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    Post by khulet29 on Thu 23 Aug 2012, 10:43 am

    Enjoy this new ff from ateh maizey :)) kekekek

    Six Degrees

    Posted by: bianne on: August 23, 2012
    In: My Alternate Universe - The SukkieHye Stories Comment!
    Ever heard of the “six person theory”? According to wiki, this theory, more popularly known as “six degrees of separation”, is the idea that everyone is on average approximately six steps away, by introduction, from any other person on Earth. This is one of those things that kept me hopeful (and eventually made it possible for me) to see Sukkie and meet Shin Hye ; one of those that keep my faith on the possibility of meeting, too, the other person in this story (yes, I have high hopes for this one, love!); one of those that will keep me believing that my significant other is just around the corner.
    Six Degrees
    “Annyeong haseyo, Park Shin Hye ssi.” Shin Hye turned to look at the source of the unfamiliar voice, and was surprised to see a familiar smiling face.
    “Oh, annyeong haseyo,” she greeted back, trying not to look too stunned. She stood there for a while, not knowing what to say. She was with Keun Suk, and they went here knowing that there is less risk of being recognized, or being mobbed for being recognized. All of the other places they used to go to have already been discovered by fans, and she knew quite well how Keun Suk feels about sasaeng ones. And in this new place the first person she meets… is someone they know.
    “Oh… Yoo Chunnie hyung ah,” Keun Suk exclaimed as he followed her inside, just as surprised as Shin Hye was earlier.
    “I know just what you need,” Yoo Chun declared, acting quick, setting aside their stunned expressions. He led them to the farthest part of the restaurant, a private nook at the rear end which was conveniently hidden by a discreet turn and a Japanese-inspired divider.
    “This is my favorite spot here in Hanilkwan,” he gestured, motioning them to have a seat. “My halmeoni owns this place. Everything here is practically the same as the old restaurant in Jongno, before the reconstruction, except for this nook. She personally saw to it that this be added, said her grandsons are celebrities, so we would be needing it,” he explained, since they were still at a loss for words.
    “Very nice place, thank you,” Shin Hye finally voiced out as she took a seat. “Mianheyo, Yoo Chun ssi, I was a little surprised to see you here, and more than a little surprised that you and this person know each other.” she confessed, looking at him and Keun Suk back and forth. It registered to her that Keun Suk did not bother with formalities earlier. The way he addressed Yoo Chun indicated that they were more than two actors who recognized but knew nothing about each other.
    “Ahh… kereyo,” Keun Suk said, smiling at her. He signaled his hyung to join them, and as Yoo Chun hesitantly took the seat across them, he sat beside Shin Hye.
    Keun Suk clarified, “I’ve been around the idol groups, being an MC of music shows for so long, remember? I’ve met quite a number of them idols, Yoo Chun hyung included, when he was still one of the gods.”
    “Ahhh ye, Dong Bang Shin Ki,” Shin Hye nodded, recalling that before being full blown actors, Keun Suk was an MC/DJ and Yoo Chun was part of the famous five-member pop group now split into two.
    “Ahhh, but Keun Suk ah,” Yoo Chun quipped with a glint in his eye. “During your golden times as MC, we were flying high in Japan. I’m pretty sure we have not met in any of those music shows you’ve mentioned.” He seemed oblivious to Keun Suk discreetly shushing him, enjoyed seeing him squirm.
    “Ahhh, hyung, we met in one of those idol events then, for sure,” Keun Suk answered quickly, too quickly that Shin Hye’s eyebrow went up. Seemed like she already had an idea what was coming next.
    “We have common friends, Shin Hye. I used to hang out a lot with Hee Chul hyung, Yoo Chunnie hyung was friends with Kibum, so there ave been times we run into each other. All of them being in one training center, it was not easy to miss anyone, especially sunbaes like Chunnie hyung,” Keun Suk babbled.
    “Ahrasso… So if it was in their training center, it means even the girl groups were there, right?” Shin Hye teased Keun Suk, to Yoo Chun’s amusement.
    “Ye,” he replied, not relenting. “And sometimes the MC hyungs and noonas attend those events, too. Ho Dong ssi, Jae Suk ssi, Myung Soo ssi, Dong Yup ssi…”
    “Dangyunhaji!” Yoo Chun and Shin Hye exclaimed in unison, instinctively fisting their hands in the air. They both laughed hysterically for thinking of the same thing, and Keun Suk was out of the loop.
    “Now what was that about?” Keun Suk asked, confused.
    “While you were busy MCing and DJing, Keun Suk ah, I was a trainee, too. So I joined variety shows just as idols like Yoo Chun ssi did,” Shin Hye explained, and Yoo Chun nodded in agreement.
    “Ahhhh, dangyunhaji,” Keun Suk said, eyes lighting up in comprehension. “But of course!,” he added, intentionally using this phrase to imply that he knew they were referring to the famous variety show portion.
    “Kende, we never went against each other in any of those programs, Shin Hye ssi. It was just through…” Yoo Chun started, then trailed off uncomfortably.
    “So if you haven’t… how…?” Keun Suk confused once again.
    “Kahee unni,” Shin Hye murmured after an awkward pause, and Yoo Chun looked sheepish.
    “Oh?” Keun Suk asked in surprise, and then, “Ohhhh,” as it finally dawned to him. This hyung used to go out with one of Shin Hye’s unnis, pre-debut days.
    “And there you were thinking we first met at Paeksang, weren’t you Keun Suk ah?” Shin Hye said, trying to lighten the mood.
    “Who would have thought we had this much people in common,” Keun Suk wisely deduced. “No wonder you already looked chummy during the first time you both won the award.”
    “Ye, though we weren’t given time to talk that first year. I really feel honored to be placed in the same recognition as you guys,” Yoo Chun praised, smiling. Keun Suk grinned and Shin Hye blushed.
    “Omo, ilaejimaseyo,” Shin Hye said, still blushing.
    “Seriously, I never knew I could go full length in acting. I‘m quite enjoying it, especially now that Yoo Hwan is also an actor already. That was why I wasn’t able to join you at your table this year, we were seated together,” declared the obviously proud big brother.
    “Kere, don’t be like that, hyung. Don’t you know that we have to work doubly hard, since you idols acting are giving us actors a run for our money?” Keun Suk teased.
    “Jeongmalyo? Last I checked it was you actors singing giving us idols a run for our money, Keun Suk ah,” Yoo Chun threw back at him, and this time all three of them said “dangyunhaji!” together, followed by another round of laughter.
    “How was it working with Park Min Young ssi, by the way?” Shin Hye asked, as they all caught their breath.
    “It was my first long term acting project with actors our own age and a lot of sunbaenims,” Yoo Chun confessed. And his eyes lit up as he remembered, “Joong Ki was there, too.” Amazing, another common friend among them three.
    “Anyway, Min Young ssi is a professional. I’m glad I got partnered with her. We got pressured together, so I learned lots from her,” Yoo Chun confessed laughing.
    “Oh, Keun Suk oppa said the same, when they worked together for a CF,” Shin Hye recounted.
    “Yeah, the CF I’ve done after you’ve worked with Lee Min Ho ssi,” Keun Suk joked, and Shin Hye swatted him playfully. Yoo Chun guffawed.
    “I haven’t met Min Ho ssi, but I’m friends with Hyun Joong,” he confided.
    “She has worked with the both of them, hyung,” Keun Suk volunteered, “no kissing scenes for both, thank God!” He earned another swat.
    Yoo Chun smiled and looked thoughtful. “It’s better that way, actually. Idols have a difficult time dealing with fans and non-fans who make a big deal of kissing scenes. The leading lady of idols sometimes gets the worst of it.”
    “True,” Shin Hye said reflectively. “I think the only reason why I, and maybe Min Young ssi too, didn’t get as much antis was that people didn’t see us, me, as a threat snatching not one but three minam men from right in front of their eyes. Because in the drama, I was a guy.”
    “A very pretty guy,” the boys said simultaneously, snorting as they try to smother their laughter.
    “But Hyung… is that also why you don’t go out on dates? Anti-fans?” Keun Suk asked, much to Yoo Chun’s surprise. Shin Hye also wanted to know. It was really quite hard for them to date. She herself could attest to that.
    “Aissh, speaking too soon… Wae… Can’t I?” Yoo Chun challenged them. “The both of you are taking the risk, although there’s an obvious spark between you two. I can feel the chills,” he said, rubbing his arms for emphasis. Once again, Keun Suk grinned and Shin Hye blushed.
    “For all you know, I’m just being more discreet than you both are,” he added evasively. “In fact,” he said, as his phone vibrated right on cue, “I think my date is anxious to know where I am right now.”
    “Hyung, ilaejimaseyo … don’t be like that, ignoring the question, aissshh,” Keun Suk chided, which Yoo Chun sincerely denied.
    “For all we know, that’s just Lee Tae Seung ssi asking you to spend some soju time with him again,” Shin Hye egged on, referring to the two oppas‘ drunken tweets.
    Yoo Chun hollered, amazed that her calculated guess nailed it. He forgot that Shin Hye is a big baseball fan, and of course would know Tae Seung hyung. He felt so busted.
    “That’s for me to know and you to find out,” he teased back, not volunteering any other information in attempts to salvage the anonymity of his “date”.
    He felt so at ease talking to them both. It has been a while since he and Keun Suk have talked, and they never really talked like this. And Shin Hye… ahh, she’s a revelation. She’s everything he has read about her and more. He was happy to note that they complement each other very well, happy to see it work for people from their part of the world. It gave him hope.
    “I’ve already taken too much of your time, dongsaengs,” he said, smiling as he got up from his seat. “Stay for as long as you want, no pressure. Kurum…”
    “Komapsubnida, Yoo Chun ssi, we hope to see you again someday soon,” Shin Hye said, knowing that she meant it. She felt that the ties she previously had with him – those connected only by common experiences and common friends – has just been strengthened to the more permanent ties of friendship. It was a good kind of feeling.
    “Komawo, Hyung,” Keun Suk said. “Let’s do this again some time. We have more people to talk about by then,” he taunted, laughter in his eyes.
    “Let’s all work hard so we can see each other on the next Paeksang,” Yoo Chun called out as he left, to hoots from both Shin Hye and Keun Suk.
    As they were left alone (finally!), Shin Hye twined her arm in Keun Suk’s and placed her head on his shoulder.
    “Thank you for choosing this place at this time, Oppa. This has got to be the best date ever,” Shin Hye said, sighing contentedly.
    “What’s that, Shin Hye ah? Are you saying seeing Chunnie hyung made it all worthwhile already? Because as far as I’m concerned, this date hasn’t even really started,” Keun Suk pseudo-complained, wanting to sound pained but failing terribly. For he, too, was glad with Yoo Chun’s unexpected yet very much welcome interruption.
    “You know what they say, about six people being in between you and any other individual on earth?” she asked rhetorically. Keun Suk waited for her to continue.
    “Talking with Yoo Chun ssi like that, us three knowing all of those people, made me realize that there must be truth in that theory. But it made me realize something else, something more important.”
    “Maribba,” he encouraged, twining his fingers with hers.
    “I feel like I’m the most blessed person on Earth, because while others are still going through those six people to find their one true love, I’ve already found you.” She said with the contentment of a girl and the confidence of a woman, scooting closer to him.
    “Aniya, Shin Hye ah, you have it all wrong,” Keun Suk said, and she looked at him in question.
    He dropped a kiss on her forehead, and smiling contentedly.
    “You are not the luckiest person on Earth, I am.”
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    Post by khulet29 on Wed 19 Sep 2012, 11:38 pm

