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    Let me Try (One Shots)

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    Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by notnecessarytoknowme on Mon 24 Oct 2011, 4:34 pm

    "Oppa mianhe, please talk to me yo12 " , Keun Suk smiled while reading her message, feeling a dirty, small victory inside him. thinking yoyo
    "Try harder, at least I 've got a chance to play hard to get" he said to himself.
    Another message popped into his phone's screen "Oppa, I didn't mean this kind of coldness.. Ah, I wanna cry yo18 ", Keun Suk sighed, "Control yourself, c'mon. She's just doing her trick again"
    His thinking was then cut by a sudden horn
    "Oops", the light turned green.

    "Aish, Bongji,Nori, tell me, why is he like that? I've texted and called him several times and I haven't received any signs of survival from him?"
    The dogs just squeaked to her (you know that, the sound dogs usually do when they try to get your sympathy, ugh, I can't think of any onomatopeia for that).
    She is near crazy now, she keeps on rolling on her bed tumbling until even her dogs got confused of her.
    She then recalled what happened earlier to analyze how wrong her plans gone wrong.

    "Oppa, how should we react while shooting? The PD gave us the chance to plan our mood, whatcha think?" Shin Hye questioned.
    Keun Suk, cannot resist to tease her, "Since, the theme is winter, should we do a contrast? Let's make the set feel hot thinking yoyo " while drawing his face close to her with his right eyebrow raised.
    "Yah" was like her reflex then slammed his chest. yo20
    "HAHAHAHA, and you? What's your idea?"
    Shin Hye is in deep thinking and Keun Suk finds her cute doing that, "Hmm..we should show coldness since the theme is winter, you or I act with a cold shoulder, or both of us act coldly?"
    "NO" he immediately yelled that draw the staff's attention "Ahh, mianhe, go back to your work now sweaty ", then in a lower voice, "I don't like your idea, I won't waste my time with you doing that."
    "But, it would only take us 20 minutes doing that, plus both of us know that it's for the theme's purpose"
    "How should I defend?" he mumbled
    "Ah, fine then, if you want to suit the mood to our theme then I think my suggestion is better, since it's
    cold, we should act passionately, looking to each other's eyes to melt the coldness within the surroundings" he smirked.
    "Oppa, we are endorsing the product, we should show them how it helped us resist coldness"
    "Shin Hye, admit it or not, consumers' choices are mostly based on the product's testimonial commercial.
    If they see us acting sweet","like we always do" he murmured, then resumed to his normal voice "then, we
    would draw more sales" He ended proudly.
    "Keun Suk! You're just playing with me again! I know you agree with my opinion, you're just taking
    advantage of me again, tch yo16 " though deep inside her, it was a joke it sounds like she delivered it in a wrong tone. Sending Keun Suk wrong interpretation
    "Fine" you could have said that in a better way right? I was just joking and now you're mad like that. You
    should have told me to go serious not yelling at me.
    "Uh, mianhe,it's not like th-" she was cut by the PD
    "OK, everybody ready now? Then, we'll start the shoot"
    Keun Suk ran towards his make up artist to have some fast retouches, as well as Shin Hye.

    Shin Hye stepped in front of the camera, her solo shots were then taken.Keun Suk's turn, then both of them.
    Shin Hye doesn't know how to react since they had some small fight( she hopes it's really small) a while ago. In order for her to redeem herself to him, she acted the way he wants her to act, she makes sure at least a cell of her touches a cell of him. But, he acts the opposite, he never made an eye contact with her, he never oriented his body towards her and his face wears a scowl.
    "The scene is supposed to be cold but I'm melting, I think I should start thinknig of a way to make this up
    to him" Shin Hye thought.

    They called the photoshoot off then the staff congratulated and thank them. Then they leave.
    Shin Hye was looking for Keun Suk to talk but he was gone in a minute, at that point she knew it was not
    just a small fight. Unknowingly, Keun Suk's smirking while figuring out how Shin Hye will get out of this
    fight.Puahaha thinking yoyo

    "Aish, in my POV, he shouldn't be that disappointed! or am I being biased? No, I think everyone would also think that way, except him, he should have talk to me first"
    5 minutes after
    "Oppa mianhe, please talk to me T.T" She presses send.
    "Nnnooo! I shouldn't have said that his head will get bigger"
    10 minutes after
    "Oppa, I didn't mean this kind of coldness.. Ah, I wanna cry >.<" she presses send
    "Oh! Why did I did that again!! Maybe I'm really going crazy"

    Keun Suk was also reminiscing when the PD called him.
    He's schedule got tight again, he's taping for his new drama, Love Rain. They were filming when he got curious on what caused the staff to grin like that, stare at him like that and say "Ohhhh" to him. He then saw a car decelerating then a known figure showed up.
    T'was Shin Hye, his heart needs revival (the one that looks like an iron, they're actually 2, sorry), but
    managed to look unaffected.
    The PD looked at Shin Hye as if telling "Do you want us to take a break?", she understood but motioned her hands meaning "Oh, just continue" then smiled.
    PD then turned his gaze to Keun Suk, even without a word Keun Suk felt the PD's intention to tease him. silly Keun Suk walked towards him then whispered something, "Hyung, sweaty don't be like that, or else I won't control myself, this is my first time to play hard to get! Ah, and it's really hard.. Shh" Then they both laugh evily, while Shin Hye was being assisted by some people there to have a sit, meaning she didn't see( which was one of the intentions of Keun Suk for whispering (so evil, huh? thinking yoyo ) ).

    They continued taping, then had a break.
    Shin Hye smiled when she saw Keun Suk smiling and walking towards her, she stood up from her seat
    and was about to congratulate him for having a good scene when he bypassed her and gave the camera man a high five. He then watched the scenes and thought that they were really good.
    Shin Hye felt her heart was missing and just took her seat again. She was now really sad but told herself to be patient in return of his long patience towards her everytime she's having her tantrums. "I'll just wait here until the taping is finish and I'll make sure to talk to him" she whispered to herself.

    They resumed filming, as what she had decided she was there patiently waiting for him (disregarding her
    little jealousy, just a little.. fine! medium! but never mind, that's not the point. the point is, he's not talking to her!!!). After 40 minutes they packed up and said their goodbyes to each other.

