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    Why we Believe they are REAL COUPLE

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    Re: Why we Believe they are REAL COUPLE

    Post by mssweet821 on Fri 06 Jan 2012, 2:09 pm

    Page NO. 657 # 47862

    Keun morning my dearest Geun❤Shin shippers!

    There are a lot of coincidences available (i used that word for the benefit of those who are still in doubt) so do not be discouraged if we do not see any of our dear couple's ring/s on their hands. Let us not focus our attention on their rings alone. If you will all follow the series of events and unfolding them one by one, you will see the hidden messages. I'm not saying that I'm right (all fingers crossed glued together ala go mi nam! Haha… ), still it's your choice what to believe in.

    This text is hidded from guests
    Let me give you an example.

    The photo of our princess with their number one chaperone:

    Did you think it was for jealousy –an answer for the photo of suk with the model (I’m not sure who she is.)? Well, I beg to disagree. JKS is a celebrity. It is inevitable for him to be photographed with hot girls. Did Hongki surprise our princess when this photo was taken? Or did somebody asked him to go there because she is sad? Or skullhong just misses her? We will never know. Hongki is a friend of Shin Hye so no questions on that. They could spend the day together and still we won’t give a fuss. Seeing them together made me happy instead. This is an example of how the set of Shin Hye and Yong Hwa's drama would look like. Hongki could visit them whenever he is available I’m sure. PLUS, let us not forget about our prince. We all know that tree-j invested on their drama- what a perfect excuse for being on that same set too!!!

    And before I forget, do you guys remember this photo?

    I was wondering why JKS have the messed up do in his HK FM. Hey! There could be a reason.

    And then I remembered this tweet.

    ssinz 박신혜 머리자르고싶다. - I want to cut hair.  (Google Translate)

    That was a twit from Shin Hye when Sukkie got back to Korea. Yes, that was a twit a day after that photo was taken. Is it just me or they actually have the same haircut, again (which sukkie hides under the messy hair.)!!!

    Hey DT, we all miss you!
    Asma - The Hacker

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    Re: Why we Believe they are REAL COUPLE

    Post by khulet29 on Fri 06 Jan 2012, 3:00 pm

    weeeeehh! mama sweet thanks for the update ahahah
    thanks for posting :D ahihihih more please..
    i know you have a lot of spazzing collection of post there ahahah
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    Re: Why we Believe they are REAL COUPLE

    Post by zhiaisukhye on Sat 17 Mar 2012, 10:18 pm

    so good I LOVE THEM
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    Re: Why we Believe they are REAL COUPLE

    Post by mssweet821 on Sat 17 Mar 2012, 11:28 pm

    Page NO. 660 # 48020


    As promised I am going to post a BIG Bomb messages in GS thread is not a easy job for me, because of you ladies I am going to do it.

    Also to congrats our Royal Wedding Couple: Prince William and Kate wishing them a wonderful beginning, and love to last a lifetime. Hope this miracle will happen on our dear couple Sukkie and Shinhye that they will love in their hearts with joy and happiness one day! I am not sure this consider a BIG BOMB anot !! ra7

    Okie.. here you go:
    Today post is to dedicate to Sis Lycille,Sis Sweet, Sis Besty -> Welcome Back Sis! Laura, Sis Pam, Elankam, Mayuki and all the angels here....

    Well, is all started with Shinhye tweets with 1 of the Korean DJ and the Korean Pizza with Hong Ki while Sukkie was in Hong Kong.

    And reason why Tree.J has share investing Shinhye and Yong Hwa's new drama.
    Shinhye starts to tweet on end April while Sukkie was away in Hong Kong, becos she starts to miss "Somebody" already. She cannot confess her feeling that she miss her star so openly and nobody to talks to. The only way is to tweet to her friends where Sukkie also know them .The next day she and Hongki meet up in the middle of the night (in the studio) where Shinhye baked and delivered the Korean (Kimchi) pizza to Hongki . If you look closer, does the pizza looked like a heart shape to you? To me is Yes ! Is looks like a heart shape !

    What does all this tells? or How can you explained why Hongki delete the pics immediately ?

    Sukkie has to protect Shinhye from those Anti fans no matter what. Being a buddy with Oppa Sukkie and a member of Anjell, Hongki has to do it. Hongki is one of the closet buddies among our couple beside Big Brother Kurt. Only Hongki and BB knows their relationship. Now BB also knows Hongki through Sukkie and SH.I think the next person to knows more will be Yong Hwa.

    Regarding on Sukkie's travel schedule and how he plans? If you notice Sukkie has been so been to so many countries lately on his Asia Tour like: Singapore,Taiwan, China, Hong Kong , Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. But our dear Shinhye has only been to Singapore, Taiwan and Japan at the moment. Coming up, she will be in China this week (6th May), Sukkie must have shared alot good things with her regarding on the fans over there, so that she can feel how warm the fans are and also the culture. Anytime, Shinhye will slowly become popular like Sukkie in Asia. (Now is already happening) Recently in Hong Kong, a fan accidentally took sukkie's photo holding his Iphone and texting somebody. Yes, indeed, he was texting SH at that moment. He looked so sweet when texting and keep on holding on his Iphone. You can see his face with that kind of smile and came out from is heart naturally. This time round is not acting and thanks to the fans have capture that beautiful moment!

    Shinhye's new drama will air in Taiwan on 19th June 2011 and Sukkie will be there on 23rd June 2011 for his asia tour. Will they cross over and spend some time with one another? I hope they will and sukkie will know how to plan.

    Now you know how Sukkie's schedule was being plan and how he knows SH's schedule so well also? No need to answer this questions, I guess everybody knows the answer.

    Here comes the link... Why Tree.J has share to invest in the new drama? 3 reasons: 1st -> they can spend more time to see each other more often also know each other ‘s whereabouts.
    2nd -> Sukkie did mention before he would like to bring AN jell together in any project near future. Yong hwa and Shinhye are Anjell members that why his company is investing this drama. Do not forget. Tree.J company was owned by Sukkie's parents and Sukkie's parents like SH so much! hahaha... 3rd reasons-> very important : Will Sukkie and Hongki appear as guest appearance in their drama? Who knows? That might have chances!

    Sukkie will be in Japan to shoot his movie and YAB's movie will be showing in Japan soon. Will ANjell go Japan to promote the movie? Moreover, Japan will be one of the location (as plan) to shoot SH and YH's new drama. Now the accessories on the “star design” have appeared where he is wearing as earrings in his concert. Do note, Sukkie has never own any Star design accessories before since he has done the drama YAB and he starts wearing it during his concert.

    To him, Star symbols represent their LOVE. weeeeee Ok, that’s all I want to share tonite. I will try my best to post no matter how busy I am. But this round, this post takes me weeks to search and confirm one of the hints on sukkie before I write and compiled.
    Good nite ladies !
    Have a great evening !
    avian1 and only

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    Re: Why we Believe they are REAL COUPLE

    Post by Sponsored content

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