    ateh maize new ff.. kekke enjoy :)


    September 17th would have been just another day to most people, but Shin Hye has specifically waited for the clock to strike twelve and welcome it. It was Confession Day, and much as she’s been telling herself it wasn’t a big deal, her heart was giddy in anticipation. Photo Day has come and gone without much activity for her and Keun Suk (they have both been extremely busy), so she was looking forward to what he has prepared for this one. They had no specific plans (they still are extremely busy), but she knew he was on to something. It was one of the perks of being in love with a smart and sexy guy – her life was full of surprises.
    Right on cue, a phone notification came in. A photo. She grinned.
    Annyeong noona, can you tell us who is the cutest?
    Not the kind of message she expected, but she couldn’t help but keep the grin on her face. The picture was of him and the three Moon kids, each holding a number. Mason, Mavin and Maden – the cutest brothers to ever grace the planet, in her opinion – were holding 1, 0 and 0… and Keun Suk, kneeling beside them to even up the heights, smiling that aegyo smile of his that never fails to turn her heart to mush, and holding up the number 4.
    “Four, kekeke,” she sent back, knowing it would please him. You had to hand it to him, this ingenuity. 1004. Cheonsa. Like angels, as the identical winged hats they were wearing. They made a very handsome quartet.
    “Hajiman, Oppa, that’s because technically, you’re the only grown up angel there, those three cuties are still agi cheonsa.”
    “Ahrasso, ahrasso. Keurena… I don’t know how to put “agi” into numbers, but you still chose “sa” . Smart move, Shin Hye, so no changing. Komapta, noona, kekeke,” was his reply, accompanied by four grinning smileys.
    “It’s already past your bed time, why are you still up?” he added a moment later.
    A bit surprised that he still has not said anything about today, she replied, “Ah, ye, but you’re the one who has to sleep early. it’s Autumn Sports day, remember? Unless you’re still up to tell me something…” she replied, deliberately trailing off.
    “How can I forget, when Omma has been raving nonstop about her shoes?” he teased. Shin Hye was relieved he couldn’t see her blushing. She helped his Omma choose the shoes for the occasion.
    You are athletic and fashionable, and this is clearly your area of expertise. I trust you on this one. She said. No pressure.
    “Ahhh, kere? Well I do hope her team wins then,” she messaged back, attempting to sound nonchalant. No pressure. Yeah, right.
    “Don’t worry, she’ll do fine. At the very least, your choice is splendid,” he reassured, sending big grinned emoticons.
    “Got to tuck in now for the big day. Good night, love,” he sent at last, punctuating it with his usual hugs and kisses.
    “Good morning, Oppa,” she replied as she always does, only then realizing that he has not said anything about today.
    Oh well, the day has just started, were Shin Hye’s thoughts before drifting off to sleep.
    Eleven hours later, Shin Hye thoughtfully handed her phone to her manager as she went to the studio. She’s been up since 7:00 AM, and exchanged messages with Keun Suk while on the road.
    Keun Suk: Rise and shine!
    Shin Hye: Good morning to you, too. Have you slept well?
    Keun Suk: Dangyunhaji, I dreamt of you last night. You were buying me shoes.
    Shin Hye: Kekeke. Good luck to you and your Omma. I know you’ve prepared well for this.
    Keun Suk: Check this out.
    He sent her a photo with the caption:
    This hwarang at your service.
    Shin Hye: Oppa, since when have you become a Silla warrior? I haven’t seen you in these clothes since… Hwang Jin Yi days.
    Keun Suk: Aniya, have I not told you? The sports for today are archery and Joseon-era hockey.
    Shin Hye: Hahaha, very funny. That outfit is stark contrast to your Omma’s shoes.
    Keun Suk: I know, kekeke. Just so pumped for today that I played dress up for a while.
    Shin Hye: And here I thought this was just another one of your parodies after the Gyaru Sang outfit that scandalized so many people. Jeongmal, I’ve received a lot of tweets telling me to steer clear from a weird guy like you, and a lot to tell you to stop being so queer. Kekeke.
    Keun Suk: What were they thinking? Park Sung Ho ssi was the one I parodied, and he was highly amused. Besides, as long as you do not detest me for being weird or queer, I don’t really care about their opinions, Shin Hye.
    Shin Hye: Keun-chan… how can I ever detest you when look so beautiful as a girl? Kekeke. Give it your best today, Keun Suk-rang.
    Keun Suk: Ye, running there now, Queen Shin Hye.
    Shin Hye laughed as they just ended their conversation in a sageuk drama parody (she didn’t know he watched Queen Seon Deok!) … and then stopped in surprise when she realized that even her slight attempts at flirting were left unnoticed. Keun Suk not egging on it when she knew he was always quick uptake on these things? That was definitely weirder than any of his parody ensembles.
    This guy must really be up to something. I must try harder.
    = = = = = = = = = = = =
    By the time she got home, Shin Hye felt exhausted, more from her attempts to bait Keun Suk than work. So far, his responses were engaging, but non-committal of what was in store for today. She took a quick shower and flopped on to her bed as she saw a new message.
    Another picture. He was sporting his adorable orange shoes and sunglasses, and the sun shining on the background looked like his halo. It was a selca of him from the field where they held the sports day, with the caption:
    It took all day to transform me from Keun Suk-rang to Keun Suk-sun man… how do I look, eh?
    Very fashionable for someone so evasive, she thought. She sent a number of leading messages to him today, attempting to draw it out from him, but all of them were futile. She was going to reply and re-read all of his messages; surely, there was something in them.
    She barely had the chance to key in a reply when her phone started ringing.
    “What do you think?” he asked the moment she picked up.
    “Six centuries of high fashion from Joseon Style to Gangnam Style, huh? Not bad Oppa, not bad at all,” she replied, trying to smother a guffaw.
    “Ya, before you laugh out loud, do you know how difficult it was to get in and out of those warrior clothes? How they fought gallantly with layers and layers of garments, I really do not know. All I can say is I’d take Psy Hyung’s fashion sense over that any, any, any given day,” he said, joining in the laughter that she finally let out.
    “Why did you have to wear them in the first place?” she asked, after giving in to the chortle.
    “It was just something I had to do,” he said matter-of-factly, providing no further explanation.
    “Kende, Oppa…” Shin Hye trailed off, wondering if she had to bring it up. She contemplated all day if she should ask him what he was up to, because honestly, her curiosity was getting the best of her.
    “Waeyo, gwaenchana?”
    “I was just wondering… are you not… forgetting something?” she asked casually.
    “Mo? Like what… is there anything?” he asked back, seemingly pondering over her question. It was a mark of how much she knows of him that she knew he was just buying time. However, before she could even retort, he spoke from the other line.
    “Well, if there’s anything, just tell me in person. I’m at the front door. Your front door. Knock knock,” he declared.
    “Kere?! Now?!” she exclaimed. Oh, her heart started beating faster as she scurried there.
    “Ye, coz there’s something I need to discuss with your Appeoji,” he said just as she reached the door handle. He must have witnessed her facial expression turning from ecstatic to downcast, because his smile turned into worry creases on his forehead as he asked her if she was feeling okay.
    “Ahhh, ye, gwaenchanayo,” she replied, leading him inside the house in silence. Seeing him still robbed her of speech at times, especially when he donned that “fresh from the shower” look (and smell), her personal favorite. But his remark about being there to talk to her Appa doused her excitement.
    “Make yourself at home,” she finally said. They stood face to face in the living room, obviously trying to hold their own – Keun Suk smiling mysteriously, Shin Hye acting like she did not care that he went there for her Appa.
    “I’ll go get Appa,” she said after a while, leaving a little too briskly. If she had stayed for a second longer, she would have witnessed Keun Suk’s jaw drop, as if shocked at her actions.
    She seriously has the willpower! He thought, still in awe. But then…
    “Okay, Keun-chan, I give up!” Shin Hye returned after barely a minute, muttering, holding both arms up in surrender.
    “Wae?” He asked, deadpan. His feigned innocence was her undoing.
    In seconds, she hurled playful punches on his chest, some of them intentionally harder than necessary. Why did her favorite dork just not get it?
    “Wae, wae, wae? What did I do to deserve that?” he asked, in between laughs.
    “You. Are. Such. A. Dork,” she said, throwing in a punch for each word.
    “You deliberately kept me hanging the whole day,” she said with another punch (which, fortunately, were getting lighter), “And then you go here at the pretense to see my Appa just to torture me more,” she said staggering, her eyes barely slits in both a menacing and comical way.
    “Only one out of three,” he said, doubling up big time that he hardly noticed the hits. “No to the last two, but yes, I am a dork.” He dodged and held her fists as he caught her off guard.
    “No… you… what?” she stammered.
    “C’mon Shin Hye, I have been telling you all day,” he answered, tugging at her fists lightly.
    “Oh no, you haven’t,” she said, still not able to believe him, “I have been trying to get you to tell me all day.”
    “I know… and was too happy reading each on of them, from “Oppa, you wear the nicest headband” to “Keun Chan, you know I love you”… I just couldn’t get myself to tell you to stop,” he admitted sheepishly.
    She dropped her arms, groaning and flinching as she recalled the messages he sent him. He was about to tease her but shut his mouth when she came closer. Not that he was complaining about the proximity, but her eyes were still close to slits.
    “But I really did tell you,” he said hurriedly, “in my kind of way, of course,” he added in a mixture of pride and shyness.
    “Here, take a look,” he said, handing her a box.
    She reluctantly opened it and spotted a note with what she assumed was her face on the “To:” part and his on the “From:” part. It read:
    I may not say it often and not say it out loud, but you mean everything and you always will. You are my angel, my fighter, my sunshine, my love… I hope that to you, I could be the same.
    Beneath it was a charm with three tiny frames just big enough for her to see what was in them: miniature versions of the photos that he sent her today: the one holding the number, the one in the costume, and the one in the field. Instead of the captions, though, each frame had these etched at the bottom:
    Cheonsa. Hwarang. Naehae. Her angel. Her fighter. Her sunshine.
    And her eyes started to mist when she realized why the last syllable of each word was carefully etched in Italics to give it a new meaning. Saranghae. Her love.
    Her heart was too full she couldn’t speak. For him to go to ends just to think of this and actually make it happen… it was worth going through the anxiety she went through the whole day.
    She finally looked at him and noticed that he looked equal parts expectant, excited, trusting, apprehensive and anxious. At that moment, she wouldn’t have cared if he was wearing those girly parody clothes – to her, he has never looked more handsome.
    “You,” she said quietly, and he jerked in attention.
    “Ye, Shin Hye yang?”
    “If you’re going to talk to my Appa, do it quickly,” she said.
    “Ahh… ani, I’ve already texted him,” he said tentatively, not knowing how to handle the situation. Of all the scenarios he expected, this never crossed his mind. “I just asked permission to take you out, and he already said yes, but if you’d rather stay…” he explained, trailing off.
    “Pabo ya?” Shin Hye said impatiently, wearing a Tae Kyung-like sneer that effectively shut him up.
    “Keun Suk ah … you just professed your love for me in the sweetest way imaginable… do you think I’d have anything better to do than be with you and return the favor?” she said, her mouth splitting into a grin.
    “Na du, saranghae,” she mouthed before she hurled herself, giggling, straight into the arms of her angel, her fighter, her sunshine, her love.
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    Post by khulet29 on Sat 06 Oct 2012, 5:41 pm

    Ateh Maizey's NOte: Some of the most important things I’ve realized while watching “To the Beautiful You”: It takes a great amount of bravery and belief in love for a man to leave his woman in the care of someone he knows loves her just as much as he does. But that person… the one who still loves with all his heart, even when he knows he is not loved back… that person shows just as much courage.
    This is for all of those who have experienced one-sided love. This is for all the Cha Eun Gyeol’s… like me.
    Not for You---> http://bianne.wordpress.com/2012/10/06/notforyou/