    Shin Hye got a towel to wipe off his sweat but she noticed Keun Suk walking towards his car so she ran after him and turned him to face her,
    "Wait oppa, mianhe for what had happened earlier, it was just a misunderstanding. Please listen to me ra5 " she pleaded with desperate eyes.
    He's feeling guilty but told himself "Just a little longer? Kekeke thinking yoyo "
    "I might just play with you and won't be serious, so just go"
    "Keun Suk-ah, I'm already missing you, please let's fix this?" she uttered hopelessly ra32
    "I'm tired, just go" then he proceeded walking up to halfway where his car can be found, Shin Hye, getting weak of holding her tears turn around and walked towards her car too, she does not want to show Keun Suk that she's crying..
    "I think I've overdone it" he turned around to see her again, and even he's facing her back he can tell that
    she's wiping her tears. "Uh-oh ra32 " He ran as fast as he could towards her and back hugged her. He heard
    her sobbing. "Oi, mianhe, I made you cry yo12 " he gave her cheek a quick kiss. "I'm sorry for disappointing you, I'll hear you out, and then hear me out too, is that OK?" Instead of responding, she broke free from his arms and tried to walk away but her wrist was caught by Keun Suk, turned her around towards his
    back then piggyback-ed her. Shin Hye was too surprised to say or do anything. They kept quiet while walking towards Khan.
    He helped her buckle her seat belt then proceeded to his seat.
    "Uhm, would you mind explaining now?"
    "Ne, during the sho-" she was stopped by Keun Suk's sudden reaction
    "I know it's supposed to be a joke."
    "So, I don't need to explain now?"
    "Then how about you?"
    He sighed, "From the start I thought of playing hard to get sweaty , I just want to be ran after by you. Hihi."
    "Oww, if you wanted some affection, you could have just told me, oww, baby" then she playfully grabbed his head then patted it while hugging him.
    "But you're so cute a while ago, though you also gave me a hard time, you're so hard to resist that I even
    asked the PD to have some conivance with him silly hehe"
    Shin Hye gave his lap a high pitch slap, "I hate you!" Then made a two-hand facepalm.
    "Oww" Keun Suk draw himself closer to her then hugged hair, "Mianhe, I love you :)"
    She returned his hug while he kissed her forehead.
    "Did you know that even the staff were spazzing because of us? We're so cute right?"
    "Only me"
    "Fine, us"
    "Do you want to start another fight?" looking confused
    "Oh" then kissed his lips quickly, "Hehe, ani sweaty " then smiled bashfully
    They were driving at the streets of Seoul looking for something to eat.
    "Tell me, where do you want to eat?" he asked her
    "Uhmm.. something lite? Conti's maybe?" she suggested
    "OK, I guess no fanatics at this kind of hour"
    Keun Suk pulled over.

    "What do you want?"
    "Blueberry cheesecake will do" she smiled
    "And your drink ma'am?
    "Kekeke, will you choose for me?"
    "OK, wait for me :)"

    Keun Suk went back to his seat and they patiently waited for their orders.
    "You know what, I know now why you're stuck up with scripts"
    "Mwo?" Keun suk uttered, quite confused.
    "A whileago, I waas really carried away by you, I really thought you hate me that much"
    "I really do!"
    "Kekeke, I missed you, plus i realized that I'm always the one chasing after you that's why I did that" He said proudly
    "Oh, Oppa, mianhe for giving you a hard time, I should be more thoughtful of you from now on yo12 " Shin Hye said with apologetic look.
    Keun Suk felt worried, he didn't mean that she's giving him a hard time. Actually, he loves it and finds it cute everytime they fight because he knew kiss and make up would happen (that made him really excited).
    He placed his palms over her hands. "Ani, that's not what I mean, don't worry I like it when I'm running
    after you and I find it challenging when I'm thinking a way to get you back" He smiled, smirked then pouted.
    "Haha crazy" then pinched the palms over her hands
    "Er-ehem" ra1
    Keun Suk and Shin Hye felt very nervous for having someone witness their sweet act
    "Oh sweaty " then both of them stared at the waitress quite embarrassed.
    "Sir your order is ready now" the waitress then placed the orders on the table
    "Th-thank you" Keun Suk stuttered

    They are now eating but also are thinking what are they going to do with the waitress.
    "What should we do?" Keun Suk sounding nervous but tried his best to look confident.
    "Mmm.. I think, with a pastry store like this, the employees here have already saw many celebrity couples, and I don't think the photos didn't came from them"
    "Wow, look at this brave girl"
    "Kekeke, well that's just my idea"

    They continue eating and talking and talking and planning and discussing until they decided to leave.
    Keun Suk had his right arm behind her nape and her left arm around his waist while walking out of the
    shop, then they both took a glance at the waitress then smiled.
    The waitress cleaned their table and notice a writing on a tissue paper.
    "Shh, keep quiet OK? We're giving you our full trust :)" below is the sign of Keun Suk with his not so famous cricri~ beside it and also Shin Hye's signature.
    The waitress decided to keep it and can't help but smile.
    Inside the car
    "It's almost 2 I'll drive you home now :)" he said.
    "Oh, OK I'm quite sleepy, and you look sleepy too" adding an emphasis on the word 'you' then poking his
    "Ah" then crumpled his nose up.
    Keun Suk turned the radio on ra24 then proceeded driving.

    "Annnd, we're here :)" Keun Suk pulled over, unbuckled his seatbelt, her seatbelt, got out of the car, closed his car door, opened her car door, helped her stand up then closed her car door.
    "Thank you Oppa for the night, uh, I mean morning? Kekeke :)" then was about to walk but was prisoned
    by Keun Suk's arms while her back rested at his car.
    She giggled, "What? You know what, you're so mean, first you gave me a hard time, now this? You won't
    let me sleep, so caring huh?" teasing him
    "Oh c'mon chagi, if I know, you're waiting for this time too everytime I'm driving you home" he smirked.
    "Crazy" then playfully slapped his cheek( not a bitch slap, the soft one, it's not actually a slap, the one
    when you put your palm on his cheek then push it, ahh I hope you understand).
    "A while ago, we were safe with the waitress, but what if someone is seeing us at this point of time? Witnessing our goodbye and goodnight kiss?" He's grinning from ear to ear now, while drawing his face
    closer to her.
    She giggled more "I won't let it happen, coz you won't get it tonight ra3 " she stuck her tongue out
    "Oh, who's mean now?"
    "Oppa! I'm sleepy now! ra23 " but can't pocket her grin
    "Then close your eyes now." sounding sweet
    Shin Hye, who doesn't want to make this any longer obeyed him then placed her arms around his waist.
    Keun Suk smiled then slowly leaned forward.
    He kissed her nose then down to her lips
    It was so gentle and sweet, suiting the cold wind touching them. They were like in a drama, but no, this
    one's real.
    After some time, Shin Hye broke the kiss then hugged him, hearing his heartbeat.
    "I love you, always remember that :)" Keun Suk said.
    "I love you too, Oppa :)" she smiled
    "Uhmm, now that the paparazzi has taken us pictures, may I go inside now?" Obviously teasing him
    "Ne, goodnight chagi!"
    "Text me when you reach home, drive safely, goodnight. Dream of me, OK? :)"
    "Ok, ok, dream of me too, byie :)"

