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    Post by lycille on Mon 19 Sep 2011, 4:35 am


    You can see more of Maize's Fanfic works at this Blog site.


    credit : maizey (thank you)

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    Post by lycille on Mon 19 Sep 2011, 4:46 am

    "Déjà vu"

    It took them all day to film the grueling Garden5 CF, with all the choreography, wardrobe changes and location shoots at practically every corner of the establishment. Much as they both were happy to be working together again, it was a relief that they finally wrapped the whole thing up.

    “Shin Hye-yah, I know it’s late, and I know you’re tired… but can you spare this oppa some of your precious time?” Keun Suk asked Shin Hye a few minutes after the director called it a day.

    How could he even think I would say no? Shin Hye thought, hearing the barely audible gasp he took before he spoke, and seeing the doubt mixed with the hope in his eyes. That he had this kind of insecurity still amazes her. She saw him let go of the breath he’s been holding, when she smiled and said, “Okay”. For some reason, she found him doubly adorable during those few moments of uncertainty.

    They said farewell to their managers (Children, don’t stay up too late. We will call you in exactly an hour… FINE, two hours, MAX. When someone asks, we would deny everything, and no midnight trysts will ever happen again, ahrasso?), before heading to Khan. Shin Hye tried to stifle a giggle as he closed the door to the passenger seat and went to the other side. Finally, some “us” time, she sighed as she put on her seatbelt and they drove off into the night.

    ~ *~*~

    “Oppa, are we going where I think we’re going?” Shin Hye asked, rousing excitedly from her sleepy state. It hasn’t been a long drive, but the day’s events, coupled with the cool breeze and his humming voice, made her drowsy. Until, she saw the familiar surroundings, and eagerly peered out of the window.

    Keun Suk laughed in response. Yes, he thinks he knows where she thinks they are going. And yes, she was right. And he couldn’t help but smile to himself. This, after all, brought him back to all that happened a couple of months past…

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    “I… cannot see you anymore, Oppa… At least not for a while.”

    Her voice broke; he lost his. She had to take a deep breath; he wondered if he stopped breathing.

    “You know this isn’t easy for me. I’ve gotten used to being with you all the time, too used to it… that I no longer know where you end and I begin… And I… couldn’t live with that.”

    She looked at him; he couldn’t look away. She was looking for the right words; he was at a loss for words.

    “Mianhe, but this is something I have to do… without you.”

    She felt a pain in her heart, saw the pain in his eyes. He felt a pain in his heart, saw the pain in her eyes.

    Silence. Silence that spoke volumes, stretched through time, making everything seem to be working in slow motion. She took a step forward.

    “Oppa… I’m sorry.”

    She gave him a hug, half-wishing he would ask her back. He couldn’t even return her hug, just helplessly watched her walk away without turning back.

    ~ oOo ~

    The shock gave way to pain, and the pain, eventually, to understanding. He felt sad, angry, confused, desperate, lost, broken… but he understood her. She already felt like she lost herself to Go Mi Nam. He didn’t want her to feel like she’s losing herself to him, too. Because that wouldn’t be the Shin Hye he has grown to love anymore.

    Yes, he loved her. There might have been confusion about that before, but he was sure now. After all, how else could he have given her the space and time she needs, when it was the last thing he wanted to do? He willingly gave her that, even if it killed him.

    He filled his days with projects, school, FM’s, smiling for the cameras, drowning cups of coffee, smoking packs of cigarettes, trying to brave the pain, albeit not being able to resist saying her name. Despite the busy schedule, there was not a minute that he didn’t think of her. He wanted to but couldn’t talk to her, see her, get in touch with her for who knows how long she wanted to. Needed to, he corrected himself, knowing that it probably hurt her more, this decision she made.

    Find yourself, Shin Hye. And when you do, I hope a part of you would yearn to find me, too.

    ~ oOo ~

    She felt anxious, not knowing how to deal with him the first time they would see each other again after she said she needed “space”. During that period, her time was spent for self-reflection, school, projects, guestings, being with friends, and … hinting through her diary entries. Despite her busy schedule, there was not a minute that she didn’t think of him. She wanted to but couldn’t talk to him, see him, get in touch with him for who knows how long she wanted to. Needed to, she corrected herself, knowing that while the distance and silence hurt like hell, she needed to go thru this process of soul searching to be back to her old self. The Shin Hye she liked. The Shin Hye he liked… she thinks. And now that she felt she had her old self back, she was ready to face him. Maybe.

    She was told about the Japanese magazine photo shoot, that it would feature both her and Keun Suk. She took on the project, wanting to look at him straight in the eye when she tells him that here she is, all the pieces back together, complete, ready to face him whole again. If… he’d take her back. “Better this way,” Shin Hye murmured to herself. “Even if he hates me so much after what I did, I know he’s not the type to make a scene.”

    But I would see it in his eyes, Shin Hye thought, while giving herself a final check through the side mirror of Manager Jun’s car. She knew she caused him pain, and she wouldn’t be surprised if he hated her right now. She was starting to get anxious again. The fact that he agreed to do this, knowing he’d be working with her, was the only thing keeping her calm.

    Here goes, she thought, finally getting off the car while trying to live with the littlest of courage she could muster.

    ~ oOo ~

    Keun Suk sensed her presence even before he saw her. This girl just brings something wonderful with her wherever she goes.

    When he was told that he would be doing a photo shoot with Shin Hye, he felt elated. He took on the project, wanting to see her again, tell her he missed her so much and that he hopes she found the road to herself and ready to go back to the space that was hers alone in his life. If… she’d take him back. “Better this way,” he murmured. “Even if in she still wouldn’t want to speak with me, it’s not in her to make a scene.”

    But I would see it in her eyes, Keun Suk thought, as the final touches of his makeup was being done by the stylist noona. He knew she was going through a phase, and would understand if she totally ignored him. He was starting to get anxious. The fact that she agreed to do this, knowing she would be working with him, was the only thing keeping him calm.

    Heregoes, he thought, finally getting off his seat and turning around to face her.

    ~ oOo ~

    Shin Hye greeted everyone on the set, and took a breath when she finally caught sight of Keun Suk. He hasn’t changed much, still his adorkable self, she thought, as he got off his seat to greet her.

    Ottokajo? She could greet him with the courtesy bow, but the people around them won’t buy that – they know that theirs is not that kind of friendship… relationship… whatever what they have is called. Then she caught his eye. There was a flood of emotions there that she couldn’t quite read. She opted for a tentative smile. Surprisingly, he smiled back, and started to extend his arms for a hug.

    Okay, a hug would be cool, I guess, no matter how awkward it would look.

    She hugged him back. Pat him awkwardly at the back, more like it. She was about to let go, when she felt his left hand settling on her right arm, and his right hand aiming for… her ear! She flinched as she always does when he does that to her. She saw the playful glint in his eye, and successfully swatted his hand away on the second attempt.

    “Ya! Oppa!” Shin Hye semi-screeched, her fists balled up aiming for his chest, all of the tension seeping away with her laughter.

    ~ oOo ~

    “Ya! Shin Hye!” Keun Suk started, finally recovering from her surprise attack, but couldn’t come up with a proper retort. The first few punches hit him square on the chest, but they got weaker as Shin Hye started to double up with laughter. Keun Suk caught her fists in his hands, all of the tension easing up as he laughed along with her. And then he gave her a hug – a real hug this time – and would have even squeezed her tight, too, if only the PD didn’t clear his throat and stare down at them. Twice.

    Her perky nature coupled with his dorky antics eventually got them through the day. The photos turned out great – the cameras perfectly captured bits and pieces of Tae Kyung and Mi Nam mixed with Keun Suk and Shin Hye. But to them, it was the off-cam moments that really mattered, those few moments when they were back to their old bantering, bickering selves.

    The shoot came to a wrap. Shin Hye was saying her thanks to everyone, and was ready to head out with Manager Jun. Keun Suk was in deep thought while looking at her retrieving back. He just spent five glorious hours with the girl he missed most in the world. He was not ready to miss her again just yet.

    “Shin Hye-yah!” He called out, running to her side. “I know it’s late, and I know you’re tired… but can you spare this oppa some of your precious time?”

    ~ oOo ~

    Keun Suk drove aimlessly for the first few minutes. He really didn’t have any plan in mind, half-doubtful that she would say yes to his invitation. But she did, and now that he was with the girl of his reality, he didn’t know where to head to.

    Truth be told, he couldn’t care less if he drove off to Jeju Island at that very moment. He was so happy to just be with her. Welcome back Shin Hye-yah, he thought, as he stared at Shin Hye at the passenger seat, with his coat draped on her semi-sleeping form. It’s been a while. Quite a long while, really. He could hardly suppress a smile as the thought of being alone with her again warmed his heart.

    “Oppa, why are we here?” Shin Hye suddenly asked him, as he rounded the corner. He didn’t know why his aimless driving finally led them to the auditorium where they held the A.N.Jell concert for the last episode of Minami Shineyo. Shin Hye excitedly got off the car, run to the entrance, the night air blowing through her short hair. There must be a reason, Keun Suk thought, looking at the sky, as if to find answers.

    ~ oOo ~

    “Oppa, do you to plan to just stand there and star gaze the whole night?” Shin Hye yelled at Keun Suk, laughing while running to the auditorium entrance. He’s as dorky as he was at 19, she couldn’t help but think when she saw him jump out of his skin, as if waking from a trance.

    They saw the caretaker ahjussi (Ms. Park! Mr. Jang! What brings you here at this time?), and tried to worm their way into convincing him to let them in, (Twenty minutes… FINE, thirty, MAX. When somebody asks, I’ll deny I know anything, and no midnight trysts will ever happen again, ahrasso?).

    “Komawoyo, ahjussi!” Shin Hye happily said, and grinned at Keun Suk. Race you to the stage? Her eyes challenged his. She saw the glint in his and ran inside before he could even say a word.

    ~ oOo ~

    Keun Suk laughed as he reached the stage first. He watched as Shin Hye raised her hands in surrender, and slowed down along the aisle. She must be remembering how it felt to perform on this stage with all those people, he thought, as her eyes spanned the audience area. And Hong Ki and Yong Hwa, too, he couldn’t help but smile as he noticed her smile grow wider. She was now staring at a spot almost center stage, at the exact place where the fender speaker was when they took the picture with his coat covering her legs. And… me, Keun Suk thought, his heart warming when she saw her put her palm to her heart.

    As if on cue, the caretaker ahjussi put the stage lights into dim and the house lights to full… and Keun Suk was surprised to see Shin Hye looking at him. She looked so radiant at that moment, with her flowing skirt, his coat still draped on her shoulders, a pin on her relatively longer hair, her eyes smiling though a little bit misty. She never looked more beautiful.

    And that was when it hit him: the reason why they were led to this place, where their reel-counterparts, were reunited. Keun Suk felt like his heart was about to burst.

    “Shin Hye-yah… do you know why this place will always be special to me?” Keun Suk said as he started descending the stairs, the realization making him bolder, his gait lighter.

    Shin Hye laughed. “Wae, Oppa? Because this is where Hwang Tae Kyung first told Go Mi Nyu that he loves her?” She was standing at the exact spot where Tae Kyung found Mi Nyu amidst the crowd. He was just a few steps away from her.

    “Ani…” He was standing right in front of her now. “…Because this is where I first said I love you.”

    ~ oOo ~

    Oh! My! Stars! Shin Hye felt her heart stop then threaten to burst at any moment. Did he just say that? She was under the impression that they were talking about memories from the drama, but she so wanted to believe that he meant it, for real. Her heart was telling her yes, but her head wanted to make sure.

    She let out an awkward laugh. “Oppa, you never said that you love me.” She couldn’t quite look at him.

    Keun Suk just smiled. “Shin Hye-yah, I just did.” Oh my, oh my, oh my. He did, he did, he really did.

    He raised her chin until her eyes were looking into his. “Do you want to me to say it again?”

    Her heart was still beating rapidly, but her mind was starting to clear up. She had to hear him say it. She had to see it in his eyes.

    Keun Suk smiled, looking into her eyes.

    “Park Shin Hye…. Saranghae.”

    Oh! My! Stars!

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    They were walking down the aisle heading to the stage of the auditorium that holds so much of their memories – where they had the last A.N.Jell concert, where Tae Kyung first told Go Mi Nyu that he loves her, and most importantly, where Keun Suk first told Shin Hye that he loves her.

    Good thing the caretaker ahjussi was still around and let them in (You know the drill, children). Despite the time limit given by their managers, they didn’t feel the need to rush this time. They didn’t race to the stage, just leisurely walked side by side in comfortable silence.

    So much has happened since that night – they have started their respective projects – filmed movies, been engaged with school work, filmed CFs, attended showbiz events, recorded songs. They did not see each other that much – what with Keun Suk being away most of the time, too, for his FMs – except for quick visits, that other Japanese mag photo session, shooting for the anjells.com promo, and just today, filming the Garden5 CF. But they felt a lot closer, like that night forged a bond stronger. Even if they didn’t get to see each other, they talked often. Talked a lot. Talked about everything. Talked about nothing.

    She never did tell me she loves me, though. Keun Suk thought, while they were approaching the stage. I must admit I was too forward, like something possessed me that night. But I have no regrets. I meant every word. And even if I haven’t told her again, I have showed her. I couldn’t stop myself from mentioning her in my FMs, because she’s been in my mind all the time. I go online when she’s online, even when it’s an hour or two later than Korean time. I make sure I always have something for her when I go home from my trips. I let her be the first woman to ride Khan… well, aside from Omma. I drop by her house whenever I can. I’ve shared with her practically everything that concerned my life, even my diet. I am giving it my all, God knows I am. And even if it takes forever, I wouldn’t get tired of showing her, everyday of my life. And telling her again and again, if she’d let me.

    ~ *~*~

    Shin Hye lagged behind as Keun Suk continued pacing the stage. She didn’t feel the need to speak, even if they have not seen each other in a long time, and most of the day was devoted to the shoot. She was just happy to be with him tonight. Happier to be with him here.

    A lot has happened since that night. She never told him this, but his silent presence during the time she had broken wings, and his being there when she was ready to soar again, was her biggest source of inspiration. They might not have spent that much time together, but since then, she has never felt as close to anyone as she did to him.

    He told me he loves me. Shin Hye thought. I must admit I was too taken aback then to even say anything. And he hasn’t said it again. Still, he never failed to show me. He mentioned me in all of his FMs. He went online whenever I was, even if it meant it took another extra hour off of his rest time. He always had something for me when he gets home from his trips. He let me ride his Khan and drops by our house. He has shared with me practically everything that concerned his life, yes, even his diet. God knows, he has done his part…

    It’s about time, Shin Hye realized, I did mine.

    “Oppa…” Shin Hye said, stopping in the middle of the stage. ”Do you know why this place will always be special to me?” She was grinning silly.

    Keun Suk laughed. “Why does this sound so familiar?” he aked as he got nearer to where she was standing. “But let me guess… Because this is where I first said I love you?” He was standing at the exact spot where he gave her his coat to cover her legs during the last concert. She walked towards him.

    “Ani…” She was standing right in front of him now. “…Because this is where I first said I love you.”

    ~ *~*~

    Keun Suk felt his heart leap. He was sure she said it. He could see it in her eyes. He has felt it in his heart. Still, it made him happy to hear her say the words. But would be happier to hear her say them again.

    He couldn’t resist teasing her, now catching on. “Shin Hye-yah, you never said that you love me.” He couldn’t put up with the long face. He knew he was grinning from ear to ear, but he doesn’t care. She said she loves him. And he felt like he was on top of the world.

    Shin Hye was laughing by then, too. “Now this sounds familiar.” Then she shyly said, “Oppa, I just did.”

    He had his eyebrows raised, daring her to say the next lines. She turned red, buried her face in his chest, ready to punch him non-stop, as if to say, Bo?I can’t believe you are making me say it!

    But he knew her too well, and he caught her fists before they even hit him. He set her arms to her side, and carefully took her head away from his chest, raised her chin until her eyes were looking into his.

    But she also knew him too well. So she had them closed.

    He couldn’t stop himself from laughing, “Open your eyes and just say it, Shin Hye-yah.”

    She opened them, and said, “Fine,” then took a deep breath. But she was smiling when she said, “Oppa, do you want to me to say it again?”

    He was looking intently at her smiling eyes, and felt like his heart was about to burst when he nodded.

    Shin Hye smiled, looking into his eyes.

    “Jang Keun Suk…. Saranghae.”

    “And I…” Keun Suk answered as he gave her a quick kiss and a big smile, “… love you.”[/b]

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    Post by lycille on Mon 19 Sep 2011, 4:57 am

    Of Phone Calls and Choices

    maizey's note: To my favorite Oppa… who I hope, in every sense of the word, would eventually find his happily ever after.

    “All set for Saturday?” the voice on the other end asked.

    “Hyung! Yeobosseo? I heard you put Tokyo on fire!” Keun Suk jested, recognizing the voice belonging to a tall, chinky-eyed man who he respects a lot. Who else would talk to him in English?

    “Hahaha,” Bi gave a hearty laugh. “Ani. I just warmed the stage up, brother. You, on the other hand, and your lady love, are going to be sizzling.” He smiled when he heard Keun Suk’s hesitant sigh.

    “I don’t know, Ji Hoon hyung,” Keun Suk disclosed, mouthing his thanks and waving to the leaving stylist noonas who helped him pack for the FM. “I’ve been doing this FM thing for quite a while now. I must say I have somehow gotten the hang of it…”

    “Yeah, I could see that,” Bi interrupted, not able to resist chiding him. “With your Sexy Back videos posted all over the net. I must say you’ve come a long way since you’ve danced to “I Do” while doing your DJ stuff.”

    “Ya, Hyung! Don’t underestimate the younger version of me. Watching those videos made you ask me if I could endorse SixtoFive, remember? I would have said yes, too, if only I wasn’t still doing Black ‘n Jean then,” Keun Suk countered, recalling how their friendship started.

    “Hajiman,” Keun Suk continued, going back to the present. “That’s not even the issue at hand. You know it’s never been a problem being with Shin Hye before, even in public… except for that brief SBS awards stint,” he added, flinching at the memory. His voice had become more urgent, like he has come to the point he really wanted to discuss. “But now… now that… everything’s different… I don’t want all those antis scaring her away. There’s just too much at stake.” My heart. Her heart. And the work that we both love.

    “Not just the antis,” Keun Suk added, even before Bi could speak. His brows furrowed further as he remembered his other major concern.

    “Hyung, Japan would let her face Go Mi Nam again. You know quite well what we went through the last time. What she went through. She felt so helpless. I felt more helpless, because I couldn’t do anything for her. I don’t think I could go through another one of those phases. It might take longer to recover this time.” Or never, he added to himself, thoughts of Shin Hye running through his mangled mind. He sat at the reclining chair, resting his fist on his forehead. His thoughts are giving him a headache.

    “Ottokajo? I might most likely end up trying my best to ignore her for her own sake. I don’t want her to go through hell again.” He felt weird confessing to his sunbae, but his anxiety was putting him on a roll. “Or end up ignoring everyone else, because I’m sure she’s going to look amazing!”

    Bi was laughing heartily on the other end. “You’re not as confused as you think you are, punk, to still be able to joke about it.” He was relieved to hear Keun Suk’s laughter, no matter how meager it sounded. “But you’re right about one thing. I’m sure Shin Hye would be amazing. Your lady love is beauty, talent and positive energy all rolled into one,” Bi stated, open admiration reflected in his voice. “I would have taken her in under J-Tune if she wasn’t so adamant in being an actress. But I must say she’s doing a really neat job. Couldn’t blame you for being so smitten and acting like a love-sick pup,” Bi teased.

    “Just as you have been with Hye Kyo noona, huh, Hyung?” he shot back, instantly regretting it when Bi fell silent. Geez, Keun Suk, when you mess up, you mess it up bad, don’t you? Can you just shut your mouth up for once? he scolded himself with the awkward silence that followed.

    “Pabo-ya, what “have been” are you talking about?” Bi volleyed back after a while, regaining his composure. “I still am. Always will be.” He said it as a casual comeback, but Keun Suk spotted hints of truth and sadness in his words.

    “Hajiman, that’s not the issue at hand,” Bi went on, borrowing his words, discreetly letting the detour rest. “Seriously… are you asking me? Me, of all people?!” Bi asked warily.

    “De,” Keun Suk affirmed. “Look, Hyung, I don’t know what went on, or what’s going on, with you and Hye Kyo noona. Don’t deny it, Hyung,” He went on, hearing Bi gasp, as if to protest. “Your pupils dilate and your voice catches when you hear or say her name.” He didn’t even give Bi the chance to speak; it wasn’t as if the other was trying, really.

    “But I’m just saying, your once upon a time must have really been special for you to still think of her this way, after all these years.” Keun Suk said, pausing empathically, choosing his words properly. “I have my once upon a time now. And I really would like to know how to properly deal with this, because I could definitely see her as my happily ever after.”

    Bi felt the sincerity of his words. To have him think of how his actions could affect the other person in this “relationship” shows that he has reached a certain kind of maturity. That, and that he is officially smitten. Both of which make the sunbae proud of his dongsaeng.

    “Look, Prince Charming, in our kind of business, there’s no sure fire formula for love. What works for one may not work for the other,” he said, remembering what he himself has been through.

    “We… were so like you then – a lot of love going around, but also a lot of ambition. Being in this business didn’t make it easy for us. Worse for me, because I am an idol.” Bi sighed.

    “I also tried to protect her. You know that. She knows that. And up to a certain point, I honestly thought we were faring quite well. But then more issues came along. The antis were just one thing. There were schedules, scandals and contracts to be honored. Eventually I found myself protecting her, even from myself.”

    Keun Suk was at a loss for words. This was the first time he ever heard the stable, secure superstar talk about his vulnerable moments. It was humbling. And scary. He felt like Bi was telling him his own life story.

    “I’m not trying to scare you,” Bi reassured him, sensing the tension bulding from the other end. “But nobody really knows what will happen, you know what I mean? When you come to that moment of truth, you heart and your mind will both speak to you. At that point, you just listen to them both and do what you’ve got to do.”

    “So what did you do?” Keun Suk asked quietly. He wanted to know.

    Silence on the other end. The suspense was killing him.

    “I chose her,” Bi finally said. “And she chose me. But the rest of the story…” Bi trailed off. Keun Suk heard other people voices from the other end. Looks like Bi was going to be busy soon. Then again, when wasn’t he?

    “The rest of the story…” he prompted, when the noise died down a bit.