    “Is this party just rocking or what?” you whisper close to her ear, sneaking from behind and making her jump from her seat.
    “Aisssh, this kid, what’s wrong with you… so jumpy! Haven’t cut back on the Americanos, have you?” you admonish, giving her a quick squeeze before taking the seat beside her.
    “Oppa! Long time no see. How are you?” she asks, grinning. You grin back as you give her a discreet once over. Probably because you’ve only been seeing her on screen lately, the sight of her in a simple dress and with barely any make up leaves you breathless.
    You smirk. Who are you kidding? She always has this effect on you. Even if it has been years…
    “You really have to ask? The coolest and the handsomest, as always,” you manage to quip in that well-practiced manner of witty-safe comebacks. You sincerely hope your heart, which is doing back flips at the moment, could take a leaf out of your mouth and master this art. Sadly, no amount of pretense can trick one’s feelings… and yours, you discover, has not totally quenched yet the flame that burns for her.
    “I’ve noticed,” she comments in feigned sarcasm, her eyes twinkling. “Are you alone, or is Yi Soo unni out there somewhere?” she asks, squinting at the small crowd.
    “Solo,” you declare, puffing your chest out. “Yours for the night, Madame, while Monsieur Keun Suk is playing host,” you tell her with a salute. She chortles.
    “And by the way, it’s Jae Shin now… or was until a week ago,” you say, crinkling your nose at the memory. “Yi Soo is so last summer.”
    “Aigoo, Oppa, can you at least try to be a relationship longer than that? It’s the only way I can sleep soundly at night,” she says with mock reprimand, wagging a finger at you, as she has countless of times before. You should be used to it by now, but your heart starts doing somersaults this time. Traitor.
    “Shin Hye, after all these years, you still have not learned,” you say in a matter-of-fact tone. “You don’t go looking for love…”
    “…love finds you,” she finishes for you. “Ahrasso, ahrasso. And so it has, Oppa, so it has,” she murmurs, her eyes instinctively scanning the room. As if drawn by an invisible force, they finally land on another pair of eyes, which crinkle into a smile about the same time hers did.
    He draws his eyes away from her long enough to realize that you are there. You sense the split second hesitation, before he acknowledges you with a nod and a smile, which you return with a wave, before he continues his conversation with an elder couple who, you just recognize, are her parents.
    “He seems to be getting along well with them,” you observe, willing yourself to ignore that hollow feeling that’s starting to seep in. Stop it!
    “I know, right? Who would have thought?” she says, casting them one adoring look before she gives you back her full attention.
    “Oh, come on, Shin Hye… Don’t tell me you still think like that?” you say, the surprise in your voice more evident than the hope it has taken you years to conceal. Damn! I should master this by now, or it will soon be the death of me.
    “Oh come on, Oppa, take tonight for example. I would never have thought they would ever attend to a party like this. And yet there they are, actually enjoying themselves,” she declares, gesturing to the grandeur of the party which is now in full swing, and then to her parents who are now laughing at something Keun Suk has said.
    “You of all people should know the type they like, you’ve known them for a long time,” she continues, giving you a nudge on the shoulder. “That he can provide for me is out of the question. Besides, they don’t mind me dating someone from the industry. But I’ve always thought they would prefer someone more laid back, someone with a more conservative fashion sense, someone who would prefer to stay out of the limelight, someone…” she trails off, blushing, and your heart soars as you realize she was about to say, “someone like you”.
    “That’s because they don’t know my relationship track record, Shin Hye,” you smugly declare, finishing her unspoken thought. “And please, let’s keep it that way,” you add with a wink, the tension loosening with her bursting into laughter.
    “But seriously, cut the guy some slack,” you say, quite surprised to find yourself jumping to his defense, when you know this is a chance to bank on his letdowns. It is her turn to raise her eyebrows in question.
    “What? He does have quite a number of admirable qualities. For one, he makes you laugh,” you point out. Oh, God, what am I doing?
    “Sometimes he isn’t really funny, but he does try to be,” she responds.
    “He never makes you cry,” you press on.
    “Well, I wouldn’t go as far as never. Though I must admit, most times I tear up because he makes me laugh too much,” she says, smiling.
    “He does not look at other women,” you say, holding up three fingers to emphasize the points you’ve made so far.
    “Oh he does,” she confirms. “He does. All the time. But, to his credit, he never goes beyond looking… except for a few that he still keeps in touch with because they are friends.”
    “He respects you, takes care of you, feeds you, brings you flowers, sings you love songs…” you rant on while she doubles up. You debate if it is worth acknowledging all of his positive traits just to hear the joyful sound of her laughter.
    “…Calls you often, talks aegyo, does weird sweet nothings, looks fondly at your mongrels even when it’s summer and they’re virtually hairless,” you finish, deciding to end your internal turmoil. Chukae, you’ve made it this far!
    “Oppa, you’re impossible,” she breathes out, wiping away tears of laughter.
    “He does not do much of the others, but yes, he takes care of me and respects me. And yes, he gets along so well with Bongji and Nori. Sometimes I wonder if he comes over at home to see me, or see them,” she admits.
    “See! He is even a ladies’ man!” you declare, and she chuckles once again.
    “But Oppa, other more suitable people could do that for me, too,” she says, voicing out the thought that’s been nagging you all this time.
    “True… But you love him as much as he loves you,” you point out, your heart taking a nosedive. Therein lies the difference, Shin Hye.
    She gives you a contemplative look, starting to make you feel uncomfortable under her scrutiny, until she shakes her head.
    “Anieyo,” she says quietly.
    “What?” Did I hear her correctly? It can’t be… she can’t mean…
    “What?! Why?” you ask, feeling your heart going haywire. What is she thinking? This is killing you, but you have to know. You have to hear her say it herself.
    “Anieyo, don’t misunderstand, I know he does love me,” she says once again, her voice louder this time. And there goes the bubble, popped unceremoniously. I knew it, what was I thinking?
    She looks at you straight in the eye.
    “Hajiman, there is no way for me to know whether Keun Suk loves me as much as I love him. Frankly, it doesn’t really matter to me who loves who more,” she continues.
    “One of the things I’ve learned from him is to not put a price on love, or box it in a formula. As long as love is true, there is no right or wrong to it. He just loves me in the way he knows how – just as I love him in the way I know how. For me, it’s enough, I wouldn’t want it any other way,” she finishes with the wisdom and confidence of someone who has loved, and is blessed to be loved back.
    And you finally understand what you have to do. Subjecting yourself to that kind of torture – pointing out all of his finer qualities even if it tore your heart into pieces – was unnecessary. The answer is simple, and it’s been up to you all along.
    You had to let go. Not her… You couldn’t let go of her, because she was never yours in the first place.
    No… You had to let go of you – the “you” who yearns to be with her. Because to remain tangled in this illusion is a great insult to your one-sided love – the love that earnestly wishes her happiness, even if it means she is meant for someone else.