    Shin hye went inside smiling to herself, as well as Keun Suk driving while he taps his fingers on the
    steering wheel feeling the beat of the car's radio ra24


    I know, this is my first time ra5 bare with my layout please ra5 I don't even know if this would work. Kekeke. I hope you would like this :)
    And, the smileys are so fun to use, sorry if you don't like too much smileys kekeke f1

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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by megz on Mon 24 Oct 2011, 5:35 pm

    hello notnecessarytoknowme(an intriguing name!!!)
    h45 to this exciting site!! and hats off to you for attempting something wonderful!! i really liked your one shots h10
    It was a nice fan-fic and well written!!
    hoping you will continue your efforts and once again welcome dear

    P.S. regarding the smileys most of us are addicted to using it so no prob go ahead!!
    take care!! goodbye
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by lycille on Mon 24 Oct 2011, 11:54 pm

    OMO!!! another WRITER in our site.... yo10

    thank you for posting your fanfic here...

    it's really spazzworthy and fun to read.... weeeeee

    and please i do hope you continue to write another FANFIC...yeba!!!

    and btw...notnecessarytoknowme......we REALLY WANT TO KNOW YOU!!!!

    hope we can know u better... cheering

    daebak!!! monkey kiss
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by khulet29 on Tue 25 Oct 2011, 12:14 am

    @notnecessarytokn0wme Oh! Sh0ot love your ff. M0re please ahaha i enj0y reading it specially with th0se smileys. Keep up the g0od w0rk and again welcome to the site,and welc0me to our funmily,ö Godbless :D
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by notnecessarytoknowme on Mon 31 Oct 2011, 10:59 pm

    Thank you for your comments. I'll try to post tomorrow. Kekeke
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by notnecessarytoknowme on Sun 13 Nov 2011, 1:36 am

    "Ding dong!"
    Shin Hye went towards the entrance without anything in mind. But, as soon as she reached the last step of the stairs, she saw a manly figure in her imagination, that made her heart jumpy. Though she didn't want to assume that it's him, maybe she could give a part of heart, expecting. yo10
    She opened the door and found the one's she's looking for. She knew he would visit her, she knew that she needed to comfort him.
    "Oppa!!!!!!" She witnessed Keun Suk's serious face but she noticed his grin as soon as he saw her. ra1
    "Wow, you missed me a lot that just by seeing me in front of you can make you smile? she grinned at the thought that she had just exposed. She returned his smile and was about to give him a welcome back kiss but..
    "Ohhh!-Oh-Oh, someone might see us, are you crazy? You keep on reminding this to me but you broke your own rule!" ra3
    "Oh, mianhe Oppa, I didn't know that you didn't want some kiss.. Fine then" then turned her back to him. "Hey, I didn't said I didn't like it, I mean uhmm.. Maybe you let me in first?" he said, smiling while scratching his head. sweaty
    Keun Suk followed her inside.
    She continued her fast pace but was cut by Keun Suk's hands stopping her by her arms.
    "Mwo?" she asked, looking innocent though deep inside her, she knows what he wants.
    "Tch! Stop pretending you don't know , I know you know what I want" he said, smirking and looking proud for himself. thinking yoyo
    This guy, he's digging into my mind! she thought.
    "This guy, he's digging into my mind!" he mimicked her tone when she said that in her mind.
    Shin Hye freaked out "Yah! You know what? You're scary, how come you know that, seriously?". surprised
    Keun Suk burst into laughter "I've known you for a very long time, plus, I try to read what you're thinking or how you would react to my actions so that I wouldn't hurt you. Still, there are times that I misread but I do my best to make them up to you" Though he started explaining while laughing, he finished his statement on a serious but very sweet tone.
    Shin Hye was quite shocked for the sudden change of the atmosphere and was just able to give him a smile for what he had said. She felt electricity all over her body. They were together for a long time already yet romance had always been there. ra19
    And of course, our ever naughty Keun Suk took the chance to get his kiss from her. He leaned towards her then gave her a smack.
    "Yah!" then covered her mouth with her hand
    "Mwo? You're my girl, I have the right to kiss you! Tch." he objected.
    From that, our teacher starts to discuss the lesson "Oppa, in every right, there's a corresponding responsibility. Yes, it's true, you have the right to do that, but your responsibility is to make sure that "your girl" (Shin Hye giving an emphasis at those words) wants it too.. ra3 " she pouted.
    "Oh c'mon chagi, don't tell me you don't like it! thinking yoyo !" He smirked, then smiled devilishly, then grinned, then showed off a teasing smile, then showed off a more teasing smile, just anything that could piss her.
    "Whaaaaaaat?" she meant what are those for? She's quite anxious and spazzing right now.
    Keun Suk held her wrists then pushed her to the wall "Hmmm.. let's see if you really didn't like it agreeing ", he drew his face nearer, and nearer(smiling), and nearer(bigger smile),and nearer(biggest smile),and
    nearer(grinning)then stoppedd short up to the point where they could feel each other's breath.
    Shin Hye can't help but spazz too, she kept on giggling and can't do anything more but to giggle. weeeeee
    "Uhmm, chagi, you have the right to cut the distance between us.." he said in an informing tone.
    Shin Hye claimed her right, she gave a him a kiss. A gentle kiss that soon turned into a passionate kiss,
    that she needed to wrap her arms around his neck to give herself support. And Keun Suk, being the gentleman, wrapped his arms around her waist to make her feel safe and to add gas to his burning heart. weeeeee
    He suddenly pulled away. "You violated my rights! I told you to cut the distance between us not to cut out
    my breathing! You should be punished!"
    "And how?"
    "Hmm... Tweet I came to the premiere of YMP not only because of my friends, not only because of the movie itself but because of Keun Suk Oppa"
    Hearing the word You're My Pet, Shin Hye remembered something. confuse yoyo
    "Oppa, I think I need to do something, let's go to my room?" though questioning it sounded more like an imperative sentence.
    He felt her serious tone that's why he obeyed her right away. As soon as they enter the room they walked toward the bed then sat there.
    "Oppa, tell me, do you want to share something to me?" she hinted her motive.
    He, looking confused and recalling things on his mind kept thinking, but can't get her."share something?" confuse yoyo
    "Yes, uhmm about your latest movie perhaps?"
    From that he knew what she wanted to know. He's not yet sure if she needs to know it or talk about it with her. "I don't know, I can't remember anything", at that point, he lied. He knows what's running inside her mind.
    "C'mon you can tell me. Please?" She pouted with her pleading eye. yo12
    He looked at the other side of the room "I don't have any idea.."
    He took a deep breath. "How'd you know?"
    "News's fast chagi" she said in an as-a-matter-of-fact manner
    He did not said anything and just bowed his head. Even Shin Hye could not see his eyes clearly she knows that they were really sad. She then comforted him by her own way.
    Sh sat closer to him, both of them leaning at the same pillow behind them. Her right arm travelled through the lower portion of his back to meet her other hand waiting, placed on top of his stomach, then she rested her head over his chest. Keun Suk, in return held the curve of her waist and his other hand together with his chin were placed on her head. They were just like that for a minute without anyone talking. They know each other too much, they've found out perfect ways to comfort each other, to apologize or to say I love you, on the other hand, both of them also know what does his/her action means. Maybe, this is what "heart beating as one" means.
    "Oppa, won't the pirated CD's make you feel overwhelmed? I mean, it implies that there's a big demand for your movie?"
    "PffffffffffffffftHahaha. Chagi, not helping"
    "HAHAHA. I know, I'm just kidding"
    At that moment, he knew he felt better.For him, there's no more comfortable place in any part of the world like where he is now-beside her girl, cuddling her.
    She broke away from the hug but let her right hand stay behind him. "Oppa, how are you feeling now?"
    "Feeling better" then flashed a boyish smile at her.
    Shin Hye crinkled her nose that led Keun Suk's fingers into pinching it. "Thank you!"
    She wanted to break the emotional atmosphere so she finds her way out "Oh, Oppa, I downloaded new apps for my phone" she stood up to get her phone on top of her desk then went back to where she sat before.
    "May I see?" then he started fidgeting her phone. After sometime Shin Hye challenged him.
    "Oppa let's play, If I won you'll do a consequence, if you won- yo6 "
    "You'll kiss me." he said firmly.
    "Oh, I'll think of a consequence.. Hmm.Lightbulb! I'll slap you!" she delivered devilishly
    "Whaat?! S-slap me?! surprised " he stuttered
    "Yes, slap bored " she said with conviction.
    "You're too mean" he complained.
    "Mwo, scared to lose? thinking yoyo " she smirked with her eyebrow raised
    "Tch. Fine! Deal!" he closed.
    They went to their positions holding the iPhone. Guess what, among her new downloaded apps, they chose Tap Tap Revenge 4, so new huh?
    They chose the hardest of the hardest "Our Suffering". Then let the game begin!
    *Tap here**Tap there**There tap**Here Tap**Everywhere taptap*
    Their scores were close yet the feminine one won.
    "I won! I won,I won,I won,I won,I won!" then stuck her tongue out.
    "Unfair! You covered my eyes and you're pushing me!" he complained.
    "That's not part of the rules!"
    "Aish, it's so unfair" he exclaimed
    Shin Hye is amused at how he took his defeat and gave him a teasing smile
    "What now! Why are you smiling like that!"
    "Nothing Oppa, let's do it now."
    Keun Suk changed his position into and Indian sit while Shin Hye came nearer to him then knelt in front of him.
    "You won't close your eyes? Do you want me to slap you with your eyes open?" then she laughed.
    "Fine, fine. But don't be too hard on me okay? Remember, you said you love me? So be nice!"
    She aimed at his left cheek. As soon as her palm touched his face he was surprised, he even opened his eyes because..
    another hand touched his other cheek and pulled his face until his lips touches something soft- t'was her
    lips. He closed his eyes again and savored the moment. He smiled through the kiss and wrapped his arms on his waist and from time to time he rubs her back.