    “The rest of the story…” Bi finally indulged, “… will remain a mystery.” Bi said with a smile that translated into those 720 miles they had apart.

    “Ahhhhh, Hyung, you’re killing me! Are you saying you and Hye Kyo noona chose each other, but you still ended up…” he trailed off.

    Bi laughed, “Ya, you can’t get anything from me, my lips are sealed. Let’s just say we ended up having something really wonderful, which we will have for the rest of our lives that nothing could ever change. And let’s just leave it at that.”

    Keun Suk knew this was a battle he couldn’t win, so he gave it a rest. But… Does this mean he and Shin Hye are awaiting the same fate? Their lives, after all, were so much like their sunbaes. He didn’t know if it was something to dread or to look forward to, what with Bi’s vague explanation of what was really going on in his own story.

    “You are a smart guy. I know you will make the right decision when you come to that point.” It was becoming noisy again on his end, as people began streaming in. Keun Suk was still at a loss for words.

    “Have faith, man! I know you can do it. Hey, if you want, I’ll even take a Tokyo detour from Fukuoka to Osaka, even if it means I’ll miss the Uruguay-SoKor game, just to cheer you on,” Bi quipped. Keun Suk laughed, but he was still apprehensive.

    “Bo, you don’t believe me? Okay if you want, I’ll even call Hye Kyo then just so we could both cheer you on. And maybe… tell you the rest of the story,” Bi bargained.

    “Really, Hyung?” Keun Suk challenged, with a full blown laugh this time. The stakes were appealing, but this was something he had to do, with our without the hard bargain. “Ani, I’ll pass. Just go have that satellite dish installed in that resto you like and watch the game in peace. It’s the least you can do for a late birthday celebration.”

    “Aissh, so he remembers after all!” Bi exclaimed, his laughter ringing amidst the mounting noise from his end. “Komapto. But I got to go now, punk. Good luck. Aza aza fighting!”

    And he hang up, leaving Keun Suk alone with his jumbled thoughts.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Keun Suk was thoughtfully pacing the dressing room, 15 minutes before the fan meeting. He didn’t have the chance to talk to Shin Hye yet. Well, at least not alone. They didn’t fly together. They came in together, but on separate vans. Rehearsals until final preparations were really hectic; there has been barely time to talk, especially about something as important as this.

    He has made up his mind. After initial disorientation gave way to careful thought, he realized that his talk with Bi might not have given him answers, but it gave him comfort. And confidence. And helped him come up with this decision.

    My heart and my mind both spoke to me, and I trust them both to do the right thing, he thought as he was being ushered to take his place behind the curtain, eight minutes before show time. Shin Hye came out of the room shortly after and took her place beside him.

    Finally, they were alone. Finally, he could tell her everything he had to, and hope that in those few minutes he could make her understand. Finally, the moment he has been waiting for.

    And yet, for a while there, all he could think of was how breathtakingly beautiful the woman beside him was.

    He speechlessly took in her face, her form, and everything that came with it.

    The woman of his dreams. The woman of his reality.

    “Shin Hye-yah,” he finally said, facing her. “We’ve talked about this fan meet countless of times, right? We both know we have rehearsed and prepared for this well, and we both know that we are going to give them one heck of a show.” He paused, catching his breath. He knew time was running. In his haste, he feels like he said all of those in one breathe.

    “But I just want to you to know,” he continued, “that no matter what happens today…” he held both of her hands. “I choose us.”

    He looked into her eyes. There was a mix of emotions in their depths, and she was looking searchingly into his.

    “I don’t know what will happen once we step on to that stage. I may mess up. You may mess up. I might ignore you, like last time. Or you might ignore me, like last time. We might both say and do things that will either earn us more antis, or more projects. We might end up being so busy after this that we can barely see each other, talk to each other, spend time with each other, bash, bicker and banter with each other. We might end up being crankier, nastier, edgier, older but hopefully wiser,” He saw her lips slowly twitch into a smile, as the PD yelled “four minutes” before curtain call. He drew strength from that smile.

    “I guess what I’m trying to say is… no matter what happens, from this moment on, I choose to trust us. Whether Jang Keun Suk or Park Shin Hye falls or soars, together or alone, in this business… at the end of the day I will take comfort in the fact that there is an “us” that is immune to the cameras, paparazzi, antis, scandals, and all those hullabaloos… the “us” I could come home to.”

    There, he finally said it.

    He looked at her hands in his, feeling like the silence was stretching into years, wondering what she was thinking, wondering what she was going to say, wondering when he could hold her hands again like this.

    And then… she gave his hands a squeeze.

    “Oppa…” Shin Hye said, her voice quiet but firm. “I choose us, too.”

    He looked at her then, really looked at her, and saw in her eyes something that melted all of his apprehension away.


    “I am trusting “us”, too, to get both Keun Suk and Shin Hye through this. This, and everything that comes with it,” she said, her eyes misty yet sincere. “Yes, even strict time keepers.” Shin Hye added, as the production assistant started the countdown two minutes before show time.

    Keun Suk felt lighthearted as he joined in her laughter. For what seemed like forever they were just trapped in that moment, hands held and eyes on each other, knowing in their hearts that no matter what, everything was going to be fine.

    One minute to show time.

    He finally let go of her hands, took one last look and gave her a quick, tight hug. Which, he happily noted, she returned.

    Nothing can be sweeter than this, he thought, as he reached out for his microphone. Wait, I take that back. Too bad I didn’t take Hyung up to it. Their mysterious story would have been the perfect icing to the cake, he corrected himself, as the MC called out their names.

    “By the way, Keun Suk…” Shin Hye added, taking her place alongside him once again. “Have you, by any chance, been talking to Bi Oppa?” She asked him, a knowing grin on her face.

    “Huh?! How did you…” Keun Suk was surprised. “You mean… you , hyung… no that can’t be… wait… could it be… noona!?” he stammered, realization suddenly dawning unto him.

    “De,” … she nodded her confirmation, giving one last burst of laughter as the opening bars of Still began to play.

    I know you’re curious about my side of the story, Oppa. But there’s no rush. We’ll always have “us”.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Meanwhile, in a dimly lit corner at the back of the C. C. Lemon Hall in Shibuya, a tall, chinky-eyed man was silently watching his favorite stars share the stage. exchanging looks that only people like him, like them – people who experience love and trust hand-in-hand – could understand. He smiled knowingly, nodded his head in agreement, brought out his mobile phone and started dialing a familiar number.

    “De… Gwaenchana?” the voice on the other end answered.

    “Hye Kyo-yah,” Bi said, a little breathless, a little overwhelmed to be hearing her voice again. ”Looks like we have some story-telling to do…” he started explaining, as he left the hall, the voices of two angels still echoing in his head.

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    “Good morning. How are you today, Oppa?” she called him that morning.

    “I’m good, thanks,” was his short reply. Her stomach did a little worried flip. Mind you, her stomach has been doing flips lately, due to her unstoppable coughing fits. Still, it was so unlike him to not ask her back. A nagging feeling was creeping in on her. Shin Hye, stop thinking about it. He must be busy. They start filming today, right? Maybe just busy.

    “You’re back to filming, right? We’re almost done with CA. Actually, I am. Good thing, too, coz I seem to be coming up with something. Uhm Tae Woong Oppa and the rest are still filming the last parts,” she rambled back, trying to sound nonchalant.

    “So I heard,” he said curtly. Uh-oh. Three-worded responses never bade good news. Especially from him, who she knows could talk nonstop for hours.

    And “So I heard”? What was that supposed to mean? Another bout of coughs came, with a shiver that had nothing to do with the weather or her deteriorating health.

    “Gwaenchana?” Keun Suk asked, his voice softening a bit.

    “Nae, Oppa, just a little under the weather,” was her high-pitched reply, a little relieved with the concern hidden in his stern voice.

    “Oppa, what’s…” she started, but a burst of noise came from his end, signaling the start of a busy day.

    “Listen, I got to go. I’ll talk to you later, okay?”

    “Ahrasso, Oppa,” she quietly said, just as she heard a shrill “Keun Suk-ah!” from a giggly female, followed by a “nae, noona!” from a voice undoubtedly Keun Suk’s.

    She eagerly took the phone to her ear again, in attempts to hear more. Unfortunately, she already pressed the end call button. She stared at her phone with a stunned expression.

    Who in the world was that?!?!


    Shin Hye woke with a start, 12 hours and four Cyworld updates later. She had a bad case of colds and coughing fits that won’t quit, so she took her meds and have been dozing on and off. But the occasional brief slumbers did not stop her from keeping tabs on her phone beeps and laptop pings, in case there’d be word from him, only to be disappointed every time.

    His silence was making her anxious. The nightmares she was having did not help at all – ones involving her oppa with a shrilly-voiced, faceless noona. Why she was having those dreams during daytime naps was beyond her comprehension. Her subconscious must be getting to her.

    “Ani, ani, ani,” she told herself with a vigorous shake of the head, stopping abruptly when she realized the movement was making her dizzy.

    She checked her phone for the umpteenth time, crushed also for the umpteenth time with his continuous silence. She left him a dozen messages, one for each hour, and was pondering over whether to send this new one or not. She would have wanted to call him, if it weren’t for the sniffles.

    With eyes closed and a silent prayer, she hit send and automatically went to her laptop. Still nothing. She heaved a sigh of frustration. She desperately wanted to talk to him, wanted to ask why he was so abrupt that morning, wanted to know about his “noona”, wanted to… well, just wanted for him to be there and make her feel that everything was going to be okay.

    Her thoughts wandered once again to the possible reasons for his coldness.

    Was it because of her Japan fib, where she denied even liking him, practically showing disdain? No, they’ve already talked about that. She was caught by surprise and didn’t know how to react then, and he was really understanding when she apologized.

    Was it because they didn’t go to sunbae-nim’s wake together? No, they’ve talked about that, too. They didn’t want to be under public scrutiny, not after all the associations tied up with their Japan event and rendezvous.

    Was it because they have not been spending “them” time these past days? Well, they haven’t talked about that yet, but she was pretty sure it wasn’t that. They have, after all, been away from each other longer than this before.

    Was it because he has already found somebody else? This last option was seriously breaking her heart and giving her headaches, but she didn’t want to believe that yet, unless he told her. She hugged her pillow tight, silently wishing it wasn’t that.

    Her thoughts were disturbed by a soft knock on the door. Distracted, she went to answer it and found her brother standing there, a funny look on his face.

    “Why am I seeing a lot of those creases today?” he asked, laying gentle fingers on her forehead, as if to erase the wrinkles she didn’t know were there. “Is that the new way of greeting your favorite person in the world?”

    “Mianhe, Oppa,” she told him apologetically, attempting to smile. “I just have a lot in mind lately. Don’t mind me not being my usual self.”

    “I didn’t mean me, silly,” her brother said teasingly. “I meant him,” he motioned, jabbing a thumb on the figure currently pacing their living room.

    “Jang Keun Suk!” Shin Hye exclaimed with a rush of breath, a swirl of emotions closing in on her as she saw his familiar frame, his face a mirror image of hers.

    “Yep, I knew it. I knew it wasn’t me,” he said, sighing dramatically. ”Maybe you would want to tone that voice down a little, and maybe run a comb over your hair a bit,” her brother suggested with a chuckle. “And try shutting that mouth. It’s not a pretty sight.”

    Shin Hye blushed, barely aware that her mouth was hanging open. She looked gratefully at her brother.

    “I’ll let him know you’ll be out in a few minutes,” he told her with a wave and an indulgent smile.

    “Komawoyo, Oppa,” she couldn’t help but smiled back as she closed the door, preparing herself for the best. Or worst.


    “Shin Hye-yah, gwaenchana?” Keun Suk asked in a rush the moment she stepped out in the living room. He looked worried. He looked amazing. And she looked like… well, hell. This did nothing to calm her nerves.

    “Nae Oppa,” she said, as they both sat on the sofa. He was looking at her from head to toe, as if checking for damages. “The coughing has stopped,” she continued, a bit uncomfortable with his scrutiny. “I still have sniffles, but the coughing has stopped. I’ve been a good girl, taking my meds and resting the whole day.”

    “No, you haven’t,” he said, half-scolding, half-exasperated. “You’ve been updating your Cyworld and texting the whole day.” He looked at her sternly, but was gentler when he asked, “Jeongmal e gwaencha ke seo yo?”

    “Actually… I’m not,” she said hesitantly, opting for honesty. She’s been on a roller coaster of emotions the whole day, wanting answers, waiting for answers, and she didn’t know if she could wait any longer.

    “Mo?!?” he asked, taken by surprise. He checked her pulse and her forehead, obviously to find out if she was still feverish. Then he checked her eyes, and that was when he saw the questions lingering in their black depths.

    Keun Suk dropped his hands and fell silent. Shin Hye found the opening she was looking for. And like a volcano …

    “What happened this morning? What was with the three-worded answers? What was with the silence? And what was with “noona”?” she exploded, mimicking him as she said the last word. She knew she sounded whiny and demanding, but she was beyond caring. She wanted to know. Now.

    “I guess the medicines are working their wonders then,” Keun Suk said with a patient but pained look in his eyes. He knew quite well cold meds could make someone irritable – she has been on the receiving end of his moods due to this on several occasions.

    “I was worried. I was sick. I was worried sick,” Shin Hye said, quite defensively. “And don’t try to change the subject.”

    “Mianhe, Shin Hye-yah… that’s the reason why I am here right now,” he answered in a somber tone.

    It was Shin Hye’s turn to fall silent. She didn’t know what was coming next, afraid to hear what he was going to say, but wanting to hear it nevertheless.

    “I am sorry for being abrupt. To tell you the truth, I was… jealous,” he confessed sheepishly.

    “Mo?!?” she asked incredulously, her eyebrows shooting up. Of all the answers he could give, this was one she didn’t expect.

    “We haven’t seen each other for a while, and I know you haven’t updated your sites. In a whim, I checked on Cyrano. And… I saw your pictures. With Uhm Tae Woong-ssi,” he said with a disturbed sigh.

    She was dumbfounded. “Oppa,” she finally said, shifting on her seat so she was facing him. “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is nothing, absolutely nothing, between me and Tae Woong Oppa. True, we share the interest for photography and work well together. I seriously respect and love the man,” she said deadpan, smiling secretly when she saw his eyes grow wide. “As a colleague,” she added, “and a friend. Nothing more,” she said empathically, amused at his discomfort.

    “I know,” he said after a while, slowly recovering from hearing the “love” word from her in the same sentence as another man’s name. She was seriously going to give him a heart attack.

    “I know,” he repeated more forcefully this time. “But when I saw the pictures… well, it was like Yong Hwa once again,” he winced, remembering how jealous he had been seeing her with their good friend before. It was Shin Hye’s turn to grow wide-eyed.

    “And Min Ho-ssi, and Joong Ki, and Kim Bum-ssi,” he ticked off all the guys she’s worked with after Minami Shineyo before she could even get a word in. “I know they are your friends. But well… my girl is gorgeous and has a way of making everyone around her feel happy and comfortable, and… well, the boyfriend does get jealous once in a while,” he concluded, pride and love and discomfort and apology all etched in his voice.

    Shin Hye shook her head in amazement, not so much because of the compliment he just showered on her, though they did add points for him, but more because she still couldn’t quite fathom how he could still have this insecurity even when they both well know who owns her heart.

    Keun Suk cleared his throat, “I know it’s not an excuse for acting so rashly and childish, and I’m really, really sorry. I did notice that you sounded weird when we were talking, and badly wanted to call you back. But we have been filming all day. Then I saw your updates and read your dozen messages…”

    “Thirteen,” Shin Hye interrupted, her turn to look sheepish. “I sent you one right before you got here.”

    “Really?” he said, clearly surprised. “I haven’t read that one yet. I rushed here right after filming. I know I should have said something right after we hang up, so I…” he trailed off, regret laced in his voice. “I’m sorry,” he said once more with doleful eyes. “Can you forgive me?”

    Shin Hye has forgiven him the moment she saw him pace their living room; felt sorry, too, when she heard what he was going through, but she wasn’t about to say that yet. He still hasn’t answered her last question.

    “Just one more thing,” she said, and he raised his eyebrows in question. “What were you doing with “noona”?” she asked with one eyebrow raised and a pouty face, not quite being able to hide the sarcasm.

    Keun Suk found her jealousy adorable and humbling, and resisted the urge to kiss her pouty lips just then. He was deadpan when he said, “The same thing you were doing with Uhm Tae Woong-ssi.”

    Shin Hye felt her nostrils flaring up again. “Ya, Jang Keun Suk, how many times do I have to tell you that there is nothing between…” she trailed off as realization dawned on her.

    “Exactly,” he said with an understanding smile. “There’s nothing going on between us. True, we work well together, but that’s just about it. Honestly, do you think I would rush here, still in my work clothes… well, minus the tutu… if there was anything else?”

    Shin Hye nodded in understanding, half-laughing at the idea of him in a tutu, half-relieved with his reassurance. She looked away now, feeling petty for even having those thoughts.

    “Shin Hye-yah,” Keun Suk spoke softly to her as if reading her mind. He took both her hands in his and said, “when I made that promise to trust us, I was dead serious. I made that promise, knowing that sooner or later we’ll be having fights like this, knowing I’d be jealous at one point or another. I mean, who could blame me, with a girlfriend as adorable as you are,” he told her while playfully pinching her nose. “But that doesn’t mean that I do not trust us. I know that whatever happens, we will always find each other. Let’s just always believe in us, ahrasso?” he said, as he kissed her knuckles. She knew he was saying it more for her benefit, but it was so good to hear him say “we” nonetheless. It gave her a sense of security.

    “So, does this mean it’s okay for me to take on Mischievous Kiss and work with Hyun Joong Oppa again?” she asked innocently, not being able to resist teasing him, though she has pretty much made up her mind with everything that happened tonight.

    “Well… you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do. And I’ll just be here to support you,” he told her with a resigned sigh, even if she knew his insides were screaming, “Please! Don’t!” She felt an overwhelming urge to give him a big hug at that moment.

    So she did, loving the feel of his familiar scent and of her cheek smashed unto his chest. And it finally felt, as he enveloped her in his arms and dropped a gentle kiss on her forehead, like home.


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    Hand Holding

    maizey's note :Bear with me, it’s taken me a year to write a fanfic again. :)

    I’ve been toying with this idea for a while now, but my generally busy life kinda delayed its completion & posting. I’m just glad I finally found what I wanted for the “main course” & a decent enough “night cap” for an ending. This is inspired by their recent reunion at the Haiker photoshoot.

    = = = = = = = =

    “Ah, yeppeuda!” she hears him call behind the camera. She cannot help but smile at his remark, until she remembers she is currently filming. Sigh. How he manages to make her feel lighthearted while making her want to swat him at the same time is beyond comprehension. She couldn’t help but wish that the filming would end soon so they’ll have more quality time before they go back to their busy lives.

    = = = = = = = =

    Keun Suk is enjoying looking at her in her element. He could not resist throwing in the remark, partially because the truth in his statement is quite obvious (she IS beautiful), but mainly because he knows it will make her smile. And she did, for a fraction of a second, before going back to game face. He will be hit later on for sure, but to see the sides of her mouth go up even for just a few moments made his heart skip. He rarely saw her smile these days; heck, he rarely saw her, period! He felt elated to be the reason behind that smile.

    Man, but she was made to be in front of the camera, he thought, while he watches her from the side. Her natural beauty shines even when under extreme stress. He knows that too well; he’s been on the receiving end of missed calls & unanswered messages due to her crazy filming schedule. He knows that, but he calls her anyway. Just cause.

    He heard the director call it a wrap, and braced himself for his turn. Not his turn to be filmed. His turn with her. Hell be damned if he’s skipping to get to her; he’s waited so long for this moment to even care.

    = = = = = = = = =

    “That feels nice,” Shin Hye said, while Keun Suk gently massaged her hand. They’ve been sitting comfortably in his car for the past five minutes or so, with her left hand enveloped in his right, the both of them gazing at the stars’ reflection on Han Gang thru the windshield of his car. They could only be together, like this, for a few minutes everyday, but with their crazy schedules, the days are turning into weeks. Moments like this, with her hand in his, are both precious and rare. He wanted to savor it.

    “I’m just returning the favor,” Keun Suk quipped, grinning as he remembered how she instinctively took his hand earlier while telling the interviewer about how his mother said she wanted her to be her daughter-in-law. He was quite surprised at the gesture, but it did make him feel warm inside. Unguarded moments like those are what make him miss her the most.

    She swatted his hand for practically the nth time today, which made him hold on to her tighter. He’d been dying to hold her hand all day, and now that he had his chance, he just wouldn’t let go of it that easily, even if it meant being hit a countless times.

    “Yah, Oppa, I’m worried about that as it is. I didn’t even know I did that until I already had your hand in mine. It just came out naturally. Ahhhh, I don’t even want to think what people are thinking of right now,” she fumbled with her words, worry lines creasing her forehead. But he took note that she kept her hand in his. That was good.

    “Shin Hye ah, I don’t care what they are thinking, but I sure am not complaining,” Keun Suk said with a little tug. He started drawing lazy circles on her palm. “Besides, Yong’s been holding on these hands too much nowadays, I have to make sure I get my fair share, too,” he said as a joke, but it came out with more emotion than he wanted to let on.

    Which she didn’t miss. Shin Hye looked at their hands, him poking hers now in a playful manner. She looked at his face and saw a mix of emotions in those eyes – joy, mischief, warmth, frustration, care and… worry.

    “Oppa, does it still bother you that Bolmae Jung and I have to hold hands for the drama? We did talk about this already,” she said gently, stilling his hand with her other while trying to search his face.

    Keun Suk took his time to answer. “Ani, not anymore,” he finally said. “Well, yes at first, because I know that punk had a crush on you before.” Shin Hye tried to shake her head, but her blushing was dead giveaway that she was aware of that fact. “But we’ve already made our peace with that ghost, so it’s all covered,” he said, remembering quite well how he made Yong Hwa promise to take care of Shin Hye on set. They were sitting across each other on that bar, a bottle of soju and two shot glasses on the table between them. Yong surprised him by promising not only that, but also to remember than in each hand-holding and each kiss (ugh, he didn’t want to say it, but yes, kiss) scene, he will remember their friendship & know his limits. And he was glad to see that Yong kept his promise – their handholding in the drama was enough to establish that Lee Shin and Kyu Won were in a budding relationship, but that Yong Hwa and Shin Hye definitely weren’t. So were the kisses.

    “I just wish…” he went on, looking away.