    This newly discovered knowledge surprisingly gives you a kind of peace that you haven’t felt in a long time – like taking a long, relaxing bath after a very tiring day. The enormity of it is overwhelming, but there is comfort in the liberty of knowing where you stand and loving without expectations.
    Drowning in your own thoughts, it took you a moment to realize that he is approaching your table. You grin in spite of yourself. I’ve got to hand it to this guy: he knows his woman is with a man who is head over heels in love with her, and yet it takes him a good 10 minutes before claiming her!
    As they finally close the gap by her hand reaching out to him, Keun Suk looks at you sheepishly.
    “Mianhe, hyung…” he starts, gesturing towards a group of people waving at Shin Hye to come over. You look him in the eye, and you realize that his apology meant more than just interrupting the moment. You warrant him a genuine smile that has the tiniest hint of sadness as Shin Hye casts a glance at you, wordlessly asking permission to go with him.
    “Argae subnida. Kaja,” you say with a nod of approval, knowing that the actions spoke more than the obvious. She gives you a quick hug and he pats you on the shoulder before they both retreat to join the other visitors, leaving you to thoughts of your final resolve.
    Kere, I understand now, you say to yourself, drowning the last drops of wine. Anyone can give you warmth, Shin Hye… but Keun Suk, that lucky punk, is the only one who can give you sparks.
    I understand now that someday love will find me, too, just as it has found you. It was just waiting for me to do one thing: to wholeheartedly accept that I… am not for you.
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    Finding Time
    Posted by: bianne on: October 8, 2012
    In: My Alternate Universe - The SukkieHye Stories Comment!
    I had no plans of posting a back-to-back, but I guess you can’t blame me, and a thousand others, for being inspired by Shin Hye’s latest Keun Suk-related tweet.
    Here’s a short but sweet baby born from my current fixation for the word “imja” (in Korean, it’s like saying “you” with reverence) and that spazz-worthy Cola Mercato moment.
    Finding Time
    “Imja… Stop it, you’re making me blush.”
    “Ssshhhh, don’t ruin the moment Keun-jang,” she shushes you, and you indulge her shameless ogling while giving the waiter your orders.
    “Nothing’s really changed since the last time you saw me. Unlike you, who have been really stunning in those BIFF numbers… I’m still the same,” you quip, jest and pride laced in your voice, as the waiter walks off, leaving you both sitting comfortably side by side.
    Which is true. You may look like a chameleon when you know you are being watched, but at any given ordinary day, you can just be like any other guy next door.
    But she… at the sight of pictures of her in that blue and black gown… you have been awestruck and proud that she carried off the style quite well, disappointed that you were not there to see her, and more than just a little jealous of those who did.
    “I know,” she confirms, blushing at the compliment, but still not looking away. “Kende, you must know that I never get tired of doing this.”
    “And looking at you while you say that,” you declare, leaning an elbow on the table so you are now facing her, “is the best part of coming home.”
    “Hmmmm… geochimal…” she scoffs, leaning in, too. “You said it was looking at me while I call you Keun-chan.”
    You grin. So true.
    “That, too, but since I now have your Japan FM clips and hear you say it there over and over again, that comes second now,” you confess, pinching her cute nose with your free hand.
    “Chinchayo? You watch that when you’re out of the country?” she asks, eyes wide as saucers.
    “Always the tone of surprise,” you roll your eyes. “Ne, I do. It’s not everyday you choose me among other good looking men,” you say, buffing your chest as she pretends to gag.
    “But not always. Sometimes I watch Minami Shineyo, too,” you admit, grinning broadly.
    “Whoa, and here I was thinking you forget everything once you become busy,” she murmurs, slumping back in her chair, still obviously perplexed.
    “You really believe so? Wow, thanks for the vote of confidence, Shin Hye yang,” you say, acting offended.
    She looks abashed.
    “Aniya… Kanyang… I just… I didn’t mean…” she stammers, caught off guard.
    “How do you explain the painstaking time I take in choosing my airport attire, huh? Or my concept for the Stay MV? Or my guitar-playing number in the latest show?” you point out one by one, enjoying the sight of her looking pleased and sheepish at the same time.
    “You think I just thought of those in random? You never thought of who I am thinking about when I do all these? Shin Hye ya, it pains me,” you pretend to sound hurt. To her credit, she now looks apologetic.
    “Mianhe, Keun Suk-ah,” she whispers, reaching for your hand under the table.
    “It’s just that… you seem so focused and happy doing your thing. It’s quite evident in all those updates and pictures you post. I never really thought there would be room for me during those moments…” she trails off, while you sit there speechless.
    So this is how she feels when you seem you seem to be oblivious to her existence. Which is, surely she must know, just your way of thwarting rumors and keeping her out of the sasaeng fans’ firing line.
    And yet, she never demands for an explanation, never complains… and just resorts to, you now realize, looking at you endlessly whenever possible.
    Damn you, Keun Suk.
    “Imja… I just do not show it often, but there hasn’t been a moment… in everything I do…” you trail off, resisting the urge to smack your forehead. Chincha pabo ya. You have to let her know it isn’t like that.
    “Argae subnida, Keun Suk-ah,” she says quietly, her eyes searching yours, the touch of her hand affirming that she indeed understands.
    “Mianheyo for having doubts… komawayo du, for thinking of me that much,” she says, putting into words what you have not been able to say.
    You look at each other for what seems like an eternity, all the words unspoken summarized in her last statement and the silence that followed.
    “Kere…” you clear your throat, finally breaking the silence, “I guess, there’s just one thing left to do,” you say, grinning, your hand playfully tugging hers.
    “Imja… jeongmal…eodi…” she stutters once again, though her eyes are twinkling.
    She laughs before giving you a quick kiss, and then pulls back guiltily just as the waiter delivers your food. You try your hardest to refrain from laughing.
    To his credit, the waiter acted as if he saw nothing, though you spotted a shadow of a smile as he left you alone once again.
    “I actually meant “to eat” … but I wouldn’t say no to that, too,” you tease, finally giving in to the guffaws at her embarrassment.
    She blushes profusely and tries to find something else to talk about.
    “Kende… there’s something missing on our staples,” she observes, scanning the table and seeing that you have not chosen your usual orders.
    “Ahhh, Shin Hye… I have just thought that, since I am here in the flesh, there’s no need for us to have pizza,” you say deadpan.
    It takes her a moment before realizing your reference to her latest twitpic, and laugh hysterically at her facial expression. You know you would pay for it dearly, and sure enough, it took you forever to duck from her swats, until you both collapsed into fits of laughter.
    “Chincha, I swear, if there’s one thing you have done perfectly, Keun-jang,” she says, wiping off the last remnants of the tears of laughter…
    “…it’s that you…” she pauses, now putting dollops of food on your plate…
    “…never cease to amaze me,” she concludes, giving you another quick kiss, before contentedly joining you in the laughter-full, pizza-less feast.
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    whooo! daebak to this fanfic by ateh maize.. kilig much! ahihihi Enjoy...

