..”

    -buzz- “Don’t call me chagi.. even said that i’m your girlfriend on the drama..”

    -buzz- “Don’t say you love me on the public.. you can do it now if you want..”

    -buzz-”don’t touch me so intense.. you can do it on the backstage..”

    -beep_ “ouwh, why i read so many don’t s here.. i know.. i’ll do whatever you wish..”

    -buzz- “oppa.. if I’m not answering your message ..i must be fallen asleep okay..”

    -beep- “are you sleepy already?”

    -buzz- “yeep.. my eyes won’t coorporate..”

    -beep- “ let’s cut it than.. just go to sleep..”

    -beep- “don’t miss your flight tomorrow..”

    -beep- “don’t forget your passport..”

    -beep-“ are you sleeping?”

    -beep- “sweet dream chagi..I love you..”

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by nora on Fri 02 Dec 2011, 12:29 pm

    wah.. nice FF.. i'm smiling while reading this...wish this is true.. yo10
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by princessjune on Fri 02 Dec 2011, 2:32 pm

    Hi all,

    thanks to cathy for making me this thread.. and all who welcome me to post it here.. (^_^)
    i'll post the next one later.. hope you'll like it..

    nora, thanks for your comment.. i wish that's real too.. yo4

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by jfp2268 on Fri 02 Dec 2011, 2:34 pm

    what a nice fanfic...love it!
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by mssweet821 on Sat 03 Dec 2011, 9:24 am

    WOW monkey kiss thank you for this fanfic ...I love it like I'm seeing the true story behind the scene before hye and suk do their respective work before Melon Music Award... simple story but it gives a lot of giggling to me....Thank thank more more more. It really a nice fanfic h22
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by princessjune on Sat 03 Dec 2011, 10:31 am

    _After party_

    “Oppa.. why can’t we just meet tomorrow.. I know you’re tired.. why don’t you just take a rest..”

    “Why? Won’t you join to the after party?”

    “I’m sorry oppa..”

    “Again and again..” he start to sigh. And his manager stole a glance on him.

    “Okay than.. I’ll just go alone and rest later..” Suk took his phone off not angrily but dissapointedly.


    “Shin hye-a where we should put this cake..” One of staff ask her.

    “Oh.. just put it on that table.. I’m sure someone would throw it to someone’s face at the end..” She is busy making suk’s congratulate party. At lease she can do something for him here.

    One of staff onnie is busy setting the music. “Shin hye-a,should we use slow music or dance music?” Ask her.

    “Just use his song.. he love to hear his song..kkk”

    “Yeah… you right..”

    “He’s here..” Someone suddenly yelled.

    “let’s go.. hurry..hurry..” they’re buzzing like crazy. Holding converti and waiting.

    Than Suk come in with his manager.

    Suddenly everybody yelled.. “CONGRATULATION ASIA PRINCE…” throw the convetti to him.

    He’s really supprised. Than they doing cake celebration. Suk blow the cake and when he cut the cake hye hold his arm so his jacket won’t get dirty by the cakes cream. Just like when suk doing his birthday cake cutting on YAB set Hye have to hold his bathrobe (this is what I found on BTS for real, I love little gesture).

    “Youu..” He point at her and give her the first cake. She just smile. “Congrats for your dream come true concert prince… you work hard..”

    He grab her waist and pull her to his emberance. Hug her deeply.

    “Yaa.. give it to us too suk-a.. why you only cared about her?” Scold kurt.

    “Ahh.. I suddenly remember.. give me my money first..”

    “You still remember that..”

    “Of course.. I just ate noodles these days..”

    -cklik- he get suk and hye hugging picture.

    “ let me free or I’ll spread this pict?”

    “Yaa… jung kurt.. don’t you dare..” suk try to catch him. But he run away.

    Kurt take the cake from the table and throw it to suk. Here we go.. cake war..

    Hye, staff, and all the manager just shake their head. But suddenly the war cake is going crazy.

    The cake spread everywhere. Especially suk, hye,kurt and all the staff face and body.

    “You.. tell me to rest but what is this??”

    Hye clean up creamy suk with tissue just like what he trying to do on her. Their face and clothes all messed up.

    “It’s not really my plan.. we decide to do this to celebrate… your beginning..” she smile and seeing her smile made suk smile automaticly. That’s the pattern: you smile, I’ll smile too. You mad, I’ll mad. You cry, I’ll be your shoulder to cry on.


    “Where is hye?” Ask Manager Kim.

    “Where do you think she is?” Manager Jun ask him back.

    “Ah.. that’s why I can’t find suk too..” Then they ‘sigh’ing.


    “Finally just the two of us..” Suk hug her from the back.

    “Oppa,, how if they’re looking for us?” Ask hye. “You’re supposed to be there..”

    “No, I’m supposed to be here.. with you..”

    Hye feels so awkward with their closeness here and start moving “Oppa.. let’s talk..”

    “I don’t want to talk.. I’m tried of talking..come here.. just let me hug you..”

    “but..” Suk grab her shoulder and hug her again. Now it’s tighter than before.

    Suddenly, BB come to them. “Hey, Bro.. let’s do the celebration.. you can do that everthing anything later.. come on..”

    Time goes by.. The night is getting late..

    “Am i not good enough for you.. I’m worried oppa.. really really worried.. I love you… really really love you..but why they didn’t like it.. why they didn’t want me for you.. I love you.. I love you..”.That’s the drunken Hye talking.

    “I know.. come on.. stand up..can you walk?” Suk help her to stand up.

    “Of course I can walk.. I can walk since I’m 8 month.. my mom said I’m really smart.. I’m smart, beautiful and cute.. she tell me I’m cute.. your mom tell me I’m cute too.. but why? Why they don’t like me? Why?” She pull suk’s jacket.

    “Yes.. you’re smart, beautiful and cute.. and everybody likes you.. but maybe there also people that didn’t know about your charm.. yet..”

    “Cih.. how positive.. I know you dislike them too..”

    “I dislike everyone that hurts you.. even the one whose make your eyebrow frown.. I hate them all..”

    Suk get a little worried when she’s drunk but he’s kindda happy too because she is cute when she drunk. She always jumping here and there, being happy go lucky hye and what he love the most is she always say that she loves him many times. Hearing her say I love you to him is barely happened when she’s sober but when she’s drunk.. it happened so many times..

    Suk end up lift her up in the front, cause she hates piggyback. She smilling all the time. She’s totally drunk. This good girl can’t endure more than 3 glass of soju but now she drank 5 glasses and it’s a cute mess. Start from 3 glass she’ll be smiling. 4 glass she’ll singing roly-poly mix version with maldopshi. 5 glass she’ll talking nonsense. Just like this. She start to talking about the people. Before, she talk about flying pinguins, jumping ropes and holiday in Uganda.

    A girl who can endure to an alcohol is good to be a drinking buddies but a girl who cannot endure an alcohol will choose not to drink and she would take care of you while and after you drunk with your drinking buddies. Even if when she’s there (usually) you choose not to drunk too. But now.. something must be ignored her. Except, BB cheer her to drink by his stupid game but she can refuse as usual but now she didn’t and drink it all by herself.

    This girl is totally something different. Maybe that’s why he fell ground up to the sky in love with her. She’s taking a bus to school, she’s walking alone in han river side, and a lot of dangerous thing that Suk can ever think of. Everytime Suk said about his worries to her, she always had an answer like “Oppa, how can buying an instant noodle on convenient store could be dangerous? I’m not going to buy it in “on fire” convenient store either..so stop worrying..”

    Suk put hye on her bed,open her jacket and boots. he stands up and pull a blanket for her. She fell asleep. He kiss her hand and go outside.

    “Yaa Jjang keunsuk.. where are you going!!” she yelled and point at him.

    SUk turn his head and see her. “I’m going to my room.. I’m tried also we’ll met tomorrow okay..”

    “My make up.. erase my make up..” Hye tapping her face.

    “aish.. here come our spoiled baby.. yaa.. let your eonnie do it for you..”

    “ahh.. no.. I tell you to do it.. pallli..ish..” Hye tap her face harder.

    “Yaa.. stop tapping your face like that. It’s getting red.. I know.. I’ll do it..” Suk get the make up remover from the table and sit on her bed.

    Hye lie down on his lap and close her eyes “aahh.. it’s so comfort”.

    Suk start to wipe her face with the remover. “after all this time, you always taking care of me.. pampered me.. but there are time that i want to pampered you also..so don’t you ever worried.. I’ll be here to pamper you too.. spoiled baby”


    “good morning..” Suk put the breakfast table on the bed.

    “Oppa..” Hye scratch her eyes.