    “You just wish what?” Shin Hye prodded.

    He took her hand and connected their finger tips one by one, buying time. He wanted to say he wished it was him instead of Yong, not because he could play the role better, not because there were a lot of handholding and kissing, but because it meant more time spent with her. But things weren’t like that in reality, and he believes that all things considered, this was for the best. “I just wish we had more time to be together, like this,” he admitted gruffly, lacing his fingers through hers.

    Shin Hye could feel the emotions surging from their connected hands. She never heard him voice out those words, and she could feel her eyes moisten as she notes that he mirrors her exact sentiments. She wished she could be with him more often too, but their schedules just won’t allow it. Their meetings, phone calls and message exchanges hit an all-time low. She misses him everyday; there was not a time that she did not think of him every time they had to shoot a hand-holding scene for the drama. It reminded her of how much time they are spending apart, and at times, that breaks her heart. She took on this project mainly because it would allow her to spend time with him.

    His sigh brings her back to reality, and she finds him looking at the dashboard.

    The clock reads 2:04. They had to head back soon; both of them still have a schedule that morning. His was much later in the morning than hers, but he wanted her to catch some rest before facing her busy day.

    Keun Suk straightened up on his seat and reluctantly let go of her hand to rev the engine up. His hand already feels weird with the absence of hers. He was so preoccupied with his thoughts that he barely noticed Shin Hye gently touching his arm which was ready for ignition.

    “Oppa, your birthday’s coming up soon, right? Why don’t we make your wish come true?”

    Confused, Keun Suk asked, “What do you mean?”

    To his surprise, Shin Hye took his hand once again and laced their hands together once more.

    “Let’s stay like this for a little longer,” she concluded, kissed the knuckles of his hand intertwined with hers, leaned back on the passenger seat, smiled and closed her eyes.

    He felt like virtual fireworks went off and highlighted the starlit sky, lighting up her serene face, slightly masked by the strand of hair that escaped from behind her ear. It was the perfect moment to tuck that strand away and lean in to give her a kiss and wrap her in his arms like he would never let go.

    And so he did just that.[/color]

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    MAIZEY'S NOTE: Recent news came up about Jang Keun Suk dating a Japanese model. He squashed the rumors, which makes people in the SukkieHye ship happy once again. But I was thinking, how would things be if there really was something going on between them, and the news hit Shin Hye? Would she take it lightly, not mind, or with a broken heart? Here’s my attempt at a possibility. :)


    Shin Hye was pacing her room from one end to another. Keun Suk asked to meet her at their favorite coffee shop because he had something really important to tell her. She was preparing when she noticed that her phone kept on beeping. She saw several missed calls and messages. Thinking it was Keun Suk, she hurriedly opened them. What she read made her eyes open wide, her knees tremble, and her heart stop a beat.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Keun Suk was waiting for Shin Hye in front of her house. He usually finds it amusing that he has to ride going to her place when it’s just a few minutes away from his. But today, what he had to say could not wait: he had to know if it was okay with her. He had to see her. Now.

    He was still deep in his own thoughts when he realized that Shin Hye was looking thru the window of his car. He gave her a big smile but sensed reluctance when she opened the door, and noticed that while she did smile a little, it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

    Something doesn’t feel right. Does she already know what I have to say?

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Shin Hye was dying inside. The 10 minute ride was met with silence, and even now that they were getting inside the café, she felt a sense of foreboding. It didn’t help that she saw that distracted, wistful look on his face when she finally decided to confront her fears and meet him. Her nerves were a wreck.

    They sat across each other on their favorite corner, and Keun Suk signaled the waiter for their usual orders, plus a slice of fruit pie for her. The fact that he knows her so well did not escape her, and it made her heart break even more.

    Keun Suk, being his usual playful self, was the first one to break the ice.

    “Yah, Shin Hye, why so quiet? Don’t you know that it’s a privilege to spend time with someone as busy and famous as I am? Make the most of it,” he quipped.

    “I know, Oppa, I even dressed up for the occasion,” she said, her nonchalance sounding forced. “Besides, you did say you were going to tell me something importan, so… spill.” There was a catch in her voice when she said all these.

    Keun Suk fell silent. He didn’t know how to say it without sounding desperate.

    He took a deep breath. Then she. And he started to speak.

    “Shin Hye, I know that this may not be the right time to say this. But I guess it has to be said. Sooner or later, I know the news will reach you,” he paused, deciding how to go on. He was oblivious to her eyes now brimming with tears.

    “You know we’ve both been busy these days. We seldom see each other. Even phone calls are rare. I visit your Twitter page often, though you know I can’t post. It’s difficult for the both of us.” He paused for breath. “In Japan, someone gave me what I have been longing for…” he fell silent, and was about to go on when he heard her faint voice saying, “I know.”

    “You do?” Keun Suk said quite confused, taken aback when he finally saw the tears in her eyes. He did not see this coming. What was going on?

    “I know…” she said, louder this time, her unshed tears starting to roll down her cheeks, her heart on her sleeves. “I know you have found someone in Japan, Oppa,” her throat and her chest tightened.

    “What?!” he exclaimed, his eyes wider than they were before. He wasn’t sure he was hearing her right.

    “Makumi…” she said, not quite knowing how she was able to say her name. She hear him gasp.

    “I know you are seeing her. And I know I haven’t been around lately. I’ve been missing your calls. I fail to check how you spend your days. Other people know better than I do,” she cringed at the realization that she hasn’t really bothered to ask him how he is doing. “So I understand if… if someone else…”she stopped at the expletive that came from him. It was her turn to be taken aback.

    “Aiiiish, seriously, what stories are they coming up with? That’s just so lame!” he said with an edge, his fists balling up now that he realized what she was trying say, and how it apparently is tearing her apart.

    “What?” she said softly, not quite sure she was hearing him right, but hope surging from her heart.

    “I saw her at a restaurant months ago. She just happened to be there. And things came up, saying we were seen dating. Man, I didn’t even know her until her pictures came up with the news. I never mentioned anything because it didn’t mean anything to me.”

    He looked quite angry and frustrated as he grabbed both her hands and said, “Shin Hye, I know my relationship track record is nothing close to commendable, but please believe me, there is nothing going on between us,” he said with desperate eyes.

    “You do not know her?” she stopped crying, but her voice still shook. He shook his head while drying her cheeks.

    “You are not seeing her?” she asked more quietly. His “definitely not!” came so empathically, her heart gave a giant lurch of hope before it started to go back to its normal pace. She gave herself the chance to think it over.

    “But… Oppa. I’ve come to realize that I have not done enough for you,” she said, feeling inadequate once again.

    “Oh, Shin Hye,” he went over to her side and hugged her. She was surprised, but didn’t stop him. “Ahhh, Shin Hye, if only I could show you my heart now.” He held her head atop his shoulder.

    “Shin Hye, I meet a lot of new people in every place I go to. And I must admit I get a lot of proposals which aren’t in any way of the professional type.” She removed her head from his shoulder, and searched his eyes.

    “Some of them are really beautiful,” he went on, caressing her cheek. “Some of them are smart, and rich, and really kind. But,” he tucks her hair behind her ears,” no one comes close to what I have in front of me now.” He cupped her face with both of his hands. “Wherever in the world I go, having you right in front of me, like this, is still my favorite place on earth.”

    He hugged her once again and buried his face on her shoulder, inhaling her sweet scent, wanting to take away all the pain the news brought her, wanting to stay that way for longer.

    Her heart seemed to find its normal pace, until she pulled away slightly and said, “But Oppa, if that’s not it, then what were you supposed to tell me?”

    He loosened his hold on her, but kept his arms around her waist.

    “Well Shin Hye, I doubted if you’d wanted to hear this, so I tried to take my time. But it turned out, what you had to tell me was more shocking,” he said palyfully, as she winced with the news.

    “As you know, Japan is doing a remake of You’re Beautiful, and they want us to make a cameo. All of us. They just talked to me first because I was already there, but they’re about to tell your management, too.”

    He was trying to read her eyes for any reactions. When she didn’t say anything, he went on, “I just wanted you to know before anything comes out… I know it was too hard for you to let go of Mi Nam. And I would totally understand if you wouldn’t want to do it,”he could see in her eyes that she quite agreed with what he was saying. He felt his hopes dampening, but reminded himself that this was not about him. It was about her. But he had to tell her his piece.

    “I just… well, with us both in Japan, there would be more chances to see each other is all I’m saying. Coz I… I want to see you as often as I could,” he confessed, sounding nervous and hopeful.

    He really does know me well, she thought. The offer is quite appealing, but it really has been too hard for her to come out of the character. She felt warm inside knowing that he has thought about her this much.

    Unknown to him, though, she’s had CF offers and other projects which would require her to be there. Whether she takes on the role or not wouldn’t matter; they will get to see each other there. But he doesn’t know that yet, and she decided… for giving her the scare of being with someone else… maybe make him wait a little longer.

    “We’ll see about that,” she said, as she took a sip from the cup of coffee which just arrived, smiling secretly.

    “But Oppa, do you really want to see me that much?” she teased. “Because, you know, I’ve got offers to do projects in Japan, too.”

    His hopes went up a notch, his arms around her holding her waist, urgent when he asked, “What did you tell them?”

    He looked so doleful, that she finally gave in and cut the charade.

    “I said yes. So whether I’d take the offer or not…” she trailed off, as his grip on her waist tightened, bringing them closer.

    “Tell me you’re not kidding,” he said, grinning from ear to ear once the news finally sank in.

    She shook her head. “I’ll let you on a secret,” she quietly, bringing her face closer to his.

    “What?” Keun Suk asked, squeezing in tighter, their noses and foreheads now touching. Man, he loves being close to her like this.

    She placed her arms around his shoulders, her lips on his ear and whispered, “I want to be with you, too.”

    And this time, she buried her face into his shoulder as he squeezed her tighter still.

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    More Than Meets the Eye

    Posted by: bianne on: September 28, 2011

    Maizey's Note:Yup, I am a Twitter addict. That being said, it didn’t really surprise me when my TL was flooded with eel-tweets when Sukkie finally joined the Twitter-world.
    I’ve been following the exchanges he’s had with his friends, including Shin Hye. To shippers, it’s the ultimate reward to see their exchanges. To me… let’s just say I celebrate their closeness in my own way – writing fanfics which recreate possible mobile IM conversations swirling from their Twitter posts, like what I did with this one…

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    psycho_j: Guess who joined the Twitter bandwagon…
    hacci: Oprah Winfrey?
    psycho_j: Haha, funny! Last I checked, the only thing we have in common is our curly hair.
    hacci: And I thought you were going to say your popularity. And wealth.
    psycho_j: Kekeke. Popularity, maybe. Wealth? Not a chance.
    hacci: Kekeke. Chukae for joining Twitter! You’ll no longer be envious of the rest of us mere mortals enjoying tweeting. : P
    psycho_j: Hahaha, right on! AsiaPrince_JKS in the house now!
    hacci: Asia Prince huh? Tsk tsk. That’s just so you.
    psycho_j: Yah, that title came from the press and the netizens… I did not invent that. I’m just giving back to them.
    hacci: Ahrasso, ahrasso. Sharing more of yourself to the eel-world again, Oppa.
    psycho_j: And the lady says I’m envious. Look who’s jealous now.
    hacci: Hahaha, aniyo.
    psycho_j: What? You’re not? Ouch, that hurts.
    psycho_j: Don’t worry, when it comes down to it, I’m all yours.
    hacci: If you say so.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    USArmy: Uh-oh… looks like someone’s in trouble.
    hacci: Hey, Kurt Oppa! Kekeke. I was just pulling his leg there.
    USArmy: I didn’t mean him, I meant you. Have you looked at your mentions?
    hacci: Omo, omo, omo! I think I know what I’ll see there. ><
    USArmy: Sorry to say this, brat, but you asked for it when you said you hated him.
    hacci: Aniyo. Oppa, I just said that coz he did not follow me. TT.TT
    USArmy: As I’ve said, I know that. But they don’t. How awkward, huh?
    hacci: Yeah, I’ve just read your tweet. ><
    USArmy: Don’t worry, he’ll do something about it.
    hacci: I know he would. I’m just a worry-wart. I hope he goes online soon. :S
    USArmy: He will. If he doesn’t, we will make sure he will.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    hongstar: Keun Sukkie Hyung, Shin Hye ah… is there trouble in paradise for the perfect couple?
    psycho_j: Huh?
    hacci: Nothing’s perfect in this world, Hongstar. And there’s definitely no couple unless there are at least two people involved.
    psycho_j: What’s going on?
    hacci: …
    hongstar: Aiiiiissssssshhh!!! So slow on the uptake, this hyung! Look at your mentions! Ppali!
    psycho_j: Omo! ><
    USArmy: He sees the light!
    hongstar: Ppali ppali, what are you waiting for? Follow her!
    psycho_j: Mianhe, Shin Hye ah!!!
    hacci: …
    psycho_j: Followed. Oh man, this is so awkward.
    USArmy: Someone is in big trouble now.
    hongstar: Someone will get the silent treatment.
    USArmy: Someone will end up drinking tonight
    hongstar: Someone will sing “Let Me Cry” at the top of his lungs with tears in his eyes.
    psycho_j: Some-two will please shut up for a sec.
    hongstar: …
    USArmy: …
    psycho_j: Are you two done?
    USArmy: *lips zipped*
    hacci: *some-three has her lips zipped, too*
    hongstar: Good one, Shin Hye! … whooops … *lips zipped*
    psycho_j: Aiiish, don’t mind those two morons.
    psycho_j: Shin Hye ah, I have not seen your tweet. Too many mentions. I failed to see yours. ><
    psycho_j: I know it’s no excuse, but I’m quite new to this. Believe me, I would never intentionally ignore you, Park Shin Hye ssi.
    psycho_j: Forgive me, pleaaaasssseeee. TT.TT
    hacci: *thinking*
    hongstar: Shin Hye… ahhh, this guy’s had it bad. He’s mixing formalities with aegyo. Cut him some slack.
    USArmy: Yeah, forgive him now. Please. Or we might not be able to forgive him for hogging the mic when we’re out.
    hacci: I’m not supposed to mind you, some-two.
    psycho_j: The morons finally make sense! You can listen to them now.
    psycho_j: Pleaaaseee… *kiukiukiu*
    hacci: *thinking*
    psycho_j: hacci is thinking, “I’ve forgiven you, psycho_j. but I’m thinking of how to make it hard for you.”
    hacci: psycho_j is pushing his luck too far.
    psycho_j: hacci’s replies to psycho_j are getting longer. He’ll be forgiven soon. Kiss and make up coming up.
    hacci: psycho_j is asking for a lot.
    psycho_j: hacci was smiling when she typed that.
    hacci: Mo?
    psycho_j: And she was laughing when she said Mo?.
    hacci:*straight face* …. *barely*
    psycho_j: I’m forgiven now? *shuffle dance* I am. I am. I am. Right?
    hacci: Fiiiine, I give up! You know me too well.
    psycho_j: The lady has forgiven me! *shuffle dance* I am the happiest man alive.
    hacci: Kekeke on the shuffle dance.
    psycho_j: I’m so happy I could just kiss you right now. :*
    psycho_J: And hug you, too. >:D<
    hacci: ^^
    psycho_j: Man, I wish you were here.
    hongstar: Awww, I wish I were there, too, hyung!
    psycho_j: Shut up, punk!
    hacci: Kekeke. Hongstar, you’re adorable!
    hacci: So… you really sing “Let Me Cry” at the top of your lungs when things get nasty?^^
    psycho_j: Only when you do this to me, Shin Hye ah. I go crazy!
    hongstar: I am so not hearing this! *hands on ears* I’m out!
    USArmy: Ditto.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    psycho_j: Anybody home? It’s so silent on ssinz-land!
    hacci: Mianhe, Oppa. I was at C. N. Blue’s concert. On my way home. Eodika?
    psycho_j: Where did you say have you been?
    hacci: C. N. Blue’s concert, Oppa. You know, C. N. Blue… Yong and MinHyuk’s band?…
    psycho_j: Aiissshh, teasing me, are you?
    hacci: Keke.^^ I couldn’t get on to chat earlier, something went wrong at the venue. And remember, you didn’t give me your number… So how could I possibly text you, Oppa.
    psycho_j: Rub it in all you want, but it doesn’t change the fact. >< I didn’t know.
    hacci: Jeongmalyo?
    psycho_j: …
    hacci: Saw your tweet. You really didn’t know? I thought you and Yong talked about it.
    psycho_j: Would I be saying that if I did?
    hacci: Omo! ><
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    hacci: Great job, Bolmae Jung!^^
    CNbluEmo: Shin Hye … thanks for coming to the concert. So happy to see a familiar face in the crowd.
    hacci: Aniya… I enjoyed the show. ^^ But, someone wishes he’s been there, too.
    CNbluEmo: Dugu ya? … Hyung?
    hacci: Bingo!
    CNbluEmo: Omona! >< I thought of telling him, but I forgot with all the hustle and bustle. ><
    CNbluEmo: And Shin Hye ah, you saw the place. Too small. You’re the only celebrity in the crowd, and that’s mainly because you said OK when we were filming.
    hacci: Hey, it’s okay. I’m cool with that.^^
    CNbluEmo: But Hyung isn’t huh? T.T
    hacci: Well, let’s just say he hasn’t replied to any of my messages. And tweets.
    CNbluEmo: That bad? T.T
    CNbluEmo: Mianhe, Shin Hye. I’ll do something about it soon.
    hacci: Aniya. He’s just being a boy right now.^^ He’ll come around.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    CNbluEmo: Hyung…
    CNbluEmo: I’m really sorry about the concert. It was not a big showcase, and the place was packed. We haven’t gone around inviting friends. Shin Hye was there because she got her ticket back when we were still filming.
    CNbluEmo: It’s not how it looks like.
    CNbluEmo: Mianhe, Hyung. T.T
    psycho_j: Wae, how does it look like?
    CNbluEmo: Hyung, it wasn’t like I deliberately forgot to tell you about it, and to tell you that Shin Hye was coming.
    psycho_j: Aiisssshhh.
    psycho_j: Just go!
    CNbluEmo: Mianhanda, Keun Sukkie Hyung. T.T
    psycho_j: Have you slept at all, Jung Yong Hwa?
    CNbluEmo: Huh?
    psycho_j: I was just teasing you, aiiishhh, this punk.^^
    CNbluEmo: You’re not mad, Hyung?
    psycho_j: Aniya. I was just playing with you.
    psycho_j: I remember Shin Hye telling me about it. I honestly forgot. Guess you’re not the only one busy. ><
    psycho_j: Mianhe, Hyung will do better next time.
    CNbluEmo: I will, too. I promise. All of you will go the next time.
    psycho_j: That you do.
    CNbluEmo: Komapta. But… Hyung?
    psycho_j: Ne?
    CNbluEmo: Give Shin Hye a call, will you? She’s been waiting for word from you.
    psycho_j: Hmmmm, let me think about it.
    CNbluEmo: C’mon, hyung, I’m feeling bad about this again.
    psycho_j: Kekeke. You really must be tired, Yong Hwa, can’t even crack a joke in front of you. Don’t worry about us, Shin Hye knows I won’t dwell on it. Hajiman… maybe I’ll let her wonder a little longer.^^
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    hacci: OPPA!!! You seriously have to stop your tweet storms!
    psycho_j: Good morning to you, too, Princess!
    hacci: Oh, so you decide to reply to me now? After ignoring my tweets, DMs and messages.
    psycho_j: Kekeke, I was just playing cute Shin Hye ah.
    hacci: You have a funny way of showing it, Oppa. So cute… not.
    hacci: Chebalyo … Please drop it. Or else…
    psycho_j: Or else what?
    hacci: You’ll see…
    psycho_j: I’ll wait with arms wide open. ^^
    hacci: You have to do better than that, Oppa.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    USArmy: I never thought I’d see the day that she unfollows you.
    psycho_j: Wae?
    USArmy: You’ve lost a follower, brother. The most important one. Tsk tsk.
    psycho_j: No kidding?
    psycho_j: Just checked. So this is what she meant…
    psycho_j: She really did it, didn’t she?
    USArmy: Last I checked, yeah. What have you done this time?
    psycho_j: I was just playing cute. Kekeke.
    USArmy: There’s nothing cute in her unfollowing you, Keun-chan. Her fans are livid.
    USArmy: Ahhh, Keun Suk ah, why are you doing this? For somone who always has it easy with the girls, you’re sure timid when it comes to this Shin Hye.
    USArmy: We’re working really hard to let you ‘fess up, and here you are messing the whole thing.
    psycho_j: Aiiish, Hyung, Shin Hye is different.
    psycho_j: Sigh. There are days I wish we could just do whatever we want without minding what everyone is saying.
    USArmy: You wish. That’s possible like… say… when you’re 50?
    psycho_j: It’s too surreal I couldn’t even laugh.
    USArmy: Better you than me then. Just remember that she’s on the receiving end of all this hoolabaloo, okay? Good luck!
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    hacci: Oppa… what are you playing at?
    psycho_j: What? ^^
    hacci: Take it out! It’s too… ugh, embarrassing.
    psycho_j: What’s embarrassing?^^
    hacci: Aissshhh, Oppa, I already followed you back. Isn’t that enough?
    psycho_j: No, it isn’t. ^^
    hacci: Ahhh, Oppa, you’re misleading … the people. It’s not even true.
    psycho_j: Who said it isn’t true?
    hacci: Don’t do this, Oppa. : (
    psycho_j: I’m sorry, Shin Hye ah. I cannot not do it.
    psycho_j: Not when every sense of my being wants to say it, shout it even, to the world.
    hacci: Oppa…
    psycho_j: Not when I’ve kept it so long I feel like my heart would burst if I kept it in any longer.
    psycho_j: Not when I finally, FINALLY, have the chance to say it – to you, for everyone to see.
    psycho_j: So you see, Shin Hye, I cannot take it back.
    hacci: I wasn’t asking you to, Oppa.
    psycho_j: But … you… just said… take it out.
    hacci: I did say take it out, not… take it back.
    psycho_j: Huh?
    hacci: Yah, you think you were the only one waiting?
    hacci: What about those times you’ve left me all ruffled up with your actions, your words that left me thinking if you felt more than just friendship here?
    hacci: And all those times girls’ names come up, and I can’t have a say on it because I wasn’t in the place to say anything?
    hacci: And all those times when I think we’re okay, but then my fans, your fans, and our fans say a lot of things that mess everything up?
    hacci: So you see, Keun Suk Oppa, now that you finally said it, I wouldn’t let you take it back.
    psycho_j: Jeongmal?
    hacci: … Ne, jeongmalyo.
    hacci: But please… could you let me enjoy the moment first?
    hacci: It’s not everyday you say you love me, you know, public or otherwise.^^
    psycho_j: *shuffle dance* Hmmm, on one condition.^^
    hacci: What? *scared*
    psycho_j: Hahaha!
    psycho_j: Will you allow me to tweet storm, Go Mi Nam? Pleaaase? I am so happy right now, it’s the only way I know to show this happiness. This or *shuffle dance*
    hacci: Ahhhhhh… Hyungnim! I almost had a heart attack thinking of what you were going to say!
    psycho_j: What?^^ Wae? Haha! I was really just going to ask you that.
    psycho_j: Chebal. *begging* Pleaassee.
    hacci: Playing cute again?
    psycho_j: What can I say? You know me too well. *kiukiukiu*
    psycho_j: Chebal, Shin Hye ah!!!
    hacci: Hahaha! Ahrasso, tweet all you want. I’ll be leaving for Ghana in a few days anyway. Let’s deal with that when I get back.
    psycho_j: *shuffle dance*
    psycho_j: Saranghanda, Shin Hye ah.
    hacci: *satisfaction dance*
    hacci: And I, you, Oppa.^^

    ateh maize i really love your fanfics! more please ahihihi yo3 yo3 yo3
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    Two Guys and that Drinking Place