    Fresh from the Press
    Posted by: bianne on: October 19, 2012
    In: My Alternate Universe - The SukkieHye Stories Comment!
    I’ve had this written down for a while, but since I’ve been spending time with friends I only got to post it today. No regrets though, because I now appreciate it more that this is a story that has as much to say about friendship as it has about love.
    To friendship. To love. And to spazz worthy SukkieHye news. Cheers!
    Fresh From the Press
    She sat awkwardly on the passenger seat, sensing the storm brewing as she saw the knotted forehead when they were loading up, and felt the chills when he was still silent when they went inside the car. He handed her the Americano wordlessly before gunning the engine.
    What have I done this time? She wondered as he drove out into the streets.
    It has been a good five minutes before she mustered the courage to ask, “Keun-chan, why so quiet? What’s wrong? Did something happen on the way here?” She said rapidly, afraid she will not be able to get it all out if she stopped.
    It was with a clipped voice that he said, “I was just wondering when you are going to let me meet him, Park Shi Hye ssi?”
    “Dugu?” she asked, clearly confused. This isn’t good, he’s being too formal.
    “Gu namja,” he muttered. She just noticed that he had a death grip on the wheel, his knuckles were turning white. Oh my!
    “Maldo andwae, I don’t understand,” she said tentatively. She wanted to get to the root of the matter, but willed herself not to sound panicky. What was this about?
    He took a rather hard break when they got to an intersection, the car wheels screeching at the abrupt stop. His expression changed slightly into concern, and it was with a softer voice that he asked, “Gwaenchanyo?” as she repositioned herself on the passenger seat.
    “Ne,” she said somewhat shakily, more from the earlier rising panic than the sudden lurch.
    “Kende, who do I need to introduce to you? I tell you everything, I cannot imagine having someone I know who you do not know or know of,” she explained, waiting for an explanation in return.
    He gave a deep, long sigh, and eased with more care into the street once again as the light turned green.
    “Gu namja,” he repeated, with less angst this time. “That guy who is funny. And responsible. And warm and gentle,” he said with a pained, slightly irritated expression on his face as he mouthed each adjective with apparent agony.
    It took her a few moments to realize what he was referring to, and a few more to respond, because she was trying so hard not to laugh at the funny way his face was contorting and at the absurdity of the question.
    But since he knows her so well (or is he just that observant?), her nonverbal cues didn’t go unnoticed.
    “Shin Hye yang… are you smirking at me? Are you enjoying my discomfort that much?” he asked, voice rising. She would have burst out laughing if only he wasn’t so red in the face. He looks really pissed!
    “Keun-jjang… is this about that interview?” she asked innocently. She knew she hit jackpot when his mouth formed a straight line.
    “Just so you know, when I was saying all those, there was only one person in mind. And that’s…” she started.
    “The guy you are meeting at the airport and going to share a two-hour plane ride with,” he finished quietly, anger turning into dejection.
    Luckily, she also knew him so well, and she knew he was going to say that.
    “Ani…” she said shaking her head. “The guy who is driving me to the airport to meet that guy I am going to share a two-hour plane ride with,” she finished smiling, waiting for her words to sink in.
    One second. Confused.
    Two seconds. Ecstatic. And then…
    “Chincha?” he asked on the third beat, bewildered. She rolled her eyes.
    “But… but… I’m not… There’s no way I am…” he stuttered.
    “Responsible? Warm? Gentle? Of course you are, even if some people refuse to see that. And there’s no doubt about that sense of humor… why, even being all riled up like this, you’re quite funny,” she teased, giving him time to simmer down.
    He looked at her as they reached another intersection. Looked for a long while before speaking up.
    “You gave me a scare,” he said sternly.
    “Aigoo, this guy. Not as much as you did when you did that couple rings,” she retorted with a pout. She thought she saw a trace of a smile in those gorgeous lips.
    “Can you imagine what I went through when I saw that picture? I thought I was going to pass out!” she said exaggeratedly. There was no mistaking it, he was really smiling now.
    “I would have, too, if your Eommoni didn’t give me a fair warning that you’d be up to one of your pranks again. But even then, I didn’t see it coming. Couple rings. Aiiissh.”
    “Omma did?” he asked in amusement. “Well… if you put it that way,” he shrugged off, though he did look pleased. Finally!
    “Mianhe, Shin Hye ya…” he said, as he hit the gas once again. “We both know that guy is highly likeable…” she nodded truthfully, and he frowned as he went on, “too likeable, that if he were that guy you were saying…” she rolled her eyes at him once more…
    “If he were that guy, I know I would end up hating myself more… for not being good enough,” he confessed, to her surprise.
    They remained quiet until they reached the semi-hidden airport entrance, the one unknown to many and have been used countless of times by people like them.
    “That will never happen,” she finally whispered, looking at him. He still looked let down.
    “Come on, Keun Suk ah…” she said, taking his hand.
    “There are things that I meant but never said, but I have never said anything that I didn’t mean,” she reminded him, giving his hand a squeeze.
    “I suppose that’s true,” he said thoughtfully after a while. “After all, you always did say frankly when a guy is just a friend and if it’s impossible to have any scandal with you.”
    “Which if you will remember, I never said about you. Not once. Not once in those many times that that question came up. And boy, did it come up, especially in the past three years,” she pointed out. He still looked doubtful.
    “I don’t need better. I don’t need more. I just need you.”
    He was grinning from ear to ear now, sheepish but pleased. Thank God!
    “Komawoyo, Shin Hye ya, for always sticking with me,” he said, now giving her hand a squeeze.
    “It’s not so hard being the gentle, warm, funny, responsible guy you say I am when I’m with you,” he said, half teasing but meaning it wholeheartedly.
    “That’s what best friends are for, Keun-chan,” she replied, deadpan, as she unbuckled her seatbelt. The look he gave her said he did not see that coming.
    “Ya, who told you about that?” he asked to her amusement. She laughed, shook her head, got off and started dismounting her luggage.
    “You know that’s not true, Shin Hye ya,” he explained as he caught up with her. She gave him an eyebrow raise.
    “I mean it is, you are one of my best friends… but you know it’s more than that,” he went on.
    “Ahra,” she said nodding. People were starting to approach them. Airport staff.
    “That’s just my default interview answer, you know that, too.”
    “Ahrasso,” she said once again as they spotted Manager Jun and her coordinators joining the airport crew. They both bowed to the newcomers and watched on as her luggage was being hoisted to the platform.
    “Whoever told you that must know that you were the only woman I’ve mentioned in that interview,” he continued desperately.
    “Keun Suk ah…” she reprimanded, successfully shushing him with a hand on his mouth.
    “Ahrasso. Jeongmal ahra.” He sighed.
    “Dahaeng ineyo,” he said grinning, after taking her hand away from his mouth and holding it between the both of his.
    “I must go now,” she said, regretfully. Want to stay here like this. But can’t. Sigh.
    “I’ll be missing you,” he said quietly, looking straight into her eyes. Me, too!
    “Call me when you get there, okay?” he said, giving her a kiss on the nose before letting go. She nodded and stared walking away.
    “Send my love to Lee Seung Ki ssi,” he added, teasing.
    “I will,” she answered laughing.
    “And to that punk who spilled the beans about the interview,” he added, causing Shin Hye to halt and look back. He knows who?
    “I know he’s in the plane with you. Wish him and the guys luck for me,” he shouted out.
    He does. Hong Ki ya, you’re dead! She thought, and they were still both laughing as she approached the borders.
    “Shin Hye ya!!!” he called out once again, so loud that even her entourage and the airport staff were now giving them curious glances.
    She was abashed, looking back to let him know he heard. What now?
    “Tell my best friend I love her!” he shouted at the top of his lungs, while giving her a sarangheayo gesture.
    She giggled, sent him a flying kiss in response, and entered the gates with his love declaration in tow.
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    “What the…”