    “Aiigoo.. uri aegi..” He pinch her cheek. “palli.. eat your breakfast.. here.. drink this soup first.. do you had a headache?” He gave her a spoon of soup.

    Hye nod and eat the soup. Suk take a sip of soup that split on her lips and give her another spoon.

    “after this you have to take a bath and prepare to go home..”

    “Ahh.. my flight.. what time is this?” hye jump out from the bed.

    “You still have time.. if you miss it.. you can join me..”

    “No.. andwe..” She cross her hand infront of her chest.


    “Hellow.. you still ask why??”

    He smiled.

    “Ahh.. what happened last night oppa.. is there something weird.. I must be crazy last night.. I shouldn’t be drunk..”

    “Yaa.. you see this.. scratch and bite me here.. here.. here.. look..” Suk show up his neck and shoulder.

    “really??”She get shock seeing that.

    “Yeah.. and my back is still in pain.. cause I have to lift you up here..”

    “Oppa why you do that.. you’re already tired because of the concert..and that fear of height.. why lift me?”

    “Because you hate piggyback and stop remain me of that fear..”

    “Aish.. why don’t you just let someone do it..”

    “Yaa.. you think I’m gonna give you to the other man’s arm? No way..”


    “No but.. except to your dad.. I won’t let anyone lift you..i can still endure piggyback but no front lift okay..”

    She nod and say “It must be hurt.. oppa.. I’m sorry for troubling you..” she hug him and pat his back.

    “It’s okay.. you know what.. last night is really great..”

    “Oo..oo..oppa.. last night we didn’t do.. something..like that.. right?”

    “Sigh. What do you think.. I’ll take the responsibility hye-a.. don’t you worry..”

    “wh..what responsibility? Oppa..please.. don’t tell me that..” she getting scared. She can’t remember anything.

    Hmphmphmph. Suk’s shoulder shaking. Hye push him and se his face. He’s laughing.

    “OPPAAA!!” she hit him. “ you…you…” she cries.

    “Yaa yaa yaa.. I’m sorry.. I’m just kidding.. stop crying.. I’m wrong.. I’m sorry..” he tried to hug her but she refuse and still crying. “I’m sorry..”

    But hye stand up, shed her tears and say “I wanna go home..” and get into the bathroom.

    Suk can feel it. She’s hurt and mad. He can do nothing except leave her alone and wait for the right time.

    Suk get out from that room and meet manager jun.

    “What’s wrong? Fight?” Suk not in the mood and just nod.

    “ahh.. you giving us a hard time..”

    “Sorry hyung.. please take care of her..”

    “Suk-a…” He call him.


    She’s so quiet during the trip.

    After she gets home her mom ask jun what happened and he just shug.

    “Hye-a.. sunni coming..” her mom called her.

    Hye who laying on her bed suddenly stand up. “Sunni? Isn’t she at school?” but she go outside there comes princess sunni wiggling her tail.

    “Why she’s here?”

    “Ahh.. enhyuk drop her here… they said she want to play with onnie..”

    Hye smell something here.. he must sent sunni in purpose.

    She let the dogs play and continue study in her room.

    Until the night come. She haven’t got any call or message from suk about sunni. “Is he gonna pick her or let her stay tonight? Ahh.. finally I know.. this is his trap..i’m not gonna call him..”

    It’s almost mid night, still no call. Sunni already sleep on the dogs couch with bongji and nori.

    Hye get up from her bed and step on sunni’s bag. There’s something pop out from that bag.

    A letter. With pink envelope and smells like vanilla. “Cih.. how tacky and so out of date.. oppa.. you have to try better than this..” but still.. how tacky as that she open it either and start reading.

    “Aigoo.. his hand writing is so..ahh.. it hurt my eyes..”

    Dear my angry hye,

    I’m really really really sorry.. I know I’m overdoing it.. so I’m so so so sorry. (heartstring)

    Nan ottokajo? (a.n jell)

    Can you hear me? (bethoveen Virus)

    Oh my darling, darling, darling (kiss me)

    I wil promise you (mary)

    Okay.. okay.. it’s getting crunchy. But I know you smiling now.^^

    You know what.. At that night I feel so happy.

    When I see you drunk and taking care of you. It’s really priceless.

    All this time, you look so strong. It’s like you can handle everything by yourself and you didn’t need me to help you, to take care of you. So I feel useless that if there’s no this jang keun suk in your life, you’ll be fine as strong as a reef. I’m scared, too scared that I might lose you. Because I don’t know what would happened if there’s no park shin hye on my life.

    But that night, I finally I had a change. I had a change to take care of you. Seeing how you yelled at me to wiping your make up, bring you to throw up in the bath room, and stay with you all night long hugging each other ( we do nothing except hug and a little kiss, I swear). I can feel it. You need me too. Your not as strong as I tought. Even you have anyone there to take care of you, you choose me. Thank you..


    This” jang keun suk”

    NB: Ahh.. please let sunni stay there tonight. We’re on daegu until tomorrow.

    And if you’ve already forgive me, just let me know..I love you ^^

    She open put the letter back to the envelope but she found something. A star chain neckless. Suk tagging something on it. It’s written “ A bribe, call me if we made a deal”

    This neckless. She found that on japan before but she didn’t have time to buy it. “How can he know? Ahh.. it must be jun oppa..” hye smile and get her phone to make a very important call.
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by jfp2268 on Sat 03 Dec 2011, 7:45 pm

    i love every fanfic here!!
    pls keep on writing!!!!...will never ever get tired reading it!!
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by mssweet821 on Sun 04 Dec 2011, 1:51 pm

    princessjune thank you for sharing your fanfic...I read all your creation fanfic...you are such a good writer...hope you post another one soon...


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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by nora on Sun 04 Dec 2011, 4:36 pm

    princess june... i love read all fanfic of your's... yo10 keep writing... daebak

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by nora on Mon 12 Dec 2011, 12:27 am

    Princess June.. i wanna give u this monkey kiss i read all you fanfics at your blog.. and i loveeee it!!! keep writing... now i'am your follower.. hahahha...
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by princessjune on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 1:53 pm

    To All.
    thank you for liking my fic.. i'll keep updating because of you guys.. yo3



    “ji ah noona..”

    “ahh..” that’s it. That’s all she’s says after hearing suk’s plan to meet ji ah.

    Suk sat on the dinning table on hye’s house.

    “what happened?” ask hye’s mom.

    “I think your baby is cheating on me..” he turn his side to face hye’s mom. Put his finger on his chin.

    “what? Can’t be..” her mom laugh at that statement.

    “really.. that’s why she never gets jealous on me..”

    “cih.. who tells you that she never jealous on you?”

    “ well, everytime I tell her that I’ll meet another girl.. she just say ‘ahh..’ without any hestitation..”

    “hmm.. I shouldn’t say this to you but she’s…”

    “Omma..” hye cut her moms words.

    “oh.. she’s here.. I’m sorry suk-a..” her mom tap his back.

    “oh please tell me.. what you would say before.. she’s what..” suk beg her.

    “mom.. one word from you.. I..i..” she’s thinking hard to make her mom stop talking “I won’t eat your food anymore..”

    “What.. no.. I’m sorry suk-a..” her mom left the room.

    “yaa.. why don’t let her finish her words? I’m curious now.. I think she try to tell me that you were jealous at me..”

    “no.. she’s not..” hye open the fridge to get cold water.

    “really.. so.. why you yelled at her like that.. it’s like she’s try to tell me the national secret..”

    “well, for me it’s kindda like that..” she’s murmuring her word.


    “no.. oppa why don’t you go now?”

    “Yaa.. you hush me..”

    “yes..you said you have to meet ji ah eonnie..” she point out the wall clock.

    “Ah.. right.. I’m late.. I’m going now..” He stand up and kiss her cheek. “bye.. call you later..”

    “yeah.. call me later and meet that eonnie now..” she talk after suk out.

    “why does he likes that eonnies that much.. ah.. my hair should be longer.. he likes girls with long and wavy hair.. or should I change my style..” she talk to herself on the mirror.

    “No.. you have to do nothing.. my dear.. he love you now, just the way you glows..” her mom told her and add “I don’t know why both of you feeling so insecure with your relationship while it’s run beautifully..”


    “hei.. I’m home..”

    “owh oppa.. what time is it?”

    “it’s 2 am”

    “are you drunk? Why so late?”

    “no.. we just talk a lot..”


    “just another ‘ahh’ shin hye?”


    “are you sleeping?”

    “what do you thing I’m doing at 2 am? Talking to another man?”

    “ya! Don’t you dare..”

    “of course not oppa.. why suddenly yelling?”

    “you asking to be yelled at..”

    “oppa.. I have a class in the morning..”