    Posted by: bianne on: September 26,2011 yo3

    [justify]Maizey's Note:Knee-Slap Guru has got to be my favorite Korean talk show. I think Kang Ho Dong has the gift of squeezing out vital, personal information from the artists guised in witty banter. After each show, it would be quite a surprise if there was nothing new you’d learn from his guests.
    So how did Keun Suk fair in his visit to the Guru? We may never know. But here’s my guess…

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    “… from school. On the way home now. You still out?”
    He saw this part of the message his dongsaeng received before excusing himself to make a call. He couldn’t help but shake his head and grin as he helped himself to some drink. He knew it was going to be like this. He has seen how the punk turned into a puddle of mush when it comes to this girl. The dude might not know it yet, but he just might have let the whole world on to his not-so-secret-anymore secret.
    Ji Hoon eyed the paper in his hand. Keun Suk asked him before about what to write on that piece of paper. Did he have to say more or had he already said enough? Frankly speaking, he thought the younger man made the right decision of keeping the “blacklist” required for Knee-Drop Guru short and elusive.
    Although… Kang Ho Dong had a way of knowing which was true, which was false, and which was wished for – and how to confirm it before the source recognizes his traps. He should know that – he has been in practically all of Ho Dong Hyung’s talk shows. He would like to think he learned to skirt issues as years went by, but it doesn’t change the fact that the sunbae had a razor-sharp sensor of some sort.
    “Hyung, one more impish grin and I swear I’ll tell Shin Hye to just come over,” Keun Suk said playfully, returning to his seat on their table.
    “Why don’t you?” Ji Hoon challenged, his small eyes twinkling. He knew Keun Suk wouldn’t exactly do that, but it would really be interesting to finally meet the person he hears most about every time he is with this guy.
    “Aiiishhh, Hyung, three things: she has an early class tomorrow, she’s too beautiful for this place, and she doesn’t know about Margarita, Paloma and Brandy,” he explained, lining up shot glasses as he talked, and pointing at each drink when he got to the names. “Let’s keep it that way,” he said with a satisfied grin.
    Ji Hoon smirked in reply, “That may be true, but she does know you had an appointment with the guru. And maybe guessed that her name came up?”
    Keun Suk gave a heartfelt laugh. “That she does. Yeah, she did ask how it went. But her name didn’t really come up,” he said, not volunteering any other information. Well, technically not.
    “Ah kere?” Ji Hoon murmured, taking a shot from his glass. “Interesting… coz that’s the first thing I’d have expected Hyung to ask,” he said, eyebrows raised, as if waiting for an answer.
    Keun Suk raised his glass before saying, “Touche! I give up. You really are the king of talk show guesting! You’ve memorized the spiels, the traps, and everything else.”
    “I never said I wasn’t,” Ji Hoon kidded, clinking his glass with Keun Suk’s and taking a huge gulp. “But, trust me, no matter how prepared you think you are, in this kind of shows, something will always, always, take you by surprise.”
    “Yeah, I’ve learned that today. Good thing there was nothing much to say that she doesn’t know already anyway,” Keun Suk said after taking a gulp himself.
    “So she knows about Singer A and Actress C?” Ji Hoon asked with a grin, going for the kill.
    Keun Suk’s eyes grew wide as realization dawned, then shook his head in surrender, “You’ve talked to Ho Dong Sunbae! I should have counted on that.”
    Ji Hoon confirmed it with a chuckle, “Yeah, I did. And he did tell me to tell you that even if you haven’t told her yet, he knows you are going to say it soon.”
    “You’ve got to be kidding me,” Keun Suk sputtered, eyes stinging from taking that swig too fast. He would think the MC would see through his antics at the very least, but not a shot through his heart like that. He’s been with the sunbae for just two hours, and they talked about Shin Hye, indirectly, for just about… two minutes. Had he been that obvious?
    “Ani, I’m not,” Ji Hoon said, pouring more drink in their empty glasses. “Don’t be too surprised. This is Kang Ho Dong we are talking about – MC extraordinaire. He’s had years of experience reading people, especially people in this industry. You may be Asia’s Prince, but Kang Ho Dong is Kang Ho Dong,” Ji Hoon said, absentmindedly letting the liquor swirl in his glass.
    He remembered the time Ho Dong asked him, in that same show, if he still loved “her”. In the moment’s hesitation he took before answering, “I wish her the best,” he saw realization dawn to Ho Dong who “her” was, and saw his eyes turning sad, knowing that this response was the best way to mask his true feelings: yes, he still loved her.
    “I should’ve seen that coming,” Keun Suk said, breaking Ji Hoon’s reverie. “After all, you got me busted in record time,” he recalls, shaking his head.
    “Hah, anyone who was with you that day would have noticed, punk!” Ji Hoon exclaimed, slapping his arm. “Gawking loudly with your friends one minute, then turning into a ball of mush the next, when you saw it was her on the other line, calling,” he mimicked him the whole time he was saying these words, and Keun Suk was denying everything.
    “Aniyo… Hyung, when did I act like that?” he said in all innocence, and was about to leave it at that. But he must admit his curiosity got the better of him.
    “So Hyung… how could have Ho Dong Sunbae known?” he asked nonchalantly, despite his heart skipping a little faster.
    “How would you think he would have known?” Ji Hoon asked patiently. He has asked this question, too, before.
    Keun Suk tried to recall what he did. When he was told about the three ladies, he braced himself for poker face game mode.
    He knew who Singer A was. They’ve worked together before. While their pairing for the CF was interesting at that time, it didn’t really develop into any romantic feelings. Heck, he did not have her phone number. He wasn’t saying she isn’t beautiful and nice… they’re just not… like that.
    He knew that Actress C would eventually come up. Having been linked to each other since when they were growing up, and being labeled the promising stars of their generation, they were bound to come across each other in a project or two. No wonder people think they’re the perfect match – they have the same interests, both are popular and great in what they were doing. But, to be honest… they were too alike to have clicked as something else, no offense meant.
    And then there was her. He expected her to come up, and they called her Actress B. Much as he wanted to act mysterious, though, he couldn’t help but light up at the mere suggestion of her name. A lot of images were playing on his mind then – her most recent text message, their bantering time during drama and CF filming, her face lighting up when he finally arrived in Taiwan, her fiddling with the seat belt on their way to meet their friends… it went on and on. And the whole time, he had a smile on his face.
    “There goes your answer,” Ji Hoon said quietly, his turn to raise his glass towards Keun Suk, bringing him back to reality. With a knowing smile, Ji Hoon said, “You didn’t have to say anything, man! It’s written all over your face.”
    It took Keun Suk a while to absorb everything, and finally gave an embarrassed smile. He raised his glass to his hyung before taking a hefty swallow. Man, but this guy really knows his stuff.
    Just then, his phone alert went off. He read the message and that smile went back to his face again. Not that he cares. He’d do that all day, everyday, if it meant hearing from her.
    “Guess that’s our signal to leave,” Ji Hoon was quick to the uptake, signaling the waiter for the bill, though he knew Keun Suk was not listening. He noted that punk successfully ignored all calls and messages the whole time they were drinking, but not the ones from her. Never the ones from her.
    “She was just saying good night, and said let’s have a good time,” Keun Suk explained, still with that smile plastered on his face. Ji Hoon noted that even while saying this, his dongsaeng was getting up from his seat, up on his feet and looking eager to leave. Going somewhere else, he thought, a smile on his face as they left the place. Going to where he actually wanted to be the whole time. With her.
    They got on to their cars and honked as a goodbye when Ji Hoon remembered something. He honked at Keun Suk and rolled his window down.
    “Hey, punk!” he called out. “I’m going to the military soon… is there any chance I’ll hear a confession before I get in?”
    “That’s for me to know and you to find out, Hyungnim!” Keun Suk said with a chuckle, waving and driving off, leaving a laughing Ji Hoon behind.
    You’ll see for yourself, Hyung. Soon. Very soon.
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    Post by jgslvspsh on Sat 01 Oct 2011, 1:15 pm

    thank you so much for the fanfics, you are amazing. please keep them coming. no pressure though, hehehe
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    Post by khulet29 on Sun 23 Oct 2011, 1:47 am

    When You Say Nothing at All
    Credits:(Posted by: bianne on: October 22, 2011)

    Author's Note : Silence speaks volumes, don’t you agree? Especially for people who are known to be vocal and wordy. It would take you forever to figure out what they want to say – unless, of course, when you know them like the palm of your hand – like how these two are in this fanfic. It’s not one of my usual funny ones (I quite surprised myself while writing this), but hey, I hope you enjoy it.
    It was three in the morning, and she’s been walking pensively around the area for almost half an hour already. She didn’t understand why, but the sudden bout of nostalgia she felt earlier brought her here, at this place, at this time. Her busy life is finally getting the best of her, and she felt the need to get out for some air, literally. She didn’t bother to wake her parents or her managers up, though she did leave them a message, letting them know where she’d be.
    The relaxing walk she planned to take around the Han Gang was turning futile. If anything, it was making her more anxious. This is practically the first time in a long time that she has had time to reflect, and it just dawned to her that she has been too preoccupied with life, sometimes she forgets about living. The realization struck her like lightning and she felt bothered.
    I wish you were here, Keun Suk. I’ve never been good with disturbed feelings. I wish you were here… not in some place filming, not in some stage performing, not with your friends merry-making… just here, just this once, with me. She felt guilt wash over her for such selfish thoughts, but she couldn’t help it: the human in her was screaming for his comfort, the woman in her was aching for his nearness. She wanted him there so bad she literally felt her muscles trembling. The last time she’s felt this helpless was … when they parted after Minami Shineyo. Back then, it was nostalgia of the generic kind: she knew she was going to miss him just as she would everybody else. But right now, at this moment, there was a sudden sense of sadness that makes her nauseous, makes her head hurt, makes her breathing shallow, and makes her heart yearn for that one cure for this madness: him.
    She wrapped her arms around herself as a gush of cool wind passed through. Looked like the weather was one with her feelings. Her heart sank a bit more. She was not going crazy; that she was sure of. It was just a bad case of being overwhelmed with so much to do with so little time, and a worse case of missing someone. It is at times like this that she wants to be with him the most. He would surely know what to do, he who always understood what was going on in her head, and always understood what was going on in her heart.
    She took a seat on their favorite wooden bench, a secret place of some sorts with the scarcely lit mini-alcove situated among strategically planted trees and bushes – discreet enough to let them stay without the fear of being recognized and mobbed, yet still gives them a perfect view of the scenery. She found herself wishing that it was his arms around her, wrapping her in a warm and long embrace. He would be sitting crossed-legged with one arm circling her back, fingers toying with her hair. At times, they face each other, their hands twining, tangling, wrestling, having a mind of their own as they talk about nothing and everything at the same time. Most of the time though, they would just be silent, reveling in their closeness, with her head on his shoulder, her eyes closed and her mouth slanted in a smile as he would rain kisses on her temple or on the top of her head. Either way, she doesn’t mind. They would stay that way for as long as their bodies could stand the cold, for as long as their muscles would withstand the kinks, for as long they wouldn’t get discovered in their secret place, for as long as forever… whichever comes first (the last option obviously their favorite, but alas, it was also the one most unlikely to happen).
    She felt a lump forming in her throat and tears starting to well up in her eyes. She closed them, and almost automatically, the tears started to flow.
    “Breathe, Shin Hye ah,” she could almost hear him saying. He always says that when she gets all clammed up.
    “Let it out, breathe, relax,” his voice was like a melody in her head. How many times had she heard that in the past? How many times had it given her comfort?
    She started breathing normally but the tears just won’t stop. “Ahh, Jang Keun Suk, I miss you so much!” she whispered through thin air.
    “God, I miss you, too,” she heard him say, and her eyes popped open as strong but shaking arms enveloped her. She stiffened with surprise and would have screamed for help, if only his embrace and his scent weren’t too familiar. He was so warm, so soothing, so real, so here! And finally, with the man who owns the voice in her head, she cried her heart as all the pent up anxiety went out, giving way to the relief and joy of seeing this one person who she wanted to be with the most at this very moment.
    His voice choked with emotion as his embrace tightened. “It’s going to be okay, Shin Hye. Everything will be fine,” he murmured, looking really awkward with him on his knees, his arms around her, his hands stroking her back and hair. He went on with his mantra until her cries turned to sobs, sobs into sniffles, sniffles into hiccups. And as her breathing got steadier, he finally lifted her face to look at his. She felt too happy seeing him there, his gentle hands patting her hair and wiping away traces of tears from her cheeks, that it took her a while to notice that his eyes were misty and his cheeks were wet with tears, too.
    “Oppa,” she started, but he put a finger to her lips to shush her. He took her hand, got up from his kneeling position and sat beside her on the bench without letting go. He motioned for her to sit on his lap, and wrapped his arms around her the moment she was there. And they stayed like that for as long as they could remember.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    “How did you know where I was?” Shin Hye asked the first thing that came to mind, as they were driving home, her bike safely tucked at the back of the car. She has not felt this relaxed for quite some time, considering that she just poured her soul out there about an hour ago. No other words were said the whole time they were in Han Gang, but just having him this near gave her a sense of comfort. Even now that they were driving home, he held her hand in his. She could get used to this.
    “I went on a whim because I needed to be with you,” Keun Suk replied, obviously enjoying their closeness, too. Shin Hye in his arms earlier on the bench reminded him of that time Tae Kyung comforted Mi Nam when she found out about her mother. The feeling is the same, but the situation is different. That was reel, this is real. And he knew they both know in their hearts that this is what they wanted.
    After that scene in the alcove, it took a while for his breath to steady. He sought her tonight because, much as he wouldn’t want to admit it, the usually secure him felt a sense of weakness. And anxiety. He normally would not want to bother her with his petty troubles, but when reality sets in, with no filming, no rehearsals, no guys’ night out, no school… he knew there’s only one thing left to do: be with Shin Hye.
    In the hopes of spending time with her, he went to her house just as he does every day before he heads home, deciding that this time, he would let her know he was there. He found it quite surprising to see the lights out from her room. She usually has a lamp on, which flickers on and off, until, he assumes, she falls asleep. He checked on the garage and saw that her bicycle was missing. He could only think of one place she could go: Han Gang.
    He was quite shocked to find her in their place, in that state. Broken and vulnerable. He was so shocked he couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. He was just there helplessly listening to her soft sobs. And then he heard her call out for him. She said his name in that soft whisper, like a prayer. It was humbling to hear her say that, and disturbing to realize that this was what thinking about him made her into. At that point, he made a decision. Her needs first before his. That was how much he loved her.
    Having her in his arms like that, he felt his own brokenness slowly dissipate. He started this evening wanting to drown himself in her laughter, to attempt to cover his weaknesses and anxiety in her strength and positivity, though he knew that she would see through him and would recognize the tension. At times she would be like this, too, and he would be the strong one. It always worked for them.
    Little did he know that their unexpected meeting would let them discover that there would be times, just like tonight, that they would both feel vulnerable and weak. And that at times like this, they didn’t need to hide or cover it up with false laughter, because the only medicine they would need is a dose of each other. The picture they painted may have been heartbreaking, but the shared experience just made the bond between them, and their hearts, stronger.
    “I have a question,” Keun Suk asked, his hand tightening its hold on hers as they eased into the front of her house.
    “Hmmm?” Shin Hye answered sleepily, her eyes half closed. It was, after all, almost 5:00 in the morning.
    “Why do you flick your lamp light on and off at night?”
    “Because I couldn’t sleep without hearing from you, Oppa,” she answered, and then jerked up. “How did you know I do that?” she asked, her eyes wide awake now.
    “Because I couldn’t sleep without hearing from you, Shin Hye,” was his answer, his other hand on her cheek, drawing her face nearer for a quick kiss. “Go on in, you look exhausted.”
    “Yes, but thanks to you, I am very happy, too,” she said with a smile, as he unlocked her seat belt. He went out and helped her take the bike from the rear. She gave him a tight hug before heading in. “Drive safely,” she called out as he drove off.
    She washed up and went to bed as the night went to its darkest – the moment before dawn. The only light she had on was from her phone, which at that moment signaled Keun Suk calling. She smiled as she saw him getting into his house. He smiled back looking at her sleepy state. They didn’t feel the need to say long, sweet nothings. Everything they felt for each other, they already said earlier – in silence, with the river Han as their witness.
    “Good night, Keun Suk-ah.”
    “Good morning, Love.”
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    Wishing Star
    Credits: (Posted by: bianne on: October 24, 2011)

