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    THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

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    THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by Pammie on Sat 17 Sep 2011, 12:00 am

    Hello everyone! I'm posting my fanfic here too! The first one I'll be posting is the latest one.. then will post the older ones next. Hope you will like it! Komawo! :D
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    Wine, Beer, and Kimchi Jalgae

    Post by Pammie on Sat 17 Sep 2011, 12:51 am

    Aish Jang Keun Suk!” Shin Hye exclaimed as she messed up her hair in annoyance.

    She has been monitoring Keun Suk’s tweet and with the looks of it, she knew Keun Suk will be partying all night again. Her boyfriend has been invited to Bi Rain’s concert in Busan. And she can tolerate anything he does, except his over-drinking. She understands this makes him happy but she also know it’s bad for him so she is bothered.

    She doesn’t feel right so she calls him. One ring.

    Yoboseyo.. chagiya?“

    Shin Hye hears the beat of the music in the background. Hah! It’s a miracle he answered with just one ring. She thought.

    “Jang Keun Suk!” were the first words that came out of her mouth. “Are you drinking yourself to death again?”

    “Shin Hye-ah.. nae sarang…“

    Oh yes, he is tipsy now. Shin Hye realized from the tone of his voice.

    “..I’m okay, chagiya. Are you going to be an ahjumma tonight?” Keun Suk always gets frustrated with the ahjummas nagging him of his drinking habit.

    Shin Hye knows he hates those ahjumma nagger fans of him so she did not start anything that will make him upset, especially that this is the first time in years that he spent time with Rain again. She made sure she just sounded concerned.

    Ani chagiya. I’m just worried you know…”

    “Aww.. I know Shin Hye-ah. Don’t worry, I won’t drink too much and I also won’t do anything stupid.”

    “Keun Suk-ah!”

    Shin Hye thought she heard Bi Rain’s voice in the background.

    Hyung!” Keun Suk acknowledged.

    “C’mon Keun Suk-ah. We are partyin’ and you are talking on your phone?!” Rain walked over to where he was. “Whom are you talking to that you looked like a love-sick puppy, you can’t put it down?” Suddenly, Rain grabbed Keun Suk’s phone from him.

    “No! Hyung…” But it was too late.

    Not plenty of Korean Celebrities know about him and Shin Hye & Rain is included in that list.


    Shin Hye felt her heart beat faster.

    Annyeonghaseyo Oppa…

    Rain thought that voice sounded familiar. “Shin Hye-ssi? Park Shin Hye?”

    Nae, Bi Oppa.” Shin Hye said with a smile but all too nervous. “It’s me, Shin Hye.”

    Rain punched Keun Suk lightly on his arm and laughed. “So, the rumors are true, huh?” He said while staring at Keun Suk with his teasing look.

    Keun Suk nodded and smiled sheepishly.

    Nae Oppa.” Shin Hye replied. “Yes, it’s true.. but I hope this is going to be just between the three of us Oppa?” She pleaded.

    “Your secret is safe with me, Shin Hye-ah.” Rain glanced at Keun Suk while he answered Shin Hye.

    Kamsahmnida Bi Oppa.”

    “Well, here’s Keun Suk. And don’t you worry, I’ll take care of this punk!”

    Keun Suk snickered at Rain’s statement and then met his hand in the air as his Bi Hyung gestured a hi-five. “He is behaving so far! Hahaha!”

    Keun Suk forcefully shut his eyes and looked away from Rain and whispered “Aish, Hyung! Now I’m so dead!” Keun Suk very well know how jealous Shin Hye can get though he also knows that in her heart, she is aware that he looks only at her.

    Shin Hye snickered because she heard Keun Suk’s loud “Hyung!” in the background. She trusts him no matter what she hears about him. She can’t explain but somehow their understanding and trust is deeper than what people see or think.

    “Oh Oppa, please make sure that he does.” Shin Hye teased. “Oh and please promise me one thing more Oppa.”


    “Please don’t make Keun Suk Oppa drink too much.” Her voice filled with worry. “That boy is hard-headed and won’t listen when it comes to talks about his drinking.”

    “Will do, Shin Hye-ah. If he over-drinks, I’ll pommel his head!”

    “Hahaha!” She laughed.

    “Man! You are so cute, Park Shin Hye!”

    Hyung!” Keun Suk butted in. “Uhm.. I think you are forgetting that you’re talking to MY GIRL.” Keun Suk teased but with a tinge of jealousy in his voice.

    Rain punched him lightly on the arm again. “I know you punk!” He turned to Shin Hye on the phone. “Shin Hye-ah, I’ll give the phone back to Keun Suk now. He’s starting to give me his dagger looks.”

    Shin Hye smiled imagining how Keun Suk looked with the last thing Rain said. “Ahrasso Oppa.”

    Rain handed the phone to Keun Suk. Then he gave him a slight pat on his shoulder and started to walk away. “You’re one hell of a lucky guy, Jang Keun Suk.” Rain whispered to his dongsaeng. Keun Suk looked back at him and then they both smiled.

    Yoboseyo, chagiya…

    Chagiya, please tell me you’ll be fine and won’t get drunk. And I mean super duper drunk, puhleez?” Shin Hye asked him in her cutest voice.

    “Don’t you worry, nae sarang. I’ll take good care of myself.”


    Yakso!” Keun Suk placed his hand on top of his heart.

    Ahrasso, I’ll take your word for it.” Shin Hye trusts him. “You go now and be with Bi Oppa. I’ll see you when you get back here in Seoul okay.”

    Nae, chagiya. You sleep well and dream of me okay.” He teased. “Saranghae Yomonhi chagiya.”

    Ahra. I love you too Oppa… forever. Annyeong!”

    **the next morning**

    “I’m coming!” Shin Hye yelled as she ran to the door when she heard the door bell.

    “Hello beautiful.” Keun Suk waved at her so cutely when she opened the door.


    “Missed me?” Keun Suk gave her a peck on the cheek and he placed his arms around her shoulder as he walked in. Yes I did Oppa.. I badly missed you. Shin Hye’s heart whispered.

    Shin Hye closed the door behind them. “I thought you’ll see me after you’ve gone home.”

    Keun Suk shook his head. “I miss you so much I had to see you first.” He looked from left to right then asked “Where is Omma and Appa? It looks like you are alone?” Then he gazed at Shin Hye and moved his eyebrow up and down.

    Shin Hye punched him on his tummy. “Ouch” Keun Suk blurted out loud.

    “You…I know that look!” Then she pinched him again on his belly and smiled. “They went out for a while, wae?“

    Ani…was just asking.. I wanted to say hi.” Then he held his tummy again with a wrinkled look on his face. “Mwo? I wasn’t implying anything.” showing Shin Hye his forced but teasing smile.

    Shin Hye thought Keun Suk was kidding when he shouted but she saw that he was still holding his tummy while they walked towards the couch in the living room.

    Oppa, kwenchana?” She looked at Keun Suk seriously.

    Keun Suk nodded. “Kwenchana.”

    Shin Hye shook her head. “Ani. You look pale.” And as she said that, Keun Suk lost his balance they almost fell on the floor. Good thing Shin Hye was holding his hand tightly.

    “OMO! Oppa! You’re not alright. Sit down.”

    As he sat, Keun Suk felt he was gonna throw up anytime soon that he ran towards the bathroom instead.

    Oppa…” Shin Hye looked very worried this time. She hurriedly followed him to the bathroom. The next scene she saw was Keun Suk slumped on the floor, hugging the toilet bowl.

    Shin Hye sighed then walked inside, kneeled beside Keun Suk and started to caress his back. Keun Suk gagged again, and Shin Hye held his hair away from his face as he leaned over to blow. She continued to caress his back then Shin Hye said “You promised me you’ll take care of yourself, didn’t you?”

    Keun Suk just nodded. He knew Shin Hye was right again.

    “You did? Look at you now.” Shin Hye couldn’t help but feel angry at Keun Suk a little. She took some tissue off the rack and handed it over to Keun Suk. She lifted his shirt, inserted her hand underneath, and caressed his back once again. Then, Keun Suk stood up and gargled some water to flush everything out.

    “Do you feel better now Oppa?“

    Keun Suk wiped her mouth, sat on the toilet bowl, threw the tissue in the trash and said “Nae. Kwenchana.

    “You sure?”

    He nodded. “Uhm.”

    Kaja.” Shin Hye helped him stand up from where he was then she slid her arm around his waist and led him to the couch. Once seated, she made sure Keun Suk sat comfortably.

    Chankaman, Oppa. Don’t you move a muscle.” Shin Hye ran towards her room and when she came back she was holding two big pillows. Bongji and Nori were playing at Keun Suk’s foot but he was too weak to lean over and pat them. “Aww.. Bongji! Nori! You can play with Daddy later, okay. He is not feeling well.” Shin Hye leaned over and caressed her puppies back.