    “well now you ask me to end this call right?”

    “you have morning call too right.. it’s a win win solution..”

    “okay.. just sleep.. go sleep..”


    “hye-a saranghanda..”



    “aish.. that flirting ajusshi..” hye clench her palm in front of her iphone after seeing suk picture with his co-star. She’s on the cafeteria during her lunch break and surfing the internet. First key word – jang keun suk- then she found his new drama topic and saw him tease his co-star.

    “hye-a what are you doing?” Aske her class mate.

    “owh, nothing.. just looking around my twitter..” she turn her phone down backward. Well, not anyone could see her browsing her “friend-oppa-like” news right?

    “come on.. let’s go back to the class..” she stand up and leave with her friend.


    Something thrown to her. Thanks to her good reflex or that Ppeppero almond would bump her head.

    “nice catch..”

    “As always..” she open that box and start to eat it one by one.

    Suk sat next to her while she lay on her bed.

    “What are you doing?”


    She keep doing her homework when suk lay on the bed and playing with her ipad.

    She hold the last ppeppero stick on her mouth while writing on her text book. Suddenly, suk bite that stick and munch it like what they usually do in ppeppero game and kiss her at the end.

    After they finish their business. Hye hit her pillow on him.

    “Wae? You don’t like it? We do it together.. you kiss me back..”

    “you eat my last ppeppero..” she hit him more.

    “ani.. you hit me because of that..”

    “the last bite is always the best.. and you took it from me.. if you want to kiss me, just say it..don’t took my ppeppero..” she stand up from her bed.

    “ah.. I know.. I know.. don’t fight me now.. I’m tired.. I’ll buy you ten of them tomorrow.. okay..” he pull her to him and hug her.

    “by yourself..” add her.

    “but.. I have my own brand.. it’s a little difficult if I buy another brand..” he murmuring this and hye pull his collar. “I know.. I know.. I’ll use my mask to buy it okay..”

    “oppa if you tired why don’t you just go home and take a rest.. our house is no longer 5 minutes away remember..”

    “why? Am I disturbing you here?”

    “it’s not like that..” she pull him away but keep holding his shoulder.

    “I want to kiss you..” he said and hye kiss him.

    He smile “ that’s my answer.. but..” he kiss her back.

    Hye back to do her homework but suk now lay his head on hye’s back with her iphone in hand. Checking her tweet and -without her knowing-DMs. Until he found something interesting, her browsing history it’s all about him. He’s keep his smile but hye can feel his shoulder shaking. “Why?” Ask her.

    “nothing” he said. But hye didn’t believe him and turn around, It make suk wake and stand, keep her phone away.

    “ are you checking my message?” she suddenly worried.

    “no, why? Do you have something that I can’t see on that message?” he become curious.

    “it’s not like that.. it’s just..”

    “ I have to check it by myself than..” he starts to open her message , but almost all from Jeremy.


    “Yeah, it’s him.. so give me back my phone..” she try to grab it but suk run away.

    “So you cheat with him?”

    “no.. of course not.. oppa please..” he get out from her room and close the door.

    “it’s late night already.. what are you two doing?” Ask hye’s mom.

    “I found an evidence.. she’s cheating on me.. with Jeremy..” he concentrate to unlock her phone.

    “what?” Ask her mom. “Jeremy? Of all the guys, it’s Jeremy you think?”

    “she had a lot of message from him..wait.. guys? is that more than one?”

    “well.. you don’t have to worry.. all that message is all about you..” hye’s mom get in to her room.

    Now it suk’s turn to say “What?” he check it and it’s true. All the message is about him. Like..

    Hye : I think oppa don’t like me anymore?

    Jeremy : What are you talking about?

    H: yeah.. he likes noonas

    J: are you jealous?

    H: of course I am

    J: he think you r not. Why don’t you just say it

    H: to him? No.. it’s a big no

    J: why?

    H: mm.. I don’t know.. I just don’t want him to know..

    J: you just don’t want him to know and think that you were a nagging girl friend?

    H: you read me right

    J: trust me he won’t

    H: are you sure?

    J: yess.. 100%.. he’ll jump out in happiness and treat me if you do it

    H: but still. I won’t tell him

    J: than should i?

    H: you’ll die for sure..

    Suk smiling on the last word.

    “happy?” Ask hye.

    He’s nodding. “come here” he tap the seat next to him.

    Hye sat down and fold her arm on her chest.

    “you’d better being a murder than let me know about your jealousy?” he tease her.

    “I’d better kill myself now..” she drown her face on the cushion. But suk get that cushion away from her.

    “don’t you dare to do it.. not while you have me..” he hug her. “so which noonas you hate the most?”

    “all of them..”said hye that words makes his smile hang on his lip all his way home and makes his mom ask him “are you going crazy?”


    “hye-a there’s something for you..” his dad said after she’s home.

    it’s a lot of almond ppeppero. maybe about a box.

    “it’s too much” she send him message

    S: it’s okay.. you can share it with your staff or friends or fans..

    H: thank you

    S: you’re welcome

    H: say my thanks to eunhyuk-ssi too..

    S: how do you know?^^

    H: i know you too well oppa..

    S: i’ll buy you by myself next time okay.. i promise..

    H : okay..
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by demi_zhu on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 3:21 pm


    thanks so much for your FanFIc!! i love them!!! i love the way you write....simple, clear and yet the essence of the feelings of the characters are there.....if I were to write a FanFic, I would be writing it in this style as well.....but as of now, I'm happy doing my ComBar .... thinking yoyo

    please share some more of your creations ......thank you..!!!
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by khulet29 on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 3:36 pm

    @piijune oh my! more ff's please... ahihihi
    love it! love it! love it! It seems so REAL! ahihihih Thanks chingu :D

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    Allow me to share my favorite ff's of princess june... ahihihi

    The Interview
    Posted on October 11, 2011 Credits:by missrickless

    P: the reporter

    S: Hye

    P: Anyonghayseyoo Hye-ssi..

    S: Anyonghaseyoo..

    P: How are you doing?

    S: Great.. I’m doing great..

    P: How’s your lil’ princess?

    S: Fine, she’s doing fine.. Learning how to stand up and now she grab all the things.. it’s like she’s grown her first teeth..

    P: Ah.. Is that so? She’s grown up right? she’s beautiful just like her parents.

    S: Oh.. Thank you.. But, a lot of people said that she’s more like my husband than me..

    P: Ohh.. i know that but her charm looks like you.. Who take care of her when your not around?

    S: My Mother in law take her to her house now, but sometimes she goes to my parents house too or My husband will take care of her by himself when he’s not busy..

    P: Oh.. I see.. So, Mr. Jang know how to take care of a little baby too..

    S: Yes, He’s doing great.. He knows how to taking care of Cherry like bring her to bath, feed her.. yeah.. all the things.. even preparing her meals..

    P: Oh really.. it seems like he’s a handful husband right?

    S: Yes..

    P: Now, let’s talk about the past.. We all know that you keep your relationship away from the public until giving us a shocking announcement that you’ll getting married after 10 years dating. That’s really a huge bomb that you two made, so we are the press is buzzing like crazy to catch the official announcement from you..

    S: (Smile) Yeah.. we can’t even go out from our house for that because my house is surrounded by the press.

    P: Than how did you two first met? That’s a statement that you two met in a bus stop for the first time. Is that true?

    S: (Smile) Yess.. We were living in a same neighbourhood.. so it’s just about time that we bumb up to each other.. So, the day is coming. When we waiting for the bus, that’s how we met. It’s like a drama.. that day, it’s raining.. he use a hoodie to cover himself.. I don’t know he’s an actor but I know he’s good looking.. (laugh)

    P: So it’s love at the first sight than.. that time he is already making his debut?

    S: yes, he is.. At that time you can just go anywhere by public transportation without being known..

    P: Oh.. and that’s how you two met.. so, when that you realize that he’s an actor?

    S: When I’m doing stairway to heaven.. and he’s on nonstop 4.. I watch that show and suddenly remember that is him.. Than, I always watch that show, just to look at him..(smile) until, I had a change to doing the cameo there.. I was so surprised and happy..

    P: so, you met him again at the shooting place? Did he know you?

    S: I thought that he didn’t remember me. So, I just keep silent on the corner when waiting for my scence. He’s hold the script all the time and looks so serious. Until the shooting end.. we didn’t talk to each other.. but I know he’s looking at me sometimes.. (laugh)

    P: oh… maybe he remember you..

    S: Yes, he is.. I’m going home and met him in the lobby.. he’s call me “Heii..” and I just “yeah..” he ask me “going home?” I said “yes” than he said “let’s go together” my mom once said that I can’t go with stranger, but I follow him.. until now.. (laugh)

    P: Yeah.. who knows that those words means let’s go together “forever”..So, you two already start dating at that time?