    Author's Note:Because I miss him so so much, this fanfic features the Hongstar that I love, love, love.
    “You look anxious, Shin Hye,” Keun Suk tells the angelic beauty seated on the passenger seat.
    “I AM anxious,” Shin Hye replies, her twisted body braced by the seatbelt, her eyes never leaving the half-closed ones of the half-drunk guy at the backseat. His head has been dangerously bobbing from side to side in the past 5 minutes, and she was preparing herself to catch that tuft of once-blond-then-magenta-now-black-slowly-turning-to-brown hair before it hits the windows.
    “Ya, Hongstar!” Shin Hye calls out to him while gently shaking his leg. “I think you better try lying down; else, you’ll end up with your head on the windshield and our instant adventure to Busan just to fetch you will be in vain,” she says, her peripheral vision sensing Sukkie checking on their friend through the rearview mirror.
    “Whaa… Wae? Mo? Why did you turn the lights out? I can’t see my sushi,” Hong Ki slurs, oblivious to his surroundings, obviously thinking he is still in that Oriental restaurant where he drank his heart out.
    “You’ve swallowed and drowned all the baby salmon with sake hours ago, chinggu ya,” Sukkie jests.
    “Hahaha, that’s cornballs, Hyung! You’re cornballs! You’re a chocoball turned cornballs!” Hong Ki bellows, laughing at his own joke. Shin Hye couldn’t help but laugh with him. “Don’t let Shin Hye hear that or she might not hook up with you,” he whispers loudly, wagging his finger at Keun Suk.
    “It’s a little too late for that, Hongstar,” Shin Hye whispers, feeling her cheeks burning. Thank God the lights were out on Khan. “Looks like the baby salmon got back at you and corrupted your brain cells.”
    “Oh, Shin Hye yah, you’re there! Hello there!” Hong Ki grins sheepishly at her. “You’re there, I’m here… and he…” he explains the obvious, pointing at them. “He is cornballs!” he exclaims, laughing so hard he bumped his head on the driver’s headrest, which caught Keun Suk by surprise and made him look back.
    “Look out!” Shin Hye suddenly cries out, wincing as the seatbelt painfully cuts through her shoulder. She saw the stray cat almost the same time as Keun Suk did, and was a tad too late to pull Hong Ki back as Keun Suk veered the car away.
    “Gwaenchana?” Keun Suk asks her, looking at her with alarm and concern on his face.
    “Ne,” she answers shakily, though she could feel her insides trembling. The car accident that sent her to the hospital while filming Heartstrings was still fresh in her mind.
    “Get your act up, Hong Ki!” Keun Suk scolds him, all mirth gone from his face. Seems like the image of him looking helplessly at her pale frame on that hospital bed replayed on his mind, too.
    “Really, I’m fine,” Shin Hye assures him, giving his arm a gentle squeeze. “But I think we have to stop for a while, Oppa. Hong Ki doesn’t look good,” motioning to a pale Hong Ki, who looked like he was going to throw up any given minute.
    Aiissshh, cincha! This kid! Keun Suk thinks as he slows down and pulls over.
    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
    “The stars look like chicken nuggets tonight: they’re fat!” Hong Ki remarks as Keun Suk and Shin Hye, who were sitting beside him on the sand, jerk in surprise. “And you two look like thieves: caught red-handed, no pun intended,” he adds with a grin, seeing them transform from shocked to embarrassed, as they hurriedly untangle their held hands. How they ended up by the beach side, Hong Ki had no idea, but the bay breeze, the sleep, and seeing he was with two of his good friends like this, made him feel much better.
    “Looks like someone is feeling okay now!” Shin Hye greets, showering Hong Ki with sand dust while moving away from Keun Suk.
    “Aisssh, you two! Why so coy? Gwaenchanayo. Ppali, go on with what you were doing, pretend I didn’t say anything,” closing his eyes again, whistling Sarang Sarang Sarang, then opening his eyes one after the other. Shin Hye laughs as Keun Suk shoves sand all over him.
    “Ya, ya, Hyung!” Hong Ki shouts out, getting up, or he’d be buried in sand soon. He is amazed that he no longer feels nauseous, but is bracing himself for the headache he knew was coming up. Ahhh, he hates not knowing what happened while he is drunk.
    “Ya, ya yourself! What right do you have to ya ya us when you don’t know what we had to go thru just to get here?” Keun Suk retorts, his voice a tad too emotional, remembering how he almost run over the stray.
    “You’re joking, right?” Hong Ki quips, his grin fading when he saw they were no longer smiling. “Aniyo? Cincha?” he says, now feeling shameful. “Aigoo… What have I done?”
    “It’s okay, Hongstar. We went to get you from the restaurant, and you’ve been messing around a lot during the drive, we almost ran over a stray cat. Good thing Oppa hit the brakes just in time, but we were close to sprawling out of the windshield,” Shin Hye patiently explains, discreetly signalling Keun Suk to cut the guy some slack. He was, after all, practically dead drunk when all that happened.
    “Nado molla… I didn’t know. Mianhe… Mianhanda Shin Hye, Keunsukkie Hyung,” he whispers, his face pale, his head bent with embarassment.
    “We’re cool punk,” Keun Suk concedes with a light punch on Hong Ki’s arm, concern for his friend winning over the blame. “We just want to know why of all the drinking places in Seoul, you had to get drunk in Busan, and turn everyone’s life around?”
    “Everyone? You mean you weren’t the only ones?” Hong Ki asked, eyes wide, mortified.
    “Hmmm, let’s see,” Shin Hye says thoughtfully. “You called all your band mates when they were all on a break tonight, like you are, so obviously they wouldn’t be around” Shin Hye ticks off, as Hong Ki started flinching in embarrassment.
    “You called busy Bolmae Jung, who called his parents while you were talking to Keun Suk,” Shin Hye goes on, enjoying his discomfort.
    “Who called me while you were talking to Shin Hye, who talked to Yong Hwa’s parents afterwards while I updated Yong about what was happening,” Keun Suk finishes off, obviously enjoying looking him squirm, too.
    “Aiiisshhh, this is so embarrassing,” Hong Ki groans, running his fingers thru his hair. “Aigoo, nan pabo ya. Naega wae? Aiiissshhh. Really really embarrassing.”
    “Absolutely,” Shin Hye agrees with a nod.
    “No doubt,” Keun Suk eggs on.
    “Lucky you, we were just around,” Shin Hye points out, as Hong Ki sinks lower in the sand.
    “Well, truth is, we had other plans. But of course, we couldn’t just ignore you, being the good friends that we are,” Keun Suk goes for the kill, “so I guess you owe us an explanation.”
    “About why we had to peel a half-drunk you off that table top, and why we had to call everyone back to let them know we’ve got you…”
    “… and why we are here in the middle of the beach now, discussing things like Hong Ki’s whereabouts when he is drunk,” Keun Suk concludes.
    Hong Ki gives out a sigh and lays spread eagle on the sand, eyes closed in resignation. He notes that his friends are silently waiting for his word.
    “Can’t you see? It’s right in front of me,” he says, a bit frustrated. Keun Suk and Shin Hye didn’t say anything. Looks like they wouldn’t let him off that easily.
    “You. Guys. Are. So. Clueless… Honestly!” he cries out, sitting up, envy, exasperation and admiration laced in his voice. “You, the two of you. Like that, together. Finishing off each other’s sentences, aiiishh. Yong and his lady love are like that, too. Aiiissssh, when am I going to have that?” he finished off with a resigned, dramatic sigh.
    His friends exchange meaningful glances. Unknown to him, Keun Suk and Shin Hye spent the first half of taking him out of that restaurant listening to him go on and on about “needing a girlfriend” and “wanting to be a couple.” They let it pass as a drunken Hong Ki’s random rants; thankful, too, that as this is normal drunken behavior, they didn’t have to explain to the restaurant owner. But this is already the sober-him speaking. This is real. And they are speechless.
    They were on their way to Busan for a-little-longer-than-a-short drive after the Haiker photo shoot when they got his call. Time together was so rare for them; they have wished on star upon star for more time together, and now that their prayer is finally granted, the drunken 911 upset their just-made-up plan. Add to that the stray-cat stress they got, well, the night really didn’t turn out as expected. So much for their escapade.
    But witnessing their friend bare out his soul like this hit them square on the chest. Time and space don’t revolve around them alone. In reality, there is a world out there with their loved ones needing them, a world bigger than theirs. Their eyes lock, and realizing that they were thinking the same thing, they feel their cheeks flaming with embarrassment from selfish thoughts and look away.
    “Aiiisssh, why are you both red in the face now?”Hong Ki exclaims as he abruptly gets up, bringing them back down to earth. “You do not need to look so worried. After all, this is me we’re talking about, huh? It’s okay for me to fall, coz I always, always bounce back!” he says with a grin like the normal Hong Ki would, the only thing giving him away was the absence of the playful glint in his eyes. Spoken like Jeremy, as he gets off his magical bus.
    “Look, you two, I’m sorry for anything, anything, that I said earlier, though I cannot remember half of them,” he says sheepishly, “and I’m sorry for letting you miss couple time,” he adds, though he doesn’t look sorry at all. Shin Hye laughs, as Keun Suk goes “Ya!”
    Hong Ki holds his hands up, signalling that he isn’t done yet. “Hajiman, really, from the bottom of my sexy bottoms,” he says dramatically, patting his butt cheeks for emphasis, making Shin Hye scream and Keun Suk gawk, “thank you. You really are my friends. Jeongmal jeongmal kamsahabnida. Saranghaeyo,” he concludes, putting his hands on his head in the gesture of love.
    Keun Suk and Shin Hye look at each other once more, and their eyes mirror understanding. True, they’ve missed couple time, but tonight, Hong Ki needed a friend, and he got two. Seeing him get his fighting spirit back was all worth it. Guess they just have to wish harder next time.
    “Save that for later punk, when we’ve already spilled the beans to everyone you bugged,” Keun Suk answers, getting up and offering Shin Hye both of his hands as she got up, too.
    “Mo? What, you are going to squeal on me, Hyung?” Hong Ki asks, and Keun Suk gives a significant nod.
    “I won’t be hearing the end of this, am I?” Hong Ki asks Shin Hye as they all walk towards the car.
    “Aniyo, of course you would,” Shin Hye consoles, linking her right arm with his left, as her left hand is already laced with Keun Suk’s. “But you must remember, you owe us big time, Hongstar. Couple time missed? Almost accident? Drive all the way to get you?” She says with fake sweetness, her eyes glinting with mischief.
    “Ya, Shin Hye! Chebal, let’s leave it here? Pleaase?” he pleads. “I won’t tell them about catching you two red-handed! Hyung! Chebalyo!” he shouts out, as the two continue walking hand in hand, his pleas falling on deaf ears.
    They both finally stop and Keun Suk calls back, “Save them for the fat chicken nuggets Hong Ki! Who knows? Your wishes just might be granted,” he quips, leaving Hong Ki with nothing to do but raise his arms up in surrender and whisper a prayer to the starlit sky.
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    Post by demi_zhu on Sat 29 Oct 2011, 5:34 pm


    I rarely enjoy reading Fan Fics, but i honestly enjoyed reading yours, maize....

    I'm not actually a FF Fan...coz I easily get bored when the story is flat and loses its continuity in the middle, or when the author keeps on beating around the bush...but I am a bookworm...so I know a good writer when I see/read one....and I say...Maize you definitely have it! ....please keep up the good work and continue to give us great FAN FICS....geez, I am already looking forward to your next one..

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    Post by khulet29 on Tue 08 Nov 2011, 11:23 am

    Every Woman’s Dream Guy
    Posted by: bianne on: November 8, 2011

    Author's Note: This has been long overdue, so I wouldn’t dwell much on intros. Here is the POV in response to Every Man’s Dream Girl.
    Every Woman’s Dream Guy
    You enter the house with lightness in your gait. You see your mom in the kitchen preparing for dinner. She knows you well enough to notice that expectant look in your eyes that has nothing to do with food, and goes ahead to say he has not passed by yet. Of course you knew that, and you knew she would know that, so you give her a grin and a squeeze before heading to your room.
    It still amazes you how Keun Suk got your mom’s approval. Your mom (and dad, for that matter) is the strictest when it comes to you; understandably so, as you are their only daughter. If it were somebody else she caught saying he would want to be with you, she would definitely not let you leave her eyesight. Now if she catches that somebody’s mom saying she wants you to be her daughter-in-law, well, you’d surely be not allowed out of the house at all. But with him… you haven’t heard any objections. Your brother approves because he loves music, your dad approves (even if he doesn’t openly admit it) because he appreciates life, and your mom… Well, put it this way: the food you saw her preparing looked more than enough for four, and you are all aware your brother is in the army. And tofu again, when you’ve had tofu just two nights ago? Christmas sure came early to him in this household.
    You put your stuff away and curl up in bed, phone in hand. You laugh as you read his message saying he just left the meeting and is on his way to your house, with a picture of him with hearts in his eyes & his hands with a placard saying 보고 싶어 – Bogossipeo – I miss you. He is always full of pleasant surprises.
    Your Oppa is in one of his weird get ups again, you notice. You remember how it has worried and angered you before, seeing that he is being judged, at times even ridiculed, for how he looks and how he behaves. You even warned him about it on a public post. You did that, not because you did not approve of the act (not to the point of making it public, anyway), but because you also wanted, in your own way, to protect him.
    You feel quite disheartened that people do not see the man behind the antics and the get ups - both for those who see it in a good way and in a bad way. You feel pity for those who choose to see it in a bad light, for not bothering to look on how he is built from the inside, and shame for them for not being contended by looking on the outside and go around saying bad things about it. And for those who see it in a positive light? You feel grateful to them – those you could call his true fans – but also feel a pang of regret that they do not get to see him in other facets (they would sure love him more if they do).
    You browse through his pictures on your phone – some just of him, some with his friends, or his folks, or his Princess Suni… and some, of course, with you. It always gives you inspiration to look at them, each of which reveals a little about the man he is and the person he makes you to be.
    While others see a male whose masculinity must be questioned, you see a man who is confident and dares to be different, and who has encouraged you to try new things, too. While others see an arrogant person boasting about his successes, you see a man who is driven, who knows his dreams and works on achieving them. While others see an artist who thrives in fan service, you see a man who knows how to appreciate the blessings that is given him. While others see a sarcastic actor wanting to be noticed, you see a man who stands firm with what he believes in. While others see a happy-go-lucky guy who loves merriment, you see a man who knows how to have fun after a hard day’s work and will always, always make time for friends. While others see a flirt who would take a pass on practically any woman who comes his way, you see a man who could interact well with anybody, but knows the limits set by whoever owns his heart. Oh, if only they could see him through your eyes…
    Your thoughts are interrupted by the sound of wheels crunching beyond the fence, signaling that the person you’ve been thinking about in the past 20 minutes or so (Who are you kidding? You think about him a lot more than that!) has already arrived. You get up and take a peek at the mirror as you hear him exchanging greetings with your dad, and with the sudden round of cheerful voices, apparently exchanging hugs with your mom, too. You take a last look at your phone, blowing a kiss to his grinning face on your wallpaper. You realize, as you head out to finally get that hug you’ve been dreaming of since you stepped in the house, that it doesn’t really matter whether people love him or hate him. For all he is, you love him.
    And for all it’s worth, he loves you back.
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    Every Man’s Dream Girl

    Credits: bianne on: October 25, 2011

    Author's Note:This is my first attempt at a POV. Hope you like it.
    Every Man’s Dream Girl

    You shift the gears of your car as you leave your work place. You have just come out of planning for your next project, and as a habit, you think of Shin Hye as you cruise through the streets, until you reach the one she lives in before going into yours. Her dad is quite used to seeing you drive by in the morning. Her mom is quite used to seeing you drive by early in the evening. And her dogs… well, her dogs are quite used to seeing you drive by at night, when everyone else is asleep.
    Your thoughts go to the conversation you’ve had with your teammates today. Not surprising, her name came up a few times during the meeting. Everyone present knew, after all, who she is to you. What came as a surprise was how the conversation veered into the topic of her being the best choice for a wife.
    You have known all along that all the mothers love her. Jong Hun’s mom likes her. Yong Hwa’s mom likes her. Even your mom, who has the highest standards when it comes to a potential daughter-in-law for her one and only son, adores her.
    You remember that time they first met. It was during the filming of your first CF series. As far as you were concerned, there was nothing remarkable with that meeting. You introduced the two women, she bowed to your mom and smiled as she greeted her. Your mom gave her the customary greeting she gives any other girl. There was nothing extraordinary about it, so it came as a shock to you when on your way home, out of nowhere, your mom voices her approval.
    Your omma says she sees sincerity and innocence in her eyes. No pretenses. No hidden agenda. No conscious effort to make a good impression, but leaving that impression just the same. Graceful, youthful, honest. And just like that, she fell in love with the girl. And soon after, so did you.
    When they met again, your mom surprised you both by giving her a hug. In her eyes, your mom sees the same girl she met two years ago, except now there was a sparkle in those depths, signaling the change of her role in your life. For obvious reasons, this made your mom happier, so happy that she went ahead to take her hand and tell her she wanted her for a daughter-in-law. She turned red and was speechless, but she never let go, and she never said no. Oh, that moment was one for the books.
    Of course, just because it was a breeze with your mom, it doesn’t mean there weren’t any obstacles. For one, it took her a while to give her heart out. She’s practically the first woman who obviously wanted to be with you, but did everything for it not to happen. You could proudly say that you worked your way to win her heart (and worked hard, at that!), and that every step of the journey was worth it.
    And who could forget about those admirers? Even now, or maybe especially now that she has blossomed into a very fine woman, guys from all over clamor for a girl like her. Even your friends openly admire her. Then again, with her sweetness, kindness, loyalty, ability to make the room brighter, courage to bring your feet back on the ground, compassion for everyone, and a sense of humor that won’t quit… who wouldn’t?
    You think about all the good things they say about her as you round up her block. You smile as you realize that she is all these and something much more.
    She… is yours.
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    Can’t Get Better than That

    Credits: (Posted by: bianne on: November 15, 2011)

    Author's Note : Much has been said about
    Sukkie saying bye bye to Twitter. While a lot have begged him to stay,
    and some criticized him for giving up too easily, I actually felt a
    sense of maturity in him coming up with that decision. Being the social
    animal that he is, letting it go must not have been easy. I must admit
    that I will miss his witty comebacks, but as a follower, I am all for
    whatever makes him happy – tweet or no tweet.

    What the real reason is for his leaving, we may never know, but let’s see what these two have to say on this fanfic.


    Can’t Get Better than That

    “Are you sure that this is
    what you want?” she asked the moment you answered the phone. It’s been
    about an hour since you replied to her tweet asking if she did the right
    thing, and she probably just got online again in time to read your
    latest post: after much thought and consideration about everything and
    everyone, you have decided to close down your Twitter account.

    “Yes, I am, love,” you told
    her calmly, swiveling in the chair on your study, more surprised at the
    absence of cracks in your voice than at her question.

    You can’t blame her for
    asking. For the past two weeks, you have wracked her peaceful world with
    your to-be or not-to-be questions. You would call her even when you
    know she’s in school or out filming, demand that she reply to your
    messages immediately even when you know she’s overseas, drive to her
    house at unholy hours just to get her to talk to you. You know you have
    been a pain, asking for assurance, then reassurance, ugly anxiety and
    insecurity, impatience and indecisiveness eating you up. And all those
    times she has granted your requests without a single complaint. She has
    been your sounding board, your worst critic, your biggest supporter,
    your strictest adviser, your voice of reason, even your chef. When you
    saw her tweet about you, that even if you act crazily at times, you are a
    good Oppa, you were both ashamed and overwhelmed. She totally deserves
    better, but she is sticking with you. Even for that alone, you’d give it
    all up any day.

    You know that by opening a
    Twitter account, you also open the possibility of putting you, her and
    the both of you into tight spots. You’ve talked about it. She was not
    crazy about the idea of putting your “special something” in the
    limelight, but she did recognize that, being who you are, you also
    wanted the tweeting kind of freedom she was obviously exercising. You
    heard it all the time from your friends, at times even got jealous that
    she gets to talk to Hongki and Yonghwa to her heart’s desire through
    timelines and DMs. When you decided to join the bandwagon, it wasn’t
    without her knowing, of course.

    It was exciting at first. You
    never realized there were so many people connected on the social
    platform, until you wake up the next morning and see your followers list
    grow from zero to 70,000. And counting. After that, you found yourself
    transfixed with looking for friends, reading and sometimes replying to
    their tweets, contemplating whether you should add them up on your list
    or not. Technology was that fast.

    Apparently, and unfortunately, so were haters.

    You didn’t know that a simple
    “I hate you” tease could get you both into so much trouble. One minute
    you were both laughing about the private joke, the next minute she’s
    been receiving hate mentions, and then the next you’ve been receiving
    hate mentions because of her hate mentions. Shin Hye, in all her grace,
    told you that since she started everything, she would handle it. After
    the hoolabaloo of her explanation, your apology and your friends egging
    on it, finally, the issue died a natural death.

    To be fair, the experience
    had moments for the books. Your mentions have been haywire every time
    people see that you are online and start tweet-storming. That time that
    you volunteered your number to anyone who could find Ji Hoonie Hyung’s
    wallet? That was epic. That time you tweeted a cap of Yong Hwa’s apology
    for not telling you about the concert? You found idols and idol fans
    coming up at your mentions! And that time you said you loved Shin Hye?
    People talked about that for days, even made it to the news!

    It was also perhaps because
    of this that your cyber life has been messy these past two months. You
    have always been open to sharing bits and pieces of your life with
    others. If only people also realized and respected the limits you put on
    your privacy, it didn’t have to get nasty. Every move you make, every
    word you say, and goodness, even every grain of rice you eat it seems,
    has become gossip fodder. You wouldn’t have minded if it was just you,
    but when your loved ones got involved – mostly Shin Hye, for that matter
    – that’s just a totally different ball game. She didn’t have to go
    through this. You didn’t want her to. So you had to draw the line.
    Hence, that message about saesang fans that go overboard. And now,
    saying bye bye to Twitter.

    “Knock, knock… anybody home?” you hear Shin Hye saying on the other line.

    “Yeah, I am. Sorry, hearing your voice always leaves me speechless,” you kidded. “Are you home?” you asked her, noticing the absence of the sound of revving engine.

    “Hahaha, very funny Oppa.
    And no, I’m not home, I’m here,” she said as a car door slammed. “I
    mean here, right here. At the gate. At your gate. Knock, knock.
    Literally,” she explained in staggered breaths, probably from talking
    while walking.

    Did she just say she was at the gate? At your gate? So that meant…

    You got up from your
    swiveling chair, head out of the room and bolt right out to your front
    door step. You squinted through the day light, thinking you were seeing
    stars from moving so quickly. But there she was, like an angel walking
    towards you, with the sun as her halo, and arms wide open as her wings.
    You could think of nothing else but embrace her back. Bless her for
    knowing, always knowing, what you needed.

    “Now this is what I call a
    homecoming hug,” you said, smiling the whole time, squeezing her
    tighter. Much as she showed you her support wherever she may be, it
    meant a whole lot to you that she went out of her way to profess it

    “And there wouldn’t be any more, Oppa,
    if I die of suffocation right now,” she said, her voice small with fake
    choking as you practically crushed her. She gave your back a pat as you
    loosened your hold.

    “Are you okay?” she said,
    giving you a once over. You saw the worry in her eyes and the creases on
    her forehead. You traced her forehead and eyebrows with your thumbs,
    then drew a line up to her nose, and gave it a little pinch. She just
    crunched it up and looked into your eyes. She wouldn’t let you off that

    “Of course, I am, love,” you
    told her after a kiss on the scrunched up tip of her nose, surprised
    that you actually did feel okay. You had your doubts before – that fans
    would hate you for giving up easily, that fellow artists would look down
    on you for not being able to handle the pressure. They could think of
    and say whatever they wanted to say, you couldn’t care any less. You
    would be judged, one way or another.

    But the true fans would stay.
    The real friends would understand, even though you’re sure you would
    get teased to no end. And the one you love? Well, she would love you
    just the same. You have the evidence right in front of you. And it can’t
    get better than that.

    “Would you like to go
    inside?” you asked Shin Hye, hoping she would, though you know she has a
    lot of stuff lined up for the rest of the day. For her to drop by
    despite her long to-do list already made you feel on top of the world,
    it was too much to ask. But you asked anyway. Just in case.

    Aniyeo, I just dropped by before going to the studio,” she said, reluctantly dropping her arms on the side.

    “To give me a homecoming hug?” you told her, tucking the hair that was escaping from her hat.

    “Hahaha, yes. That… and to say that no matter what, I am proud of you, Oppa,”
    she said, eyes shiny with happy tears threatening to fall. “I meant
    what I said, you may drive me crazy sometimes, but I’ll always be proud
    of you,” she added shyly, giving you a quick peck on the cheek, a small
    blush creeping in her cheeks.

    “Ahhhh, Shin Hye, you know
    sometimes I am proud of me, too,” you answered with a grin, which earned
    you a whack on the chest. You caught her arm at the second punch and
    enveloped her in another homecoming hug. Yes, you thought, it really can’t be better than that.
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    Post by ilovedrama91 on Fri 18 Nov 2011, 10:18 am

    love it please make more...!!!!
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    Post by khulet29 on Mon 12 Dec 2011, 12:34 pm

    PUBLISHED DECEMBER 12, 2011 BY credits: BIANNE/maizey
    As the famous Chicago song goes, “even lovers need a holiday far away from each other.” Just goes to show that yes, trouble in paradise does happen even to the most perfect of couples.

    Author's Note:This one’s for Mommy Siti, for loving them so much, and for Novi, who has finally found the Sukkie to her Hye.

    Time Out

    “Are we fighting?”

    “You tell me.”

    “I was just asking what took you so long and if the two of you were together,” Shin Hye said, obviously forcing herself to stay calm.

    “And I was just saying that the answer to both questions is because we still have work to do,” Keun Suk replied, also obviously struggling to keep his voice down. He can’t believe they were having this conversation.

    “No you didn’t. Not just that. You said because you still have work to do together, and added why do I always have to ask, in that irritated tone that says you have no time to entertain my “petty” questions.”

    “Look, Shin Hye, I just found it a bit incredulous that you had to ask when you knew that we had promotions to do today. I told you all about that, remember?”

    “Oh, is cruising around town part of promotions now? Sorry, but this is the first time I’ve ever heard of such thing. It makes “accidentally” meeting in a café actually sound believable.” It was Shin Hye’s turn to be sarcastic.

    “It really was an accident. I didn’t know her then, and you know that. And if this is such a big deal, why didn’t you go cruising with any of your other co-stars while you were filming? You definitely had more opportunities to do that. Who else? Our friends? Going to their concerts not enough? The thought must be killing you now.” Keun Suk could hardly contain the bitterness in his voice as he took the turn to her block a little too sharply.

    “That’s going too far, Oppa,” she said appalled. “And how has this conversation become about me? We were talking about an entirely different thing just moments ago.”