    “Here Oppa.” She plumped up one of the pillows. “Lie down and rest for a while.” She plumped up the other pillow and placed it on Keun Suk’s side. Then, she sat beside him and placed her arms over his waist. She looked at him with loving yet worried eyes. “Are you really okay, Oppa?” She gently moved away a wisp of his hair on his face.

    Keun Suk knew how worried Shin Hye is so she assured her. “Nae Chagiya. Jeongmal kwenchana. It’s just a hang over, I guess.” He took her hand and held it tight. “And I feel much better now because it’s you who’s taking care of me.”

    Shin Hye leaned over to him and gave Keun Suk a quick kiss on the lips and then hugged him tight. She whispered in his ear “You scared the hell out of me there for a second.”

    Mianhe, Shin Hye-ah. I promise…”

    He wasn’t even done with what he was saying when Shin Hye suddenly lifted her head and said “Eeew! I totally forgot you just barfed and I kissed you.” Shin Hye wiped her mouth and wrinkled her forehead like how Go Mi Nam does.

    Keun Suk knew she was kidding. “Ya!

    Shin Hye laughed out loud. “I’m kidding Oppa! You know I’ll kiss you no matter what.. anytime, anyday.”

    Keun Suk felt shivers. “Aigoo….“

    Ya! You.. you thought you’re off the hook eh.” Shin Hye dilated her eyes as she leaned over to him. “We will go to the doctor and have you checked from top to bottom…inside out!”

    Keun Suk was about to say “Ye…” but Shin Hye stopped him. “Ah-ah! I won’t take no for an answer!” She placed her hand over his mouth. “That is the only way for me to be at peace, okay.”

    Keun Suk smelled and kissed the hand covering his mouth. “Ahrasso.” He smiled. Why does she sound like my mom just now?

    “In the meantime, you just lie there and rest while I finish the Kimchi Jalgae I was cooking for you before you came, okay.” Shin Hye tapped the tip of his nose and then stood up.

    Keun Suk stopped her before she walked away further by holding her hand. He kissed it. Keun Suk was almost to tears when he said “I love you… I love you more each day. Promise me we will stay this way forever.”

    Shin Hye clasped her hand over the hand that was holding hers. “Mero mero Keun Suk Oppa…” She looked at him with loving eyes with her sweetest smile. “Yakso, we will be like this forever… I’ll be yours forever.. and ever.. and ever…”

    Shin Hye was continuously saying “and ever” that Keun Suk laughed. “Aigoo! This is why I love you too much! Come here!” Then he pulled her down close to him, lifted his head and tasted the plump red lips that was calling him since he got here.
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by jgslvspsh on Sat 17 Sep 2011, 3:31 am

    sis pam, thanks so very very much for your fanfic, i really am addicted to your fanfic and never get enough of it. i read and reread when i miss our dear couple. your fanfic seems so real. :thumbs up: :thank you: :panda love:

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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by angelatz on Sat 17 Sep 2011, 12:23 pm

    thanks pam for the wonderful fanfic :)
    more to come!
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by demi_zhu on Mon 19 Sep 2011, 11:33 pm

    hi Pam!!

    finally you're here!! your FF was the first fanfic i read....

    thanks for posting them here...looking forward to the more "juicy" chapters..LOLLL


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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by imacesca on Fri 23 Sep 2011, 7:35 am

    awww mero mero your FF ms Pam as always yo3
    thank you for sharing h17
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    Post by Pammie on Fri 23 Sep 2011, 11:22 pm

    Here is the latest chapter! To Cass and Demi...this is a prelude to the ones I'll dedicate to you! yo4


    Japan is beautiful… it has always been beautiful. Yet today, I feel the beauty of Japan is not the way it used to be. Maybe because I considered it beautiful because of the memories I made here with one person…Shin Hye. This is our place… this is where our love blossomed. And today, I am missing Shin Hye so bad. Heck, I’ve been missing her since the day I set my foot in Haneda yesterday. I guess it’s because of how we parted a couple of days ago…


    Oneul wae gu rae (What’s wrong with you today)? You have been silent all day. You didn’t answer my calls nor replied to my text messages. Wae? Did I do something wrong again?” I said catching my breath as I gain on her.

    Shin Hye continued to pedal on Pixie, the bike I got for her… especially made for her. She cherishes Pixie so much nowadays, that sometimes, I even get jealous of it.

    She pedaled faster than she normally does. Usually, we get to talk about how beautiful the night is at the Han River hand in hand while biking. We even sometimes talk about the stars. Mushy, yes. But as long as I’m with her, I don’t care.

    “Shin Hye-ah” I yelled as I pedaled double-time. I made sure I’d stop in front of her, so she won’t have a reason to ignore me. I hurriedly biked along and when I over-took her, I pressed on the break hard then used my foot, making sure I stood before her way.

    The screech of her break was so loud, it echoed the entire park.

    “Are you out of your mind, Jang Keun Suk!?!” Shin Hye exclaimed wearing that scared but worried look on her face. “Pabo! I could’ve hit you!”

    “Well, at least you’re not ignoring me anymore. Now, will you talk to me?” She looked at me straight in the eyes and then she let go of Pixie, threw her down on the ground and walked away. She sat down far away in one corner, tucked her legs near her chest, and slumped her face on her knees. A sulking face completed her look.

    I grinned realizing how cute she looked right now and in one minute I was tempted to get my phone from my pocket and take a photo of her only realizing it was not a good time in the next. I was still clueless why she is wearing this mood, so I walked towards her and imitated how she sat then asked “Wae? Why are you killing me with your silence the whole day, Park Shin Hye?”

    She turned to me and sighed, then went back to her original position. “You’re gonna leave for Japan tomorrow right?”

    I nodded but never took my eye off her, sending the message “So?” to her.

    “And I see you are all so happy because you are leaving with Geun Young Eonnie. ” She looked further away, staring straight at the Han.

    “Ha ha ha ha!” I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. “Is that it? Is that why your giving me the cold shoulder all day?”

    Shin Hye stared at me with her dagger look. “And you think it’s funny?”

    I moved closer to her, encircled my arms around her and kissed her temple. She tried to wriggle loose but failed. “Let go! I’m not in the mood to be lovey-dovey with you tonight.” Shin Hye was fighting her tears.

    “Dont’ even dare try to let go for I won’t let you.” I hugged her tighter. “For your information Park Shin Hye, I’m not jumping up and down about this trip to Japan this time. And you clearly know the reason why.”

    I shifted my position, pushed myself closer to her and then put both of my legs around her so she was trapped and nowhere to go. Our faces were just an inch away so Shin Hye looked away to her left. “Ya!” I gently held her chin and made her face me. “Chagi, look at me.” She slowly lifted her head.

    “There’s nothing to worry about, you know that. Geun Young-ah is not a threat…was never a threat. Haven’t I told you that before?”

    Shin Hye nodded.

    “You know very well that Geun Young-ah and I are simply just friends. PLATONIC. That’s it.” I found her jealousy so sweet instead of irritating, I gave her my biggest smile. “You know these eyes and heart are just meant for you and I’ve locked it and gave you the key a long time ago, remember?”

    Shin Hye pushed herself towards me, leaned over and hugged me tightly. “Mianhe, Chagi. The fear and worry I had a year ago just went back and enveloped me all over again no matter how much I fight it.”

    I caressed her hair and whispered to her ear “That’s because you love me…I know,” and then I kissed her on the cheek. That move won me the tiniest pinch I ever got in my entire life. “Aw!” I screamed but was laughing.

    “Ya!” She stood up and then I saw the prettiest smile she ever gave me. “Who told you I LOVE YOU?” I knew she thought of something to get back at me…I knew from the way she smiled. “I JUST DON’T LOVE YOU…I LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH.” And while she was saying that, she was walking towards me in a very sexy way. And then she planted a hot kiss on my lips. Shin Hye didn’t even care that there were a few people at the park too and a couple of them were starting to notice us.

    “Uhm..that is nice.” I continued to kiss her after breaking it for a second. “But I think that couple over at our right is looking at us.”

    Mwo?!” she exclaimed as she looked around while leaving pecks on my lips. “Why did you tell me just now?!” Pali! Let’s take Pixie and…” Shin Hye looked at me with wondering eyes. “What do you call your bike anyway?”

    Mwo? My bike? Name?” I stood there for a second, for honestly, I didn’t call my bike anything. It’s just a plain old bike for me. So I just thought of the first thing that popped in my head. “I call her… Dweji Tokki.” And I snickered as I turned to face her.

    “What?!? So I am a bicycle now?”

    “Yup! Dweji Tokki. That’s why she is important to me like you are.” I said pinching her cheek.

    Aigoo… stop pulling my leg will you?” She piched me back then walked to get Pixie.

    “I’m not!” I ran after her and grabbed her hand. “Ya! Chagi.” I whispered. ” Let’s just act normal like we didn’t notice them noticing us.”