    S: Yes..

    P: it’s a long journey of your relationship right? How can you maintain that kind of relationship and keep it from the public..

    S: yes it seems hard but when we did it, it’s just “it”.. just like other couple.. we fight, we make up, we broke, and make up again.. just like that.. It’s not a lovely dovy romantic relationship.. we going trough a boring time too.. and he is going out with another girl, I’m with another man.. it’s an on and off relationship..

    P: really? But after those hard time you make up again and together again..

    S: Yes.. but the hardest time is when the popularity’s coming..you know it’s really hard to being professional.. we have to split between our relationship and work… we have to work together like a pro.. keep our relationship from the public.. and do what we have to do..

    P: you do a CF and drama together right? Especially “Minamisineyo” it’s a big hit that make you two popular..

    S: Yes..

    P: You’re doing a great job.. with all the chemistry and make you two the most wanted celeb that dating in real life..

    S: Yes, but we have to separate almost 3 months to get the real me back.. that’s a hard time.. he said he doesn’t want mi nam.. but he wants me..the real me.. so he decide to leave me alone..

    P: You separate with him for 3 month..

    S: Yes.. I was angry at him.. it’s a time that I need him the most but he leave me.. he said that I have to help myself..

    P: Ohh.. that’s must be hard for you..

    S: Yes.. I’m really really angry.. and tell him to just broke up.. until I know that I’m not the only one who suffering..

    P: What do you mean?

    S: He’s suffering too.. he have to leave his Tae kyung out off him too.. he is angry to himself.. that’s why he leave me.. to get us out from our character.. he said he never felt this way before.. it’s always easy to leave the past and go to the next role.. but in minamisineyo he’s with me.. that’s why it’s really hard.. so,we decide to separate until we back to normal..

    P: Waah.. it’s kind of tough relationship..

    S: but after that, our relationship become stronger.. we never done a childish things like broke up when we were fight anymore.. it’s become a mature relationship..

    P: well, so you never broke up from that time?

    S: yes.. sometimes we fight.. but never broke up.. we just didn’t talk to eachother..(laugh)

    P: How bout your friends.. did they know about your relationship?

    S: Yes.. they know it.. we hang out together sometimes.. like watching movie, dinner, watching sports match..

    P: ohh.. it’s good.. your friend become his friend and his friend become your friend thing right..

    S: Yes..

    P: he’s known as a bad boy before but can you tell us how he really is?

    S: Well.. I can’t say that it isn’t true.. boys will be boys right.. he keeps doing all the thing that make me and his mom worried.. but.. as long as he know the line.. I can handle that.. he is like that when I’m not around, but when I’m with him.. he become so protective..

    P: He’s a protective man?

    S: Yes.. in a good way.. he always want me to feel comfortable..

    P: Wow.. such a great husband you have..

    S: He’ll being a big head after hearing this.. but.. yes, I am..

    P: He’s surrounded by a girls.. don’t you scared that someone will stole him from you?

    S: Wow. Such a unbeliaveable question.. Stole him? I never think about that..

    P: don’t you get jealous when he’s with another girl.. he’s good in flirting..

    S: (Smile) He always questioning this to me too.. he said why you never get jealous on me? And I said I don’t know.. and about his skill in flirting.. Yes.. he’s a great one.. he always flirt with other girl except me.. he can serenade, tease, flirt and that kind of thing to other girl but never on me.. cuz it never works..

    P: So what kind of relationship it is? I think that you must be flirted a lot by him..

    S: Yeah.. most of people that never see us together by their own eyes will think like that.. that we were like a two loving bird that doing romantic thing together but we’re not.. we do a lot of fight.. we do the arguments to eachother.. yeah.. like that.. even Jeremy said that must be something going wrong if I didn’t yell at him..(laugh)

    P: but, there were a time that you do the romantic things too right?

    S: yes.. of course.. Sometime we do that too.. he know that the cheesy flirt things never work on me so he always try to do another way to create the romantic ambiance..

    P: What is the most romantic thing that he’s done to you?

    S: When he propose me..(bright eyes coming)

    P: Mr. Jang said you’re the one who choose New Caledonia to be the place of being proposed? Why?

    S: (Laugh)

    P: Why? Do you just want to make it hard for him to get you or what?

    S: (Still laugh) Ahh.. yes.. that’s one of my stupid reason..

    P: so there’s a smart reason too?

    S: Yes.. I love that place.. I’ve been there for work before.. that place is really beautiful.. At that time I’m on a break time with him..

    P: time when you two broke up?

    S: Yes.. it is.. So I didn’t think of him at that time.. (laugh) I enjoyed my time there like there’s no tomorrow.. playing around.. but than the night come.. everybody back to their own room.. and leave me alone.. I felt so lonely and bored.. so I get out from my room and going to the beach.. yes, this is happening in my real life.. when i walk alone.. my phone rang.. i thought it’s my parents cause it’s from my house number.. But it’s him.. He said that if he calls from his number i would not answer it so he call from my house.. we talk for an hour.. until i become sleepy and not bored anymore..

    P: So, you make up at that call?

    S: No, i’m not that easy to get and he know that.. so we just talk casually just like a friend.. but at the way back to the hotel I see the horizon of the sea and the sky.. there’s only one line that separate the sky and the sea.. so, something is far when you think that it’s far.. but when you see it in a different way.. you’ll realize that it’s not that far.. than suddenly I think about him.. that’s the time that I know.. he’s the one that never far for me.. just like the sky and the sea..

    Authors Note :

    Now i’m interviewing myself

    Me: Wow suddenly this things come to my mind.. and Voila… What’s going to happen to me if this isn’t just a fictional story.. Let me know if you like it..

    Q: Is this the continuation of the story before or not?

    Me: i don’t know either..

    Q: Why your english is so strange?

    Me: Cause English is not my first language..

    Q: What do you want to say to the readers?

    Me: Thank you for reading..
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by khulet29 on Thu 15 Dec 2011, 3:43 pm

    #2 Fav. FF

    The Interview part 2
    Posted on November 14, 2011 Credits: by missrickless
    They had an interview at Suk’s favorite coffee shop.

    R : Reporter

    S : Suk

    R: Anyonghaseyoo Mr. Jang..

    S: Anyonghaseyoo.. Waw.. Long time no see..

    R: Yes.. It’s been a long time right.. after I met you for the wedding announcement..

    S: Yes..that time..

    R: How you’re doing?

    S: Fine.. I finished my new movie “Seoul 19” and now I’m preparing for the premier..

    R: What kind of movie is it?

    S: It’s a medical drama. I act as doctor “Lee Ji Sung”. Finally after being a prince, a young daddy, a pshyco, an idol, a pet than I’ve become a doctor.. (laugh)

    R: (laugh) yes… it’s a long journey to become a doctor..

    S: That’s the advantages of being an actor.. you could do what you can’t do in real life..

    R: Yes you right.. maybe your wife is happy that you finally got that kind of role..

    S: no, she’s not.. She hates doctor so much.. that’s why she always take a good care of herself so she didin’t have to go to the doctor..

    R: Really?

    S: Yes.. Mostly I do my scence in the hospital and we use the real medicine too.. so after I’m going home she always yell at me to take a bath.. she hates that I smell like hospital..

    R: How’s your wife and your daughter doing?

    S: they’re doing great.. My wife is doing her daily show and my baby is learning how to stand and growth her first teeth.. Sometimes talking by herself and starts to call us to get the attention..(smile)

    R: You’re so happy right to have a family right..

    S: Yes.. I’m blessed.. I love spending my time with them..

    R: So that why you didn’t take a role on the drama lately?

    S: No, it’s because I didn’t get the offerings.. (Laugh)

    R: Don’t kidding me.. I know that some director wants you to act on their drama but you never take it..

    S: Yeah.. you right.. I still have the offering but I choose the movie project because that not really take my time.. if I take the drama.. it need most of my time on the set so I can’t meet my baby.. She’s on her golden age right now.. So, it’s kind of sad to leave her.. I’ll wait until she is one year old I think.. but, lately my wife told me to take the drama if it a good one.. maybe my wife is get bored to see me everyday doing nothing.. (laugh) but until now.. see how my baby’s growing is the most precious time for me..

    R: Do you want your baby to become an actor like you and your wife?

    S: I belive that she had a talent.. her charm is already shine in my eyes that if she become an actress.. she’ll become the good one.. but it’s up to her.. I don’t want to make a decision for her life.. she can choose her own path of life.. I wish her my best of the best..