    The wheels squeaked as he hit the brakes when they got to her house. “I was not turning the tables on you, Shin Hye,” Keun Suk said with a resigned sigh. They were already parked, but he still had a death grip on the steering wheel. His knuckles were starting to turn white. “Look, let’s drop this for now, okay? I’m tired, and I’m sure you are, too. We both had a long day, and I don’t think we’re in the right condition to deal with this at the moment.”

    “The day was okay until we got into this, Oppa,” Shin Hye said quietly. Her voice was too soft it was scary.

    Nobody spoke a word for what seemed like light years, until Shin Hye started unlocking her door and unbuckling her seatbelt at the same time.

    “Shin Hye ya,” Keun Suk started, his voice still tired but absent of the sarcasm. He held on to her wrist.

    “Thank you for driving me home. You should head home now as you are very tired. Drive safely. Goodbye,” Shin Hye said formally in a voice void of emotion. Alarm bells started ringing in Keun Suk’s head. This is not good.

    “Shin Hye ya,” he said once more, now holding her hand, his voice pleading. The plea in his eyes met the sadness in hers.

    “Please let me go now, Jang Keun Suk ssi,” she said in a whisper that left him no choice but to let go of her hand.

    She went in without a backward glance, the subtle whiff of her perfume and the warmth she left on the now empty passenger seat the only indications that she was there with him just moments ago.

    And finally, except for the erratic beating of his heart, everything was silent.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    She’s been staring at her phone for an hour now. It’s exactly been four days, 22 hours and 16 minutes since that fateful day.

    She was on a hiatus the first few days that he’s been trying to talk to her. She knew herself – she was too hurt and too upset and any word could end up doing more breaking than mending. She didn’t want that to happen.

    And she knew him well enough to know that after his first failed attempts, he would understand her need for time and space and would leave her alone.

    “But now, Oppa, you are nowhere to be found,” Shin Hye said, talking to his picture she used as a phone wallpaper. She tried calling him earlier, but she was brought to voice mail. She started dialing again.

    “Who in the world can you be talking to at this hour?” she wondered loudly, surprised to get a busy tone. After a few more tries and getting the same response, she came to a decision. She had to see him. In the flesh.

    Still dialing as she opened the gate, she was not prepared for what she would see on the other side: Keun Suk getting off his car, trying to light a cigarette on his mouth with one hand while the other had his phone on his ear, cursing with frustration as he heard a series of bleeps. He was walking towards her, and she saw his startled expression seeing her there, phone in hand, her shocked face a mirror image of his.

    “Oppa,” she said, shell-shocked.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    “Get in before you catch a cold,” he said as he covered her head with his coat and ushered her into his car. It took him a while to notice her shivers, momentarily shocked to see her there.

    He got on to the driver’s seat, shivering as well even if he was fully clothed. The wind was so chilly it was almost truly like winter minus the snow.

    “Are you crazy?” he said once settled in, taking the coat of her head and wrapping it around her shoulders. “What were you doing out in the cold wearing only those,” he couldn’t help but add as he took off another layer from his clothing and wrapped it around her again.

    “I’m sorry, Oppa,” Shin Hye told him quietly.

    “Ahh Shin Hye, I didn’t mean to sound so abrupt. I just didn’t want you to freeze to death,” he told her, rubbing her arms to help stop the shivers.

    “No, I meant I’m sorry. For before,” she said shyly, a pink tinge that had nothing to do with the cold appearing in her cheeks.

    “Is that what you came out for?”

    “No. Yes. Partly.” Shin Hye admitted, apparently feeling warmer as she removed his jacket and returned them on his shoulders. He caught the smell of her shampoo as her hands lingered around his shoulders before dropping them to her lap. Bliss!

    “I wanted to say sorry for making a big deal out of it. You were right, I shouldn’t have questioned what you were doing. I overreacted, because I was angry. And hurt. And frustrated. And…” she trailed off, taking a breath before going on.

    “I was jealous, okay? Because you get to do that freely with another woman. And we could barely go out without speculation. And I was thinking “That should be me in the passenger seat. Taking pictures with you. Spending time with you.” But knowing that we just can’t do that just yet. And it left me feeling horrible and say those things. I’m really sorry.” She said all that in one breath.

    “Say something?” she finally told him, after her heartfelt monologue met silence.

    “How jealous?”

    “What?” she asked, dumbfounded.

    “How jealous were you?” Keun Suk asked, smiling. He was relieved and humbled by what he heard, but it didn’t stop him from jesting.

    “Over my head, insecure to the core, close to insanity jealous,” Shin Hye admitted, dropping her head in her hands in shame. He started to laugh.

    “Don’t laugh, Oppa,” she said, raising her head, enough for him to see her in tears. He stopped, shushing her, and wiping her tears away until she was no longer crying.

    “Is that what you came here for, to see me like this?” Shin Hye asked, finally, wiping the last remnants of her tears of relief.

    “No. Yes. Partly,” was his reply. “Yes, to see you, but not to see you cry. Never to see you cry, Shin Hye,” he said, a wealth of emotion coiled in those few words.

    “I just wanted to see you, and to tell you how sorry I am for the harsh words I said, and for making you doubt my intentions and my feelings for you,” he rattled on while her swollen eyes looked through him. She noticed there were dark circles under his.

    “I had a rough time that day. Too many demands that just wracked my brain. And I couldn’t let you see me in that state. The cruising around was my way of letting all the stress out, so all will be well by the time I picked you up. I never expected things to turn out that way. It was no excuse for saying those hateful words, but I did say them, and I’m sorry.”

    “You could have just told me directly, Oppa,” she said, taking his hand. “I would have understood. I go through that, too, you know that. We could have handled it together. We did say we will, remember?”

    “I realized that eventually, after much thought, so I desperately wanted to talk to you. Even if I knew it would take you at least a few days before facing me again, I just had to try. But I knew you needed time, so I stopped trying. For a while.”

    “And found someone else to talk to again?” Shin Hye gently asked. There was no doubt laced in the question, but she had to know. He looked at her questioningly.

    “Phone turned off, then going busy for 20 minutes?” she probed. “I’ve been trying to reach you tonight, thought it was about time you brought your sorry ass here, Oppa, but your line was constantly busy.” He was glad to hear the sass that was for him and only him back in her voice. It felt like things were finally falling into their rightful place.

    Grinning from ear to ear, he showed her his phone. Most recent activities were calls to one number: hers. So that answers both of their questions. Without them noticing, they both gave out a sigh of relief.

    “I was so ready to talk to you again, hoping you’re ready to talk to me, too. Do you know how frustrating it is to feel so desperate, yet hearing the busy tone all the time? I had to drive here and see for myself,” he exclaimed, putting the phone down then taking her free hand.

    “Were you over your head, insecure to the core, close to insanity jealous, too?” she asked slyly, her eyes beaming.

    “Hell, yeah! Twice as much as you,” he said, not entirely exaggerating when he said that.

    “So are you saying you will stop saying and doing things that will make me over my head, insecure to the core, close to insanity jealous, Jang Keun Suk ssi?” Shin Hye challenged, locking foreheads with him.

    “As long as you promise to do the same, Park Shin Hye ssi,” he said, circling her waist with his arms.

    “Ya! Are we forgiving each other now, or are we fighting again?” Shin Hye asked, putting her arms around his shoulders. She felt like ten years worth of happiness just replaced the boulders in her heart.

    “We cannot start another fight and breakup yet, love,” he said, touching her nose with his. “We have to kiss and makeup first,” he added, wiggling his eyebrows.

    Shin Hye laughed and gave in to his request, kissing him with all the strength she has mustered on those days without him, before settling contentedly in his arms.
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    Post by jfp2268 on Mon 12 Dec 2011, 4:03 pm

    @ maize...beautiful fanfic..love it!
    @khulynne29..thanks so much for posting it!
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    Post by khulet29 on Wed 11 Jan 2012, 1:16 pm

    weeeehhh! new ff from ateh maizey! ahihhihihi
    Enjoy :D


    Author's Note/Sidenote: A million thanks to my blog readers! Since this is my first FF/ first post for 2012, I would like to give back to the avids. Small gifts will be given to chosen comments on this post. ) For those who lift the FF’s or any other article from this blog, please put on the blog URL on the post.. Thanks!

    = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    For my first FF for the year, here’s what I have to say: Cola Mercato is ♥ ‘Nuff said. )

    = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Something Wonderful

    It is a chilly night as you arrive and see the gathering in full swing. It’s nothing fancy – no blaring music and no dancing (and no filming, thank God!) … just dinner and drinks among friends to celebrate the year end. You think the laidback ambiance is ideal for two of the busiest people you know would be here tonight, to be together in an occasion other than work – one that called for quality talk time and wonderful memories to be made.

    Your own schedule is quite full, so to speak, but the chance to see friends, particularly the two of them, is too rare to pass. For them and for a night like tonight, laidback is perfect.

    You scan the room for familiar faces. You spot her in one corner, animatedly chatting with friends. You remember the girl you have known from years back, the one with long hair, an innocent smile, and a lot of potential. She’s still the same charming lady, now with more confidence in her craft and a glow that you know has nothing to do with the untouched wine glass in front of her, or the missing slice of pizza from the pan at their table. Her plate was clean and so were the others’, save the one on her left. His favorite pizza, the plate beside hers. You grin. It figures.

    You got to know him just about the time you got in touch with her again. You remember being half-shocked, half-amazed with the strange guy with an uncanny fashion sense and an awesome sense of humor. Your protective instincts went up when you confirmed that they were seeing each other, recalling that that type, his type, wasn’t her type. But when you saw the way he looks at her and treats her, and how she responds to him, all your doubts vanished. He is good to her and for her.

    And the feeling is undeniably reciprocated. Even if you know that she is the caring type, there’s just something in the way she looks at him that puts him on a different level. Needless to say, you would be among the first to break his neck if he does anything to hurt her. Yet seeing how they still give each other smoldering gazes even after almost two years of established admiration, that’s very unlikely to happen.

    She finally notices you standing by the doorway, and gives you a wave and that familiar, winning smile. You wave and smile back, but the return gesture almost fall on blind eyes. At the sound of chimes and the waif of cigarette smoke that came with it, her eyes automatically shift to the person who just went in. And no one else mattered. Her prince has come.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    You see that familiar broad frame as you re-enter the room and approach him with a pat on the back.

    “Hyung! Happy new year! You alone? You just got in? Where’s noona?” You say all these while handing him one of the two glasses of wine you snatch from the passing waiter’s tray.

    “She’s busy tonight, but I got the go signal to be here. Aniyo, I was here for a good 10 minutes already. You, Keun Suk, my friend, are the one who’s late,” he says, ticking off answers from his fingers at your tirade of questions.

    “Aniyo, I just went out for a smoke,” you explain, making a quick check on your date. She’s still in the seat where you left her, laughing at something a friend said, but sneaking a peek at you. You give her a wink, which made her blush. She’s too cute, you think, as you force yourself back to focus on giving a proper welcome to your friend.

    “And cut the crap, hyung, you haven’t been here for more than six minutes,” you jest, grinning while pointing at your watch. Sometimes it surprises you how easily you banter with this sunbae, considering that he has long been friends with her before he even knew about you, and about the two of you. You sensed that he had his reservations about you before, so it means a lot that he has finally given you his blessing, even without actually saying the words.

    “And you know that because … ?” he probes, but you guess he already knows why, based on his exaggerated imitation of your wink. You laugh together and clink glasses.

    “Ahhh, hyung, mianhe. When the going gets tough, the tough cannot be choosy. You know that,” you say this while looking straight into his eyes, compassionate towards the intensity and mild frustration in yours. He knows this well. He knows this more than you do.

    “Well, you can always choose another way. With those good looks and hefty finances … all those girls literally dropping at your feet…” he trails off grinning, but you know where this is going. You’ve been asked about this countless of times – by well-meaning friends, by not-so-subtle flirting women, and on certain occasions, by potential rivals. They can ask all they want, but the answer remains the same.

    “Yeah, I can,” you nod thoughtfully, pretending to think it through.

    “But you won’t.” He said matter-of-factly. A statement, not a question. Your thoughts exactly.

    As a gesture of approval, he clinks his glass with yours again just as you hear your name from somewhere else in the room. Friends are calling you over. He gives you a nod and shoves you in their direction, while he walks towards the opposite. On the way to where you really wanted to be. Right beside her.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    “Anneyong, Oppa! Long time no see,” you greet him with a quick hug. You glance at the table and note that the closest vacant seat is the one beside you, but you were reluctant to have him sit there. Keun Suk’s stuff is all over the place. And … you just feel uncomfortable if it isn’t him sitting there. Luckily, your friends have the grace to make space for your sunbae (not that they would ever complain), and he is quick to catch on it.

    “How is Unnie? I haven’t seen her in a long time. Has she been really busy lately? I saw her recent guesting, she’s so beautiful!” You say all of these in one breath, ever comfortable to be this bubbly with close friends. Like this Oppa.

    “I see you’ve adapted your man’s style of inquisition,” he remarks, looking amused to see that blush creeping on your cheeks. “To indulge you, Ms. Park, she isn’t half as busy as you are, but still as beautiful.” You see the red blots transfer to his cheeks, but you know he doesn’t care. Everyone knows he’s smitten.

    “By that I’m sure you mean as beautiful as before and not as beautiful as I am, right?” you quip, egging on him this time.

    “And he rubbed off some of his sense of humor unto you, too, I see,” he teases back. You roll your eyes. You never did win against the Oppas in word wars. “You wouldn’t catch me saying anyone is more beautiful than she, that’s for sure. Except of course when my mother is around,” he continues jokingly, though you sense the pride and truth in what he just said. Ahhh, this loyalty. It’s one of the reasons you look up to him very much.

    “So… is he worth it?” is his million-dollar question.

    “What?” You ask, a bit taken aback. You know he had apprehensions at first, since you were already together when he and Keun Suk were introduced to each other. But seeing them earlier, the way they laughed and talked with each other… you would think they are friends for longer than the two of you are.

    “I know you would say, “Oppa, is there a need to ask?”

    “Actually … I was going to say, “Have you seen how women have fallen under his charms? How many fellow artists call him at unholy hours and send suggestive messages each day? How many times he had to cancel dates because he had an extended filming or meeting schedule? How many times my calls and messages have been ignored?”

    “So are you saying he isn’t?” He challenges you, his eyes ready to fall out. You nearly laugh.

    “No, I’m not,” you say with your most charming smile, eyeing your date three tables across, drinking while talking to friends. He gives you a glance and one of those secret winks that always leave you giddy and blushing, before going back to the conversation. But you keep on gazing at him, as if he had all the answers.

    “I’m saying if you have,” you continue, seeing that the sunbae is most interested in the way the conversation is heading, “then you should know how he ignores those women’s calls and messages, how he makes up for the cancelled dates and how I miss his calls and messages more often. Then you would understand that I would be crazy to say he isn’t. Because he is. Totally,” you say, knowing you are wearing your heart on your sleeves. It always overwhelms you to verbalize your feelings, even if you know no words could sum up how you really feel.

    “Hey,” he touches your forehead, checking if you are feverish. “Are you sure you are the Shin Hye I know? Last I remember you were shy and awkward. What have you done to the Shin Hye I left in the palace?” he asks in feign surprise, though it’s quite obvious that he admires the you that he sees now, the you that has come out of her shell.

    “Entered the convent, then ran away from the nunnery to make good music with me,” Keun Suk says out of nowhere, sneaking in beside you. You barely notice him claiming his seat beside you, but you feel the electric shocks as he snakes an arm around your waist. Two years and nothing has changed: he can still turn you into mush.

    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    “What are you doing, sneaking in like that?” she scolds him while punching his arm, the playful glint in her eye belying the accusation in her words.

    “Aiissssh, aren’t you used to it by now, Shin Hye ya? Reclaiming you is his favorite past time these days,” you remind her. They both look at you with confused eyes.

    “Come on… You make a movie with someone, he calls you to be in his fanmeet. You make a drama overseas, he joins you for a fanmeet. You make a drama back home with someone else, he enjoins you in a CF… and another one of his fanmeets. Coincidence? I. Don’t Think. So.” you tell them, loving the moment when their faces turn from cluelessness to admiration for your discovery that the circumstances are happening too often to be coincidental.

    “Seriously, you, Hyung, are the master of work manipulation,” he says with a mock bow and a wave of the hand. You notice he only brought up one, the other most probably holding hers under the table. “I wouldn’t even dream of competing with you in that department.”

    “What can I say, I have nine years of experience in the bag,” you tell him, snatching the pizza slice from his plate and taking an exaggerated bite as he tries to wrestle it out from you.

    She laughs at your silly antics and leans towards him to put another slice on his plate. Your other friends start coming over to see what all the commotion is all about, pulling in chairs to join the fun.

    It is a chilly night, but the room is sizzling with positive energy – from friends having fun, sharing food, drinks, laughter and stories. And from two busy people who took this night off to spend time with friends and with each other for reasons other than work. You see him circle her waist to keep her to his side, and see her leaning closer to him. He drops a kiss on her temple and they join in the laughter at something a friend said. It’s picture perfect, but this isn’t one meant for the cameras … just that kind of moment that wonderful memories are made of.
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    mAIZEY'S nOTE: I’m posting this raw – edits & credits to follow. =)

    Hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. =)


    He looks at his phone and curses.

    Three missed calls.


    He’s been in a meeting with network bosses – arranging schedules, reading scripts, planning activities – that by the time he looked at his phone, City of Ssinzel has already started, and three missed calls are screaming at him, bringing odds further away from his favor. At this time that he so badly needed to keep his 100 points.


    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    “Shin Hye-ya, you’re supposed to be practicing your new song, not chatting on Kakao,” Keun Suk admonished jokingly as she answered the phone. He messaged her the moment he landed, and was surprised to get a reply so quickly. He knew she was busy preparing for Zepp. The possibility of seeing each other was running thin, so quality time was squeezed in thru phone calls and messages somewhere in between their crazy schedules.

    “I know, Oppa, but you just messaged, and Seung Ki Oppa just wished me luck on the FM. It would be rude not to reply to you both,” Shin Hye patiently replied as she put her phone on speaker, and he heard her strumming the opening chords of her song.

    He raised an eyebrow but refused to take on the bait. Surely he misheard her.

    “Seung Ki? Lee Seung Ki? As in MC, singer Lee Seung Ki?” Lee Seung Ki, everybody’s dream guy Lee Seung Ki? was his unspoken question, as he signaled his driver to make a turn to her office. Aside from wanting to see her, securing the top spot in her heart was making him scurry to her place.

    “Ne, ne, ne Oppa, that Lee Seung Ki. We’ve exchanged numbers after the MV, and he’s been sending me messages since, particularly to give his Aja before my fanmeets,” Shn Hye answered, still fiddling with the guitar.

    Keun Suk gave a start from the backseat. So she was not joking. And fanmeets? Meaning not just once, but at the very least… twice?

    He could feel the little green monster creeping in on him. Everybody loved Lee Seung Ki. Heck, even he admired the guy! He had a charm that naturally crawled up on anyone, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he got along well with Shin Hye. The guy was practically her male counterpart.

    Crap! This was not looking good. But hey, he was giving her a call now, even when he just got home from an overseas gig. And hers is his first destination after he landed. That had to count as something, right?

    “Shin Hye yang, seems like while I was away, everybody’s just too happy keeping your message inbox full. Next thing you know they’re queuing up in your doorstep, too. Should I be worried?” He asked this with jest, but in his heart he wanted to hear it from her. He wanted, needed, to hear that he was her best choice, her ONLY choice. Even if it meant making a beeline for the stairs as he reached her building. He’d rather huff and puff all the four floors up than risk getting the line cut inside the elevator.

    She laughed. “Anieyo, Oppa, they aren’t queued up in front of my doorstep… not yet. Though the flowers they sent are,” she said, amusement coiled in her voice. She seemed to notice his labored breath, because she added, “Are you okay? You sound like you’re hiking on a hill.”

    “Figuratively, I feel like I’m going against your mountain of suitors, but actually it’s just your office stairway,” he answered, catching his breath as he finally reached the main door.

    She whipped around to find him on the other side of the paned glass, the surprise in her face turning into a smile as she ran to let him in. He handed her the long stemmed flower he ordered right before he left for the airport. She beamed and gave him a quick hug, then motioned him to the studio, prepping him to join her in the run thru of the routine. They always do this before fanmeets, and while this would be her solo, she enganged him in her rehearsal like it was the most natural thing in the world.

    Ah, this was the kind of welcome he always wanted to go home to. It almost made him feel that he had her heart in the bag.

    Almost, he thought, but not quite, as he eyed the bouquets lining up the shelves, the different arrangements all screaming open admiration from their senders. He looked at the single bloom that she placed on the chair beside his, noting how measly it looked as compared to the many others.


    = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

    Keun Suk paces in his office house while waiting for Shin Hye to pick up. He is returning her call, after heeding her request on Twitter to show his face. He isn’t really sure that it is his face she wants to see, but he has to try. Just in case. Every point counts after all.

    Shin Hye answers on the fifth ring, and he sounds a little too perky when he says, “Omedeto gozaimasu, Shin Hye-san!” Congratulations.

    “Arigatou gozaimasu, Keun-chan,” she bashfully replies, giving him a ray of hope. She didn’t sound angry, thank God.

    “Mianhe, I was in a meeting with the sajangnim when you called. What happened? Did everything go as planned?” he asks, glad she is in a good mood. He does have a backup plan, in case this approach gets jeopardized. But so far, so good.

    “Gwaenchanayo, Oppa, I know you are busy, too,” she says, casually dismissing his apology. “Everything went perfectly well. My fans are the greatest. And… I had more guests than expected,” she stalls, suddenly sounding coy.

    The shyness in her voice catches his attention. Shin Hye isn’t the type to be timid with someone she’s comfortable with. And this is he – the one she’s shared countless kisses with (and, he hopes, makes her heart flutter during all those times). Something must have happened in the FM, and he is dying of curiosity.

    “Spill, Shin Hye,” he encourages, a little bit scared of what he might hear, but still wanting to hear what she has to say.

    “Well…”she murmurs softly, “they let me play Ideal World Cup.” He could imagine her cheeks flushing.

    “Ahhh, cincha?” Keun Suk remarks, quite surprised. “Hmmm, who could be in your list? I think I can name guys included in the list,” he asks mischievously, trying to sound nonchalant even if he is pondering over her announcement. Guys like him are used to being placed in that kind of compromising questioning. While he has not been dishonest in his answers, he has mastered the art of skirting these questions and the skill of being vague.