    “Good morning to you, too, Keun Suk ah!”

    “Hyung, what the hell is going on? It’s still dark outside, you fool!” he mumbles, clearly irritated, sounding half-awake.

    “It’s almost 5:00 AM, and it’s rise and shine time soon, you fool,” you answer cheerfully.

    “Not for those awake the whole night, no,” he says grumpily, fully awake now. You chuckle.

    “Get up, Keun Suk ah, I’ll see you in … say, 20 minutes? Great!” you tell him, hanging up before he could even answer. You grin as you imagine him protesting.

    You dump your bag in the back seat and head on to drive, offering a silent prayer before gunning the engine. Please… please let this plan work. If it does, cheesy as it may sound, there will be two less lonely people in the world tonight.


    “Is it just me, or do you look like you’ve been to hell and back?” you ask him as he gets in the car and puts on his seatbelt.

    “First, you pluck me out of bed just as a good dream begins and now mock the way I look… I’d shut up by now if I were you, hyung,” Keun Suk grumbles, slumping into the passenger seat and closing his eyes.

    “Gee, thanks, Keun Sukkie. You may threaten me all you want, but I didn’t force you inside this car,” you tease him more, and he turns away from you.

    “If it were any ordinary day, I’d gladly hear about those barely clad ladies in your dreams… but this is no ordinary day, chinggu ya,” you say, only half-meaning it.

    “I figured. Else, why would you be ringing me in the middle of the night? Of which… I have not forgiven you yet. So this better be good,” he replies facing front again, though his eyes are still closed.

    “And just so you know, that dream was about Shin Hye. Got that? Shin Hye, hyung, so better back off,” he points out, his suddenly wide open and sparkling eyes giving away his pseudo-menacing voice.

    Ah… yes, Shin Hye. You see her in your dreams but not when you’re wide awake. Wae, Keun Suk ah? I better find out…

    You clear your throat. “Speaking of Shin Hye… how is she?” you ask casually, taking a turn to the highway.

    “Default answer: Oh, she’s doing good. Honest answer: Truth is, I am not sure,” he says, concern laced in his voice.

    “Sorry, I meant how are things between you? I shouldn’t have asked you how she is, I just saw her last night, she is really looking good,” you say, giving him a meaningful sideway glance.

    His eyes are wide in shock. “You saw her?” he asks in surprise. Exactly the reaction I wanted. He took the bait!

    “You saw her?” he asks again, still astounded. “Where? What time? Does she look okay? I mean, not pale? Are her cheeks rosy, or is it just from the cold? I hope it wasn’t too late last night, I told her not to stay up too late. It’s even cold these days, her knees might be bothering her again. What were you up to?” he rapid fires.

    “Wait… what do you mean you don’t know?” you ask, feigning shock that he does not seem to know. But damn, I should win an award for this.

    “I… have not been seeing her lately,” he shrugs off his confession.

    “Since when?” you ask, now genuinely curious. This is something you failed to pry from Shin Hye during your quite lengthy talk.

    “Since… the beginning of December, I think,” he succumbs to openness. He trusts his hyung anyway, he can tell him anything. And right now, this hyung has updates on Shin Hye that he desperately wants to know but never ask her.

    “Whoa… that long? It’s almost Christmas Eve. Dude, what have you been doing all this time?” you half-scold. You feel like slapping him to his senses.

    He sighs, and then tries to speak… and then sighs again. And apparently decides to fall silent. But you have other plans.

    “Oh no, Keun Suk ah… you don’t get to plead the fifth on me. Speak up,” you tell him, hitting on the gas.

    “Well… it started out as just not seeing each other. Then talks have been rare, too. And then lately… it hasn’t been good lately,” he finally admits, sounding pained and regretful. You raise your eyebrows in inquiry.

    “She’s been spending so much more time with that guy,” he says defensively.

    “Who guy?” you ask, though you think you already know who it is.

    “That flower boy next to her,” he says, words said like they were venomous.

    “Oh, chincha? And you?” you pry pointedly.