    R: Before, we always think that you were a bad boy.. but now we learn that you’re a gentleman.. you had a longtime relationship with your wife.. Who knows that you’re that faithful man..

    S: (Laugh) I’m not really a “good” good boy but yes I’m faithful.. to her.. until now.. I still don’t know why I’ve become this kind of faithful man.. She’s the one who made me faithful.. she’s the only one that I can run to whatever my feelings are.. She’s like a home to me..

    R: She’s a caring woman..

    S: yes.. when our baby is sick she could be the one who had a brave heart than me..

    R: Tell me about that..

    S: One day our baby got a fever.. that day it’s just me and Cherry in the house.. My wife going out for work.. I got panic and call everyone.. my mom.. her mom.. and her.. I almost cried because I don’t know what to do.. but than she’s coming home and take care of the baby patiently.. going to the doctor.. give her the medicine.. etc.. she’s really calm and brave.. but after cherry’s fevers gone.. she come to me, hug me and cry.. Yeah.. that’s kind of women that married with.. (smile) at that time, i think i made a right decision to end an up side down ten years relationship with her and change it to a marriage life.. i never regret everything about her.. cause she had nothing for me to regret about..

    R: Wahh.. so touching.. Before.. you always love to talk about yourself in the interview.. but now.. it seems that you change..

    S: (Smile) Is that so.. that talk a lot about myself? (Laugh) it’s just one of my trick to avoid myself to talk about her in public..

    R: Yes.. back than you keep your relationship secretly..

    S: there were a time that I split out too.. we just want this relationship between us.. it’s just about me and her.. if we go on public.. there will be the public too that involved in this relationship.. there were a time that i’m tried with it and want to say to the public that we’re in a relationship but she tell me not to do that..

    R: So, that’s the reason.. I thought that you keep it because of your popularity..

    S: that is just a little part of the reason.. I really hate that time.. that we have to separate if we were at the public.. I remember that time after minamisineyo end.. we start to keep this relationship really hard.. one time we have to sat divided by our managers.. The one in Shin woo’s band showcase.. Ahh… I really hate it.. but what can we do.. but now.. we’re happy..

    R: Okay here we come on rapid fire question.

    S: woow.. Okay I’m ready..

    R: beach or mountain?

    S: Beach

    R: do you know how to swim?

    S: completely

    R: Hot or cold?

    S: Hot

    R: Inner beauty or outer beauty?

    S: Inner beauty

    R: Have you going out with another female celebrities except your wife before?

    S: Yes

    R: an actress or an idol?

    S: Actress

    R: Do you know how to cook?

    S: Yes

    R: National or international?

    S: I love My country

    R: being an actor or a singer?

    S: I’m doing good in both.. (Smile)

    R: all about your wife please..

    S: (smile)

    She.. who choose to use public transportation over my my luxurious car to save the polar bear..

    She.. who yell at me when I got hurt instead of pity me but keep bend it with band aid..

    She.. who cooked me the un-good-looking food but still it’s the greatest food that I ever ate ..

    She.. who hate anykind of alcohol and cigarette but never complain about it..

    She.. who hate two seat car..

    She.. who would cry for someone else death dog..

    She.. who can ease my anger just by one tap on my hand..

    She.. who the one and only daughter in law for my mom..

    She.. who make me being the happiest dad ever..

    She.. who made me fall in for her after all this time..
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    Posted on September 8, 2011 credits: by missrickless
    Shin hye wake up by a sound of crying baby. That baby is crying really loud.

    “Omma.. who’s baby is that? Why does she cry so loud?” Ask Hye still in bed.

    There’s no answer from her mom and the baby still crying. Hye wrap up her blanket and turn around. She want to pull her pillow so she can close her ear but the pillow won’t move. There’s something above the pillow, it’s someone head. Someone sleep on her bed.

    Who is that? Hye slowly open her eyes.

    She found someone sleep peacefully on her bed. A man. Suddenly she yelled “Aaaaahhhhhhhh”

    That man looks disturbed and protest. “Yoboo.. please.. I just came back and sleep.. why are you yelling?”

    That voice. She know that voice for sure. But.. that’s impossible.. That voice is..

    The baby crying more and more. The man figure suddenly turn to her slowly.

    “Yoboo.. go get her.. she’s only wants to see your face in the morning when she wake up. She’ll be crying more if I get her..”

    “Oppaaaaa???” Ask Hye surprised. Suk sleep next to her.

    “Ahh… Stop yell at me.. palli.. get our Cherry or she’ll woke up the neighborhood” Said Suk while pulling the blanket and back to sleep.

    With the slow motion Hye go to the baby box next to her bed. She look inside and find a cute baby girl crying until her face become red, but when she found Hye she stop crying and up her hand asking for a hug.

    Hye get the baby and suddenly she stop crying. The baby looks so cute, tiny, and happy. Hye looks around and sure that this is not her room. Last night, she sure that she sleep on her own room but now, she wake in the different room, with suk and the baby.

    She found a giant picture of her and Suk on a wedding dress. “I’m married??” Ask Hye.

    She discovering the house and find a lot of picture of suk and her, her parents, suk’s family, and found about a million picture of the baby on her hand now.Who stop cring and touching her lips. She looks hungry.

    Hye go to the kitchen and get the baby’s milk. After she read how to make it, she make it and fed the baby. While the baby is busy with her milk, hye look at her face. So, I’m a married woman now.. and you are my daughter.. and oppa is my husband..but.. how this is happen? She talk to herself.

    Suk came out and go to the bathroom. Hye want to ask him about what happen. After he is out from the bath room, Suk sat down on her side and kiss the baby. “What do you want for breakfast?” Ask Suk while stand up and kiss her forehead lightly. He go to the kitchen and wear the apron.

    Hye look at the baby more closely and think “If I married with keun Suk oppa.. And you are our baby.. but how came you more look like him than me… Owuh.. really.. how come he monopolying the baby too..” the baby looks like mini suk girl version. Her cheek, chin, forehead, hair.. it’s all suk’s.. only her eyes that look like hye’s.

    “Hey.. I ask you what do you want for breakfast.. do you want omelet?” Ask suk from the kitchen.

    “Oppa.. how can we get married?”

    Suk look at her “of course,because you begging me to marry you…” Suk smile devilishly.

    “Oppa I’m serious..”

    “Oppa?? Since we got married.. you never call me oppa..oh? are you okay? Are you sick?”

    “I don’t know oppa.. I can’t remember how we become like this.. last night I’m still in my room but now I’m here..”

    Suk looks worry and touch her forehead. “Are you okay? Let’s go to the doctor..or ”

    “oppa it’s not like that..”

    “okay, than I’ll make the breakfast and you.. sit here..” Suk take cherry and put her on the playing box.

    Suk making her omelet and it’s delicious.

    “I’ll go at 9 and you have a photo shoot at 11 right.. my mom will take cherry at 10 so you can prepare yourself..”

    Hye, who can’t understand anything that happed just silent. After they finish the meal suk get cherry and bathing her.

    Cherry really love the water. She move here and there so suk’s shirt become wet. Suk really know how to do it. Hye smiling at them. If this is a dream.. than it’s the best dream that I ever had..

    “oppa.. how can we get married?’ Ask hye again.

    Suk stop bathing Cherry for a while and look at Hye’s eyes.

    “Don’t tell me that it’s because i’m begging you again..”

    “No, i’ll tell you the truth.. i marry you because i’m begging you to marry me..”

    Suddenly, the bel ringing…
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by princessjune on Wed 28 Dec 2011, 10:30 pm

    Thank you Mam Demi, i love your com bar too..
    and Khulynne, thank you for helping me posting my fic here..
    i'm glad you like it.. i supposed to continue the story after their marriage rite ^^

    but this all i can do..
    hope you guys enjoy this one too.. the tokyodome is really something..
    their eyes, their gesture..
    when he sang hello2 and said "she knows.. she knows.." ahh.. he point his left finger to the backstage.. So "she" is "she" on the backstage? hahaha.. i supposed not to spazz here by myself ,okay here we go..

    Together, with eels

    “Woahh.. it’s so big.. I want to watch baseball here” hye is totally amazed by the place.

    “Hey, today is my day.. why talking about baseball now?” Suk standing beside her on the rehealsal.

    “you feel so proud of me don’t you?” ask suk.

    “hmm.. of course.. thanks for inviting me oppa”

    “I’m not inviting you.. you supposed to be here with me.. even if you’re not on stage.. you have to be here on the backstage or audience seat..no invitation because you were part of me..”

    Hye smile at him. Suddenly the stage director coming.

    “Hey, you two.. can we start the rehealsal here.. you can starring at eachother too later..”