    So we casually walked to where our bikes were and then I told her, “By the way, I’m not leaving tomorrow. I’m flying the next day.” Then turned to her, stuck my tongue out and ran.

    Mwo?! Why you… Ya! Jang Keun Suk! Why didn’t you tell me earlier? You just let me… aargggh!” Shin Hye was so cute as she ran after me this time but I was already on my bike ready to pedal when she gained on me. “Catch me if you can Chagi!” Let’s see if you win our bike race this time!” And then I was off, standing up while pedaling Dweji Tokki.

    Ya! Cheater!” Shin Hye yelled but I slowed down my pace without her noticing so she can catch up with me and we can ride hand in hand together again.


    “Aish! That’s it!” And then I was about to press 1 on my phone when I was interrupted by a knock on my door. It was my mom.

    Omma, waeyo?” I asked wondering why she is wearing a big smile on her face.

    “I got a suprise for you… well, actually, you have to thank your Appa for this.”

    Now that got me more curious and anxious. Dad is not the type who’d have a suprise off his sleeve.

    “What is it Mom?”

    “Here…” she handed me her phone.

    I looked at her with questions in my eyes then said “Yoboseyo?” My heart beat faster.

    “Hello Oppa. Missed me?” It was Shin Hye!

    Chagiya!” Hearing her voice put back the smile on my face.

    Nae Oppa.”

    Ya! You’re calling my mom now?”

    Omma was just sitting at the couch adoring what she sees, enjoying hearing what she hears.

    “Haha! Oppa, Eomoni.. well Abeoji & Eomoni.. They called me to tell me they’re inviting me for your dad’s birthday.”

    Oh please say yes, Shin Hye. “Well??”

    Mainhe Oppa… I got plans already and I just can’t back out of it and say no..”

    I just felt a bucket of ice-cold water was poured all over me. “Oh, I see.”

    And then I thought I heard her snicker. “Aigoo…why are you like me now…oh so gullible?”


    “I can’t say no to my plans of packing and going to Japan to meet Jason.”

    “Jason..my piggy manager Jason?” I turned around and looked at my mom with wide eyes who, in return, just can’t help but giggle.

    “Your Dad already sent Jason to pick Shin Hye up. He is on his way to the airport now.”

    Why that pig just tricked me?!

    “And when did you learn to play with me like that, Chagi?” I giggled.

    “I learned from the best teacher.” Shin Hye was referring to me. “I’ll see you in a couple of hours Oppa. Can’t wait to be with you.”

    “Me too Chagi. I miss you so much. Hurry will yah? But take care okay?”

    “Ahrasso Oppa. Annyeong!“

    “Bye Shin Hye-ah”

    I handed back my mom’s phone to her and then I held her hand. “Kamsahmnida Omma. Where’s Appa? I’d like to thank him.”

    “Oh, he is out Keun Suk. You can just call or text him. I’ll go ahead now. I have to prepare something.”

    “Nae Omma.” Then I gave her a kiss. “I’ll see you later.”

    After my mom left, I called my dad.

    “Yoboseyo Appa…”

    “Oh son, wae? Is there something I can do for you?”

    “Ani Appa. I just want to thank you for going out your way inviting Shin Hye for your birthday. Kamsahmnida.”

    “Ah.. you’re welcome Keun Suk, but that was nothing. I just felt she should be here since I see you have been anxious. She is like family anyway.”

    I felt my heart skipped hearing Dad say that.. “Thanks again Dad. I’ll go now. Bye.”

    An hour has passed and I was anxious. Why is the time moving so slow?

    I decided to message Jason.

    “Ya.. is she there yet?”

    “Don’t Fret, Keun Suk. She’ll be here in no time. Check out my weibo.”

    And so I did. I got what he meant. And I replied “I just want to turn one obsession Jason.. I hope she just arrived.“

    Before our FM started, Jason called me. “Ya, Keun Suk. I just got word. Shin Hye’s not coming anymore. Something came up back home.”

    What?! “Are you sure? She should’ve called me. My show is going to start in a few minutes so I can’t argue with you right now.. I’ll talk to you later… ask my mom what happened.” I remember browsing the internet earlier and saw her on a photo with Hong Ki and the rest of the F.T. Island. Is she abandoning me for Hong Ki?

    I went on with the show and was happy that there were a lot of people. But my heart wasn’t just in it for I was thinking what Jason told me before we started.

    I was staring at my phone during the intermission contemplating if I should call her. I was kinda upset and a little mad and I might start a fight so I was thinking hard if I should. Suddenly, I was surprised of the hands that covered my eyes.

    “What the…?” I exclaimed and then touched the hands that were covering my eyes. I think I know who these hands belong to. I told myself. “Shin Hye?!”

    She released her hands and wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. “Got ya!”

    “That piggy told me you weren’t coming anymore.” I looked around for Jason and when my eyes saw where he was, gave him a sharp look.

    “Oppa, stop calling Jason piggy…teehee,” Shin Hye caressed my arms. “Well, we tricked you, him and I. I dunno why, but I was in the mood to play with ya. Mianhe...” She kissed me on the cheeks again.

    Someone called and told that the show is gonna start again in a few minutes.

    I held her hand tight.”I have to go Chagi but stay with Jason here okay.” I walked out of my dressing room then walked back as I wanted to have a last look at her before I go on stage. I just couldn’t help it so I ran inside then gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then I told her. “You are gonna get your punishment after the show is done.” then I ran outside.

    She smiled. “I love you!” she shouted then gave me a flying kiss.

    I peeped through the door and said “I love you more!” and winked.
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by jgslvspsh on Sat 24 Sep 2011, 1:00 am

    Sis Pam: I'm dying, yr ff is so real. Loving it. Pls keep them coming I'm one of yr fans
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by Pammie on Sat 24 Sep 2011, 1:25 am

    **This chapter was inspired by a text message I sent my good ol’ buddy Demi the other day. So I dedicate this to her and to Cassie… Love you sisters!**


    I’m missing you… just when I thought I was over you. I’ve been thinking about you lately… I even said hi to you in a text message a couple of weeks ago but I got no reply. I haven’t gone to see you like what we have talked about months ago… maybe because I felt it’s just a waste of time from my end. But… lately, I wanna see you… even praying we’d bump into each other in Shinsadong or Myeongdong. Pabo eh? But maybe I was just scared… scared of rejection… again. But what if that rejection can take this helmet off my head? Mwo yah? Am I going back to square one and starting over again? Why haven’t I learned my lesson?

    Our last meeting is still vivid in my head… Japan. Marry Me Mary FM. I was happy to go to Japan that time because it was a chance for us to be together once again. And though I know your heart belongs to someone else and wouldn’t want to be released from its chains, deep in my heart, it gave me hope… hope that I might be able to do something to change your mind and eventually make you have a change of heart. But since day 1 of our Japan stint, disappointment has been my companion. I flew alone, when I anticipated that we would go together.. Then, as soon as you landed in Japan the next day, your phone was like your twin. Turbo-tweeting to your eels & non-stop texting to HER. No matter what I do.. no matter how I catch your attention, you’d still end up with your best friend… your phone. I was a victim of your one-liners. And so, disappointment never left my side. Well, at least I still have the show… my last shot. Or so I thought. It was our FM but it turned out to be your show. During our portions on the show, I tried so hard to let you see me.. to get you through me, but even at the time where I was supposed to be in the spotlight, she still took that spotlight from me… for it was still her that I see in your eyes… yes, even during OUR SHOW. But the brilliant actor in you prevailed that our fans didn’t see what I was seeing. Not to mention all the fan service you (and eventually made me do so too) gave them. You even went to the extent of asking me “You’re an eel, aren’t you?” when you said your girlfriend is an eel. But I know you were talking about her… your number one eel.

    And so, not only disappointment accompanied me but pain had to join in too. At our show in Osaka, I decided to take my last attempt. But is bad luck my twin too? For towards the end of the show, you were extra giddy and rejoicing too much. And then I knew why… she came and I saw how you treated her and how she took care of you. And that just got me. You just don’t know how much I wanted to be her at that moment, that second she sat on your lap and you hugging her when we were back stage… that when we said goodbye to our fans, my tears just had to fall.

    You were such a gentleman to invite me over at your Appa’s birthday celebration but heck, I had no place there. That was hers. So I had to pass.

    And then again, disappointment, pain, and frustration went with me back home. Even up to the day I decided to fly here to New York to study. Yeah, you got it right. Studying was just an excuse… a lame excuse to the fact that I flew here so I could get away from you both… most especially from you. It was painful seeing you or hearing about you back home, so I had to run away… run away from the truth. But this is better… I guess it would stop the rumors and scandal between you and I… so she would stop getting hurt too, especially from anti’s on my side.