    But Shin Hye … It is true that she is in showbiz, but the girl is too innocent for her own good at times. She was so bad at outright lying for the sake of fan service, so she never really tried. He knows she would survive it somehow, but for someone as pure as she is to be put on the spot must have made her feel uncomfortable.

    Then again, this is Shin Hye. She is made of tougher stock than she lets on. Right then and there, he decided that whatever the results are, he would back her up.

    “Ah, kere?” she challenges him, surprising even herself. “Well then, Oppa, marriba… let’s see if you can get a perfect score on this one,” she eggs on, and he just couldn’t help but laugh.

    “Well, let’s see…” he starts, feeling the pressure. Somehow he feels that more than answering correctly, he needs to keep his 100 points as his redeeming grace.

    “I’m guessing … this guy you have a huge crush on… What’s his name? Won Bin ssi? He could not NOT be on the list, yes?” he says, stating the obvious. It is her turn to laugh.

    “Then there’s that bunch of Lee’s: the tall, good looking Lee; the short, angelic Lee, and that charming Lee that you were so distracted with while rehearsing,” he says, ticking off names in his head.

    “Keun Suk-ah, I just replied once… okay, twice, to Seung Ki Oppa, that could not count as a distraction,” she defends, though she is amazed at how he has gotten four names correct so far.

    “Aha, but I did get that one right,” he replies victoriously. “I also bet those handsome J-men got in.”

    “J-men? As in Japanese?” she asks, puzzled.

    “Ju Sang Wook, Joon Ji Hoo, Jung Yong Hwa and… Jim Hyun Joong,” he proudly declares, grinning in spite of himself. His attempt to humor is rewarded by a burst of uninhibited laughter from the other end. He loves making her laugh, hearing her laugh, and knowing that he is the reason for her laughter.

    “And… there’s me,” he adds, like an afterthought.

    “Which is the biggest surprise, really,”she jokes.

    “Why, why, why I’m impressed, Oppa,” Shin Hye compliments. “Just a few more people and you’ve successfully named all the men in my life, according to the game. Are you sure you weren’t tipped by anyone… say… Jun Oppa?”

    “Anieyo. Shin Hye… don’t you trust my better judgment? After having worked with me all these years?” he asks, pretending to be offended.

    “But the question is, Shin Hye yang,” he continues, “not who’s on the list, but who you have chosen.” Obviously, he has waited so much for this moment. No point delaying the victory. Or prolonging the agony, for that matter.

    Shin Hye clears her throat. “Well, Oppa, in the end, it was down to Won Bin ssi … and,” she breathes as he holds his breath, “you.”

    “Really?” he asks, surprised. “Really. And who won, may I ask?” he probes, wanting to hear more now that he knows he went that far.

    “Ahhhhh, Oppa, do you really have to do this?” Shin Hye asks, stalling.

    “I want to know Shin Hye-ya,” he starts to babble, desperately wanting to know the answer. “I mean, to my credit, Won Bin ssi is a sunbae, but I’m trying to live up to his accomplishments. I’m not half-bad looking too, all things…”

    “I chose you.”

    “… considered, and I … What?” he says stupidly.

    “Why do you sound so surprised?” Shin Hye asks, mirth ringed in her voice.

    “Just that… Tell me you’re not kidding.” He could not have been mistaken.

    “I’m not kidding.”

    “Ahhhhh! Jeongmal? Jeong-mal???” he exclaims, unable to contain the excitement in his voice. He hoped, but he never expected. His heart gave a giant leap as he punched his arm in the air in victory. If only she could see him now, shuffle dancing in his studio.

    “Hahaha, Oppa, your staff will be weirded out,” she warns, guessing that he must be acting crazily. It gives her a glow to know that he is happy she chose him. But, really, how could he think otherwise?

    “I know,” he confirms, “I’m dancing crazily and trying hard not to laugh-cry.”

    “Oppa,” she says, her tone more serious. “You know I could never blatantly lie to anyone. True, I hesitated, but when it came down to it, I just could not NOT choose you.” She takes a breath.

    “Shin Hye-ya…” He couldn’t find the words.

    “Come to think of it, I wasn’t quite lying when I told them I’d be in danger if I didn’t choose you. I may never hear the end of it from them, but you… I know you! You definitely won’t let me off the hook that easily.”

    Keun Suk feels so undeserving. “Ahhh, Shin Hye… would you really choose me even when I always miss your calls?” Keun Suk asks.

    “Even when you miss my calls, Oppa,” Shin Hye confirms, smiling.

    “Even when I act crazily at times?”

    “You act crazily ALL the time, Oppa, so yes.”

    “Even when my name gets tangled up with other girls’ always?”

    “Jang Keun Suk! I don’t know exactly what you did, but if they asked me to choose during that time you chose Min Jung unnie over me, I still would choose you. Does that make everything clear?” she says, giggling.

    His heart swells in emotion. He knows that she is not an impulsive person. He also knows that she has never really been publicly upfront of how she feels about him. Choosing him in front of her fans, some of whom possibly hated his guts for always putting her on the line… that was a brave step.

    If he has loved her so much yesterday, now, he loves her much, much more. And at this moment, he has to let her know.

    “Park Shin Hye, have I ever told you I love you?” he says, and she instantly becomes quiet.

    “I do,” he goes on, “I may not always show you, I may not always tell you, but I do, I do, I really do.”

    She sighs. And when she speaks again, he can hear her smile.

    “Oppa, you may not know it yet, but in your own crazy way, you do.”

    “Really? Like how?”

    “You know, simple things like, giving me a long stemmed bloom when everyone else gives me bouquets.” He groans. “Telling me you love me when everyone thinks you shouldn’t. Putting a rest on the retweets when I asked you to. Showing your face on Twitter when I requested for it.”

    “Awww Shin Hye, so you notice those, too? I feel like you’ve given me more than 100 points today,” he says, gaining back some of his natural jest.

    She laughs out loud, and he feels light and relieved and overwhelmed and… this is just… bliss.

    “Pray, tell me, what should I do next just to show you how much more I love you?”

    “Aiiisssh, cut your hair, for all I care,” Shin Hye dismisses. “Right now, Keun Suk, I am just happy that I’ve had the chance to show you how I feel for you.”

    “I love you, Shin Hye-ya,” he says once again, an idea already forming in his mind. “And I would never get tired of letting you know, in my own crazy ways, how much I do.”
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    Maizey's Note:I’ve always believed in this: Even if the jar called life is filled will stones, pebbles and sand – God, family, work, dreams, yourself – there should always, ALWAYS, be room for friends. Them, and two bottles of beer (or in this case, a bottle of soju).

    Girl Talk

    “Ahhh, girls, what’s there to fear? C’mon, this is the first time we’ve been complete since… I cannot remember when. Let’s do this!”

    Shin Hye feels excited despite her reservations. Yes, it’s been a while since she’s spent time with her closest friends, but what they are planning was far too revealing, and there are things she isn’t comfortable sharing, secrets that involved another person. Then again, she could trust these girls with her secrets, just that… they won’t let her hear the end of it.

    “The rules are simple: Hana, we take turns asking questions or giving situations. Tul, we drink up when the sentence applies to us. Set, what we hear, we leave it here. Got it?” instructs So Ra, the most adventurous of their group. Her hair is piled high and thin on her head, showing the tiny butterfly tattoo on her shoulder, which reminded Shin Hye of the guy she so misses right now. Ahhh, but one has to make time for friends – even one whose schedule is full to the brim.

    “I’m in,” declares Sun Hee in a soft but determined voice, to the surprise of her unnies. She is the youngest and the most timid, and the last person they would expect to join such a no holds barred game. It looks, with her consent, that she made the decision for all of them.

    So Ra claps in delight as Ga In (the funny, level-headed on who will give Na Young a run for her money), and then Shin Hye, raise their hands in resignation. She puts a shot glass in front of each of her friends, filling each with soju.

    The game is on.


    “Sun-ah, would you want to go first?” So Ra asks, her eyes sparkling.

    Sun Hee takes a deep breath. “Okay… ummmm, who has ever had a crush on a classmate?” she asks, to the groans of her friends. Shin Hye takes her glass, laughing as she sees everyone doing the same thing.

    “You get points for originality, Sun-ah ya. Aisssh, seriously,” Ga In pseudo-scolds their youngest friend. “That was too easy, or did you want us all to get drunk at once?”

    “Anieya, but I do want us all to get warmed up,” Sun Hee explains, grinning at her.

    “My turn,” she says with a glint in her eye, which brought them back to attention. She asks, “Who has… gone out with a guy…” they all groan, expecting another easy question, until… “who turned out to be gay?”

    Silence. No one picks a glass. Until …

    “Cincha?!!” they all exclaim, except for Ga In who looks perplexed, but eventually bursts into fits of laughter as she alone drowns a glass.

    “Omona, who is that lucky gu… errr gay?”

    “Believe it or not, it’s Mr. I-am-God’s-gift-to-women,” she says, rolling her eyes, as her friends gasp.

    “Him?!” So Ra exclaims. “No wonder he looked preppier and more … in touch with his feminine side than the usual school guy. And seeing that this is Seoul, that says a lot,” she ponders, and the others nod their agreement.

    “But, really, I never really thought it was just me… Aigoo.”

    “Though, I must say, Ga In-ah, that was a classic case of getting a dose of your own medicine,” Shin Hye jests, as she fills her friend’s empty glass with slightly shaking hands. It is her turn. They look at her expectantly.

    She takes a deep breath before going for… “Who has ever… crushed on a friend’s brother?”

    To her surprise, they all look abashed. Sun Hee clears her throat in discomfort, So Ra keeps her head low, and Ga In suddenly finds the soju bottle cap interesting. Obviously, they know something.

    “Mo, mo, mo? There is something I do not know, isn’t there?” Shin Hye chides, more curious than angry, really.

    So Ra picks her glass and gives in. “Mianhe, Shin Hye ya,” she apologizes as she takes the shot.

    “What? Why are you apologizing to me? It’s not as if I’m the only one here who has an older brother…”Shin Hye wonders aloud, until reality dawns to her.

    “Unless… You mean… you and my Oppa?! You and my Oppa? Jeongmal?!”

    “See, that’s why I never told you, and asked them not to tell you,” So Ra explains, embarrassed.

    “Are you kidding me? I’m ecstatic! When did this happen? How? I can’t believe I didn’t see it!” She could hardly conceal her delight in the discovery.

    “That was ages ago, Shin Hye,” So Ra shrugs, though her cheeks are tinged with color, obviously relieved that this is how she reacted. “Spending time in your house has proven to be dangerous. Your Oppa is too cute, hehe. But he’s also older. So puppy love met grown up love and they never saw eye to eye.” She sighs.

    “Well, puppy love has become grown up love now, yes? And my brother is single. Last I checked he is,” Shin Hye points out, elbowing So ra on her left.

    “We’ll see,” So Ra vaguely states. “And Oppa talk ends here. My turn…”

    “Who…” she says, looking at Shin Hye, grinning. Shin Hye senses what was coming.

    “…has dated a famous person?”

    Shin Hye shakes her head, laughing, as she tries to worm her way out of it, to their disapproval.

    “Wae ya? Dated – past tense? Mine is present, friends,” she says, smiling sweetly.

    “Dated, dating, whatever… the root word is the same, so drink up! Ppali!” So Ra demands her.

    Shin Hye laughs as she takes a sip, but almost chokes at what she sees.

    Sun Hee, on her right, quietly picks her glass, too, while the three of them shamelessly gawk at her.

    “Okay, sorry Shin Hye,” Ga In starts, the first to recover, “we all knew you were going to drown that glass, but… Sun Hee, you little fox, who did you date?”

    “Tell us! Tell us!”

    “Kim… ” she stammers.

    “Kim… Kim who? Kim Joong Hyun?” Shin Hye guesses, but Sun Hee shakes her head.

    Ga In takes a shot. “Kim Rae Won?” Sun Hee laughs and whispers, “Anieya.”

    “Aha! Kim Ki Bum?” So Ra says in her light bulb moment.

    Sun Hee blushes as she says, “Close enough,” and they shout each name that comes to mind, with her shaking her head every time.

    Until she blurts, “It’s Bum-ah!” before filling her glass and taking another swig. It took the girls a few seconds before they shriek in exclamation.

    “Cincha?!” … “Aissshhh, we never saw anything!” … “Really really really?”

    “Before he got the breaks, we sort of … went out,” Sun Hee explains. “I never said anything, because at that time… I thought he and Shin Hye had something special.”

    “Anieya,” Shin Hye denies strongly. “We just talked a lot then, since we found out we both wanted to try our luck in showbiz.”

    “Ahra, Bum-ah said the same thing. But then, I didn’t want to say anything, because I thought… oh how stupid of me… I thought, Shin Hye, if you liked him, it would hurt you if you knew he felt that way,” she says sheepishly.

    Shin Hye laughs a little uncomfortably. “Aigoo, we were just friends chasing the same dream, Sun-ah. We still are. Never more than that.” Oh man, this is awkward.

    “So, what happened?”

    “Basically, we just stopped seeing each other and it died a normal death. Though…” Sun Hee drifts off, clearly uncomfortable discussing it.

    “Well, I for one,” So Ra interrupts, breaking the tension, “thank you, chinggu-ya. May this serve as a reminder to me and to the rest of the female population not to stare at Bum-ah’s abs too much in his dramas. Seriously, his muscles came from “why, hello” to “ooooh-la-la” in no time,” she says, wiggling her eyebrows. They all burst in fits.

    “Kere, leave those abs to me, chinggu. There are more men out there to choose from. Just ask Shin Hye to set you up with someone,” Sun Hee looks at Shin Hye, who nods. “She knows a lot of Kim’s. And Lee’s. Jang’s, too,” she added, sticking her tongue out.

    “Absolutely! Just… not my Jang, abs or no abs,” she confirms, with a wink, which causes another hoots of laughter from the group.

    “My turn,” Sun Hee says, scrunching her forehead, deep in thought.

    “Who has fallen in love, for real, the most number of times? Mine is just once.” she declares .

    “Can you say Bum-ah?” So Ra jokes, avoiding a punch. “Twice for me.”

    Ga In thinks before saying, “Three times, I guess? Give or take a few dozen flings.”

    Then all questioning eyes turn to Shin Hye. She looks at each of them, unwavering.

    “You’ve been waiting for the chance, weren’t you?” she asks them, shaking her head. They didn’t even attempt to deny it.

    “Four,” she says, taking the glass and finishing it off in one gulp.

    “Jeongmal, Shin Hye-ya?” Ga In asks, totally surprised. “Well… well, I must say, I’m quite shocked. I mean, your first relationship doesn’t really count, sorry. But honestly… yeah, let’s leave him out. The only other, more legit person I know is Jang Keun Suk ssi. And we know you, you were never the type who falls in love easily,” she points out, turning serious.

    “And I still am not,” Shin Hye confirms. “But… it’s just that… it’s so hard not to fall in love over and over again…” she says, sighing dramatically,

    “…with Renai Jang.”

    The room is dead silent, for about three seconds, then go wild as her friends scream and jump around and totally spazz, while she sits there, laughing at them, blushing to the roots of her hair.

    “I knew it! I just knew it!” So Ra exclaims!

    “Is that even possible?” Sun Hee asks, in spazzing disbelief.

    “Ne, of course it is,” Shin Hye says, and they ask her to expound.

    “The first time was with the person he is. I mean, he is THE Jang Keun Suk – artist extraordinaire, influential friend, the true ladies’ man – and more. Complete package. Anyone would be crazy not to fall for him, right?” There is no attempt to contest that, so she goes on.

    “The second… was with the person he is not,” she admits, and they raise their eyebrows.

    “I am dead serious! Contrary to popular belief – that Keun Suk Oppa is confident, happy-go-lucky, and flirty – he is actually a lot more insecure than he lets on; at times too wrapped at what he is doing that he forgets about everything else; sometimes borders tyranny, probably forgetting that he has very hardworking staff; and loyal to a fault, that until now, his exes’ secrets are still secrets.

    “Call me crazy, but I fell for that guy big time.”

    “Hook, line and sinker, my dear friend,” So Ra eggs on.

    “The third was with the person I know he will be, Oh gosh, if only you knew how much the future holds for him, and how in planning all of these he has taken account of everything and everyone… yo would choose to fall, because it would be crazier not to.”

    “And the fourth, the fourth?” Sun Hee prompts.

    “You eager for tips or something, Sun-ah?” Shin Hye jests, but she indulges her friend’s request.

    “The fourth… Ah for me it is the loveliest fall,”Shin Hye reminisces, a wispy smile on her face.

    “Because the fourth time… I fell for the person he became when he was finally mine,” Shin Hye says, turning all of her friends into a pile of awwwing mush.

    “But hey, enough about that… let’s get back to the game! It’s my turn to ask!”

    “Aisssh, forget it, Shin Hye-ya, if you don’t want to go home drunk. And being the only one drunk, at that,” So Ra declares, putting the cap on on the now virtually empty soju bottle.

    “Uh huh,” Ga In agrees, grinning in approval, “Because I bet my gay ex-boyfriend’s current boyfriend that all the succeeding questions would be about how you are outrageously smitten.”

    “Ya, Ga In-ah…” Shin Hye starts, but gets cut midway.

    “Ahhh Shin Hye, don’t even think about it. Since this is the first time in a long time that we’ve been like this together, we won’t get tired of interrogating you. Because I bet Ga In’s gay ex-boyfriend’s current boyfriend that you fell more than four times.”

    “Awww, you guys… you’re the greatest! You know me too well,” Shin Hye half praises, half teases her friends. She sounded light and happy, as if tons of stesses are taken off her shoulders. She’s glad she came today.

    “Oh. by the way…” she says as an afterthought, “just for the record, as long as it’s with Jang Keun Suk, I wouldn’t mind falling over and over again.”
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    yo10 ra19
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    The Ties that Bind
    Credits: bianne on: May 14, 2012

    Authors Note: This is, in totality, a fanfic about KS2H and their families. That it is written on a moms’ day context is a tribute to the moms of them both who we all know they love, love, love so much. This goes out, too, to the moms of my readers, to all my mommy readers, and to my mom. =)