    “I was… doing other things. She was too busy to notice what I would be doing anyway,” he pouts, and you shake your head.

    “Uhuh, wrong answer, dude,” you say, to his strong protests.

    “Number 1, we both know Shin Hye makes time for anything and anyone. No fail. Like last night, she looked like more than ready to hit the bed, but she still acted out the perky part well. So it’s quite hard to fathom that she wouldn’t have time for you,” you point out.

    “Wait a minute… She what?” he says, obviously stuck with the information about Shin Hye looking dead tired.

    “I just noticed that her smiles didn’t quite reach her eyes. But if you ask me, I think it had more to do with unruly boyfriend than fatigue,” you inform him. It took me just a few seconds to figure it out, punk.

    “I didn’t ask you,” he retorts, but he still looked worried. “So she isn’t feeling okay, huh?”

    “Oh, she looks okay on the outside, but something inside doesn’t feel right. Which brings me to number 2,” you continue, and he cringes.

    “She is with that flower guy often because as we both know, and probably the rest of the world by now does, too, that they are filming a drama together. Work related dude, work! You of all people should understand that,” you say empathically.

    “Which brings it back to my question,” you interrupt him when he apparently wanted to defend himself. “What have you been doing all this time? What “other things” were you so busy with that you don’t even have time to know how she’s doing?”

    He sits still, dumbfounded as drive along. Obviously, you’ve hit a nerve. He has no answer prepared for that.

    “Or I think the more appropriate question is: what have you been doing with another girl all this time?” you ask casually, like you did not feel like punching him at the moment. Douche! If this guy still doesn’t get it, I am seriously going to hit him on the head.

    “I… We… I…” he stammers. “We’re friends, hyung. You know we’re just friend. It’s not illegal to spend time with a friend. I haven’t done anything wrong with her,” he reacts defensively.

    “True. But you have clearly wronged someone who means more than a friend to you,” you gently reprimand.

    “How did you know about that, anyway?” he asks, steering the conversation.

    “I hear things. I read things. I know things,” you admit. And she told me things.

    “And if I do, surely Shin Hye would, too. So don’t change the subject,” you go on, not being swayed too easily.

    You drive in silence as he ponders. The sun is peeking thru the clouds now.

    “So you’re saying I make amends, yes?” he says, not looking convinced.

    “I’m saying talk to her, dude.”

    “Clear things out? Apologize? Kiss and make up?” he asks, finally seeing the light, literally and figuratively. You nod and nod and nod.

    “Just so you know, I feel wronged, too,” he murmurs after a while, sounding pained. Then he looks at you straight in the eye and says, “It hits me hard here, too, hyung,” while lightly punching his chest.

    “I know,” you say looking right back at him. You say this with all honesty, feeling that this, at least, you owe your friend.

    “But just look at it this way… can you just imagine your life without Shin Hye playing a major part it in?” you pry.

    “NO!!!!” he practically shouts his nay, heart pounding so hard.

    “Aiiish, Hyung, don’t do this to me,” he begs, slowly calming down. “It’s hard enough that we don’t talk the way we used to talk nowadays, that we don’t see each other often. But the thought of not doing those at all…” he shivers as he trails off.

    “Then you better sort this out quickly. Because if you don’t,” you say, pulling the car over. “That,” you emphasize, pointing at the hand right above his chest, “might never, ever, be well again.”

    The car is filled with silence as the sun finally completes its grand entrance. You make a U-turn without Keun Suk noticing, and you leave him to sort his feelings out.

    “I need to do something about this. Let’s go back, ppali, hyung,” Keun Suk finally declares once he stepped out of his reverie. You roll his eyes at him, pointing to the road sign saying Seoul. He looks abashed, but grins at you just the same.

    “I was supposed to take you to somewhere with fresh air to clear that muddled head of yours, but I guess there’s no need for that now,” you tell him grinning back.

    “Take me to Shin Hye, hyung, chebalyo,” he pleads, fidgeting on his seat.

    “Huh? Wae? What were you planning to do? We get there and then what?” you challenge him.

    “I… don’t know. Damn,” he concedes, slamming the dashboard. “Okay wait, take me back home. I need to figure something out first.”

    “Anieyo, wrong answer. How can you face her looking disheveled? You need to get some sleep first, pabo ya,” you tell him as you stop in front of his driveway.

    He looks abashed again, but agrees.

    “Yeah… okay. And then what?” he asks as he gets out, desperate for answers. Points to Suk for wanting to make this work. More points for realizing that he at least needs to take a bath and shave. You grin.

    “How would I know? You’re the one who knows her best, Keun Suk ah. Think with your heart,” you say, exaggerating a big wink.

    “Oh, c’mon, think with your heart? So cheesy! You could do better than that!” he shouts in jest as you ease out of the driveway.

    You smile secretly as you remember saying those exact words the previous night. To her. But you won’t tell him. This is part of what he has to figure out – how she feels about this. But more important, how she feels about him.

    You give him a final wave before heading out on the road again, breathing out a sigh of relief.

    You, Keun Suk and Shin Hye’s loyal and concerned friend, have done your part to mend this invisible war. The rest is up to them.

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    Maize's FANFIC


    “Great job, everyone,” the director calls out to claps and cheers from the staff. You bow down to them in congratulations and gratitude, both thankful and sad that the filming was over.

    You take a look at Shin Hye to see if she shares the same sentiment. Ha, you wish! She is thankful, for sure… but sad? Hmmm, maybe not. If the frequency of the glances she takes and smiles she makes at her phone pings is any indication, you are willing to bet your day’s talent fee that she couldn’t be any happier that filming is over. Not that you’ve been counting. Or glancing at her that often, for that matter.

    Lucky, that guy. So lucky that sometimes you cannot help but wish you were in his place. Imagine, he’s the one who gets to kiss her the most onscreen, and he still gets the exclusive off-screen ones. Lucky, lucky guy. No other way to describe it.

    When you first saw Shin Hye a few years ago, during filming, you thought, “Oh, even with hair this short and shooting at this hour, she’s a beauty.” But when you started talking to her… man, that beauty became almost immaterial. She was interesting even without the already beautiful façade.

    It took you two hours to prepare for and shoot your 10-second cameo in her drama. All because you were blushing profusely, laughing hysterically, and staring shamelessly at that work of art coming to life. She is much, much more than just that pretty face, you thought, as you realized you have finally met your first major showbiz crush.

    Of course you also find other girls pretty. For someone in your line of work, there is an ample amount of beautiful faces from start to end of each and every day. And at some point, you’ve had a crush on some of them, too. But you wouldn’t deny that that phone call two years ago made you actually plan to formally put that crush into action. “Plan to” being the operative phrase.

    Your manager told you that a colleague will be calling you for a radio show. You had no idea, though, that the call would be from her, and was shocked to your socks when you heard her voice. Surely… it couldn’t be… But soon, shock gave way to joy, and you found yourself grinning silly at the sound of voice, laughing along with her as you talked. With the odds obviously in your favor, you even gathered your wits enough to tell her that you want to get to work with her.

    Who’d have thought, huh, that two years later, your wish will be granted. Because here you are, sharing the same spotlight with the crush of your life.

    But your plans? Well… they have never materialized.

    Wae? Because of that freakin’ lucky guy, you tell yourself with a quiet chuckle.

    You have sensed it already… their closeness… during the filming of that convenience store scene. Why else would he be at the filming site even if he had no scenes to shoot, considering that he has barely two hours of sleep in the bag? Plus, their body language was speaking so loudly even without words. Visual banter. The absence of any confirmation (and denial) is the only indicator that bystander aspirants like you could still be hopeful.

    All thoughts of hope, however, flew right out of the window during her DJ stint. Ecstatic to have been one of the chosen “called”, you researched about the other calls she made – and found yourself smacked right back to earth.

    That she talked to other artists was a given, since it was part of the show format. What came as a surprise (to her, too, it seemed) was him calling in the guise of another person, convincing her that he could do a perfect imitation of himself. There was no mistaking the delight in her voice when he revealed who he really was, and the way their conversation just took off like two people who really understood each other was uncanny. Add to that the blush on her cheeks that lasted even as the show has ended – no one else stood a chance.