    They start the rehealsal. Hye will sing her lovely day alone than still with suk. she’s taking a vocal course these days so she made a good progress on singing live. They arrange the blocking, setting the spotlight, with the script on their hand they practice their dialogue, they speak Japanese and suk always giddy when he hears hye speak japanesse.

    “Why?” ask hye.

    “the way you speak japanesse is so cute..” he smile at her and pinch her cheek.

    “really? But I don’t want to look cute tonight.. I want to be pretty..” she pouting.

    “Aigoo.. pretty doesn’t enough for you..” suk pat her head.

    They sat on the stair to rest.

    “Oppa.. remember when we talk about this.. that you’ll be on Tokyo dome too one day..”

    “When we watch bi hyung’s concert on the tv?”


    “of course I do.. and you’re the one who trust me when I said that.. than another were not.. even my manager told me that I should focused on what I’m doing than too much dreaming..but look at me.. I’m here now..”

    “yeah.. I trust you oppa.. when you had a dream you can get it as long as you believe it can comes true..”

    “okay.. that’s enough you can get rest now hye-a.. suk let’s start another song..” the director end their rehealsal.

    Hye running to the backstage and not found her dressing room. There’s another guesstar room, dancer room, staff room, but where’s hers? Aish oppa forget about me? Should I join the dancers room? Hye’s thought about that.

    Suddenly her staff calling for her. “Hye-a where are you going?”

    “I’m looking for my dressing room.. where is it?”

    “Ahh.. here..” they come to the biggest dressing room there. Hye read the notes on the door. Prince’s Room.

    They go inside and meets suk’s parents and managers. Her staff and manager are there too. The room is so big and had two parts of dressing room inside. So, it’s suk’s and BB than her’s.

    There are so many foods and snack on the table, big screen tv to monitoring the stage, big sofas and even sofa beds to rest, it’s so comfortable.

    “Hye-a here..” suk’s mom pat the space next to her. Hye come and sat there.

    “are you tired?” Ask suk’s mom in care.

    “not really eomonim.. I’m just thirsty..” said hye and drank the water on the table and finish one bottle.

    “My son makes you work so hard..”

    “No eomonim.. it’s okay..”

    “Here.. drink it..” Suk’s mom gave her a cup of ginseng tonic.

    “but.. it’s..too..it’s better if oppa drink it..” Hye so surprised. It’s the expensive ginseng tonic.

    “he already have one.. it’s yours..”

    “How about appa or you?”

    “It’s okay.. palli drink it..” suk’s mom thrusts the cup to her mouth and hye drink it. “good girl.. you have to be healty shin hye-a..”

    “Thank you eomonim..” hye drink another water to bear the ginseng flavor on her mouth. Her manager and staff just laugh behind her.

    “where is abonim?” ask hye.

    “He’s outside.. looking around..” and after that they do the chit-chat like mother and daughter. They talk about anything such as gossips, weather, foods, and hye’s grandmother health.


    Hye is almost ready. She had to do interviews before she’s on stage. Suk already had his hair done too and he’s going to see hye on her room.

    He knock on the door. “Hye-a..”

    “wait.. she’s changing her clothes..” he can hear manager jun voice inside.

    “She’s changing her clothes but why you were inside hyung?” he feels a little bit annoyed.

    Than the door open. And suk can come in.

    “I’m her manager.. it’s okay..”

    “not okay.. you still a guy right?”

    “Aigoo.. oppa enough..” suddenly hye come out from the changing room.

    It makes suk speechless.

    “Why? You don’t like it? I get this dress from your coordi oppa..”

    Suk get the blanket from the chair and put it on her waist and than he hug her.

    “you’re so..aigoo..” he kiss her cheek. “can I keep you just for myself?” he kiss her ear. “I don’t want to share you with another man.. keep hold the blanket around your waist.. and never let it go until you’re on stage..”

    “but I have to do the interview too..” hye hold the blanket by herself.

    “ only for interview..understand.. and don’t sit here and there.. watch yourself when you’re sit.. keep the blanket tight.. watch your step.. don’t fall.. understand..”

    “okay oppa.. don’t worry..”

    Suk’s manager looking for him. “suk-a lets go around to see the preparation..”

    “okay.. let’s go..” suk get out from the room and let all the people there finally breath in relieve.

    But suddenly suk come back and yell “Hye-a only for the interview you can let go the blanket..” Than he gone.


    “okay.. it almost start..” suk, hye, bb, staff and all the dancer do the prayer before the shows start.

    “let’s do our best..cheers…” after they finish the prayer. They have to prepare to the stage. But suk grab hye’s hand and pull her to her dressing room than lock it.

    “oppa what are you doing.. you should be prepared..”

    Suk looks worried. He looks pale.

    “Oppa are you okay?”

    They can hear all the people call for him outside.

    “chagi-a can I do this?” he said and closed his ear in frustation.

    “what are you talking about? Of course you do.. oppa, believe in yourself..” hye put suk’s hand his chest. “feel it.. your heartbeat..you’re still alive.. this is your dream.. this is the beginning.. you said you’ll get your dreams as long as your heart still beating.. this is your time.. Jangkeunsuk..” hye’s words like a spell to him. He hug her and she hug him back.

    “Suk-a palli get out..” they can hear his manager call for him.

    Suk kiss her and said “thank you for being here.. thank you for your trust..i love you..” and kiss her again.

    “wait..” he pull out a gum from his pocket and get one and kiss her again than pass the gum to her “you tasted like a ginseng..” he grin and hye chew that gum.

    Suk running to the stage and it makes hye yelled “Jangkensuk fighting!!!”


    Here comes. Her stage. Her performance. She’s worried, she’s nervous, she’s in shame. There’s a lot of what if on her mind. What if she’s wrong, forget the lyrics, forget the blocking, fell of, do silly things and a lot of bad thought.

    Suk’s appa come to her. “Hei.. are you okay?”

    “Oh.. abonim.. I’m okay..”

    “Here..” he gave her a bottle of mineral water.

    “Oh.. thank you abonim..” she bow and take the bottle.

    “that lil’ boy.. I don’t know where he’s got that stubborn head.. you know.. he’s our only child.. he didn’t used to share something to anyone.. so no wonder he becomes so hard to please..” He speak when looking at suk on stage.

    “But you don’t have to worry.. he really care about you.. you know one day I saw him walk back and forth on our balcony in the middle of the night just because you didn’t call him, and when he’s so busy making kimchi for you, and when you got the accident and he running outside without put his jacket on or brought his phone which he never let go from his hand and he yelled at all the things that block his way..” Hye knows from his eyes that appa jang is so proud of his son and he love him so much. Suk got the charisma from his father. Hye can feel it. Appa jang try to distract her from the bad thought so he talk to her. And it works she’s no longer nervous. She excited now to make her father proud just like appa jang to suk.

    “please.. be patient with him shin hye-a..” he said.

    “Shin hye are you ready?” ask her the floor director.

    “Yes.. I’m ready.. let’s go..” she take a breath and bow to appa jang.

    Appa jang pat her shoulder and she’s go to the stage.

    “She’s so pretty..” mama jang tell him.

    “pretty doesn’t enough for her”

    “what? Why?”

    “because she’s special..” and appa jang go.

    “aish.. she’s special because she make you talk a lot..”

    Appa jang didn’t talk so much. That’s why it’s so weird that he can talk a lot when he’s with hye.

    Mama jang just smile and looking her daughter-in-law-to-be shinning.

    She’s on stage. In front of thousand eels. She’ll do the best for them because she knows that they are her oppa’s precious fans. He loves his fans so much and they love his oppa so much too. She isn’t there to make them become her fans but she’s there to support her oppa. She didn’t want to show off as his girl but she’s there to let them know how sweet her oppa is. She didn’t care that she gains a lot of antis again, she just want to enjoy her oppa’s beginning.

    She finish her lovely day and speak a little to the eels. So far they do the script smoothly. Until suk’s on stage and singing still with her. At first it’s all fine but suk’s become himself and touch her. He touch her from the back, put his head on hye’s shoulder, than blank.

    “Oh my God.. what are you doing oppa?” Hye talk to herself and stared at suk. he ruin her concentration.it’s not on the script. No skinship. But what is this?

    After that they forgot their blocking and the stage director yelled at them on the monitor.

    “Yaa.. what are you two doing? Back to your blocking lovebirds..” said the director.

    But they can’t hear him. They just move here and there as they pleased. Jumping and have fun on stage.

    They’ll deal with the director later. But now, they just want to have fun.