    The Ties that Bind

    “Thank you for today.”
    “Shin Hye, how many times do I have to tell you? When it comes down to it, I could actually be a sweet guy.”
    You say this as you give her a final twirl, making her laugh. You are slow dancing in your living room, the perfect way to cap the evening after a very eventful day.
    You pull her back into you arms one last time before finally taking a break. You feel elated as she puts her arms around your neck and snuggles tight.
    “No, jeongmal, Keun Suk ah, what you did today was amazing,” she says, open amazement evident in her voice. “Who would’ve thought of bringing lunch to base camp? For my mother to spend Mother’s Day with both of her children, that was really meaningful. You get two thumbs up for that, Oppa,” she says, still in your arms.
    For some reason, you feel abashed. “Ahh, Shin Hye ya, don’t make me into some sort of a hero. I was trying to earn points, you know,” you say, jesting modestly.
    “Ha, as if you need it,” she scoffs, and you sense the warmth on your neck where her cheek is closely situated. You smile with awareness. She is blushing.
    “I do, and I didn’t mean from you,” you say. She looks up to you with confused eyes, though not pulling away. You miss her head on your shoulder already.
    “I was earning points from your Appeoji,” you say, grinning, as you lead her to the couch. Much as slow dancing has been a wonderful surprise, right now you just want to slouch on the couch. And maybe snuggle more. Yeah, that would be perfect.
    “Keun Suk ah,” she says, clearly surprised, not budging from where she is standing.
    “Of course I was just joking Shin Hye,” you assure her, as you tug her to the seat beside you. You do not let go of her hand even as she gets there. To your credit, you notice that she isn’t really protesting.
    “You know your Appeoji doesn’t buy any insincerity. If I want to really get points from him, which you know I do, that’s not the way to do it.”
    “Well, for all it’s worth Oppa, I don’t think I’d be here with you like this if you didn’t get some sort of approval. After all, why would he allow me to spend the rest of Mothers’ Day with you and your family?” she says, smiling sweetly.
    “I don’t know…” you wonder, “maybe to spend more alone time with your Omma?”
    She looks pensive. “That’s true, but this is Mothers’ Day, not wife’s day or spouse’s day. C’mon, Oppa, give yourself some credit, you did really well today,” she points out.
    “Yeah, but before she became your Omma, she was already his Manura,” you explain calmly. “Be as it may, I have a lot to thank him for, too. He has given me a really great gift, to spend today with my Omma and you.”
    She chuckles, “You know, he might not realize it yet, but you two are alike that way.”
    You look at her, eyebrows raised, and she goes on. “You are both strong on the outside, but really sweet and mushy right here,” she says, pointing at your chest where your heart is. You feel it swell with emotion at that moment.
    “Ya, Shin Hye, sweet is enough… but mushy? That’s going too far,” you tell her, taking her hand in yours.
    “Aniya, really mushy,” she says, determined to prove that she is right. “Like today, I saw you giving my mom a hug when we went out of base camp. She doesn’t really cry that much, but she was certainly teary-eyed today.” You just shrug, but she isn’t done yet.
    “And while preparing for dinner, you were all huggy with your mommy,” she teases you, and you go “Ya!”, but she dismisses you and says, “I’m sorry, I had a glimpse when your Appa went it. Though it made me feel warm inside, I did feel like an intruder witnesses that private moment.”
    “I do love her so much,” you concede. “And I love how she adores you.”
    She blushes at that, and says, “Apparently, my mother is crazy about you, too.”
    “We really would go to ends for them, wouldn’t we?” you ask her, smiling. She smiles back. And you both fall silent as you remember the day’s events.
    You have not talked about it, but apparently you had the same idea for mothers’ day – cook breakfast for your moms. You just found out when you talked to her this morning to greet her Omma. Going to her brother’s base camp was just a strike of genius. And your Mom, in an all out supportive mom fashion, motions “Ppali nawa, go! If this all leads to you bringing home that girl for good, I will forgive you for not spending today with me. I’ll make do with breakfast from my addeul.” She gets a bone-crushing hug from you, of course, and she gives you an encouraging wink. You race to your car laughing.
    When you get to her house, her Appa greets you. He still scares you sometimes (you guess that’s how one feels when one really wishes to be on your loved one’s father’s good side), but you are determined to just be yourself. He says, with a pat on your back, “Thank you for thinking of this. Shin Hye’s Omma is really looking forward to this.” To which you say, “It’s not a bother, it has been a while since I got to spend time with … your family.”
    “I won’t be tagging along, let their Omma spend time with her kids,” he says, sighing. Visibly, this man loves his family and adores his wife.
    He clears his throat and says, “Our ladies will be out in a moment,” and you sit dumbstruck, stuck with “our ladies” (her dad usually just says “my daughter” or “my wife”). It is a huge step, you think, and your heart takes a leap and your head couldn’t think of an appropriate answer. Luckily, Shin Hye (beautiful in jeans and without makeup) and her Omma finally come out.
    “Appa, are you sure you won’t be coming with us?” Shin Hye glances back to her dad for the last time.
    “I’m sure, just get there and be home safe,” he says, nodding. “And Keun Suk ah?”
    “Ye, Appeoji,” you say, clearing your throat.
    “Please be back by dinner,” he says with a smile. “I would also like to spend time with the mother of my children,” he concludes, and you smile and nod back.
    And that is how you and Shin Hye end up spending dinner with your family. After bringing her Omma home, her dad goes, “What are you children still doing here? When I said I wanted to spend time with my wife, I didn’t say I would want to do it with you around,” he jests, while her mom was laughing.
    You both go out scrambling and laughing until your tummies hurt. And Shin Hye, out of nowhere, surprises you by saying, “why don’t we go to your house?”
    You recover quickly and wiggle your eyebrows and say, “Are you sure of what you’re suggesting, Shin Hye yang? You must remember, your Appeoji gave me permission to take you out tonight.”
    She laughs and swats you, “Aniya, Oppa, I have something to give your mom, too!” And before you could say a word, she quietly dashes back in and comes out with a packed meal box, ribbons and all.
    Goodies for your Mom.
    As she couldn’t have done all this in a whiff, you realize that she gone thru ends to prepare this ahead of time. And you grin silly with happiness, not caring you look stupid. Her gesture made you happy, and her heading home to celebrate with your mother has just turned your happiness to joy.
    Your Mom calls out happily as you announce that you’re back home, but she goes really ecstatic when she sees who’s with you.
    “Annyeong haseyo, Eommoni,” Shin Hye bows down to her, and your mom gives her a bone crushing hug similar to the one you gave her that morning.
    Your Omma grins as she says, “Ahhh, this is my reward for allowing you to go out on Mothers’ Day, Keun Suk ah, having both my children here.” You laugh as you see Shin Hye blush to the roots of her hair.
    “Shin Hye ya, I hope you don’t mind me speaking this way, you know you are practically my daughter,” your mother says, holding Shin Hye’s hand. If it is possible, she blushes even more.
    You take the meal box to the kitchen, grinning silly once again to witness this exchange between your two favorite women. You can hear them chatting as you put down the box and look in the fridge.
    “Anieyo Eommoni, Keun Suk speaks so highly of you all the time. I’m rather honored that you think of me this way,” you hear Shin Hye saying shyly.
    “Ah, I’ll have none of this talk. You are family,” your mother tells her firmly.
    “But I didn’t know you are coming. I have not prepared dinner yet. Now where’s Suk ah? Shin Hye, make yourself comfortable, this won’t take a minute,” you hear your Mom says as she goes into the kitchen and finds you grinning by the counter.
    You ask her if she is surprised, and she says this has got to be the best Mothers’ Day by far. And you tease her by saying, “Aigoo, my Omma isn’t satisfied with her only son, craving for a daughter so much that she squeals like a school girl when she sees me bringing home someone.”
    “Not just any someone, Keun Suk,” she tells you pointedly. “I have no regrets of having just you for our child, but Shin Hye always gives me that feeling that it s wonderful to have a daughter. By affinity, not blood,” she clears up, and you give her a peck on the cheek and a quick hug as you say, “working on that Omma.”
    She touches your cheek and says, “then what else are you doing here? Go to her now and bring Dad here before he tears her ears off with his stories.”
    As if on cue, you hear your Appa exchange greetings with Shin Hye before joining your mom in the kitchen.
    And that’s how the easy tirade went for the rest of the evening. There was much talk and laughter at the dinner table, with the oldies telling stories of their made-perfect-by-challenges love story, and your mom not-so-subtly hinting about how she plans to spoil her would-be grandchildren. You feel a bit awkward with all the family talk, but Shin Hye doesn’t seem to mind. It is, after all, a day for mothers, so you decide to just be as indulgent.
    Fortunately, your parents (finally!) call it a night, giving Shin Hye another of those bone-crushing hugs, and leave you two alone for the night cap.
    “So how was it, Shin Hye ya?” you ask her, your senses going back to the both of you sitting on the sofa, hands enclosed in one another’s. For some reason, you find it so easy to bind the beautiful memories of the past, make a lovely and normal present, and look forward to the future when you are with her.
    “How’s what, Oppa?” she asks, taking time. She must have been thinking about all the happenings today, too.
    “Spending time with my family?” you ask her again, putting your head on her lap and bringing your feet up. Much as you wouldn’t want to admit it, this day has been exhaustingly good, and being close to her like this is relaxingly better.
    “Your family has always been good to me, Keun Suk, you know that,” she says matter-of-factly. “I’ve felt that especially today, there was no press, no fans… you know what I mean” she trails off as you close your eyes and tug hand under your arm. She slouches back slightly, too, and puts her feet up on the table.
    Yes, you know what she means. That makes today really special.
    Her other hand has taken interest on your hair, as if there was some rocket science found in its recesses. You know she has something else to say.
    “It was more relaxed this time. I can’t remember the last time I have laughed so much and been so at ease with another person’s family.” she says, smiling.
    You open an eye and ask, “wae, do you get to spend so much time with somebody’s family?” You didn’t mean to scowl and to sound so possessive, but your remark earned a hearty laugh.
    “Of course! With other friends, I mean. Not like … well, not like with you. Today, I felt at ease just talking and laughing with your parents. It feels like I’m their long lost daughter or something.”
    You get up from her lap and trap her with your arms on either side of her, all of these happening in a flash that she leans back into to the sofa.
    “My parents may look at you as their daughter, but I could never, never see you as my sister, Shin Hye,” you tell her softly, bringing your face closer to hers, your eyes smoldering into hers. To her credit, she did not flinch an inch, although you notice red blotches forming on her face.
    “Ya, I wouldn’t have expected you to,” she says boldly, her eyes meeting yours. “In case you don’t know, I already have an Oppa, Keun Suk ah. And there are tons of people who apparently want me to be their sister,” she says innocently.
    “Actually, they just want you to call them Oppa,” you say, scrunching your nose, noting how you could sound so possessive even if you are only stating a fact.
    Luckily, your lady love knows just what to say to appease. “Whatever… I think my Omma is happy enough with having my Oppa as her son, and her son-in-law to be the only addition. And you are my Oppa in … other ways, you know that,” she hastes, obviously not too comfortable saying it loud.
    “Besides, I don’t need you to be like them. I just need you… to be you.”
    “To be me,” you tell her sedentarily, visibly relieved with everything she just said. Taking your time to look at her as she shakes her head in agreement, your eyes finally settle into the warm depths of hers. “And to be me means…?” you trail off with the question.
    She surprises you by pinching your cheeks as she says, “To be your mother’s wonderful son, my Keun Suk ah,” and then turns your head from one side to the other as she alternately showers your reddened cheeks with kisses. “Remind me to thank her for that,” she finally says, her hands still in your cheeks.
    You take both of her hands and kisses both of her palms before bringing them around your neck. “Thank your mom for me, too,” you tell her, and her eyebrows shoot up in question.
    “Because of her, I have you,” you tell her softly, as you leisurely take your turn to trail her face with whispery kisses.
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    “Come on, Keun Suk ah, you’ve agreed with the MV with Seung Ki Oppa, and that is THE Lee Sung Ki… why is it so hard to approve of another one?” Shin Hye asks, cautiously making a left turn from Keun Suk’s street. She fetched him (yes, she fetched him!) to spend the afternoon at Yoon Gun’s café, and they are talking about potential partners for her next project on their way there. Down to 10 names, yet still so hard to reach a conclusion.

    “Exactly for that reason, because everybody loves Lee Seung Ki. Even I like the guy, and we’re not even friends. Yet. But not that I don’t want to be. If you were to be paired with him again, I’ll welcome it with open arms,” Keun Suk replies, shifting to a more comfortable position. Apparently, he is not used to being in the passenger seat when they are together. But the delight in his voice was unmistakable when she told him earlier that she would be driving. He is giving her this kind of independence, not acting all macho and insisting on driving, and she feels elated. Seriously, this guy is amazing. If only he will finally agree on a next drama partner, then he would be absolutely perfect.

    “You said the same thing about Lee Min Ho ssi before,” she says sweetly, recalling his sudden approval of Min Ho after the Etude House stint.

    “Ya, Shin Hye, just so you know, I almost had a heart attack before I came to entertain that thought,” her Keun Suk replies, much to her surprise.


    “What do you think? Come on, Shin Hye ah, You will be filming a lipstick commercial with a handsome guy, during a time that you wouldn’t even talk to me. The worrying is enough to give me a coronary,” he sighs, and she gives him a bittersweet smile. It was that time apart, right after Minami Shineyo. If there is one thing she regrets about that period, it was that she has caused him pain. And even then, he has loved her silently. At least those days are over, and there’s no turning back.

    “And we both know what happens during lipstick CFs, especially lipstick CFs for that brand,” he continues, comically wagging his eyebrows. She laughs out loud. Of course they would know – their own Etude House CF is the most viewed of all her CFs in all video channels, because of that steaming kiss that would give real-life couples a run for their money. They were not even together then, and they could smoke up a screen. She blushes at the thought.

    And now it’s his turn to laugh. “I know EXACTLY what you’re thinking, Shin Hye ah, with a blush like that,” he says, brushing the strands of her hair across her forehead and tucking in behind your ear. Thank God it isn’t the left ear, she thinks.

    “I want to do a remake of that CF right now, and make a lot of NGs if we must,” he says with emphasis, and she guffaws. “But I’d rather do it with full concentration and you in one piece. So hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, my princess,” he says, making her blush even more. Darn him, it’s his hands he has to keep at bay if he wants her in one piece, not tucking strands of loose hair that makes her want to switch places.

    “Aniya, I still think you only approve of another project with Min Ho Oppa because you have already worked with Park Min Young ssi, and know that nothing’s going to happen between us… am I correct, Keun Suk ah?” she points out, going back to the subject.

    “Ahhh, which is why you also allowed me to work with her in the first place, am I correct, Shin Hye yang?” he smiles knowingly.

    “Touche!” she grins at him, making him wiggle like a little kid on his seat.

    “Hey,” she exclaims, suddenly remembering something as she takes a turn headed to the café, “but what about Bong Tae Gyu ssi? You approved of him for Don’t Worry I’m a Ghost.”

    “Shin Hye, Shin Hye, Shin Hye,” Keun Suk repeats, facing her and placing an arm on her shoulders. Her neck feels tingly, and she’s sure it isn’t from the cold. She’s starting to wish she isn’t the one driving now, amateur drivers are not entitled to respond.

    “Don’t get me wrong, I do not know Bong Tae Gyu ssi personally so I cannot speak for him. But I only approved of that project because it the script didn’t say anything about kissing scenes. How else would have I gone overseas at peace if not with that thought in mind,” he smiles, taking his arm away from her shoulder. If it was him driving there wouldn’t be any problem, but alas, it is she on the wheel! Guess he’s serious about having her all in one piece, as he isn’t making any moves.

    So this is the downside of an amateur driving for someone she loves, she thinks, sighing out loud. For the first time that afternoon, she felt thankful that they are nearing their destination.

    “What was that for?” Keun Suk asks, not missing a beat. Count on him to spot those small actions.

    “Well, who else is left? We’ve crossed out practically all the names of potentials and still end up with nothing.”

    “What about Joong Ki-ah?” Keun Suk asks innocently.

    “Joong Ki… Song Joong Ki ssi?” she asks, and he nods.

    Oppa, I don’t know him that well. We only got to work together for JIFF, and that did not require any acting at all. If any, all the acting we did was to smile for the cameras and say “jjang!” and “fighting!” … we had little time for chitchat,” she says, while maneuvering into the parking area. Finally!

    “Keredo, which makes it perfect. You have already talked to him. You know he’s a decent guy, and if you’ve watched any of his dramas, you’ll see that he’s a decent actor, too,” Keun Suk volunteers, looking for a free parking space.

    “And because he’s your friend, it’s easier for you to keep tabs on me without alerting the fans, right?” she asks, snickering.

    “Touche!” he exclaims, borrowing her term as he points to an empty slot and she eases unto the spot. With the car parked and engine gunned down, she goes for the kill.

    “Why don’t I just work with you again? After all, you are my best match, according to them and according to this,” she tells him innocently, putting her on her heart. She knows him too well, and she knows what’s coming next… and she realizes she’s never anticipated it this much.

    “Park Shin Hye, I thought you’d never ask,” he says. And right on cue, he unbuckles both of their seatbelts and leans over to give her a lingering kiss.

    “I’ve waited so long to do that,” he whispers, brushing the bottom of her lips, raining kisses on her face. She sits there, sighing contentedly. This is what she’s missed the whole while she’s been driving (and it wasn’t even 20 minutes!)

    “Let’s talk about that brilliant suggestion of yours as we eat, shall we? I’m starving!” he says, eyes twinkling, getting off and coming to her side. It’s been years of other on-screen partners in between, but with this guy, nothing has changed: it still feels this way, on and off-screen. She grins at the thought as he opens her door and she gets off.

    “Oh, and Shin Hye?” he asks as she walks towards him.


    “You want me to drive on the way back?” he asks sheepishly. Looks like he has the same thoughts as hers even in his hunger.

    He is caught by surprise as she runs to his side and screeches, “I thought you’d never ask!”

    They laugh together as she tosses him the keys and grabs hold of his hand, all thoughts of partners forgotten, as they walk in to the café, finally, holding hands.
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    New KeunShin Fanfic by ateh maize yo10

    Opposites Attract

    Author's Note : They are as different as night and day… He is liberated, she is conservative. He is flamboyant, she is reserved. He shares so much of himself to the world, she keeps it to a trusted few. And yet, they just, for lack of a better word, “click” … Don’t you think? : )
    As outsiders looking in, though, we could only see as much of the spectrum as they allow us to see (or only as much as we choose to see), but never really the whole picture. This fanfic is created from this outsider’s (aka: moi) view of the spectrum, trying to put into words the ideal that keeps their supporters believing, in a scenario requested by one of their biggest shippers, Pammie.
    This is born from the thought that as different as they may be, it’s how they stay attuned that really matters.

    “Yeobo…sseyo, Shin Hye ah. Rise and shine, it’s almost noon time,” came a cheerful voice from the other line.
    She was still groggy from the interrupted sleep, but went on alert mode when she recognized it was Keun Suk who called. The subtle attempt at an endearment told her that nothing was wrong, but the timing told her there was something she had to know. Why else would he call when he knows she’s sleeping in this morning?
    “Confession?” she asked sleepily, stretching out, more relaxed now that she knew he was okay. It was their unwritten term for “I have something to say”. Despite her better judgment, curiosity got the best of her.
    “I’m in Busan now,” he said sheepishly.
    “Ah kereyo? Already? I thought Hyun Duk Oppa said the opening’s not until tonight?” she asked, questioning but not demanding. She also got an invitation to the Cola Mercato Busan launch, and they would have gone together if only she didn’t have prior commitments. Still, she knew better than to make a big deal of his impulsiveness. It’s one of the many things she has discovered early in their friendship, and eventually accepted as they got to know each other more.
    “Always the tone of surprise,” he teased, knowing she was just asking, not castigating. He was well aware that, under normal circumstances, this was one of those things that could wait. But he wanted her to know. And he knew that she liked to know.
    “I have not bought him a resto-warming gift yet, so I figured it’s best to look around the place while I’m at it. Busan is beautiful during the day time. Later maybe I’ll go sightseeing. Or visit a museum. Or maybe try some cooking. But right now, shopping is on top of the list,” he replied in that random way that she has already gotten used to.
    “Aigoo, supportive friend turned tourist turned chef… that’s our Keun Suk ah,” she teased, and she heard him laughing heartily.
    “Yep, your one and only,” he said, teasing her back. “Anyway, I just called to let you know that your Keun Suk got here safe and sound, and to remind you that you have a rehearsal scheduled in about… two hours? So better get up and get going. I know you want to keep to your schedule.”
    “I was about to, but thanks to your highness, I woke up 10 minutes before the alarm,” she chided.
    “Mianhe,” he quipped, playing cute, not sounding sorry at all. “I love it that my girl is a professional, it’s one of those many things that I really, really love about her.”
    “Stop it, you’re making me blush,” she scolded playfully, though she did feel pink tinges starting to creep into her cheeks.
    “Since a certain someone already woke me up from my reverie,” she continued, “I guess it’s high time I tell you that, even if you’ve given your regrets to the charity event, I am still banking on your appearance there, Oppa,” Shin Hye declared confidently.
    “Ah, kere? Waeyo? What made you so sure?” he asked, mildly surprised but amused by her fearless prediction. He gave his word before he found out that Hong Ki and Yong Hwa were going, and now he’s been chasing miracles to rearrange his schedule to participate.
    “Always the tone of surprise,” Shin Hye shot back at him, borrowing his phrase. They did that a lot – knowing how the other thinks, borrowing each other’s phrases, completing each other’s sentences.
    “Dangyeonhaji, I know you miss those two more than you will ever let on, and would move mountains just to see them again. Besides, could you stand me being alone with two of the top guys the fans are seriously shipping me with?” she quipped, and he could hear the smile from her end. He could imagine her eyes blinking as she said that. Oh, how he would like to drop feather kisses on his favorite eyelids.
    “Aniya, gwaenchana. I’m perfectly okay with that. You could all hang out like you did before, they’re your friends, too. And seriously, they can battle for 2nd or 3rd place for all I care, but even if you ask Naver, I still hold the top spot,” Keun Suk joked. She grinned at the hint of guarded jealousy belying the jovial tone.
    “Haha, you can’t deceive me with those words, Keun Suk ah,” she sneered. “I know you’d be calling each of us in random, so it wouldn’t really feel like you weren’t there.
    “But I still bet you’ll make an appearance. If there’s one thing predictable about you, it’s that you are unpredictable,” she stated, hitting bulls eye.
    “Why do I get the feeling that that was not a compliment?” he said dramatically, acting pained. “Ya, there are things that I also plan for, you know… I just don’t show it often,” he said in his defense.
    “Ah, jeongmalyo? Such as…?” she challenged.
    “Such as…” he trailed off, trying to come up with a scenario. “Such as our future children,” he said in sudden inspiration, as he passed by a kids clothes store in his mindless loitering.
    “Mo???” Shin Hye exclaimed, hardly concealing her surprise.
    “Ne, a boy and a girl I think… Yeah, a boy and a girl would be perfect. What do you think?” he asked her excitedly, as he animatedly picked little boys’ clothes at random. Shopping for kids would be fun, he thought.
    “Ya, Oppa, cut it out,” Shin Hye reprimanded, more for discretion than shame. She could picture him holding hangers and hangers of clothes, and imagined what the people who saw him would think. Ahhh who could the lucky (or unfortunate, depending on what they think of him) mother of his children be? She shivered at the thought.
    “What?” he asked, laughing from the other end. He just picked an ensemble for a little boy.
    “See, I’m even shopping for their clothes. The stuff in the shops here are so cute. Too bad they don’t have them in my size,” he went on, ignoring her “Oppa, stop it” pleas from the other end. He was clearly enjoying this conversation.
    “Omo, this dress for a little girl is gwiyeon ya,” he continued, holding up a dress that he thinks would be perfect for his future daughter. “Ahhh, when our daughter grows up, she would be just like her Eommoni, but her Appa’s going to make her Asia’s Princess.”
    “Aisssh, chincha! Ahrasso, those are great plans, Oppa,” she started, finally giving up on convincing him to stop. Then, reverting to a new tactic, she added, “but who said I was going to marry you?”
    And finally, Keun Suk went silent. For about a half a minute.
    “Oppa?” Shin Hye asked tentatively. No answer.
    “Still there?” she tried again, but still got no answer.
    “Yeobo… sseyo?” Surely her attempt to his term of endearment would not go unnoticed.
    True enough, finally, a heavy sigh from his end.
    “Not a good joke, Shin Hye ah,” Keun Suk said, breaking the silence. His voice was serious for the first time that day.
    “Ahra, mianheyo,” Shin Hye conceded, though a smile was still on her face. “Waeyo, Keun Suk ah, if you can make it a habit to plan for your future, I can try being spontaneous, too,” she explained.
    “I know,” he said more firmly, gaining composure. He gave a little laugh. “How could I not know, you pull something like that on me each and every day.
    “Kende… You being spontaneous like that just now…” he paused, looking for the right words, “… the thought of you not being in my future… it’s just unimaginable,” he said with much emotion.
    She was speechless. There was no doubt, her face was on fire now. But to hell with those pink tinges, there was a splitting grin on her face.
    “Na do, Oppa,” she reassured him.
    “Shin Hye ah, you should go prepare for rehearsals now,” Keun Suk said reluctantly as he cleared his throat. Much as he wanted to talk to her still, she did have a rehearsal to go to, and he still needed to buy the gift. If they kept on talking, images of little Keun Suks and little Shin Hyes would keep floating on his mind, and he would end up buying those kids’ apparel. Obviously not the best choice for a resto-warming present.
    “Yes, Sir,” she said, sighing, also reluctant to let go. “Give my regards to Hyun Duk Oppa.”
    “Have a good time, but don’t drink anything alcoholic,” she reminded him in that endearing ahjumma way of hers.
    “Ne,” he said again, unable to contain the smile.
    “And don’t go spending so much time talking to girls,” she went on.
    “What?” he said, laughing along this time. “Ne,” he conceded, still laughing.
    “I just had to say that, though I know you’d still drink and still talk to whoever wants to talk to you… I also know you’ll be posting a good number of pictures as that habitual side of you always does… so just have a good time, ahrasso?” she said, a bit embarrassed, though she was laughing in spite of herself. She could hear him doubling up in laughter.
    “It depends,” he finally replied, to her surprise. “Who’s asking, spontaneous Shin Hye or habitual Shin Hye?”
    “Mo?” she asked, feeling incredulous that he had to ask when the answer was so obvious. “Whether it’s the habitual one or the spontaneous one, it’s your Shin Hye, of course! Does that answer your question, Jeonha?”
    He grinned at her empathic response. Much, much better than the ones he suggested.
    “Ne. Then I will do as I am told, Bigu,” he answered in that way that only she understands. For whether it sprung from spontaneity or habit, it was who said it that mattered.
    Her Keun Suk.

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