    I thought I had escaped from your shadow but even here in the U.S., I can’t help but get affected and infected by the epidemic you brought to our industry back home… the Hallyu epidemia.

    And so here I am, thousands of miles away, missing you and feeling the pain all over again. That is the bad thing. But hey, there’s still one good thing about all of these crap. The good thing is you’ll never know all the things I just wrote… you will never have one single idea of how I feel. For this email won’t get to you and it WILL NEVER get to you, JANG KEUN SUK. This will just go straight to my trash folder and be emptied permanently after putting all my might in writing it… after wasting all my tears and internet hours… you will just never know. I just had to let it out or I’d go crazy thinking about you and the effect you bring to me.

    This is it Keun Suk-ah. This is goodbye. For it was even you who brought the sign to me, saying Mo-Gyul died the day our drama ended. I realized I have to let go now. Annyeong Keun Suk-ah. It was one hell of a roller coaster ride. Komawo for the friendship you’ve given me. I am also saying goodbye and throwing away this foolish love I have for you now.

    Jalga Keun Suk-ah. Say goodbye to Shin Hye-ssi for me too…
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by Pammie on Sat 24 Sep 2011, 2:07 am

    **This one is for you again Demi and Cassie!**


    Today is such a gloomy day. It’s too cold here in New York tonight and I got nothing to do. I alone in my room in my apartment. It’s all too quiet and the silence had me thinking.

    Eottoke? My heart is breaking tonight and reality is setting in. So I’ve decided to write to you.. at last.

    Have I ever told you how lucky you are? Hah! I guess not for we never even talked… not once. You attempted to get close to me. “Annyeonghaseyo Geun Young Eonnie” you called to me once in one of your visits at the Marry Me Mary set during one of your vacations from Taiwan. But I just smiled and went on my way. Not even a wave. For seeing you just adds to my pain… what more if I talk to you. But… deep in my heart, dongsaeng, I envy you… wished I was in your place too many times. And because of that desire to take over your place, I hurt you. Not once, not twice… but oh, so many times. But that bounced back to me girl. For in those attempts to win the heart that belonged to you, I brought pain to him too. I can’t count the times he told me to keep my distance from him anymore… that you were getting hurt so he subtly asked me to step off a bit. He told me he can’t afford to lose you again, and he even apologized because our friendship was affected and that I hope I understand. I understood and I feel his pain so I had to stay away…

    And that hurt. More painful than the day he told me no matter what and how much I try, he can never have a change of heart. That was the day we had to shoot our alley kiss. And boy! That so helped in my acting. Thank God he didn’t notice the pain because of that scene.

    But the pain left a scar in my heart… till this very day, the scar etched deep. And I still wince over the pain it brings here and there once in a while (like it does now). But together with that pain, I knew deep in my heart I have to say sorry…to you.

    Mianhe… jeongmal mianhe… for all the pain I brought you and your relationship. I was blinded by my love… my love for him. But I can see clearly now. Though when I look back, I regret not getting close to him when I had the chance to capture his heart years ago when we first met. But I guess, we weren’t meant to be. For yes, I can see it clearly now, that it’s written in the stars that you two be together… forever. And you truly deserve to be called the FATED COUPLE… because fate has brought you together and I guess only death can tear you apart now.

    Like I said, you’re so lucky Shin Hye-ah. Lucky to have Keun Suk in your life. For he loves you with all his heart and he can put his life on the line for you. That’s how great his love is. I know. He has told me zillions of times. But then again, he is lucky too. For you Shin Hye… you sacrificed too much for him… for your love. You even took the beating at times from his fans, which eventually made you stronger. I salute you. And yes, Keun Suk is lucky because not even I can surpass the love you have for him… no one will. Anyone can see this, and as I’ve told you, I’m not blinded now.

    Annyeong, Shin Hye-ah. I hope you have forgiven me for everything I caused you. It’s just unlucky that we had to love one man. My sincerest apologies for all the pain I and my fans brought you. Good luck to you and Keun Suk. Continue to stand the test of time like you have been doing. Wish me luck too, dongsaeng. Send my regards to Jang Keun Suk and tell him that I’d be just fine.
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by demi_zhu on Sat 01 Oct 2011, 4:24 pm

    Hi Pam!!

    Thanks a lot for dedicating "Acceptance" and "Apologies" to me (and cass)....geez..love them...love them!!

    You know that i enjoy reading your Fan Fics but these 2 i like very much....and u know why....hahahahahhahaha...

    The 2 chapters are so aptly written...I should guess by now that she has accepted the fact that it was a "doomed love" from the very start.... he he he...*smiling while writing this*......

    Keep up the good work and looking forward to more....!! s2
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    Intuitions, Pleas, and Proposals

    Post by Pammie on Tue 08 Nov 2011, 7:07 am

    Intuitions, Pleas, and Proposals

    Park Shin Hye decided to take a walk in the park minus her puppies today. She wanted to shrug off the bad vibes she has been having all day and she knew the best way to clear her head was a stroll in her favorite park. She has been feeling uneasy all day long and the bad part was she is free of work today so her mind isn’t that busy. The uneasiness and anxiousness was all because of Jang Keun Suk. Eversince she saw her yesterday at the premiere, this feeling never left her.


    “Are you sure you’re okay now, Chagi?” She asked Keun Suk backstage of the “You’re My Pet” premiere while fixing his clothes.

    Nae…” was all she got from him, plus a caress on the cheek. “Komawo…for being here.”

    “Didn’t I tell you I’d come?”

    He nodded. “And your tweet made me happy.” Keun Suk smiled but Shin Hye was missing the shine in his eyes she normally sees in them when he does.

    Keun Suk suddenly coughed and it didn’t sound good. Shin Hye got worried and caressed his back. “You said you are fine but that didn’t sound like you are in top shape, Mr. Jang.”

    “I’m fine Chagi.” Keun Suk held Shin Hye’s hand and squeezed it tightly.

    You’re voice isn’t Keun Suk-ah. Shin Hye thought. “Okay, if you say so but don’t tire yourself tonight okay. I know you.. and besides you’re a brilliant actor that sometimes you get me deceived too.”

    Aish…” Keun Suk pinched Shin Hye’s cheek and she crinkled her nose with it. “You’re so cute when you’re like this. Ya! I’m just gonna sit and watch my movie and then laugh hard so stop worrying okay.”


    Shin Hye yielded as the thought of them walking hand in hand after that talk faded in her head. She found herself by their favorite bench hidden behind a thick bush here at the park. She sat on it and placed her hand on the empty space beside her. “Bogosipo Chagiya…” she whispered in the wind and placed her free hand over her heart. “Why are you making me so worried today, you’re not even answering my messages or calls?”

    Before a tear could fall, her phone buzzed and excited as she was, Shin Hye hurriedly took it from her pocket.

    Eomoni?” Shin Hye was surprised to see Keun Suk’s mom’s number on her screen, which actually made her worry even more. Mama Jang normally would call her to say hi and hello, and come over. Shin Hye rarely receives a text message from her.

    Shin Hye, dear… please come over. Keun Suk is not well… he almost collapsed. I couldn’t call you because I’m by his side right now. He doesn’t want to tell you because he said he doesn’t want you to worry but I thought you should know. I’ll only calm down when you’re here. Chebal, Shin Hye. Keun Suk will be getting an IV doze again in a few minutes so I’ll have Jason pick you up ASAP. I’ll wait for you dear.

    Shin Hye shut her eyes as she imagined what happened and so a tear fell when Keun Suk’s image flashed through her mind. The tone of Eomoni’s message wasn’t good too so she quickly ran through her phone’s directory and dialed Jason’ s number.

    Yoboseyo, Jason-nim?”

    “Shin Hye… I’m on my way to pick you up. I’m supposing you already got Eomoni Jang’s message by now.”

    Nae… how is he?”

    “Not good, Shin Hye-ah. He needs you.”

    “Then hurry, Jason-nim. I want to be there before he gets his shot again. I know how he hates needles.”

    “Roger that… will be there in a jiff.”

    “Erm.. I’m not at home. I’m at the Han. Just pick me up by the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf shop in front of the park.”

    “Gotcha.” Jason said. “Gimme 10 minutes, 15 minutes tops.”

    “You drive safely, manager-nim

    When their call disconnected, Shin Hye punched Eomoni’s number and sent her a message.

    Eomoni, I’ll be there in a few minutes. Please don’t worry too much. Keun Suk is a strong one. He will be fine.

    After pressing send, Shin Hye started to walk towards the coffeeshop. She decided to bring Keun Suk a doze of their stress-reliever, a cup of Cafe Americano.


    When Shin Hye arrived, Eomoni was there to meet her. She first acknowledged Jason. “Kamsahmnida Jason.” She said as she touched Jason’s arms.

    Mama Jang clasped Shin Hye’s hand onto both of hers and said “I’m so glad you’re here honey…”

    Shin Hye kissed Eomoni’s cheek and replied “Thank you for letting me know, Eomoni. I’ve been dying of worry all day.”