    Well, not exactly, because one of her finest qualities is giving anyone the time of their day. He should know, he’s on the receiving end of that today. She has that gift of making you feel that your presence matters. No wonder so many artists choose her as their ideal type – you included.

    It’s a bit sad, the reality that in the end, it’s who she likes that counts. And since you are pretty sure who her heart has chosen, the least you can do is concede with confidence that, for whatever it is worth, that guy is proving himself deserving.

    Yup, you have already decided to thwart any attempt to take your crush to another level. But that does not, by any means, diminish your admiration for her (which, you must admit, has gone full fledge after today). She will still be your biggest showbiz crush.

    You take another peek at her, just in time to see her answering her phone and say, “You’re here already? Ahrasso, I’ll be out in a while.” You take this as your cue and clear your throat.

    “Shin Hye noona, I’ve got to bail. I have to thank Ji Sub hyung for making this possible,” you say, smiling wider. “Working with you like this, today, was really awesome,” you tell her in all sincerity. She looks at you and smiles.

    “You weren’t so bad yourself, Seung Ho ya,” she compliments with a wink. Your heart skips a beat with the gesture, and takes a somersault when she envelops you in a quick hug.

    You close your eyes and hug her back, grinning to yourself as you prolong the moment. After all, as any normal person, you are also entitled to savor the feeling of being hugged by the person you are crushing on. You give her a gentle squeeze, admittedly more for yourself than for her.

    You open your eyes as you release each other, only to find that the object of her phone-ping obsession is already here: Jang Keun Suk, in the flesh, grinning sheepishly. You feel a split second of guilt, which was replaced immediately by a split second of amazement as you see him take it all in stride. If he feels any kind of envy, he is doing a good job of holding it at bay – the picture of a man capable of jealousy but acknowledges reason. You admire his silent understanding, making his “worthiness” rating climb higher in your charts.

    You bow to each other in acknowledgement, and to your surprise, he says, “Great job, you two! I’m sure this is going to be a smash.”

    You both give him a perplexed look. You must admit it took you a few seconds before realizing that your jaw has dropped big time. Could he…. Has he seen? And heard?

    “You’ve seen?! I mean… how long have you been here?” she asks him, looking a little sheepish, but still standing proud. You understand her, of course, because the last scene filmed was… well, the one with the kiss.

    “Oh, I’ve seen a lot,” he says, eyes twinkling. “Hmmm, how many takes did that last scene take again? Four…teen?” he adds, laughing as Shin Hye swats his arm playfully.

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” she asks him again.

    “I just saw some people I know and talked to them first,” he explains, giving you a meaningful glance. Could he…

    “I figured they needed time to say what they have to say,” he says, looking at her, though you know his words are for your benefit. Yup, he has definitely seen, and probably also heard, the moments after the filming, too. You feel abashed, but the fact that he has not interrupted makes him all the more admirable. Oh, darn you, Jang Keun Suk ssi, even I find you cool.

    You look him in the eye and nod in acknowledgement and thanks, and as she gives him a quizzical look, he discreetly nods back and smiles.

    “My car is waiting,” you tell them, “Jang Keun Suk ssi, Shin Hye noona.” You walk away from them, the irony of the moment making you smile. Your crush is with her love now, and all you can do is retreat, not with defeat, but with hope that you will find your visual banter partner, too.

    Still… it wouldn’t hurt to make one last chide, would it?

    “Noona,’ you call out, and they both look back. “I hope we get to be together again for Eraser Part 2!”

    “Nae,” she calls out happily, while Keun Suk shakes his head smiling, mouthing what you thought looked like, “Igo namja, chincha!”

    Kere, you think, getting in to your car, grinning in spite of yourself. For three minutes of nameless characters in a sunbae’s MV, I was able to pretend that the guy is Seung Ho and the girl is Shin Hye. But in her reality, the one beside her isn’t me. The most I can do is be thankful for the three minutes she was mine… and wish for three minutes more.

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    Posted by: bianne on: April 10, 2013

    Dear Shin Hye,

    I am leaving this here in the hope that, one day, you’ll get to visit this place. And by that time, maybe I am already the owner of a building in Shibuya. Kekeke.

    It’s a great café, isn’t it? I can almost imagine you sitting in a corner, sipping your coffee, pretending to read a book, but actually enjoying looking at the innocent passersby. And I’d be right across, enjoying looking at you.

    Waiting for that day,

    Your Keun Suk

    = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Dear Keun-chan,

    So this is why you’ve been nagging me about going here. Their coffee hits the spot. And even if it’s in K-Plaza, it’s discreet enough to keep my privacy. My kind of place. And seeing your signature here makes it feel more like home (I have added mine, too, in the hopes you’d feel the same).

    I am here right now with my Japanese agency. And Lee Seung Ki ssi. Which I know you will be asking, so I’ve already told you this early.

    Don’t worry, I am being a good girl.


    Behaved Shin Hye

    = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Dear Shin Hye,

    You don’t know how happy I was to see your reply. Yes, seeing your name does make it more like home. It’s calling me. And saying it out loud seems to bring you here.

    Until I saw that guy part. I guess you know by now how riled up I get every time I see your name coming up with some other guy’s name. More so when it’s you actually mentioning it. Don’t you understand how it’s killing me right now? I almost ripped the paper off. Or should I say, almost ripped this table off.

    But I haven’t. Coz if I did, how else can I get your reply?

    Still waiting,

    Your Keun Suk

    P.S. I don’t really care much about good girls, except for MY good girl. Kekeke.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Dear Keun Suk,

    I was laughing so hard when I read your reply tears were welling in my eyes. Then I felt a lump in my throat, and the tears were no longer of laughter. How is it possible for me to still feel closest to you when we’re literally so far from each other all the time? How soon will we see each other again? I don’t usually complain but I feel like I haven’t seen you in ages, like… you are in Mars and I am in Venus.

    Great, now I’m weirdly paraphrasing book titles.

    Bookworm (not!) Shin Hye

    P.S. This good girl is expecting HER boy to be good, too. Kekeke.

    P.P.S. Joke is half-meant. But whole-meant would be fine, too.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Dear Shin Hye,

    You win: I am a bad guy. I make you wait. I tease you to no end. I put you in awkward situations with my uncanny declarations of love. And then I put you on hold for lengths of time.

    Go Mi Nam, I give you permission to punish me the way you want to (though I’m begging cute that you wouldn’t be too harsh, kiukiukiu).

    Aegyo Prince Keun Suk

    = = = = = = = = = =

    Dear Shin Hye,

    It’s been a few months since I’ve last been here, and I take the absence of a response to mean that you have heard (and probably read) everything about me. I am sorry.

    I have told you before that I am a bad guy. That’s not true. I am a bad, bad, BAD guy. The world has taken my innocence, and I allowed it to. My body has been feasted upon by more than just a number of people and a number of things. I know, I know, even that is my fault. I share too much of myself to others. And in effect, there was less and less of me left for you.

    I am sorry. For not being wise and not being considerate. For forgetting that love should come with trust and faith, and should mean not giving the other reason for doubt. Things that I don’t deserve but you have given me nonetheless. Things that I deprived you of when those are what you truly deserve.

    Sorry to no end,

    Still your Keun Suk

    = = = = = = = =

    Dear Shin Hye,

    I miss you terribly. Even if I know I have no right to say so, because I was the one who have driven you away, it is true. I miss you.

    Of all the punishments I could be given, this is the worst I could take – your silence. But I am in no position to complain because I know the pain I have caused is much worse than this.

    I am sorry. I couldn’t say it enough, I know. Through words, flowers, presents, anything… Nothing will ever be enough to the pain I know I have caused you – the same pain that is eating me now.

    My mind – the only part of me that I can say is entirely mine at the moment – is slowly reclaiming the other parts to make me a better person, a better Keun Suk, a better Keun Suk for you. A whole new Keun Suk that with one part left to make it totally complete.

    My heart. Which has always been yours.

    I will wait for you. For as long as it takes, I will wait.

    Forever will be,

    Your Keun Suk

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    all credit goes to the AUTHOR...thank you very MUCH sis MAIZE for allowing us to post your GREAT FANFICs of KEUNSHIN here in FANBOX...hope to read more....kekekkeke

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