    Together, with the eels..
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    waaaahhh! daebak!!!!! at last you updated you're ff pjune ahihihih..
    weeeehhh! i hope you update more.. ahahha mwuah!
    Fighting! looking forward for your next fanfic.. campai!!!!!! yo3
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    nice ff missrickless...thanks!!
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by lycille on Fri 30 Dec 2011, 1:49 am

    love it sis JUNE...ahhahaha another great writer in our SITE....

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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by khulet29 on Sun 08 Jan 2012, 11:58 pm

    @piijune.. hi sis.. just drop by to check if you posted you're new ff here.. ahihihi
    mianhe i'm just excited to read your ff update... :D yo24
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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

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    hey all,
    long time no post..
    i'm a lil bit lost direction lately..
    hope you enjoy this one..

    Days off

    “Oppa, what is my schedule for tomorrow?” Hye ask her manager on their way home after her practice for fanmeet.

    “nothing until Friday..”

    “Really?Ah.. it would be so boring..”

    “No, you won’t.. if I give you a schedule someone would scolded at me..” he talks so fast, hye can’t hear it.

    “What?” she ask him.

    “Nothing.. trust me you’ll be so happy even you didn’t have a schedule tomorrow..” her manager continue playing with his phone.

    “I’ll just sleeping all day than..” she adjust her seat and take a rest.

    It’s 1 am. Someone call her, its no other than Jang keunsuk.


    “I’m downstairs.. get down.. ah, don’t forget to bring your stuff..”

    “What stuff? Where are we going at this hour?”

    “it’s your jacket, changing clothes, and all you need.. go..palli..” klik- he hung up the phone.

    “Aish.. oppa..” but still she packing her stuff. She put her random choice of clothes from her wardrobe, charger, ipad, handphone, travelling kit and without she realize her bikini, because she packing with her eyes half closed.

    She change her pyjamas and put her sweater on. Her parents were on their vacation and bongji nori were stay at their school. She left the house with her backpack and go downstairs.

    She found suk on his Khan. She wave and get in to the car. It’s really cold outside.

    “Oppa.. where are we going?”

    “Namhae..” he turn on the car and get going.

    “What? By car? It needs 5 hour to get there oppa..” Hye surprised to hear their destination. Namhae is one of island in Korea. It called Treasure island.

    “I know.. so, you can’t sleep and talk to me all the way..okay..” he pat her head.

    He drive the car all along, have a rest for gas and hye’s natural calls on the rest area. Suk already prepare for their meals and snack but hye wants to buy more on the convenient store.

    “hye-a.. look” Suk shaking her shoulder and point out somewhere. Hye that already half asleep move her head to that direction and open her mouth in amaze.

    “Oppa.. it’s so beautiful..” all she could see is the view of beautiful sunrise while they pass the bridge to namhae. She put out her handphone from her pocket and take a picture of it. The view is so amazing and the bridge make it better. It feels like they were floating.

    They stop by at the beach and enjoying their time since the beach was empty. It’s early in the morning and no one there, only both of them. They sat on the sand and had an early ‘bread and jam’ breakfast there. Walking hand in hand back to their car.

    30 minutes later they arrived on the resort. It’s a luxury and famous resort yet expensive right oppa? She thought. They’re welcomed by one of resort staff. Suk already had a reservation there and that staff take them to one of their private villa.

    “welcome, this is your villa sir.. if there’s anything you need you can call us and we’ll be here..” the staff said. Suk gave him a tip and he said “Have a nice day sir, mam..” and he gone.

    “Oppa what are we doing here?” She ask.

    “Taking a day off.. holiday.. or whatever you want to call it.. give me your bag..” He took her bag with him and get in to the room.

    “Why here? We could do it in seoul too right..” she open the curtain and again amazed by the view. “Ahh.. so beautiful..”

    “Still asking why?” Suk open his jacket and lay on the sofa. “Ahh.. I’m tried of driving.. but it all paid by seeing your happy face..are you happy?”

    “yessss… thank you oppa.. but, it’s only two of us here..” she sat down next to suk.

    “Why? You scared of me?”

    “No.. I’m not..” she shook her head.

    “Than why?”

    “It’s such a waste, having a great view like this just for us.. my mom would like it too..”she fold her arm on her chest.

    “but I’m not dating your mom.. that’s why I brought only you here..” he kiss her cheek and put his arm around her shoulder.

    “Ahh so tired..” he put his head on her shoulder and hug her tight.

    “here.. take a nap for a moment..” She tap her lap so he could put his head there and take a rest. Without wasting the opportunity suk put his head and closed his eyes. Hye get the magazine from the table and start reading. That is Japanese magazine that had suk interview inside. Suk suddenly open his eyes “Where did you get that magazine?”

    “From your car.. oppa.. here..here.. you talking too much you know..” She said.

    “What too much? I’m talking what I want to talk there..”

    “That’s why.. isn’t it obvious that you’re saying that you were single but you talk about love just like you’re not? and here you said that you would tell your love one that you love her right away, but you tell on that tv show that you have fallen for one of three girls but you didn’t have a relationship with her because you didn’t say it.. isn’t it obvious?”

    “Is it?” he move his head and sit up. Try to look at the magazine with hye. Thanks God they learned Japanese. “Yeah, you were right.. it seems like I’m talking about us there..”

    “Are you sure it’s only about us here?” she tease him.

    “of course.. who else can I describe as ‘if I’m on relationship with someone’ except you..”

    “I thought you have to describe momo here”

    “Who is momo?” he looks like having an amnesia there.

    “Momo.. the role that you would die for no matter what..”

    “ah.. I suddenly remember.. that momo..”

    “Unfortunately there’s no bed scene there for you..” She tease him more.

    “it’s fine.. I already have one with you..”

    “With me? No.. you’re not.. we don’t have it before..”

    “Yeah, of course we do.. minam.. it’s even the famous one..”

    “You called pass out by electricity and sleep on top of you is a bed scene.. I don’t think so..”

    “Don’t forget the imaginary bed scene..” he rise his eyebrow twice to tease her back. She always had a blush when they talking about that scene. “And I always know that you’re jealous to hannul noona back than..” he tease her more.

    “Who said that I’m jealous with her..”

    “Or do you mean ‘who said that you’re jealous only with her..”

    “Oppa enough..” her cheek become so red and she put her palm to hide it.

    “you start it.. and look whose win..” he grab her hand and pull it away from her face. He look at her eyes, move closer, and taking the opportunity to kiss her. Their first kiss, *ehem* today.

    “Oppa.. wake up..i’m hungry..” she shaking suk’s body which were laying lazy on the sofa. He already sleep for 3 hours there.

    “mmmph.. what..” he move a bit but still close his eyes.

    “I’m hungry.. feed me..”

    “hungry? Get some food that we’ve brought.. we have a lot..”

    “yeah, but I want to eat ramyun now.. cook it for me..”

    “hye-a you’re the best ramyum maker that I ever known in my life”

    “I want yours now..please.. oppa..” she look at him with her spoil eyes.

    “no.. let’s do it together.. come..” he pull hye up and push her to the pantry.

    They cook together. Hye will boil the ramyun and suk prepare for the ingredients. They sometimes make a competition, who cook the best and their staff or family will be the judge. Until now, suk usually won.

    They finish their meals and back to the sofa. Hye take out her iphone but suk grab it away. “No..no..no.. no phone, no internet, no twitter..”


    “It’s our day off… come on..”

    “But.. I have to call my parents..”

    “okay.. only parents are allowed but not more than 5 minutes.. deal?”

    “Okay..” hye take her phone back and call her parents to check them out. And guess what.. her mom already know that she’ll go with suk today.

    “I know.. he ask my permission yesterday..have fun..” klik, her mom hung up the phone.

    “cih.. omma.. you didn’t even care that I go out with a guy..”

    “because it’s not only a guy chagi.. it’s me..” he go to the bedroom.

    “cih.. I’m her precious daughter.. and she let me spent my day with you without even worried..”

    “hye-a you brought a bikini?”

    “What.. I’m not..” she run to the bedroom.

    Suk hang her bikini in his hand. “Than what is this?”

    “Ahh.. maybe I’m put it in my bag without knowing.. I’m half asleep when you call me..” she grab it and put it back to her bag.

    “Ahh.. it’s a waste if you didn’t use it.. let’s swim than.. we have private pool and Jacuzzi here..”

    “no, I’m not in the mood for It now..”

    “Okay.. and it’s me than..” he go to the bathroom and change his pants with swimming pants. He run to the pool and jump in. “I have to burn the calories of ramyun..”

    Hye sat down in the pool side, watching suk swim. She knows it’s one of his trap. He’ll swim happily so I could join him. “Come on.. get in..” he ask her.

    “No.. I’won’t fall in your trap oppa..”

    “what trap?”