    Shin Hye also saw the worried and sad look on Eomoni’s eyes.

    “Go on dear.. go inside. You came just in time for his shot.”

    Kamsahmnida Eomoni. I’ll go in now.”

    Mama Jang released her hand and nodded.

    Shin Hye gently opened the door but stopped as she heard Keun Suk shout “Aaah!” She bit her lip, knowing what was going on inside.

    A hand took over the door knob and when she looked whom it belonged to, she smiled as she saw Keunsama smiling back at her. ”Let me do the honors. He has been calling your name even in his sleep.”

    Shin Hye felt another hand gently pressed her back. It was Jason. He nodded. “He didn’t want you to know and scolded everyone who attempted, even his mom. Guess he doesn’t want to see this look on your face…”

    Shin Hye shifted her gaze to Keunsama and said “I’m ready…”

    Keunsama opened the door to Keun Suk’s room as slowly and as gently as he could. Shin Hye entered the room sideways when she knew the space was enough for her to get through, that Keun Suk was unaware she was already in.

    Shin Hye had the perfect view, and it was breaking her heart. The nurse had to find another vein to prick through, for the first time was unsuccessful. Shin Hye drew her arm close to her chest and felt someone’s breath at the nape of her neck.

    “It’s heart-breaking, isn’t it?” Eomoni held Shin Hye’s arm.

    Shin Hye answered back by holding the hand on her arm and nodded for that is the only thing she can do right now…nod. She was speechless with what she is seeing.

    “I’ll leave you for a while dear. I don’t think I can still endure this.” Mama Jang told her.

    Shin Hye caressed Eomoni’s hand. “Nae Eomoni. Take some rest too. I’ll take over here.”

    Shin Hye seemed glued to where she was that she can’t bring herself to walk towards Keun Suk. The nurse found another vein and said “Mr. Jang, please be still.”

    Shin Hye saw Keun Suk took a deep breath and closed his eyes. When the needle started to go in, Keun Suk reacted with a short “aaah” and cringed. Shin Hye knew the second attempt was futile again.

    She thought she heard him speak her name and she was right. “Shin Hye-ah… Chagiya… Shin Hye-ah…” was what she heard as she balled up a fist on her hand.

    Shin Hye knew that that was her cue. She walked towards him, the nurse looking at her.

    “Shhh…” Shin Hye placed her pointee finger on top of her mouth, signaling to the nurse to not to mention that she is there. She gestured for her to go on. Keun Suk’s eyes were still closed as Shin Hye came near the bed.

    Joehsonghapnida, Mr. Jang. That failed again.” the nurse informed Keun Suk.

    Shin Hye held his hand just when he whispered “Shin Hye-ah” again. She squeezed it tight and said “I’m here Keun Suk-ah. Now will you please stay still so this will be done and over with or would you like to do this all day?”

    Keun Suk opened his eyes wide enough for him to see that Shin Hye is REALLY there when he heard her voice. “Shin Hye-ah…what the.. what are you doing here? Who told you…?”

    “So… you don’t want me here, Keun Suk? Okay, I can easily be convinced right now. I’ll leave then…” Shin Hye broke off their hands and turned around.

    Keun Suk, still lying on his bed weak, grabbed her hand and pulled her close to him then hugged her tight. He spoke while his face was buried on Shin Hye’s tummy “Ani… don’t go Shin Hye-ah.. please.. stay Chagiya.” Keun Suk begged.

    Shin Hye felt her heart was being torn into pieces right now, as she witnessed how Keun Suk is like a little boy holding onto her mommy.

    “It’s just that I didn’t want you to know and get worried…like this…”

    Ya! Are you going to be stubborn again, Jang Keun Suk?”

    Keun Suk shook his head and embraced her tighter.

    “Alright then…” Shin Hye pulled him away gently so the nurse can go on with her duties. “Now be still so she finds the right vein and all of this will be over, ahrasso?”

    Keun Suk just stared at her and nodded, adoring the maturity and strength Shin Hye was displaying now. He extended his right arm to the nurse and once again, hugged Shin Hye as tight as he could with one arm, hiding himself on her belly.

    Shin Hye held Keun Suk’s nape and nodded to the nurse, signalling for her to start. When the needle pierced through him, Keun Suk squeezed Shin Hye tighter.

    “Don’t you dare move an inch Jang Keun Suk… or you’re dead.” Shin Hye reminded him.

    The nurse finally took a deep breath and gave a thumbs-up sign. “We’re done Mr. Jang.” She checked the IV one last time and bowed to Keun Suk and Shin Hye, then walked towards the door.

    Kamsahmnida.” Shin Hye bowed in return.

    “Byie.. kamsahmnida…” Jang Keun Suk waved his hand while still holding on to Shin Hye’s waist. And then his gaze met Shin Hye’s and both nodded. Then, they turned to the nurse again and said.. “shhhh” and both winked.

    The nurse understood and smiled. She replied with a nod and a cross to her heart. “Yakso” she mouthed.

    Kamsahmnida!” Shin Hye said with a smile.

    “Thank you very much for your help.” Keunsama and Jason were at the back of the room all this time.

    “Now.. relax.” Shin Hye told Keun Suk as she removed a hair off his face. Shin Hye suddenly remembered the coffee she bought for him and looked for it.

    “Here,” Jason handed it over to her.

    Shin Hye smiled back and said “Kamsahmnida.

    She took Keun Suk’s free hand and let him touch the cup of coffee she brought. “I know this will make you feel a bit better.”

    “Ah coffee..my chagi knows me really well! Keke.”

    “Good, you’re smiling now.” Shin Hye touched Keun Suk’s chin gently.

    Keun Suk wanted to kiss her lips right at that moment but he still felt weak so he opted to kiss the hand he was holding instead.

    Keun Suk sipped some of the coffee and with the taste of his favorite blend, felt the urge to smoke. So he grabbed the pack of cigarettes and his lighter sitting at the bedside table, thinking Shin Hye wouldn’t mind.

    Shin Hye felt her blood raise to her head the moment she saw what Keun Suk took from the table. She forcefully took the cigarette stick already on his mouth, surprising Keun Suk. Then she grabbed the pack of cigarettes and the lighter from Keun Suk’s hand and threw it on the trash bin beside her.

    Mwo-yah! Ya! Park Shin Hye! What the hell did you just do?” Keun Suk voice raised a bit.

    Ya! Jang Keun Suk.. are you gonna fight with me over a pack of cigarettes and a freaking lighter? Huh?” Shin Hye raised her voice too, which started to crack and she knew her eyes were already filling with tears.

    Keunsama and Jason looked at each other and knew this is the couple’s moment so they both pointed their heads to the door. They knew the couple needs this space.

    Ya! Park Shin Hye! Since when did you learn to do that?” Keun Suk said seriously with eyes dilated.

    Shin Hye removed Keun Suk’s hand from hers, threw it on the bed and then she walked away. She started to speak. “Since I saw you crying like a baby, calling my name earlier when the needle was being stuck through you, Keun Suk!” She let her tears down.

    “Do you wanna know how I felt when I sneaked through your room, seeing you cringe like a small boy there in your bed? Do you wanna know how your mother felt hearing you plead and moan in pain? Do you want to know how painful it feels to see you so weak and how heart-breaking it is not to see the shine in your beautiful eyes? Do you wanna know how I felt when I saw scary pictures of you flash right before my eyes in my head? Do you Keun Suk, huh? Do you?” Shin Hye was shivering of anger and fear when she turned once again to Keun Suk.

    Keun Suk felt aghast on the Shin Hye he is seeing before him, that he was unable to utter a single reply.

    “Well then, let me give a clear explanation to you. Do you remember how [b]YOU FELT
    when you saw me in the street just right after the car accident I was involved with months ago.. “

    Ya! Park Shin Hye! Stop it!” Keun Suk closed his eyes and continued on “Andwae!

    “You remembered huh? Now you got your answer.. yes, Keun Suk. That is exactly what I’m feeling now. Yes, my accident may be a bit worse than what happened to you. And yes, I may be over reacting but do you understand now?”

    “Alright, alright.. I got it.. ahrasso!” he nodded.

    Shin Hye walked towards him, knelt and placed her arms over his lap, and buried her wet face on it. Then, she looked at him with pleading eyes, capped his face on both her hands and said “Jang Keun Suk, will you listen to me now.. and I mean listen hard.. chaltro!”

    Keun Suk continued to stare at her as Shin Hye went on. “I know you love what you do… I know you love your job. I know you are doing this for your family. And I also know you are doing this for me… for us… but what is the use of ALL OF THESE when you won’t be there in the end, huh?” tears continued to flow and Keun Suk wiped a tear that just dropped on her pretty face. ”I’m scared, chagiya, like how freaking scared I was in that car accident. I’m scared.. scared to death of losing you. You know I can’t imagine my life without you now… you know I can’t imagine living without you now.. I can’t even spell the word ME without YOU now…” Shin Hye once again placed her face down Keun Suk’s lap and this time, Keun Suk embraced her, crying with her. She started to move so Keun Suk lifted himself up.