    She pulled away then flashed a smile that could added to the New 7 Wonders of the World. Keun Suk returned the smile then pulled her down so that they both lie on the bed. They stared to each other for a moment,
    "I love you.." he whispered.
    "I love you too" she whispered back.
    They slept in that position. Maybe couples could attend a seminar to be lead by them, seminar on how they manage to JUST cuddle when they're with each other in bed. It's easy for them, and hard for others. That's why Shin Hye feels so blessed for having someone who does not pressure her for the things she doesn't want to do yet.

    The next day
    New message-Chagi. "Hey your punishment, don't forget you only have today" she read.
    "Check it out now Oppa" she replied back
    "Check out You're My Pet, had a great laugh. Ahhh it's so entertaining. I love YMP!" he read aloud as he read her tweet.
    He texted her again "It's so unfair! Where's "I watched YMP because of Keun Suk oppa?!"
    "I Love You Chagi. I love you Keun Suk Oppa :) Happy?" is what he got as a reply
    "I want the public to see it"
    "Ohhh-oh-ho! Don't you dare upload that in Twitter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
    "Kekeke. Ok Ok, so what now?"
    "Hmm.. I'll let the public know that I love you, okay? But not yet now... Kekeke. For now, for our eyes only, i love you! ^^"
    He smiled with their exchange of text message, he knew that someday they would be able to tell the world of their love and be the happiest and proudest man on earth.
    "I love you too.. and more ^^" appeared to her screen...

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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by ilovedrama91 on Sun 13 Nov 2011, 10:42 am

    i love this story hope you could write one with them getting married!!! i had a weird dream about them getting married after watch this fanvideo "marry your daughter" so i think im going to write a short fanfic too!!!
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by notnecessarytoknowme on Thu 17 Nov 2011, 9:24 pm

    Thank you readers! I thought no one would be interested to my pieces. Lemme write another one maybe next week? Kekeke. I'm thinking of an emotional one, something that would break them apart. But of course I'll fix it. Kekeke. Tata! I just learned 'tata' this past few days, french word meaning goodbye. That's all folks!
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by khulet29 on Thu 17 Nov 2011, 9:40 pm

    waaaaaahhhh! I'm looking forward to your new fanfic chingu... yeba! Go! GO! Go! ahihihi
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by mssweet821 on Thu 17 Nov 2011, 9:58 pm


    WOW...what a fanfic...I love it ....you really great in writing...so talented...can't wait your next fanfic...hope you will post ASAP...lolo

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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by barbiechan83 on Fri 18 Nov 2011, 12:54 am

    oh oh i didn't know we have another talent here!!!...i was smiling and giggling all the way ...t's cute ,sweet, funny and so spazzing.....hoping to read some more...fanfic go go go!!!!!
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by jfp2268 on Mon 28 Nov 2011, 9:45 pm

    i love your fanfics!!...one of the best!..as a first timer you're so good!!...pls. make more fanfics specially now that many big events happened to our hacci & sukki!!!..we are all gonna wait for it!!!
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by lycille on Mon 28 Nov 2011, 10:45 pm

    @jfp2268 i agree with you...one of the BEST FANFIC ever!!!!

    im still waiting for more FF...hopefully she POST another one...