    “aish..” she left him and turn to get inside. But suddenly suk grab her and throw her to the pool along with him.

    “Oppa..” she splash him. But suk grab her again, drown her together and kiss her underwater.


    They had outdoor dinner.Suk ask the hotel staff to prepare it on their pool side. They serve it when she’s taking a bath inside. So, she didn’t know about it. When she come out all she can see was a beautiful dining table, slow music, and candles around. It is so romantic.

    “oppa, I don’t know you prepare for this..”

    “of course you don’t.. if you already know it doesn’t called surprise than..”

    He pull a chair for her and than sit in his chair. They had salad, steak and puddings for dinner.

    When the puddings come hye ask him “Oppa, there’s no ring inside right?”

    “what? No.. of course not.. I’m not that type of a man that would proposed his girl like that.. and I already gave you rings right..”

    “yeah, thank you..” she start to eat the pudding happily. Suk always love to see her eat. She look so happy when she’s eating.

    After they finish their dinner. Suk ask her to dance but she refuse it and say “Oppa I’m sleepy..”

    “what? You already sleepy in this hour? What are you? An kindergarten student?”

    “You already sleep in the morning, but I’m not.. please.. I’m really sleepy..”

    “okay..okay.. get inside and sleep.. I need to stay here for a while..”

    “smoking?” she already know the answer but still, she ask.

    “Yeah..” he smile.

    “okay, take your time..” she get inside, change her clothes with pyjamas, and lay on the bed. There’s only one bed here so, suk would sleep with her too. It’s not their first time, sleeping together. Yeah, sleeping because nothing happened between them except sleep. But tonight, there’s only she and he. She trust him but still it feels so awkward. She’s sleepy but she can’t sleep. Suddenly suk get in to the room and make her jump a bit.

    “Why?” suk ask her.

    “Nothing..” she answer him.

    Suk get into the bathroom to change his clothes and brush his teeth. After that, he lay beside her, kiss her goodnight, turn around and ready to sleep.

    Wait, what’s wrong with this cold back? Is he mad at me or something? She talk to herself.

    “oppa, is that something wrong?” she ask


    “so what’s up with this cold shoulder?” she touch his back and suk move his body.

    “don’t touch me..” he said.

    “oppa, are you mad at me because I don’t want to dance with you?” she pull him closer but suk move away.

    “I said don’t touch me..”

    “Why?” she ask and he suddenly turn around to face her.

    That eyes were scary, She thought. Is he really mad at me?

    “I’m scared of myself..” he said.

    “I trust you oppa..” she hug him.

    Suk only ‘sigh’ing. “You’re not helping you know..” he smell her hair and start kissing her neck,cheek, lips. He move his head here and there. Suddenly, he stop and put his head on her shoulder, hug her tight.

    “Why don’t you stop me?” he ask.

    “I can’t.. because I love you oppa..”

    “what if I can’t stop?”

    “I believe in your love.. because I know that you love me too.. I can’t stop you but I know that only your love for me can do..”

    He smile and hug her tighter.

    “oppa, I want ice cream..” she whisper to him.

    “What? You said that you were sleepy.. we don’t have one..should we call the staff?”

    “no.. let’s go find it..”

    “what? In this hour? And we already put our pyjamas on..”

    “emmmh.. come on..”she shake his hand spoildly.

    “I want ice cream…ice cream..”

    “you have a lot of request today..” he pinch her nose but he stand up and change. “let’s go..”

    They go to 24 hour convenient store to find her ice cream. Pull over on the beach side, singing out loud inside the car song like hey girl, let me cry, still, promise,some Japanese song. And go back to the resort at 2am. Hye already sleeping in the car holding her ice cream, so suk have to hold her to the bed.

    He kiss her forehead. “I love you..that’s why I stop because I won’t hurt you.. sleep tight princess..”


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    Re: miSsreCKLess fF's bOX (http://missrickless.wordpress.com)

    Post by khulet29 on Sun 15 Jan 2012, 1:39 am

    @piijune.. ei sis you forgot to share this ahahaha
    so im posting it in behalf of you :D i don't want the others to miss this , it's really nice ff of yours ahihih

    Posted on January 3, 2012 (credits:)by missrickless
    “Auw.. What’s wrong? Are you mad at me now?”

    Hye bite his shoulder when he hug her and tell her that he’s not gonna spent the new years eve together,again.

    “work..work..work..” she hit suk arm but with no strange.

    “so sorry.. you know me right..but why you were so care about it lately? You used to understand me before.. why? Is there something that ignoring you?”

    “nothing..” she move away from him.

    “I know this ‘nothing’.. and.. there’s must be something..tell me..” he pull her arm close to him.

    “nothing oppa.. really.. oh, I ordered new mac and it’ll be here at the new year..ahh.. I’m so happy..”

    “mac?” ask suk.

    “yepp..” she smiled at him.

    “ why you buy it by yourself?” he suddenly looks so serious.

    “yeah.. I used to ask my dad to buy it but I had my own money so..” she feels that suk is mad at her now and she’s wondering why.

    “ why don’t you just ask me?” he cupped her face, seriously look at her eyes.

    “Why should i?” she got confused.

    “because it looks like you don’t have someone to buy you one.. you have me right?”

    “oppa..” she can’t finish her words.

    “You have me.. you can ask me anything.. I’ll give you everything..”

    “oppa we’re talking about a laptop.. what’s so big about it?”

    “the thing is.. I don’t even know you want one.. am I too far from you now?” he looks so down.

    “oppa..” she hold his hand. “are you happy with the things that you do now?” she ask him.

    “yes, I’m happy.. I have my job, I have my fans, and I have you..” he hold her hands back.

    “so, that’s enough for me oppa.. as long as you were happy.. but I just worrying about your health.. sometimes you were over oppa.. your body had a limit, you know..” her eyes suddenly teary.

    All he can do was hug her. That’s all.

    “next time you want something. Just tell me okay.. I’ll buy it for you..” it’s not a suggestion but it’s a command.

    “you think that I was that kind a person oppa?’ she ask him back. She’s not that kind of girl that would ask his boyfriend to buy her anything she want.

    “no.. that’s why I ask you to do it..” he pinch her cheek.

    “let’s make a deal..”

    Suk already knows that having her as his girlfriend would made him do a lot of dealing. Just like now. “what?”

    “I will tell you everything I want.. but.. I’ll just would ask you to buy it for me if I want you to buy it.. that’s it.. deal?”

    “So, you would tell me everything you want but I can give it to you as long as you want me to buy it for you?”


    “wait.. so.. there’s a lot of stuff that I already gave it too you without your ask..so..”

    “nooo.. you can’t take it back..”

    “I haven’t finish my words..”

    “I know you would say it..”

    He only laugh at her act.

    “so, what would you do on new years eve?” ask suk.

    “hmm.. I’ll spend it with my families..”

    “do you want to joint me to japan?”

    “and let us have another scandal no, thank you..”

    “we’re not a scandal..”

    “yeah,of course.. but that’s what those people know..”

    “so.. just let them know the truth..” he gather her shoulder and she just giving him a sharp glance that means no in caps lock.


    New years eve.

    She spend it at her house. Had a bbq party at the backyard with her family. They pray, had a dinner and play together.

    Near the mid night,Suk call her.

    H:“what are you doing?”

    S:“still at the middle of meeing..”

    H:”ouh.. it’s new year oppa.. why don’t you just get out and find a place to hang out..”

    S:”I can see the fireworks from here..”

    They talk a lot until the countdown.

    S: Hye-a I have something for you..”

    H: Did I ask you to buy something?”

    S: No

    H: So why?

    S: we’ve made a deal about the things you want me to buy you not the thing I want to buy for you right?

    H: Ahh.. my tricky oppa.. so what now? Wait oppa let’s countdown.. it almost time..”

    S: you’ll see..

    10..9..8..7…6..5…4…3…2…1… happy new year..

    Suddenly there’s a fireworks. The big one and beautiful. Hye so impressed with it.

    H: oppa, I can see a firework here.. it’s really beautiful.. I wonder who made it..

    S: do you see it? It’s yours..

    H: what? Are you kidding me?

    S: no.. it’s me..for you..no kidding.. you like it..

    H: owh.. oppa..

    S: your so touch by it right?

    H: thank you oppa.. it’s beautiful..

    S: happy new year chagi.. I love you..

    H: I love you too oppa..

    Hye sat down and enjoy her fireworks. So, this it what it feels like. Having a boyfriend that extraordinary would made her having an extraordinary present and of course an extraordinary love.

    She feels so greatful having suk as hers. even the worlds againts them, it’s okay. for all the pain, it’s worth. having suk is her luck. hope this year they’ll still strong.
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