    “Please, chagi, please slow down a bit. Do all of the things you do one at a time. You are killing yourself with all your hard work. Chebal Hyung-nim. Sloooow doooown. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for me, please? You remember how we talked about the future, honey?” She asked.

    Keun Suk wiped a tear on his face then nodded. “Nae chagi.”

    “I still want that, chagiya. I still want to travel the world with you, spend our retirement days with you.. I still want to grow old with you.” Shin Hye ran his fingers through his cheeks. “You remember how you joked about how excited you are to see little Keun Suks and Shin Hyes running around our house?”

    Keun Suk smiled. “I want that too nae sarang. So please, slow down, chagi. Ahrasso?” Shin Hye volunteered to wipe the tears off her face this time and then managed to show Keun Suk her sweetest and most beautiful smile.

    Nae.. I will chagiya. Mianhe.. jeongmal mianhe…” Keun Suk’s voice cracked again and Shin Hye understood so she pulled herself close and hugged him tight.

    “Shh…It’s okay now, chagi. Everything will be fine, so long as you promise. Okay.” She pulled back a little so she can see his face.

    Yakso… I promise.” Keun Suk planted a gentle kiss on her lips while they were near each other and Shin Hye closed her eyes so she can feel the warmth and emotion that came with it. She felt this is their sweetest kiss, so full of love and tenderness.

    Keun Suk lifted her up yet pulled her even closer. He once again hugged her tightly, placing his head comfortably by her tummy. Shin Hye hugged him back, kissing his head so softly. “Saranghanda Keun Suk-ah… saranghanda yeomonhi. Take care of yourself from now on okay.”

    Without hesitation, Keun Suk said “Marry Me, Park Shin Hye… please marry me so we can be together forever. Saranghae.

    Shin Hye gently closed her eyes and replied “You know I will marry you Keun Suk ah… I will marry you, anytime, anywhere, any day…so yes, let’s get married and be together forever.”

    Keun Suk was still crying not because of the pain he knew Shin Hye felt because of him but because his heart was overflowing of love that very moment. And knowing that he will be with the girl he promised to take care of forever, he can never ask for more. He did not release their embrace, and Shin Hye knew Keun Suk wants to stay like that for a while so she cuddled him up even tighter.

    Little did they know that Mama Jang was peeping at the door. She was crying too.

    This just looks like a scene in a drama. But no, this is for real this time. She told herself.

    And right there and then she knew in her mind and in her heart, that she chose the right girl for her only son right from the start.

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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by khulet29 on Tue 08 Nov 2011, 11:19 am

    waaaaaaahhhhhhhh! love this ff.. nice one ateh pam.. more please ahahahaha LOL :D *kilig* yo10
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by megz on Tue 08 Nov 2011, 6:27 pm

    It brought tears to my eyes sis!!
    really brought out what hacci would have felt on seeing Suk in that state..
    pls cont ur good work!!! yo3
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by mssweet821 on Wed 09 Nov 2011, 9:26 pm

    Sis Pam,

    Daebak!!! sis for another beautiful fanfic...reading your fanfic is like reading the true story of our KS Couples...thank you for always sharing your fanfic with us...I really love this one like it really happening with them...Suk getting sick and need IV and She need Shin Hye badly...wow you made me cry...cry all out while reading your fanfic...Its like I watch my favorite Teleserye BUDOY which made my cry everynight... ra3

    Again thank you ....thank you sis Pam...want some more hope you will going to write again ASAP...hahaha...
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by barbiechan83 on Thu 10 Nov 2011, 4:36 pm

    ...witwhew!!!... such a perfect scene for our perfect couple!...totoong totoo talaga, thank you Pam for sharing your talent with us, it really brought joyful tears and a hopeful heart for us...let's all continue praying for their love to survive ...everyday....♥

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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by nora on Thu 10 Nov 2011, 7:54 pm

    I love it.. it's feel like real.. i smile and cry while reading it.. daebak!! sis pam..

    Looking forward for your next Fanfic.. yo4 yo10
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

    Post by Pammie on Tue 13 Dec 2011, 3:19 am

    Here's a new one for everybody!

    My One True Great Love

    “Tch!” was my initial reaction when I went online and saw people going gaga over Keun Suk Oppa’s rings at the Asia Jewel Awards and Nuclear Summit event.

    “Hahaha! I laughed when I realized they are wondering if it really is a couple ring or not and there are people who are trying to look for the other half of the pair. “They surely will have a hard time finding it.” Then, I looked at my left ring finger and smiled. I opened my bedside table drawer and picked up a small, elegant box and opened it. “It’s safely in here so they won’t be able to find it.” I said as I smiled when I saw the rings Oppa gave me.

    “They just don’t know what I went through before I got this precious ones…” and it all came back to me that very moment….


    [I can't meet you tonight for our regular dinner date, chagi. I've an important meeting. Hope you understand love.

    Ahrasso Oppa.

    Sleep early okay. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

    Okay. Jalga. Saranghanda Jang Keun Suk.

    I love you more Park Shin Hye.]

    Aish, Jang Keun Suk. Why did you just chat with me just now. I’m too hungry.

    I looked for something to eat at home but found nothing so I decided to go out and get something to eat. I went to the Chinese Restaurant we were supposed to go to tonight. Keun Suk Oppa and I thought about getting tofu and I was still craving for it so I decided to go ahead and get my hands on some tofu no matter what.

    I wanted to eat with someone as it was lonely eating all alone but Hong Ki-ah was busy recording while Yong Hwa-ah was out with Seo Hyun.

    Sigh. I guess this is one of those nights I have to spend alone. I told myself.

    “It’s a good thing I went here for there aren’t many people at this time.” I said as I walked towards the restaurant. It was for this main reason that Keun Suk Oppa and I picked it in the first place.

    As I entered the restaurant, I thought I saw a familiar face. It was Moon Geun Young Eonnie.

    I rolled my eyes. “Of all people, why would I have to see her here?” The thought of seeing and greeting her made me uncomfortable. We never became close mainly because of Keun Suk. But I realized she wasn’t alone. She was with…

    “Keun Suk Oppa?” I suddenly stopped where I was when I thought that the guy she was with looks like Jang Keun Suk. The guy’s back was facing me and I only got to see his side profile so I still wasn’t that sure. But I knew Jang Keun Suk too much not to know him.. not even his profile.

    I shook my head vigorously. “Ani.. Andwae! Oppa said he had an important meeting tonight. That couldn’t be him.”

    I continued to walk inside the restaurant but felt uneasy and thought I had to be sure that it wasn’t Keun Suk. I made a few more steps so I can take a good look. I sat at the opposite table and then slowly looked their way without them noticing me.

    When I confirmed who it was, all I can do was drop my jaw in amazement. “Hah! It’s him. It really is Jang Keun Suk!”

    “… You don’t have to worry about me. But komawo for telling me and considering my feelings.” I overheard Geun Young Eonnie say and then she leaned over and gave Keun Suk a kiss on the cheek.

    I felt like a knife was being pierced straight through my heart and it’s bleeding non-stop right now. I put my hands over my chest as tears started to fall. I was shivering all over. I knew I had to get out of there before they even notice. I tried to get up but my knees were shaking badly that I had to sit down again and control the shaking. Different emotions filled me at that very moment. I felt hurt, betrayed, sad, and angry at the same time. And I just knew I had to get out of that place before I do something I’ll regret in the end. I tried to stand up again still shaking. Everything was becoming dark at that moment that I couldn’t see things in front of me anymore. I stood up and as I did, my bag nudged the condiments bottles on the table and it fell on the floor, broken.

    “Aish..” I closed my eyes as I heard the sound and I knew that Keun Suk Oppa and Geun Young Eonnie will notice me now. .. and I was so right.

    Keun Suk tried to find where the sound came from and was shocked to find me standing there crying.

    “Shin Hye-ah…” they both said in unison.

    I hurriedly took money out of my wallet and left it on the table as payment for the damage I’ve done and then ran-off outside.

    “Ya! Shin Hye-ah! Chankaman!” Keun Suk shouted and then headed to where I went.

    I was running so fast but sobbing at the same time, I didn’t want Keun Suk to catch me.

    “Shin Hye-ah! Ya! Park Shin Hye! Stop!” Keun Suk was running faster than I was so he was able to catch me and grabbed my hand.

    “Get your hands off me!” I shook my arms so hard so he had to let go.

    “Couldn’t you let me explain first? And besides, what are you doing here?”

    “Hah!” I turned around to face him looking all messed up. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that question, Jang Keun Suk? Oh, and you don’t have to explain… everything is so clear to me now after what I saw tonight!”