    @notnecessarytoknowme WE ARE CRAVING for MORE FANFIC....hahhahaa

    daebak :)
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by notnecessarytoknowme on Mon 28 Nov 2011, 11:58 pm

    Sorry for not meeting the deadlines I've made. Now I feel what writers feel everytime they fail to post, I remember when I was just a reader, I keep on reminding writers to update, now I'm being reminded. Kekeke, It's just so overwhelming.. Thank you for that, sad to say, this week's very tough, but I'll try to update! Actually, the draft's already in notepad, but I won't allow you to see an unedited-slash-unproofread work. Kekeke, must hide my laptop carefully. Goodnight! BTW, I'm Pinoy!

    PS: Since I have 2 plots on my mind, and big events happening, gonna post 3? Deal? >:)
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by jfp2268 on Tue 29 Nov 2011, 9:13 pm

    DEAL!!!..ah you're pinoy?!...same here!...kaya pala maganda fanfic mo...kakakilig!...so, we'll wait for your 3 FANFICS !...as you have promised!!
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by khulet29 on Tue 29 Nov 2011, 9:45 pm

    @notcessary so your a Filipina too? yeba! nice to meet you pwahahahahha khulynne here... can't wait for your KeunShin fanfics :D

    @jfp2268 kaw di pinay? yihaaaa ahahahahah..
    i think most of the members here are pinays...:D
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by notnecessarytoknowme on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 1:38 am


    Keun Suk can't explain what he's feeling now, he's inside Khan near the Han river. He felt pathetic, he himself cannot understand why he did that, yeah, maybe he knew the reason why he broke up with her, but the pain is just so different. He's in deep thinking, their moments shared together, every monthsary, their milestones, their previous problems up to the most heartbreaking thing that happened to him, though it's not good to wish that that was also the most heartbreaking moment in her life, he needed to believe in that, to prove that she loved him, loved him so much. Yes loved, past tense, he doesn't want to admit it but it's possible. What's worse is that he himself was the reason of the pain he's feeling now, he hurts her too, that thought made him bang his head at the driver's seat. He's preventing the flow of Han through his eyes, wanting to be honest, "I admit this is the worst heartache I've ever experience, how come it could hurt like this? Tears won't stop, my heart is uncontrollable. Shin Hye, I..I just need you so badly right now. But how? I've hurt her, I've never seen her eyes like that. I'm, I'm just so stupid. Fvck impulsivity" he said audibly, then struck the steering wheel. He looked outside through the window beside him, his stupidity haunting him again. ra32

    "Oppa, have you eaten lunch already? Goodluck to your shoot, Go! Go!" her message said.
    "Lunch?" He checked his watch "6:00" he checked the time he got the message "12:30" -suddenly her name appeared on his screen, she's calling. "Hello, Oppa, you didn't exist for a while? What were you doing?" she questioned.

    "I'm going home now, the shoot has ended, I just read your message"
    "So if it's not yet you're dismissal you won't mind checking?"
    "Shin Hye, I'm tired" he said in a weak voice
    "Oh, I see, take a rest then Oppa, I'm about to sleep now, goodnight, I love you! Take care!"
    "Same to you Shin Hye, I'll hang up now"
    For her it's weird, first: before, he never fail to check his inbox, he would even suggest a break to the PD to have a glance at his phone. Second, "Same to you Shin Hye?"-" Maybe he's just really tired" sighs.
    He's busy digging up the script, suddenly the door swings fully open "Surprise Oppa! I have nothing to do today, so I decided to go over to your house to play!" she said in the most energetic voice she can. ra1
    "I'm afraid we won't be able to play today, if today is your free day, well my day is totally the opposite, I have to do a many revisions for our script, we just realized that some information are contradicting each other" he stated.
    "Oh, that'll be alright Oppa, can I just stay here and look after you?" then showed up a bright smile
    For the entire day Keun Suk's attention was on the script alone. She felt offended, it was like she was not there. She understands that he's busy, but won't he bother to take a short break to just even take a glance at her? She volunteered herself to go home
    "I'm going home, annyeong" with her voice it could be easily concluded that she's disappointed, what's worse is that she heard a reply that she didn't expect to get
    "Take care, sorry I won't be able to drive you home, I'm not yet done with this" he replied without even looking at her, not even bother to walk her downstairs. She decided to remain silent then immediately went home.
    Shin Hye's taken aback by his actions, as time goes by she can feel more changes from him and in their relationship. Her patience might be long but she's at the tip of it,
    "He's busy, try to understand him" is all what her mind says to prevent herself from berserk.

    She's staring blankly at the walls of her room when her phone beeped. Her heart jumped at the thought of Keun Suk
    "Are you busy? Want some coffee?" was what she read.
    She immediately replied, "Ani! Should I go now?! I missed you! I'm so excited to see you again!"
    "Yeah, just by reading your message I can feel it. Kekeke. Let's meet at the waiting shed, I don't know why I even said that, I'm sure you know where to go. Kekeke! See ya"
    "I'm here!"
    "Kidding! I'm changing my clothes! don't peep, text you later Oppa!"

    She arrived at the spot, she's quite disappointed that he has not yet arrived. 10 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes.
    *Beep beep*
    "Shin Hye, mianhe, there's a protest against our movie, we need to fix something. Let's just go out together next time ahrasso?"
    She's feeling the worst feeling, plan-get excited-then it didn't happen. She's so down now, ra30 she needs him, she needs to spend time with him, thus, humbling herself
    "It's alright Oppa, I can wait here if you want then let's have coffee after that"
    "This would take time Shin Hye, plus most probably this would be tiring, go home now. Besides, it's late in the evening already"
    It was like heaven's with her, it rained.
    "Aish, this is crazy, how can I go home?" then, like an angel sent by heaven, two headlights focused at her and a man with angelic face got out from his car, carrying an umbrella.
    "Shin Hye! Are you crazy? walking in the middle of the rain?"
    "Hongki!!!! I missed you!" she welcomed him with a big hug.
    "I'm very lucky to have you passed by, you even reject projects because of your tight schedule, but look at this, what a coincidence"
    "Yeah, I missed you too! Let's have some friend talk! My treat at the coffee shop!"

    The drive was quiet yet comfortable, they are reserving their stories for each other so that later, they would talk and talk and talk. Hongki pulled over then both of them quickly proceeded to their overused favorite place. Hongki ordered for the both of them and left Shin Hye for a while.
    "Wait for me, plus don't tell me your order, I'll guess it!" then he winked
    "Ok oppa! Goodluck to your guessing! Kekeke"
    "Well at least, I could forget dilemnas for a while" she thought.
    After 5 minutes.
    "So, whatcha think?"
    "Oh! Oppa! You really know it! Such a sweet friend! Kekeke"
    "No need to flatter me Shin Hye-ah, now tell me, what's the problem?"
    "Yeah, you won't be stepping out in the rain if you're okay with hyung"
    "Oh, am I that transparent" she knitted her eyebrows
    "C'mon just tell me" he said.