    “No, you’re mistaken Shin Hye-ssi…” Moon Geun Young Eonnie spoke when she gained on us, catching her breath.

    “Shut up!” I turned to her feeling all the pain and hurt and anger. “I’m not talking to you.. and you, you really are something, aren’t you Eonnie? As soon as you got here from New York, you had to lure my boyfriend even if you already know the truth!”

    “Ya! Park Shin Hye! Geumanhae! Since when did you learn to talk like this, huh? And remember, Geun Young-ah is still older than you!” Keun Suk reminded me.

    “Wae? So you’re defending her now? How dare you cancel our date tonight and bring her to the same restaurant we were supposed to go to?” I threw my arms up in the air. “And I am this innocent and naive girlfriend, so understanding, just saying yes and giving my 100% trust!” I looked at Keun Suk with cold eyes. “What am I doing here alone? Well, since you cancelled our date the very last minute, I tried to contact my friends but Hong Ki-ah is busy, Yong Hwa-ah is on a date and so are the rest of my girlfriends because it’s a freakin’ Friday night!” I switched my gaze to Moon Geun Young Eonnie. “Are you happy now Eonnie? Are you happy you’ve accomplished what you came back here for? Are you satisfied you’ve just ruined our beautiful relationship now?”

    “Ya! I told you to stop it!” Keun Suk yelled at me then spoke to Moon Geun Young Eonnie. “Just go Geun Young-ah… Mianhe.”

    “Kwaenchana. I understand Shin Hye-ssi. Kalke.” And then she left.

    “Why are you saying sorry to her when I’m not?!” I told Keun Suk.

    “Ya! Park Shin Hye! Can you stop being a bitch for a moment and talk to me? Come…” Keun Suk walked towards where I was.

    “Stop! Don’t come near me! Don’t you dare touch me! Don’t show your face ever to me again! Don’t call me, don’t text me, don’t contact me at all!” I yelled at him, still shivering under the cold night.

    Keun Suk Oppa calmed down. “Shin Hye-ah. You’re just angry that’s why you are saying that. Okay, let’s talk tomorrow instead when you’ve calm down. Let me take you home for now, okay?”

    “I said I don’t want to talk to you or ever see you again!” I turned my back to him and said “Don’t you understand Korean Jang Keun Suk? Okay let me rephrase that… We’re over. We’re through. Jang Keun Suk and Park Shin Hye is history now, you hear? I trusted you but you threw that all away. Please leave me alone now. I’ll deal with everything else later and let my manager talk to your parents so I can be released from your management. Annyeong Jang Keun Suk. It was wonderful while it lasted. It’s just unfortunate we had to end this way…” And with tears flowing, I walked away feeling numb all over.



    “Hong Ki-ah! Palli and join me here. It’s sad drinking alone.”

    “Ya! Shin Hye-ah! You’re drinking? Alone? Eodiga?”

    “Palli… come over to our usual hang-out.”

    Shin Hye sounds really drunk now. Hong Ki realized. “Ya! Don’t get drunk and wait for me, okay?”

    When Hong Ki got to where I was, I was already too drunk.

    “Ya! What took you so long, Lee Hong Ki?” I said pointing a finger to Hong Ki as soon as he arrived. My head was going on circles and I can’t focus looking at Hong Ki. I picked up another glass filled with Soju and gobbled it.

    Hong Ki grabbed the glass half of the way. “Ya! Park Shin Hye! Since when did you learn to drink this much?”

    “I am a heavy drinker. I just didn’t tell you Hong Star! Hahaha!” I laughed all drunk and pounced on the table so hard.

    What’s going on with you and Keun Suk Hyung, Shin Hye? Yesterday, it was him who got drunk and now, it’s you. Hong Ki said in his head.

    “Come now. Stop it already Shin Hye-ah. Let me call Keun Suk so he can take you home.”

    “Ya! Don’t you dare call that… that jerk! And don’t you ever speak to me about him or utter that bastard’s name in front of me ever again or you’re so dead Lee Hong Ki!” I tried to get up and grab his phone but I was so drunk I almost fell. “Hahaha… Didn’t you hear? We’re over… *hik*”

    I was laughing one minute and turned out crying the next. My voice cracked as I told Hong Ki. “All of it, Hong Ki… all of what we had and what we fought so hard for just went to waste. The love we took so good care of all these years is slowly fading away with the wind…” I sobbed so hard my chest hurt. “I love him so much, Hong Ki… You know how much I love Keun Suk. But I guess he doesn’t love me as much as I do…”

    “No, Shin Hye-ah…” Hong Ki tried to calm me down by caressing my back. “Keun Suk Hyung loves you. You just don’t know…”

    I shook my head. “Ani. If he does, he shouldn’t have done what he did.” I faced Hong Ki crying like a baby. “My heart is being torn to pieces, Hong Ki-ah. I dunno how to go on now. You know my world revolved around him and him only.. I dunno if I could live without him in it.”

    “Shin Hye-ah. It pains me to see you like this…” Hong Ki whispered.

    “I guess it’s really over and done, huh. There’s no turning back now. But why do I feel so empty and hurt when I was the one who wanted and asked for this? I miss him Hong Ki-ah. I miss Keun Suk so much…”A tear fell before I dropped my head on the table and went to oblivion.

    “Aish..Shin Hye-ah…” Hong Ki said and was about to carry me when a hand tapped his shoulder. He turned around and saw Keun Suk. “Hyung!”

    Keun Suk Oppa looked at me. “How long has she been like this?”

    “Not too long. Hyung…” Hong Ki looked at Keun Suk with serious eyes. “Shin Hye is in so much pain from all of the hoolabaloo that’s going on with you two…”

    “I know Hong Ki-ah. And I’m gonna put an end to all of this nonsense tonight.” Keun Suk went near me and caressed my hair. “I’ll take it from here, Hong Ki-ah. Komawo.”

    “Good luck Hyung.”

    After Hong Ki left, Keun Suk stared at me, drank the soju that’s left in my glass and caressed my face over and over. “What have you done to yourself Shin Hye-ah? What have I done to you? It hurts me more to see you like this…” Keun Suk stood up and lifted my arms and put it around his shoulder.

    “Uhm…” My head still spinning, I woke up and I saw Keun Suk Oppa.

    “Ya! Who told you to get drunk because of me? Kaja… I’ll take you home.”

    I removed my arms from his shoulder and started to head out. I was trying so hard to focus and not to fall yet I was walking from side to side while I went out the door. I almost fell, good thing I was holding tight at the handle.

    “Ya! Be careful, Shin Hye-ah!” Keun Suk followed me out. I swear this girl…

    “That Jeremy.. I told him not to call you to get me.” I was waving my pointee finger in the air as I walk.

    “Ya! Don’t be stubborn and let me carry you, Shin Hye-ah.” Keun Suk Oppa grabbed me and placed both my arms around his neck so he could piggy back me.

    “Shiro!” I tried to let loose but Keun Suk was stronger and I was so drunk.

    “Ya! Stay put! I’m not gonna let go of you… not tonight… not ever.” He grabbed both my legs and made me put my weight on his back. I was so weak to fight it that I leaned to him and rested my head onto his right shoulder.

    He stood and lifted me up and then started to walk.

    “I told myself I won’t see you nor talk to you again. But my mind is too weak that my heart took over me. I hate you… I hate you Jang Keun Suk…” I slapped his chest while saying those lines. “I hate myself too.. for loving you so much.” And then I started to weep again. I cried too much I fell asleep on the shoulders I have been dying to cry on for days.

    “Mianhe, Shin Hye-ah.” Keun Suk whispered as he lifted me up because I was sliding down his back. “I never meant it to be like this.”

    I woke up in the arms of Jang Keun Suk this time. He was carrying me like a baby going somewhere. “Ya! Where am I? Where are you taking me?”

    “We’re at my house so stay still.”

    I don’t know what and how to feel that moment. I was happy to find myself all over him yet too proud to admit and submit myself to his charms again, I struggled and wriggled my feet.

    “Put me down! I don’t want to go in! Bring me home!”

    Keun Suk almost lost his grip on me and I almost fell.

    “Aaaaah!” Instead of letting go, I held onto him tighter.

    “Ya! Pabo anya! Do you want to fall?” Keun Suk scolded me. “No matter how much struggle you make, I won’t let you go. Besides, do you want your parents to see you looking like this? This is the safest place you can stay at this state you are in, don’t you think?”

    “But Eomoni and Abo…”

    “You don’t have to worry about my parents. They aren’t here. They went over to my grandparents and won’t be back until the weekend.” I want to end this craziness tonight Shin Hye-ah. Keun Suk said in his head.

    When we got in the house, Keun Suk laid me on the living room couch gently. Keun Suk pointed his finger at me and said ”You stay put here. Your head is probably throbbing and spinning like hell with all those soju you drank. I’ll make you some soup so you just rest okay. If you move an inch, you’re dead.”

    Eottoke? What should I do now? Will I eat everything I said to him the other day? I thought and then my head started to ache again. “Ah!” I held my head with closed eyes as I felt the pain it’s giving me.

    When Keun Suk came back, he brought a basin of water and a towel. “Your soup will be done in a few minutes. You’ll feel better after drinking it.” He said while he was wiping my head with the wet towel. I tried to look away because I knew I’ll throw myself in his arms any minute now.

    “Shin Hye-ah… I know I’ve caused you pain and I’m sorry. But I’m gonna tell you the truth now and it’s up to you to believe it or not.” Keun Suk held my hand and continued on. “That day… that night you saw me and… Geun Young-ah… I met her not because I just wanted to. I had to see her because she started to contact me again when she got back and kept on saying she wanted to meet up. I knew she was gonna start again but since we’re still friends anyway, I had to meet her… to tell her the truth.” Keun Suk squeezed my hand and then stood up. “I’ll get your soup. I’ll be right back.”

    What Keun Suk didn’t know was I was in tears again after hearing what he said. Park Shin Hye… will you believe him again?

    Keun Suk Oppa came back with the hot soup in his hand. He placed the soup on the table and then turned to me and said “Come. Sit down so you can eat and feel a little better.” He helped me pull myself up and placed a pillow on my back.

    He took the soup, blew on it, and started to feed me. “Aah…”

    “I can do it myself…”

    “Don’t be so stubborn and let me feed you, okay?”

    The Kimchi soup he made was so soothing and he was right. I suddenly felt better and was slowly going back to my old self.

    He wiped my mouth with the towel. “Kwaenchana?”

    “Uhm.” I nodded. “I’m feeling better now, Komawo.”

    “Now where was I?” He went on to tell the story. “Aah… As I’ve said I met Moon Geun Young-ah to tel her something that will clear her head…”

    Geun Young-ah. You know we’re still friends and that’s we’re all gonna be, right?

    Moon Geun Young was quiet at this time.

    Geun Young-ah, don’t be hard on yourself and to me too, okay? You very well know who owns my heart. I have told you this since we were shooting Marry Me Mary.

    Geun Young nodded. Gurae. Ahra.

    I took the tiny box out of my pocket and placed it on the table. I opened it and showed Geun Young-ah two rings, one filled with blue stones, and the other one was a white gold ring embedded with diamonds.

    Geun Young-ah… I’m gonna marry her… I want to spend the rest of my life with the only girl I love so much. Well, she actually already said yes when I informally asked her a few weeks ago but this time, I want to do it the right way. And I’ll surprise her too tonight after we meet. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Just like her…

    Nae. Yepuda. Chukahae Keun Suk-ah. And yes, I know my place so you don’t have to worry about me. But komawo for considering my feelings and telling everything to me…

    And that was when you heard and saw her kiss me on the cheek.” Keun Suk looked at me all misty-eyed. “Now, it’s up to youto believe every word I said or not.”

    Keun Suk stood up but I held onto his hands. ”Were you really gonna see me that night after you met her?”

    Keun Suk sat down again and held me by the waist. “Nae. If you didn’t appear in that restaurant so suddenly, then this scene won’t be happening tonight and we’re probably celebrating our engagement instead.”

    I caressed his face and then hugged him so tight. “Oh Keun Suk… chagiya… Mianhe…jeongmal mianhe. I didn’t know and I was too upset that night to listen to you, my mind was blank.” I made my embrace tighter and it felt good smelling his scent again.

    Keun Suk returned my embrace and kissed my shoulder.

    “Bogosipda Oppa… I missed you so much!”

    “Me too, chagiya. Two days were like two years for me… Bogosipo.” He released our embrace so he can go ahead and kiss me.

    Keun Suk nibbled on my lips, trying to open it. I swallowed all my pride or what was left of it and made an opening for the tongue that was trying to go in. As soon as our tongues met, we didn’t let go. Heat was filling us that moment, we deepened the kiss a little more. I felt Keun Suk’s hand slid down my back. I nibbled his lips more and moaned inside his mouth as our tongues met once again.

    We had to catch our breaths so our lips parted for a bit. Our eyes met and was screaming for more so Keun Suk kissed me once again and I kissed him back. He placed a kiss on my chin, then kissed my jaw line, and then moved to my neck and to the back of my ears.

    “Uhm… that feels so good.” I said with eyes closed and weak knees.

    “Oh God, please make me stop…” Keun Suk whispered. And I was glad he did.

    “Chankaman.” Keun Suk went to go get something and when he came back, he was on his knees holding a tiny box on his hands. When he opened it, it revealed two beautiful rings.

    “Jang Keun Suk…” I am all teary-eyed again when I stared at him.

    “Park Shin Hye… will you give me the pleasure of being MRS JANG KEUN SUK?”

    My chin was shaking as with the rest of my body and I was crying of happiness this time. I nodded. “Yes!!! Of course… Yes!!!” I threw myself at him again. “I told you I’ll marry you anytime, anywhere, didn’t I? So yes, I’ll be Mrs. Jang Keun Suk!!!” And I was in tears again as I rested my face at the crook of his neck.

    “You don’t know how happy I am right now Shin Hye-ah… I dreaded the day you said you won’t see me again and I promised myself not to let go of you once I got you back… Saranghanda Park Shin Hye. I love you..forever!”

    “I love you too Jang Keun Suk.. and I am the happiest and luckiest girl on earth right now!”

    Since his ears were the nearest from my current position, I dared to nibble and started to kiss it.

    “Uhm…. Ya! Are you really asking for it?”

    Our lips met again and we started playing with our tongues again. I let loose this time, stood up, grabbed Keun Suk’s hand and pulled him up as I led the way. I started to go up the flight of stairs, then turned to him and said “Where is your room again?”

    “Ya! Are you still drunk?” I knew Oppa was a little shocked but I also knew he felt excited.

    “Where is your room?” I flickered my eyelashes at him. “Are you not gonna show me your room? This is only my second time in your new house and I wanna see your room.” I teased, pulling him up, showing a naughty smile.

    Keun Suk Oppa laughed so hard, and I understood that as he got what I was trying to say. He went a couple of steps up to where I was. “You… You shouldn’t regret what you’ve asked for.”

    I shook my head while I continued to walk up the stairs backwards, still facing him. “Ani… so where is it?”

    When we reached the second floor and was near his room, he pulled me close and turned me around. “I can’t wait no longer…” and started to kiss me so hungrily.

    I answered back all his kisses with the same hunger and he started to walk towards his room without letting us break the kiss. He lifted me up and pinned me at his room’s door. I, in turn, circled my legs around his both sides and locked ‘em.

    “Ah… Shin Hye-ah! What are you doing to me?” Keun Suk Oppa whispered to my ears and then continued to kiss me. He then opened the door and carried me inside in the same position as we were.

    “Ya! Be gentle, okay.” I teased.

    He snickered. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you, Park Shin Hye.” Keun Suk forcefully opened my mouth with his lips and said “Tonight, I’ll just let you know how great my love for you is…”

    “Jeongmal? I can’t wait…” I giggled.

    He giggled back. ” Me too, Shin Hye-ah. I’ve been controlling myself since you hugged me downstairs minutes ago.”

    And with that, Keun Suk Oppa shut the door behind us.


    Remembering all of the things that happened the last few days brought tears and a smile on my face. I caressed the rings shining on my finger one last time and then placed them back on the box and closed the drawer.


    I just wanted to say good night, Chagiya. Saranghae Yomonhi.

    Oppa never fails to send me the same message every night and so I get to sleep with a smile every time.

    In this lifetime, they say that you will have your first love, your one true love, and your one great love. And yes, I have already met mine, but they are not two different persons. He is adored by many and loved by millions… but he is mine, and he will be married to me soon. He may not be my first love but my one true great love is him… my chagiya… my Oppa… my JANG KEUN SUK.
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

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    thanks pam for this wonderful fanfic!..godbless u always!
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

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    PAMMMMMM sis.....why you do this to me.... why why my dear sis....BITIN.... lol
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

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    i love your stories please continue to write them... i hope this really happens SOON!!!! they are so cute together ahhhhh spazzing right now with fantasies maybe i should write my own?lol
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

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    It has been a long time since I started a new story for the couple. My Autumn Concierto is still in the works in fact but that is on hold right now as I was inspired by a great Hollywood movie "The Lakehouse" for this new one..

    LOVE... ETERNAL - A Jang Keun Suk Park Shin Hye fanfiction

    Please watch out for more! Thanks! ^_^ s2
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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

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    sis pam, i'm so looking forward to your new fanfic. i'm your avid fan, hahahahaha

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    Re: THE UNSEEN TRUTH - Love Behind The Cameras (A PSH & JKS Fanfic)

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