    She explained everything to him, for her, it was such a relief to release everything to a friend. For some parts she can't help it, she cried, but good thing, Hongki's palms were always there to wipe them.
    "Shin Hye-ah, everything will be fine. Be strong. Just rememeber, Yonghwa and me will be always there for you and hyung. A.N.Jell fighting!" he said with matching fist tossed in the air.
    She let out a chuckle "Thank you Oppa, hope everything will be fine"
    "It's getting late, should I drive you home?" he asked
    "Guess you're right, I should not be using up all of the idol's precious time!"
    "Ani, it's fine with a friend like you"

    She's thankful for Hongki, well at least he was there for her. But that didn't change the fact that her relationship with Keun Suk is becoming unhealthy. She's tired of thinking, so she closed her eyes then fell into sleep.
    Weeks had passed, and still there are no changes. It's either, she's not with him, or she's with him, but not with his mind, even they're together, he's still busy with things. The main point is, he has no time for her. He keeps his attention only to his career. She already knew the consequences of having a relationship with a star as big as him long ago, but before, it wasn't like this. She became really confused.

    She called her "Oppa can wa meet lat--" she was cut off
    "Shin Hye, you know I won't be able to come, we're filming some last minute changes"
    "Then call me afte--" she was cut off again
    "Bye, the director's calling us now" he hung up.

    "Eomeoni, I'll leave now, he said they're still filming, I'll just leave this here, and maybe I might visit him at the set"
    "Oh, you're so sweet, I'm very thankful that my son chose you"
    "Thank you too eomeoni, I'm going now.. Annyeong" she bowed not forgetting her courtesy.

    He saw her behind the cameraman, he squinted his eyes to be sure, it was here.
    "Well, I guess we need some break here, huh?" the director obviously teasing Keun Suk, smirked at him
    Keun Suk walked pass him with a slightly pissed off expression, he went to Shin Hye's direction immediately
    "What are you doing here?"
    "You said, you can't me, so I went here" she smiled.
    "Pssh. We're busy filming right?" he dragged her to where people won't see them
    "What's wrong with you? It's like I don't exist!" she broke down.
    "Would you please try to be more understanding? I'm busy, whenever your schedule does not permit us to see each other, I'm not complaining right?"
    "That's different, can you even remember when was the last time we went out properly? Without you rushing then running away? Or without you texting or calling someone?"
    "You know what, you're just like the other girls out there, you're so demanding, you want to much attention, but I'm a celebrity, you're a celebrity, you know it too. I don't have much time!"
    Tears started to fall down through her cheeks "Well, sorry! Sorry if I'm demanding too much time from you, all I wanted is to spend time with someone special to me"
    "Yeah, because of that, you're taking up too much space, would you try giving me some?"
    "And would you try giving me some of your precious time?" she said, putting emphasis on the word 'some'
    "How many times do I need to repeat it, I'm busy!"
    "Maybe you're right, too busy that you even forgot that yesterday was our monthsary, I was supposed to meet you yesterday but you said you can't that's why I went here."
    He felt numb for a second. "Monthsary? We're not teenagers anymore to celebrate those!"
    "I know, but we're used to celebrate them"
    "Let's stop this Oppa"
    "Yeah, you're right"
    "I mean, us, I'm thinking of a break up.." she bowed her head down
    "He was quite taken aback but continued "Fine! If that's what you want, then I'll give it to you. We're over"
    He concluded then went back to the shoot.

    She's devastated, everything's dark, it was like her world experienced a sudden black out, she went home immediately then cried everything to her pillow. ra30

    He reached home.
    "Oh Keun Su--"
    "Omma, I'm tired" then he shut his door close.
    He decided to take a shower so that he can think clearer and better (Tae Kyung-ish! Kekeke)
    After taking a bath, he was standing by the door, drying his hair when he notice a small box, patiently wrapped with colorful paper and ribbon.
    His heart throbbed.
    He quickly went towards it then hungrily opened the box.
    He has someone in mind from whom the gift came from but he didn't want to make his hopes get to high, he needs to verify. There he found a wristwatch, glittering with diamonds all over it, together with the watch was a note that says:

    Dearest Oppa,
    I'm quite sad that I couldn't say these words infront you you schedule won't permit me.
    Anyways, I decided to give you this watch to symbolize time. This past few weeks, we seldom see each other, I know, I know, you're busy with work, I just want you to know that I'll give you my fullest understanding and patience. This also symbolizes how precious each minute you spend with me is. Today is our 18th monthsary, thank you for the 18 mos. you've spend with me. Good luck to your work Oppa, I love you!

    Fully yours,
    Shin Hye ^^

    He was trembling, he was having goosebumps while reading that short yet striking and touching note. Eveything just randomly flashed through his mind, how he had shortcomings to her. Tears suddenly fell down from his eyes. He's having the biggest regret in his life. If only he could turn back time...

    *Ring ring*
    He calmed himself first then answered the phone
    "Hello Hyung" cried Hongki from the other line
    "Oh, hyung"
    "Let's have some drink"
    "Well I guess that's a good idea"
    They set up the time and place, soon Keun Suk was there waiting for Hongki.

    "I have time for drinks like this, but I can't even send a message for her" he thought then bowed his head until it reached the table. ra33
    "Yah, Hyung!"
    "Oh Hongki! Long time no see"
    "Yeah, so what happened now?"
    "We're over"
    "You heard it right.. I messed things up"
    "Yeah, I think so.."
    "Yah, hyung! You're not helping!" Keun Suk cried out.
    "You must be really messing uo things, from the time I saw her in the waiting shed, about to walk in the middle of the rain up to this past few days, I've been witnessing her crying"
    "Oh, really? Crying?" He said with desperate eyes. "And what is it about walking in the rain?" he asked
    "Remember the night you asked her to have coffee with you? It rained when you said you cannot meet her, luckily I was there."
    "Thanks hyung" then he facepalmed
    "Don't thank me hyung.."
    "What should we do?"
    "What should we do? You mean, you would get her back?" he asked, amused.
    "Of course! It's just been hours since she was not mine, and now I'm feeling empty!"
    "You should have thought that before, before rejecting her invitations.."
    "I know hyung, but really, I learned my lessons.. I won't do that again to her, dunno what came into my mind why I did those things.. but honestly, I love her.. so much.. I want her back..I need her back" his voice breaking.
    "Hmm.. What should we do.."


    Now he's at the location they've planned. Hongki would talk to Shin Hye in front of Han while he would wait inside his car until Hongki gives him the cue. They need to do this because they know that Shin Hye would reject the meet up if she will know that Keun Suk will be there. Hongki ringed his phone, that's it, the cue for him to leave the car, then sit behind the bench where Shin Hye and Hongki are seated( you know, in parks right? benched are situated back to back)
    So, he left his car, then quietly took his position so as to not disturb the two.
    It was like his heart ripped off into two, when he took a glance of Shin Hye crying and breaking down in front of Hongki, make it four, when he heard her sobs.
    "Cry out everything Shin Hye" Hongki tried to comfort her, rubbing her back and wiping her tears.
    "It's so unfair, I tried to understand him, yet he went away. I hate him. I hate him because I love him" then continued sobbing
    While Keun Suk having some glances at her looks like a guilty child that made his playmate cry, his eyes were desperate, he was biting his fingers, he felt that he was all responsible for the these tears coming out from the eyes of her love.
    "Shin Hye, I think, someone should here out those things not me.."
    "What do you mean Oppa?" Shin hye, puzzled
    "He's here" then he looked at the direction where Keun Suk is standing, weeping.
    "Oh, Keun suk.." Shin Hye reflexed, startled.
    "I'll leave the two of you" then Hongki walked away giving time for the ex-couple.

    Keun Suk sat beside her, while Shin Hye doesn't know where to direct her eye contact.
    "Shin Hye-ah, I don't know where to start.. Uhmm, mianhe.. From the bottom of my heart, I'm truly sorry. I don't have anything here, I don't have a bouquet of flowers, nor cake nor jewelry, all I have is my heart full of regrets, full of repentance. I thinl this is the best way to get you back, yes, that's true. I'm deetermined to get you back,a day had just passed, but I already can't bear living without you. Please, give me another chance?"
    "Another chance? you didn't know that while you're simultaneously hurting me, you were already consuming you're chances?"
    "I'm sorry, I was so insensitive, but please..." he's crying with plea
    "I'm sorry, I'm not understanding, you won't bear me"
    "No, I misjudged, actually, you're the most understanding girl a man wouldever have, I appreciate it when you say "it's fine Oppa, I can see you next time" or "then, may I meet you later? Kekeke" everytime I reject your invitations"
    "Yeah, making me a demanding girlfriend"
    "Shin Hye, I like it when you try to get my attention, when you do crazy stuffs to get my focus to you instead of papers I'm working with. Please make me yours again, I feel so empty without you. Look, I'm wearing the watch you gave me, please be with me while the hands of this watch tick."

    She wants to drag herself out of the scene, she's getting weak, just some more moments with him and she'll give up, she would surrender herself to him again, and she doesn't want that, she's too afraid now to be hurt. She thinks that she's stupid if she would come back to him even he hurt her so much.

    She started standing up and walking, but Keun Suk was fast enough to stop her in her tracks by hugging her by her back.
    "No Shin Hye, I promised to myself to never let you go this time. Please, give another chance.. I.. I really, really love you. I didn't know what enetered my mind to let you break away from me.. My mind was too occupied, mianhe"
    "If I would do that, I give people the right to call me pathetic"she responded
    He's running out of reasons for her to give him a chance. He let out a loud sigh, then randomly, words just came out from his mouth without him knowing

    I wanna make you smile whenever you're sad
    Carry you around when your arthritis is bad
    Oh all I wanna do is grow old with you

    I'll get your medicine when your tummy aches
    Build you a fire if the furnace breaks
    Oh it could be so nice, growing old with you

    I'll miss you
    Kiss you
    Give you my coat when you are cold

    Need you
    Feed you
    Even let ya hold the remote control

    So let me do the dishes in our kitchen sink
    Put you to bed when you've had too much to drink
    I could be the man who grows old with you
    I wanna grow old with you

    Suddenly, tears come out one after another. He can't control the waters anymore. He just let them out.
    "D..Do you remember our plans and dreams together? Shin Hye, please I want to reach them. Please let me spend more time with you, I can't even imagine myself growing old with another girl.. Please, please, I'm begging you. I love you" He said almost running out of breath"
    Shin Hye broke free from the hug then turned around to face him.
    He cupped his face and said "Then, I'll let others call me pathetic, if the reason is me running back to the arms of the guy who would grow old with me"
    She then flashed the smile he's been dreaming to see.
    He held his hands then kissed them "Thank you.. Thank you. I love you. I promise to take care of you" he said crying, but now, of joy.
    She hugged him, with her chin on top of his shoulder, smelling her favorite scent, while Keun Suk showing off his blinding smile even his face is buried on her shoulder, feeling comfortable like he was never before.
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by notnecessarytoknowme on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 1:43 am

    I should be posting the other fics today, but really, I'm tired and sleepy. Have fun reading, hope you enjoy! Goodnight. suhweeeeet :)
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by jfp2268 on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 4:08 am

    @kuhlyenne..yeah i'm a filipina too!..hello!
    @notnecessarytoknowme...haaaaaaa!love ur fanfic!grabe!..dapat tlaga may break-up scenes?!...pero type ko sya..type yng mga senes na may kiss & make-up!!thanks forthe fanfic!!!...waiting for more!!!hehehe!..naadik na ako!
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by mssweet821 on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 9:43 am


    Why why why you make me cry reading your fanfic. I Don't know why reading your fanfic my tears keeps on running to my eyes...I'm to affected on Shin Hye and Suk breakup...Please don't right again such fanfic like this. though it a beautiful story and you really a great writer. But it coz to much pain for me reading your fanfic...

    anyway thank you so much you give it a happy ending...

    want more...I'm your follower ...I love reading fanfic but only the main character is Shin Hye and ANJELL

    I love all your fanfic hope to see you posting soon.... love more love...thank care and thank you

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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by notnecessarytoknowme on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 1:29 pm

    I'm sorry for the break up. Kekeke. But I'm more apologetic for too much typos. HAHA. This is silly, maybe I was typing words with my eyes closed last night. Kekeke. And also spelling and grammar errors. I burst into laughter when I read the word "ringed", mianhe should be rung. Kekeke. There are also missing words, but I hope you do understand the thought.
    Lemme try to make one again right now, as in right now! Kekeke!
    Thank you readers :)
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by jfp2268 on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 3:45 pm

    @notncessarytoknowme...it was very obvious that you are very tired & sleepy when you're writing this..but nevertheless it was still understandable...thank you again for your effort doing fanfics hope u won't get tired making of it because for this is where i sustain myself every time i miss them & every time i'm not contented with the news i get about them..godbless!
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by jfp2268 on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 3:48 pm

    if u want to edit what u have written,what will i do?or where shall i go?
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    Re: Let me Try (One Shots)

    Post by jfp2268 on Wed 30 Nov 2011, 4:45 pm

    same w/ ilovedrama91's request...i wish i could read fanfic them as married couple already and expecting their first baby!!!eeeeeee!!!
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    They're sitting together on the sofa at Shin Hye's house, having a movie marathon. Shin Hye is seated properly at the right most part, while playful Keun Suk's, snuggling at her. Since he is taller, he slouched a bit to be on the same level with Shin Hye's neck, his right arm passed through her back met his left hand who sneaked through her stomach, then he locked himself to her. If Shin Hye's busy watching the movie, he's busy watching her, and from time to time, he would kiss her cheeks, would let his head cradled by her shoulder, and then smile. yo10
    "Wow, making up with all the sins you've done, huh?" teased Shin Hye
    He burst into laughter, having the feeling of being caught "Partly, but you know what, I'm quite thankful for what had happened, now, I feel very lucky to have you.." yo1
    "So you're feeling unlucky before eh?"
    "Ani, I mean, I feel luckier. I'm sure every man is envious of what I have-you"
    "I think no, they don't even know that we're together" dared Shin Hye
    "Oh, then, should we tell them now?" Keun Suk getting even with her.
    Shin Hye kissed his nose, "Not yet! Kekeke" sweaty then directed her eyes back to the screen. Yet she's feeling him still staring at her "Yah! can you just focus on the movie?"
    "But you're far more beautiful than that" pinch
    "Aish" weeeeee she said though inside her she was really flattered.
    "Uhmm. Oppa would you mind if I go to your premiere night?" she asked
    "Oh, you want to go? Are you sure? But... uhmm" he's hesitating, but his thinking was cut off by her
    "But?" she said with a different look, somewhat puzzled.
    He felt something from that look. "Oh! It's totally fine, I'm very pleased that you would want to come. Uhmm, of course.. I want to... to..to spend time with you" sweaty then he bowed his head a bit and continued "It's just that I'm a bit worried at the people's reaction, they might say something bad to you again, or you might be swarmed by the media. yo7 And of course, you're beauty would just shine there and people might forget about the movie.."
    She chuckled, "Hmm.. what should we do.."
    "Is it okay with you if I lend you some of my body guards? I'll be more assured that way, and please don't dress elegantly, many people would be going and.. and the boys would definitely look at you" he plead with the most convincing look-puppy eyes and a pout. yo12
    "That's fine with me, I'm so excited!!!"
    "Ahh, I'll do better coz you'll be there"
    "Kekeke, I think, I won't use the red carpet entrance, ohh.. such a VIP" then she chuckled
    "Wow! So arrogant! Kekeke, but that's a good idea anyways.."
    "YMP fighting!" she said with her balled fist tossed in the air, their camp said they won't tolerate the media, but maybe she could be a little generous this time. They decided to meet inside his car situated somewhere a bit far and hidden.
    Together with the body guards, she waited patiently for Keun Suk's arrival. And there was he.
    One body guard was about to sit at the driver's seat, but Keun Suk refused, it's fine with me, I can manage, while Shin Hye took the seat beside him. Therefore 4 gentlemen are seating at the back seat.
    "So, whatcha think?"
    "The movie's sooooo funny, it's really good Chagi!" f13
    "Then how about me?" thinking yoyo
    "Of course you killed it, you're just too handsome to be a pet. Kekeke" cheering
    "Then how about our kissing scene?" he took a glance of her reaction thinking yoyo
    "Just continue driving Oppa, you should direct your eyes only to the road"
    "PfffffffffffffffHAHAHAHA, c'mon tell me"
    "Are there any kissing scenes?" she, looking innocent
    "Stop pretending, just tell me whatcha think"
    "It's cute."
    "Owwwwww. But it's different when we do it, right?" he smirked
    "And what are you thinking?" bored
    "Let's try to film ours!" then raised his right eyebrow
    She slapped his thigh "Yah!" ra3
    *Comfortable silence*
    "Oh, another thing, you winked at me a while ago! That's jsut too obvious!"
    "Mianhe, can't help it, you said you won't get people's attention but you're just drawing my eyes"
    It is then they remembered that there are 4 people at the back when they heard giggles from the rear part
    "Yah, you there what are you giggling at?" Keun Suk said, looking mad
    "N..nothing sir" one said, the four of them sitting straight and showing a serious face
    "Tell me, we look cute right? And you're giggling coz you're spazzing?" He said with a manly voice, but is having a hard time to resist a laugh.
    "PfffHAHAHAHAHA" f13 she burst into laughter,
    "HAHAHA" f13 same as with Keun Suk and the body guards.
    "I didn't know we have shippers here, they are even machos ra12 " he said, amused
    "You heard our conversation right? You see? Your boss's too inlove with me"
    "Tch" was all he can say
    "Did you know that he even sung a--"
    Keun Suk covered her mouth immediately "Yah! Stop that!" yo13
    "What?!" her stomach's aching due to constant laughing
    "Aish, I order you not to hear out this crazy girl here"
    "Yes sir" but they can't quit laughing
    "Look what have you done, you have spread the virus"
    After some more streets, they reached their first destination
    They dropped off the 4 in front of the office and said their gratitude to them
    "Thank you too sir, we are willing to give our service for free at your wedding. Kekekee" then they giggled
    "I'll give you bonus for that!" then quickly accelerated.
    "Keke, Oppa, they're funny"
    "Yep, we've been together for quite a long time" he said proudly
    "Oh.. third party"
    "What? What are you thinking? Crazy!"
    Here's his favorite part! Goodbye and goodnight kisses!
    He opened the cardoor for her and grabbed her hand.
    He pouted, "Should I get three kisses from you tonight?"
    "Why three? I'm thinking of not even giving you one"
    "Oww, you said I was handsome, and the movie was good, therefore, congratulatory kiss, a goodnight kiss, and goodbye kiss!"
    "Yeah, yeah, I'll let this slip since I enjoyed the day"
    She held his head closely, most of the time he would do this, but since he did well, she feels like she should give him some incentives. (Keke)
    "Close your eyes" she said sweetly
    He obeyed, yet smiling
    "Goodbye Oppa, drive safely" then placed a kiss on his forehead
    "Goodnight Oppa, sleep well" then kissed his eyes.
    She proceeded kissing his lips, at first it was gentle, but Keun Suk's knocking her doors to open them, she let him in,they did it for quite a long time then she pulled away.
    "Congratulations, Oppa, you really did well! I'm sure many would enjoy the movie, so stop worrying"
    He hugged her "Oww, that's the sweetest admiration I've heard this week"
    "One more thing I've learned recently, is to deal problems with you, not only to myself. I think we could have prevented our break up last week if I consulted things with you.." he added
    "Yeah, so let's deal our problems together, ahrasso?"
    "Alright chagi, I love you"
    "I love you too" she broke away from the hug, then watched his car leave..

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